Middleton case…

…a “bomb” in the foundations of the British Monarchy!!!

Why the future of the Throne is threatened as a result of Middleton’s disappearance?


What’s happening with Middleton’s case is unprecedented, far surpassing the boundaries of mere social gossip, as it is now revealing dysfunctions within the British system itself …It exposes the inherent “disabilities” of the London state …It unveils the fascist mentality of the German royal house of Battenberg and the subservience of the British state system. The case of the “disappearance” of the Princess reveals that the mentality of “L’État, c’est moi,” which was “decapitated” in Paris during the French Revolution, lives and reigns in London. This case has irreparably exposed the British state and its institutions.

Due to a cascade of errors by the royal family and “deafening” omissions by state services, the inadequacy of all involved in crisis management in the case of Middleton was revealed. The handling of the “disappearance” of Middleton was so amateurish and misguided that it cannot be justified, not even for a renowned member of the most powerful royal family in the world, let alone for an ordinary anonymous citizen. Even in this case, there needs to be seriousness in addressing it. If there is a report of disappearance by any citizen and this report “points to” their family environment, then the issue ceases to be a simple social and human concern and enters the “sphere” of police interest …and becomes a police matter! …Mandatory! …Self-referral! In such a case, the police take on the responsibility to investigate the seriousness of the report and reassure the complainants responsibly and with the “guarantee” of the provisions of the law.

From the moment a possible —even simple— suspicion of criminal activity is publicized, its investigation becomes the duty and jurisdiction of the police, whether the complainants request it or not. In the case of Middleton, what do we have? …Exactly what is prohibited! …Exactly what exposes the British state and its functions! While there is a general climate of concern, and intense speculation about the fate of this particular woman —which in itself acts as a “complaint” since a “conspiracy theory” is spread daily within the internet— the police remain inactive.

Why does this happen? …Simply because this intense “conspiracy theory” accusation is directly and blatantly turned against “Louis” himself …It’s turned against the royal environment …Against the royal family itself. Instead of doing what is expected of it and defusing the situation, the British police simply stay away. They allow rumors to spread freely on the internet, “poisoning” the political and social life of the country, and furthermore, they give this environment under accusation, and thus under question, the opportunity to test its luck in the “cover-up” of the case.

For this reason, we are clearly talking about a “Louis” mentality and the disability of the British state, which is not appropriate for a modern state. The recently enthroned and seriously ill Charles is obviously above the law. Apparently, no law concerning “common” mortals can open the “doors” of Buckingham Palace for the police to “observe” what’s happening behind them. It is this behavior of the British police that creates all the problems. They follow a tactic that instead of reassuring the public, it is “irritating”, and thus encourages people to “produce” even more mysterious and imaginative scenarios about the fate of the Princess of Wales.

But —someone might argue— isn’t it every person’s right to decide for themselves about their private life? Of course! However, when there’s an allegation of possible criminal activity, there are corresponding procedures on the part of law enforcement authorities. No one can force someone to appear publicly if they don’t wish to. No one can compel someone to reassure those concerned, even if it’s done out of love. In no case, therefore, can public concern in Britain compel Middleton to make a public appearance if she doesn’t wish to do so on her own terms. However, this desire of hers CANNOT restrict the role of the Police!!! On the one hand, there are the inviolable rights of an individual, and on the other hand, there’s a reasonable and well-understood concern of the public for a beloved public figure whose whereabouts are unknown. On one hand, there’s the desire of an individual to protect their private life, and on the other hand, there’s the duty of a state institution to ensure smooth social functioning!

How do these seemingly conflicting interests merge? In a very simple way, which concerns every citizen and not just the famous and the renowned. A senior figure of the British police goes to the Palace to conduct an inspection! It is their right to seek to meet the person who is “missing” and has caused “concern”. With a prosecutorial “order”, they can go and demand to see the person about whom the complaint is made. Then, with their official capacity —and thus with all the legal implications that entails— they “assure” the public that there is no cause for concern …That they and therefore the police have the necessary evidence to refute these baseless allegations, and that’s where the speculation ends. This is the process …and it’s straightforward. This should have been done from the beginning and it never was. Because of the Princess’s status, a press conference would be held by the Chief of Police and the officer that conducted the “inspection”, and the case would be closed.

Once the police take on the burden of proof —rather than the family “environment”— there is no longer a case! …There is no reason for concern, as the competent “authorities” of the State take responsibility. From then on, anyone who continues to spread scenarios and suspicions “challenges” the Police, not the environment of the disappeared person. Subsequently, their actions fall under laws concerning the dissemination of false information, defamation of individuals, and of course, deliberate attempts to disrupt smooth social and political functioning.

Did anything of all these simple and lawful things we describe happen? …Certainly not. The police are NOT doing their duty, and the Palace under complaint gives no “accountability” to anyone and literally does whatever it wants. The “environment,” which is indirectly “accused” of possible criminal acts against Middleton, is allowed to make continuous attempts at “covering up” until they get caught by someone. Why do we openly talk about continuous and even unsuccessful cover-up attempts? …Because so far, we have had THREE such attempts, which have already proven unsuccessful, and now we are “processing” a fourth one!!! …Attempts, indeed, which show a strong “intent” and therefore anxiety for success from those who try them, as their repetition raises the “bar” of their “quality”.

In the first attempt, they tried to shift the “burden” of proof —that there is no cause for concern— onto the known paparazzi. They thought that by indirectly “assuring” the press —that the princess is living normally and is safe in her daily life— they would stop bearing the burden of proof themselves. So initially, we had the leak of “blurry” photos, which were simply laughable. In a country where the paparazzi thrive, lurking in trees and bushes, and where tabloid journalism “flourishes,” the most sought-after —and thus profitable— photos were “blurry”! …In the space where the protagonists were “exposed” to the paparazzi’s lenses, there were no paparazzi! However, since the “third parties” couldn’t provide them with a “solution” to their problem, it was inevitable that they themselves would have to take the situation into their own hands.

Then came the second attempt —equally unsuccessful—. Then photographic material was released to the public by the disappeared person herself on the occasion of Mother’s Day. A photo so “manipulated” that instead of reassuring public opinion, it made it even more uneasy, as scenarios of actual criminal acts began to be heard. If until then the issue concerned the few royals in Britain and those who deal with the lives of celebrities, after that mishap, it drew the attention of others. Suddenly, everyone started wondering why the Palace didn’t provide a clear solution to the issue and was “playing” with the public. This was all about. That’s what Middleton’s environment stated. It basically told the world that the princess was playing with Photoshop in the bed of pain and simply wasn’t successful in the outcome of this “game”. Not even amateurs who want to joke with their friends make such naive attempts. Naturally, the anxiety grew even greater, and along with it, rumors and conspiracy theories multiplied.

However, Middleton’s environment —as it seems— was not deterred by this failure. For this reason, just a few days later, they attempted a third try. This time, they took it a step further from simple photographs and released a video. A completely foolish video from every aspect. Why? First of all, it was suspicious because, in an era where the average delivery person carries a mobile phone with a 4K camera, they presented a video —and moreover, shot by a professional of the sort— with a camera that operated like “charcoal,” lacking the necessary clarity for editing. But beyond this technical peculiarity, even the scenario of the video itself was foolish. In this video, a perfectly healthy young woman —not over 25 years old— was presented as impersonating the 40-year-old Middleton. She walks in a light and brisk manner that characterizes a perfectly healthy young woman, which has nothing to do with how a mature woman, who has undergone a painful abdominal surgery a few days before and thus affecting the muscles that influence walking mobility, would walk.

At the same time, this cheerful young woman with the airy gait, who impersonated the operated middle-aged princess, not only had a “light” walk but was also loaded with a huge bag, which is absurd given the circumstances. A heavy bag, judging by the inclination of her body, suggests that there is some effort on her part to carry it. Which operated woman would leave a shopping center with her husband and carry the groceries while her husband would be so comfortable with her choice? If this is how an operated middle-aged woman walks, how would she have walked before the surgery? Would she have left the shopping center with a double “trolley” and a triple “axel”?

So, they made a video that lacked the realism required by the circumstances and the seriousness of the need for indirect “assurance” regarding the fate of a woman whose “traces” are missing. A video that did not respect the basic facts concerning the specific case. The failure was once again glaring. Therefore, it was almost certain that after this failure, they would try again to mislead the public. Obviously, since they cannot even manage the simple task of presenting Middleton in a live public appearance, and at the same time, the police are not doing their job, it was only a matter of time before they repeated their attempt. For reasons we do not know, it seems that they do not have the ability to “close” the issue. They cannot even secure a “random” appearance of her for a few seconds on a balcony with her child or husband for the needs of a remote photoshoot. The police are not pressuring them, so they continue with the same tactic.

Now we have a fourth attempt to “entertain” the citizens’ concerns, once again under the same terms …Again, with a “canned” update …Again, using technological means and not with a live appearance of the person disappeared. The only difference is that the bar of quality of the “tools” they use is raised, but this does not mean that everyone does not perceive it as a simple attempt at cover-up rather than genuine and responsible information.

We will not even bother to play detective and analyze whether the video is AI technology – artificial intelligence. After all, there are many available analyses on the internet about this controversial video of questionable value. Much has been said by experts about the “flaws” of this video …From the “frozen” background behind Middleton to the “magical” ring that appears and disappears without explanation. All of these, if nothing else, are evidence of the video’s “tampering.”

In these matters, we have nothing to add because we simply lack the required knowledge, and of course, we have no reason to engage in this conversation, which concerns specialists. Simply put —and to give the reader a complete picture of the situation— we “present” what has been said and already “circulates” on the internet. However, what is impossible not to notice in this video is the following simple and clear observation from a macroscopic perspective …The royal family “feeds” a bunch of communicators and spin doctors… An army of crisis management experts —and now it is under such a major crisis— …Is it possible for them to present a Princess —and a future queen and queen mother— to fight her life’s greatest battle all alone?

Which communications expert advised her to make the alleged video all by herself? …Without having her husband by her side? …Without him holding her hand to show his unwavering support in the “Golgotha” awaiting her? …Without looking her in the eyes and “hanging on” her every word, to “show” that all his anxiety is for his beloved and her shared problem? …Without nodding sympathetically to the opinions and sensitivities expressed by his seriously “injured” by illness spouse? …They didn’t have a simple advisor who would instruct him to bow his head, as in the case of Mitsotakis at Tempi?

Things are simple. When a person, who is not alone in life, publicly announces that they are facing a major health threat, they never do it alone. From the moment they decide to do so, they are surrounded by their loved ones, to show the world that they have support… To show that their family will face the unexpected and mortal danger united, like a fist. Is Middleton’s appearance in this video normal? What image does she want to present to the public? …That she is fighting alone? …That in the Palace, everyone deals with their problems alone? Let’s justify the absence of the children, who require special handling in their briefing. Where is her spouse? Common people, without professional advisors, don’t make such mistakes! Secondly —and equally important for a simple observer— is the seemingly insignificant detail that appeared in the video. Is it possible for a woman who has undergone such a significant abdominal surgery to appear a few days later wearing tight jeans? Couldn’t she wear something more comfortable to “show” us —apart from everything else— that her life has already changed in many ways? A pained mortal in cancer and a superwoman in everything else? Is this possible?”

All these things are no longer just strange, they are suspicious. If until now it was just strange that, while supposedly having a serious surgery scheduled, they simultaneously planned a trip to Italy, now this is suspicious. If until now it was just strange that none of her family visited her in the hospital where she was supposed to be hospitalized for two weeks, now this is even more suspicious. If until now the fact that there were no photos proving her discharge from the hospital was just strange, now it may mean that she wasn’t even there. If until now the violent death of her sister’s former lover may have seemed unrelated to her case, now it cannot be ruled out that it is relevant.

Is it possible that the police have no answers to all these suspicious questions concerning a woman whose whereabouts no one knows? Is it possible to give so many opportunities for covering up an allegation to those accused? How many times must they try to convince the British public that everything is under control before the police take action? Additionally, there is a precedent specifically concerning this case and the family being accused. The previous royal princess, who held the same title and was Diana, was killed in an accident, for which rumors again circulated that the royal family was involved. For this reason alone, this family should be very cautious in handling Middleton’s case and not experiment to reassure public opinion. By their actions, this family gives everyone the right to imagine things.

Even the simultaneous announcement of Charles’s deadly illness complicates rather than simplifies things. How coincidental can it be? Who can assure us that the timing of the announcement was not deliberately chosen to secure time to hide a crime? An attempt to “buy sympathy” for the Palace due to a tragic announcement and simultaneously divert public interest from Middleton’s case …To secure a reasonable amount of time and move straight from the sudden “chemotherapy” to the “emotion” of a grand funeral …To bury concerns beneath mountains of flowers and endless “charged” rhetoric.

Who can now exclude the scenario that they have her in some freezer and are simply waiting to present her when —based on medical statistics— a “conclusion” is temporally “justified” due to a specific form of cancer? Just when everyone will be preparing for Charles’s royal funeral, Middleton could “appear”! The way things are unfolding, everyone should be prepared for the worst. Is it possible that they cannot resolve the issue with a simple appearance from her and allow this dangerous anti-monarchist “rumor” to linger? Are they risking so much for something seemingly so insignificant? For this reason, we could assume —based on logic— that nothing is as it seems …That things might be much worse than we believe. This is not our assertion because we are conspiracy theorists. It emerges from the data. However, this is not the aim of our article. Hopefully, the woman is well, and all these remain mere assumptions and speculations. In any case, it is the police’s job to investigate these matters, not ours!

What we are seeking are the consequences for the institution of the monarchy itself due to these misguided manipulations. Through the analysis of the wrong choices, aimed at misleading the public, we seek the responsibilities of those who allow this socially dangerous rumor to linger …The responsibilities of those whose actions and omissions do not definitively close the issue. Along with them, we “criticize” the stance of those whose job is to defend public interests from the positions society has granted them …Those whose work involves “pressuring” —via pen or camera— the “organs” of the state to act …and who, in this case, remain silent …Those who have become millionaires, defending royal interests and giving “suggestions” to the “organs” of the state. Where is the “great” Piers Morgan, who knew “everything” and vigorously defended the Palace in the case of Meghan Markle? Is it possible for ordinary individuals through TikTok videos and the notorious British tabloids known for their audacity and greed, not to “push” the police to take action?

Every day it seems that whatever is controlled by the Palace and its courtiers, whether it’s the Police or the Press, maintains a highly suspicious silence. Whatever the Palace presents to all of them, they accept it as correct, no matter how extreme or criminal it may seem. That’s why we talk about cancers and scenarios of “sudden” deaths. They can present whatever they want however they want. Why wouldn’t they consider that they can present even a dead princess, due to some “rampant” illness, without any reactions? Who would dare in such a case to request an autopsy and post-mortem examination suspecting a possible criminal act? …Would they request a post-mortem examination from a family of usurpers who seized a Throne after a suspicious “euthanasia” of a king, on whom a post-mortem examination was NEVER performed, in order to see the legitimacy of his “euthanasia”?

Theoretically —but also practically now— if it is proven —officially— that the last video is a creation of artificial intelligence and thus a deliberate attempt to mislead the British public by the Palace, then there are all the elements needed by the police to treat the case as a possible criminal matter. When a strange or illegal act, aimed at misleading the public and concerning the safety of a person, is repeated for the fourth consecutive time, then we are certainly talking about “shades of evidence” of committing illegal and possibly criminal acts. Simple things. It is now an undisputed fact that some are trying to hide by all means evidence related to the safety of a citizen …especially when it concerns a public figure.

Under this pressure, the police will be forced, by necessity, to do what they have not done until now, because they feared the royal family… It is the people who will now take on the “mandate” to bypass the prohibitions of the Crown! We no longer live in the era of Jack the Ripper, where the Palace could stop police investigations that threaten members of the royal family. In such a case, the police will be compelled to do what the law dictates for all common mortals when they are the subject of security-related complaints… They will have to “break into” the Palace and search for Middleton. It is only a matter of time before allegations start to turn towards the side of perjuring police officers who tolerate criminal attempts to conceal evidence and do not perform their duty.

All of this, however, threatens the monarchy institution itself. What if some citizens, concerned citizens, take the initiative to gather signatures with the aim of bypassing the royal “decree”? To push for the Chief of the British Police to go himself and conduct an inspection …and thus take responsibility to ensure Middleton’s safety? This alone is a challenge to the institution itself. At best, the police will be humiliated by the citizens, and the Palace will be brought low. This is precisely what will happen if such a “campaign” to uncover the “mystery” of Middleton begins …At best, everyone will be humiliated, because at worst, we could have an unprecedented political and state crisis for the modern monarchy. The last thing a monarchy, shaken by scandals of pedophilia, corruption, and simple questioning of its role, needs is to see its members in handcuffs.

The royal family, due to its own mishandling, has only helped fuel the anti-monarchist movement in Britain, where a large portion of the population no longer accepts the existence of “chosen” ones above the law. It alone has turned the “disappearance” of Middleton and the ensuing rumors into a major issue. It will pay for its own mistakes because it simply believes —as usual— that it is above the law and that merely stating something is enough to treat it as “fate.” As will soon be proven, fate, to be respected, must be decreed by gods and not by spoiled “blue bloods” who simply underestimate the “commoners” and do not consider it their duty to even inform them of their most extreme decisions.

The “Middleton symptom” may “warn” us that the British Monarchy itself is much sicker than we had previously believed …Much “sicker” than its king and possibly “dying” earlier than him. The British are very angry with the German Battenbergs, who govern them without taking them into account and without considering themselves obliged to be accountable for their actions. They are too poor to tolerate “The Firm,” which betrayed their empire to seize the Throne of Britain. Now is the opportunity for all the old “accounts” to be settled together!!! …That’s exactly what we’re saying!!!


Panagiotis Traianou