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Massacre in Gaza!

Gaza’s Trillion-Dollar treasure Battle!

In Gaza, a massacre and a fierce battle are unfolding over a resource worth trillions of dollars. Palestinian ignorance about Gaza and the unrelenting drive of Zionists to secure this resource, even at the cost of Israeli children, bring to light the Armageddon conflict.

Is Armageddon starting or ending there?


 In the aftermath of bombings, amidst the echoes of sorrow, a newfound clarity emerges, shedding light on the Gaza Strip’s post-initiation landscape following Israel’s military actions. What revelations does the visual narrative of Gaza convey in the days subsequent to the commencement of hostilities? What narratives unfold in the wake of the globally resonating violence that transpired in Gaza? We witness, beyond the borders of impoverished Gaza, the presence of the two largest US aircraft carriers. We observe one of the most modern and well-equipped armed forces on the planet, poised to enter the ruins of Gaza. We also see the Israeli government endeavoring to “persuade” the Palestinians to depart Gaza, all in the name of their “well-being”. It does indeed appear peculiar. Why is there such a concentration of military, political, and economic power converging around the beleaguered and poor Gaza? Why is such formidable military might deployed in proximity to the “Mount of Megiddo”, particularly at times marked by an air of suspicion? Why this concentration of firepower within the realm of the biblical “Troop Coven Mountain”?

Αεροπλανοφόρο USS Gerald Ford: «Βλέπει» το Ισραήλ και είναι ετοιμοπόλεμο -  Newsbomb - Ειδησεις - NewsDoesn’t it strike you as rather unusual? How does all of this relate to the realities of the world today? If the “Armageddon” foretold in various scriptures signifies a global conflict, how would such a monumental event pivot around the issues emanating from the “humble” enclave of Gaza? By what cause would all the Great Powers of this world be gathered there? What could possibly be of such significance in Gaza that would attract the attention of the “Beasts” of this world? Is there any hidden value, that even the Palestinian people themselves might not be aware of?

Prior to immersing ourselves in weightier concerns, let us commence with the more modest, ostensibly trivial occurrences. Our exploration will initiate by clarifying the trajectory leading us to the aftermath of the bombings—an aftermath anticipated to eventually find its state of “settled”. It all began with a terrorist act by Hamas, an organization supposedly dedicated to the liberation of Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people. Before we delve further into the topic of Hamas, it’s important to address the common assumption that underpins this discussion: from a strategic perspective, Hamas’s recent actions are hard to justify. These actions do NOT seem to serve the interests of the Palestinian people, neither politically, economically, nor strategically. At a time when Jewish society is deeply divided to the extent that some have even voiced concerns of internal civil conflict, it might seem ill-advised for an adversary to act in a manner that brings unity, regrouping, and potentially strengthening their opponents through the resurgence of animosity.

Given the circumstances at hand, a rational course of action emerges: it is advisable to initially assume an observational stance, discerning the evolution of events, as actions in the context of civil war serve to debilitate the adversary. Simultaneously, considering the current global climate, which exhibits a particular sensitivity towards minority rights and related matters, it would be a grave misstep for the Palestinian population to tarnish their own reputation. Those who have garnered international sympathy as victims of Israeli “neo-Nazism” should not engage in unprofitable acts of terrorism that cast them as perpetrators, including child murderers. Such actions, as we see them, appear entirely illogical, yet they undeniably occurred. How can we rationalize this behavior? The only plausible explanation is provocation. Consequently, we’ve identified compelling evidence that allows us to assert with a reasonable basis that this was a deliberate act of provocation. The next problem here is that this provocation was not isolated or devoid of origin, as is often at a provocation case …It bore the “signature” of Hamas.

What does history reveal to us? It reveals that Hamas may not be as “clean” as some would like to believe. In fact, Hamas is an instrument employed by Mossad. Why do we make this assertion? Because history provides this perspective. We don’t present this view as conspiracy theorists; It is a point found within official historical records. Hamas was originally created as a counterforce to Fatah, the organization led by Yasser Arafat, whose headquarters are not situated in Gaza but in Ramallah, within the “West Bank”. Remarkably, Israel, through the agency of Mossad, had a role in the establishment of Hamas. Why did they do so? The motive was Israel’s apprehension of Arafat’s power, international influence, and connections—Arafat, whose demise remains shrouded in mystery. To prevent Arafat’s actions from yielding political outcomes, Israel introduced an adversary to counter him. This adversary, a vocal and impulsive “bouncer”, was intended to undermine the Palestinian Authority’s diplomatic achievements and perpetually mar the international perception of Palestinians, along with the efforts to resolve the Middle East crisis. For some, violence proved advantageous as it regulated oil prices “upward”, and these interests appeared uninterested in a peaceful resolution to the region’s challenges. Human suffering translated into substantial profits, and the cessation of this “blood flow” was seemingly contrary to their objectives.

Considering that Mossad played a pivotal role in establishing Hamas and was responsible for selecting its initial leadership, is it plausible that this leadership ever operated beyond their control? That notion is highly improbable. Within such organizations, leadership transitions are akin to a relay race, where the preceding leadership paves the way and legitimizes the succession of the next in line. Therefore, based on logical inference, the first leader, chosen by Mossad, would pass the baton to one of their own selection, and subsequent leaders would follow this same principle—a lineage stemming from the very architects of Hamas. Anyone who opposed this process would likely encounter their fate prematurely, courtesy of Mossad’s obedient operatives.

It is self-evident that those individuals who are periodically executed as supposed Hamas leaders are in fact individuals whom Hamas leadership, guided by Mossad, wishes to eliminate through the logic of internal cleansing. In such a covert organization, identifying true leadership from mere reactionaries or individuals who may be unwittingly thrust into the role of a sacrificial “lamb”, is an intricate task. An organizational hierarchy is notably absent within such groups. They eliminate whomever they choose, presenting them as a “secret” leader who met his demise, and the operation continues seamlessly. Moles persist in stealth, and Mossad meticulously upholds a semblance of “security” for the Israeli populace. Consequently, Hamas assumes the role of a perennial “Fifth Phalanx” entrenched within the Palestinian community—a lethal metaphorical serpent introduced into the lives of Palestine’s children. It embodies a clandestine and ominous presence, infiltrating the daily existence of Palestinians, regardless of their whereabouts.

Consequently, we initiate this discussion with the premise that it’s not excessively conspiratorial to suggest that the Hamas strike was strategically provocative. This provocation appears to lack direct alignment with the objectives and interests of the Palestinian people. Provocation should always be driven by a purpose. It’s not advisable to incite without a clear goal, especially when the stakes are high and the potential consequences significant. Engaging in such actions risks garnering resentment from the very individuals you aim to benefit from or exploit. There must be a substantial benefit, particularly for those at the helm who recognize the risks of potentially forfeiting a valuable and influential asset such as Hamas. The focus of our analysis is to unearth the potential advantages that would validate this provocation and discern the “cui bono” —that is, “who stands to benefit”— from this scenario.

The act of provocation, by its very nature, provides Israel with an opportunity that, from a logical perspective, seems justifiable, allowing for the pursuit of hidden objectives that the world may not readily discern. This is the essence of provocation – shaping events in a manner that serves one’s interests without revealing the true intentions behind these actions. Initial indications suggest that this act of provocation has granted Israel the pretext to deploy its military forces into Gaza and engage in operations that appear to involve the displacement of Palestinians from their lands. Hamas intentionally played a role in facilitating this situation. By its monstrously misguided action, it “called” Israel out of the “fences” of humble Gaza. This raises pertinent questions about the significance of this ostensibly “humble corner” and why Israel might seek to regain control of it. After all, it was the Israelis themselves who relocated Palestinians to this specific “corner” within Israel. Could this “corner” have suddenly acquired a newfound value, prompting a desire to repossess it before the underlying reasons for such action become apparent?

In this discussion, we delve into a different realm—one governed by real estate principles. But what does that mean exactly? It’s akin to someone possessing knowledge of a secret highway route and, before the information becomes public, acquiring the In this discussion, we delve into a different realm—one governed by real estate principles. But what does that mean exactly? It’s akin to someone possessing knowledge of a secret highway route and, before the information becomes public, acquiring the land through which this highway will pass from unsuspecting owners. When such information is in the open, the chance of catching the owner off guard is lost, and the envisioned substantial profit of the cunning individual disappears. In such a scenario, they may have to share the profit under different terms and with different stakeholders. Is it conceivable that this could be the case with the Gaza Strip? Could it be that the provocations orchestrated by Hamas against Israelis were part of a larger scheme, aiming to provide Israel with an alibi to deploy its military at an unexpected time and dispossess the unsuspecting landowners of the valuable territory? This is indeed a question of monumental significance, the answer to which carries vast implications.

Πως θα σας φαίνονταν εάν το Ισραήλ κατασκεύαζε το δικό του «κανάλι του Σουέζ»; - e-Nautilia.gr | Το Ελληνικό Portal για την Ναυτιλία. Τελευταία νέα, άρθρα, Οπτικοακουστικό Υλικό The critical question concerns about the potential value of this specific piece of land in light of future, yet unknown policies. Is there an impending “surplus value” that certain individuals or entities seek to seize at the expense of its rightful owners? This is the central question in focus. This inquiry arises from a logical standpoint, particularly when examining the approach taken in Israel’s retaliation. The persistent emphasis on the “razing” practice stands out, and it provokes both curiosity and suspicion. The tactic of damaging more buildings than “terrorists” raises questions about whether the intention might extend beyond punishing criminals to an act of population displacement. It hints at a broader element of expropriation rather than a conventional military operation. The choice to target apartment buildings rather than suspected “shelters” or “terrorist laboratories” suggests a rushed approach, akin to a construction “contractor” eager to clear a neighborhood for imminent development. It’s almost as if terrorists are concentrated in one location, while the actions of the Zionists extend to another. These observations lead to legitimate questions about the unfolding situation.

Upon scrutinizing the map of Israel, a discernible suggestion arises: there could exist latent motives propelling the endeavors to reshape the Gaza Strip into a prospective canvas for upcoming constructions. Although these interests currently shroud themselves in secrecy, their significance, even momentous nature, is undeniable. These concealed interests, though currently unseen, can be surmised based on their scale, which is reflected in numbers. There are nearly 60,000 container ships navigating the world’s seas and oceans, accounting for a staggering 80% of global trade and transporting a remarkable 11 billion tons of cargo annually. The sheer magnitude of profits —economic, political, and strategic— that accrue to those who control critical passages like the Suez Canal —as one might imagine— is staggering. Is it possible that these potential gains, along with the accompanying political and strategic influence, leave indifferent the greedy Zionists? …The same Zionists, who have amassed immeasurable wealth, and now seek fresh avenues for investment?

Certain individuals may categorize these ideas as mere speculations and the conjectures of conspiracy theorists. However, is the matter truly that straightforward? It is worth remembering a recent instance: the candid revelation by former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu of his “vision” for the “New Middle East” during a session at the UN Plenary. This “vision” envisioned to “connect” the great powers from both the East and the West through Israel, granting Israel the capability to regulate the entire flow of goods between the global giants. On one side, you have China, India, Korea, and Japan, and on the other, the entire Western world. All of these giants would be interconnected and controlled through Israel. In essence, Israel would assume a position where it could control the vital “lifelines” of humanity, and potentially he could threaten her at will with “suffocation”.

Full text of Netanyahu's UN address: 'On the cusp of historic Saudi-Israel  peace' | The Times of Israel

Without delving into specific details or revealing intricate strategies, Netanyahu disclosed this during his address in New York. He visually connects Israel and Saudi Arabia on a map through a red line, but the precise trajectory of his “vision” remained undisclosed. A prominent red line stretching from Oman to Cyprus unmistakably suggests a visionary concept, but falls short of elucidating the precise methods to realize it. Did the reader grasp the underlying principle of this “real estate” logic? Netanyahu has unveiled the planning of an extensive “highway” in the conceptualization phase. Once realized, this new “highway” will make it possible a connection between the West and the East. It’s apparent that those unsuspecting “landowners” whose properties lie along the route will experience considerable gains. Our current quest is to ascertain whether such comprehensive plans indeed exist and to identify the owners who hold interests along this alignment.

USS Gerald R. Ford: Το πιο σύγχρονο αεροπλανοφόρο των ΗΠΑ στην πρώτη του  αποστολή | HuffPost Greece 22ος ΑΙΩΝΑΣ Are the Zionists not the ones aspiring to construct a new sea route connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean? Are they not the ones with intentions to construct the called “Ben Gurion” Canal? But what is the “contact” of this channel with the Mediterranean Sea? We are aware of its point of origin, which is in Israeli Aqaba. Yet, where does the plan make this “channel” lead? …Perhaps onto “Gaza Strip”? …Is the construction of this “canal” financially unfeasible for “investors” without occupation and control of the Gaza area? …Did the Zionists make a mistake in granting the Palestinians that particular “land strip” to inhabit, as opposed to another one? Is this why the Zionists are hastening to evacuate it from the Palestinians? …Could this be the reason they are instructing the Hamas to provide the “pretext” for “expropriation” and the enforced relocation of the population of Gaza? Did the poor Palestinians, in an unfortunate twist of fate, find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time? Did the Palestinians inadvertently cause “delays” for the contractors, prompting the Zionists to advise the Hamas to instigate a provocation and expedite the situation? This partially explains the seemingly paradoxical phenomenon where the reaction from of the Palestinians appears to have been “triggered” by a strategic accord between Israel and Saudi Arabia, while at the same time Saudi Arabia also provided direct funding for this particular reactionary action of Hamas.

Comprehending these intricate dynamics contributes to unraveling the paradoxical events currently in progress. The dispatch of two American aircraft carriers to the region is positioned as a means to aid Israel in its initiative to evacuate the Palestinian population. Yet, one might question the necessity of such a show of force to relocate a population already fatigued. Why deploy two aircraft carriers when only one might have sufficed? Clearly, the decision was deliberate; it had to be two. Why, you may wonder? It’s because these aircraft carriers are not intended to “target” the Palestinians, who may react with their limited resources. Instead, their aim is the “environment” in the region that could respond to such an intervention. This intervention has the potential to shift the balance of power not only within the region, but also can change the balance of forces worldwide. This scenario resembles the deployment of armed riot police to forcibly remove someone from their home. The riot police are not dispatched due to concerns about the individual being removed, who might be a disabled person, a widow, or an elderly individual. Instead, they are sent because they’re afraid of uncontrollable situations and to manage the broader environment’s potential reactions, such as neighbors, other residents, or supporting organizations. In the case of the eviction of Palestinians from their territories, the “region environment” is represented by the “global environment”, with neighboring Egypt taking center stage as a key player.

In this context, there are two pivotal “players” who must be effectively managed to justify the American military presence in the region. Why is this so crucial? The reason lies in the fact that it is solely through these “players” that other major global powers can enter the dynamic of the “New Middle East Problem”. The intervention of the European Union, Russia, China, India, Japan, and others in altering Middle East policy can only occur through these two “players.” We’re not saying anything weird. To illustrate, let’s envision a scenario where only four individuals are seated at a poker table. Anyone else desiring to partake in the “game” can only wager on one of these four players. These external participants place their bets against the individuals at the table, who, by virtue of their actions and decisions, may inflict financial losses upon them.

In this scenario, when a significant global power like China feels the unfavorable impact of American Zionist policy, which has the potential to disrupt the global flow of its goods to its disadvantage, its indirect involvement in the region becomes possible ONLY through Egypt or Iran. By engaging with and seeking to influence the conduct of these key “players” on the regional chessboard, China can attempt to safeguard its interests. These “players”, apart from the United States and Israel, are limited to just two nations: Iran and Egypt. No others are part of this “equation”. Consequently, for the United States and the Zionists, to exercise full control over development of their interests, they must ensure that they maintain a firm grip on these “players” they are engaged with, preventing any third parties from intervening and altering their strategic plans.

Iran, with its “nukes” that have been developed with American expertise and funding, serves a distinct purpose as a key factor in the region. Through its provocative anti-Zionist rhetoric and its consistent anti-Arab policies, it provides a justification for the continued presence of the United States as the “protector” of Israel. Simultaneously, Iran allows Israel to forge connections with the Arab leaders in the region, who use the pretext of defending their people from the perceived threat of “evil” Iran to justify their acquiescence submission to Zionists. Moreover, due to Iran’s non-Arab identity, it enables Israel to reshape its very foundation. Israel, which previously derived its strategic significance from its provocative stance against the Arab world, is now in the process of shifting its core principles. It will increasingly align itself with the Arab nations and assume a more central role in expressing collective pan-Arab defense and security against perceived Iranian threats!

Israel will undergo a significant transformation as it positions itself as the dominant force in the Arab world, particularly in light of its alliance with the United States and its rivalry with Iran. Israel will emerge as the de facto guardian of Islam, symbolically turning the mosque of Omar into a kind of “Third Temple of Solomon”. This transition won’t require the physical reconstruction of the site; rather, it will be achieved through a form of guardianship rooted in Islam. An easy target, since Israel will take as their “dowry” the “pimps” of the desert …the Royal “dummies” of British colonialism, which after WW2 were “inherited” by the USA …the “pimps of Jordan, the “pimps” of the United Arab Emirates, the “pimps” of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. All of them are “straw men’s” of the United States and effectively serve as its proxies. “All the oil moguls who are customers of Western brothels and Lamborghini dealerships will discover new “avenues'” trough new “pimps” to maintain their Dolce-Vita in the West, even as they govern their religion-bound societies with the authority of Sharia.”

In summary, the Jewish people will fulfill the long-standing aspiration to “inherit” and control the historical “Empire of Babylon.” This ambition, which traces back to the times of Abraham, has been facilitated by their strategic rivalry with Iran. The Jews utilize this tension with Iran to assert themselves as mediators and beneficiaries of the division between Iranians and Arabs. This division manifests as animosity between Iraqis and Iranians or the ongoing tensions between Emirs and Iranians in the Strait of Hormuz. Israel strategically provokes these conflicts to exploit them for its interests. Moreover, Iran, with the backing of the United States and Zionists, plays up the threat to intending to eliminate both Jews as people and the state of Israel. This perception is deliberately constructed as a show for the global audience. The ultimate objective is to enable Israel to manipulate Iran’s various rivalries with the Arab world to its advantage.

We can discern that the underlying strategy hinges on Iran’s ostensibly anti-Israel stance, rooted in its inherently anti-Arab character, with primary animosity directed towards the Arab world and secondary towards Zionism. Consequently, the United States has expedited Iran’s development as a nuclear power, thereby placing Israel within its potential reach. This parallels the historical maneuver post-World War II, when the Soviet Union was elevated to nuclear power status, exerting influence over all of Europe, because Europe was within the range of his nuclear potential. Israel and Iran, seemingly archenemies, engage in a “fixed” game behind the scenes, supporting one another—a historical echo of post-war Europe. The same actors follow familiar policies. The nuclear Soviet Union offered European Christianity as “hostage” to the Americans, just as nuclear Iran will offer the Zionists the “hostage” of Arab Islam.

If we consider that the conflict in Ukraine has “activated” nuclear Russia, effectively renewing the “hostage-taking” of European Christianity by the Russians, led by the Soviet-era figure Putin, it becomes evident that a similar strategy is now being repeated. The objective is to “hostage” the entirety of Arab Islam through Iran. This is intended to ensure that Arabs will remain “hostages” of the Zionists in the coming decades, perpetuating a cycle of poverty and violence, allowing the Jewish population to prosper, and enabling the desert monarchs to enjoy their extravagances. As a consequence, the children of underprivileged Arabs will continue to grapple with the consequences of their plight or risk perilous migrations in search of refuge in Europe. This maintains Islam as Soros’s “factory” for “exports” to Europe.

For this reason, and by virtue of its essential role, Iran becomes a key player in this complex game. Just a few days before the tragic events in Gaza, Iran received a substantial six-billion-dollar sum from the Biden administration. These funds are earmarked to support its evolving role in this project. These are the same leaders who enforce strict dress codes, even resorting to violence against women who don’t adhere to hijab standards. In the recent election, they didn’t favor Trump, who had a war-free term, but openly supported Biden of the Zionist Democratic Party, a figure known for dissolving entire Islamic states and orchestrating new conflicts, from Ukraine to the Gulf. They also engaged in strategic maneuvers with the corrupted Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu. The mullahs of Iran, perceived as “anti-American” and “anti-Zionist”, in fact they are not, and they play a dark role in this intricate scenario.

Egypt also assumes a pivotal role, but unlike Iran, it faces very real and pressing risks. It is in jeopardy due to its unique position as the sole entry point for external influence in this intricate game. While Iran, led by compliant “mullahs”, remains isolated, Egypt’s accessibility makes it genuinely vulnerable. Egypt, a nation with an ancient history tracing back to the time of the Pharaohs, is once again in opposition to the “barefoot” of the desert. This time however, it stands there as oppressed, rather than the oppressor. As in the past, Egypt may find itself in conflict with the “Empire of Babylon” within the biblical lands of Palestine.

Egypt is indeed a true adversary of Israel, as it is profoundly affected today by the ongoing changes. First and foremost, Egypt is aggrieved because the potential construction of this Mediterranean passage would mean the loss of its Suez Canal monopoly and the substantial profits that come with it. Additionally, Egypt is aggrieved by the Gaza evacuation, as it will be the nation that must accommodate the incoming wave of refugees, a situation that could reignite internal political tensions. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising if there are attempts to destabilize Egypt through the movement of Palestinian refugees towards its borders. This provocative Hamas may well persist in the future within Palestinian refugee camps in Egypt.

It is conceivable that Egypt could undergo a fate parallel to that of Libya, evolving into a haven for those displaced from Gaza due to Israeli actions. This would be transforming Egypt in an unstable “dump” of human souls, as it aligns with the interests of those orchestrating these provocations to prevent the emergence of a formidable power capable of defending its national interests. It’s plausible that the Mossad’s Hamas involves staging provocations in the name of Islam, thereby bringing in front the “Muslim Brothers” and, of course, Erdogan, back into prominence. Erdogan is presented to be the alleged protector of the Palestinian people. Someone needs to undertake the challenging tasks, and the less-sophisticated and compromised figure from the Vosporus is the most suitable candidate for these purposes. He can maintain an anti-American and anti-Zionist façade while “controls” the Palestinians through Hamas to shield Israel from exposure. This characterizes the role of the so-called “troublemaker” Erdogan. For these reasons, they will involve him and Turkey in the unfolding events, albeit not as active “players.”

In succinct terms, the aim is to metamorphose Egypt into an expansive entity resembling the “Gaza Strip,” thereby affording the emerging Israel of the new era a semblance of authority akin to its present control over Gaza. Moreover, it is important to bear in mind that Egyptians are dealing with Jews, and the Jews, besides being greedy, are insolent and unscrupulous. In essence, if their own canal were to become operational, it is not beyond their capability to suddenly and without warning eliminate the competing Suez Canal. The Jewish players have demonstrated their willingness to go to considerable lengths for financial gain. They possess the audacity to take decisive actions to secure their interests. They are insolent to a degree that takes you by surprise!

They will not tolerate the continued existence of competition, especially if they have the means to eliminate it entirely. The Egyptians, in particular, should be well aware of this, having experienced the audacity of the Jews leading to a significant military defeat, notably during the “Six-Day War”, where control over the Suez Canal became a critical issue. Additionally, as demonstrated in 1956, this vital waterway can be easily disrupted indefinitely some targeted ships sinking, provided there is an effective strategy to hinder wreck removal. It is mathematically certain that Suez will face bombing in the future, especially now that Egypt has expressed an interest in joining the BRICS group. They simply can NOT do it now, as they lack a viable alternative. They are not ready to replace the Suez Canal in its current role now with their own alternative.

Given the region’s familiarity with the Jews and the ominous history associated with the Suez Canal, it is evident that any reaction must be carefully orchestrated to avoid disruption to global trade and transportation and must be done NOW. This action needs to be taken before construction on the Jewish canal begins. In essence, the deployment of two aircraft carriers in the area is far from coincidental and holds significant importance. Their primary objective is to establish control over Egypt during this critical phase of Gaza’s “expropriation” and the initiation of major projects. Their emphasis on Egypt’s military capabilities underscores their evaluation of regional power dynamics, diverging from a focus on the Palestinians in Gaza, who rely on homemade rockets. This evaluation led them to the decision to send TWO aircraft carriers with an European FORCE ESCORT in addition.

It is evident that unscrupulous Zionists display a willingness to manipulate global dynamics for their benefit, a motive occasionally brought into the open. This inclination is not confined to figures like Netanyahu; even individuals such as Kissinger have, at various historical junctures, articulated similar intentions. Kissinger, for instance, referenced a “New Global Design,” reminiscent of the Cold War-era configuration, marked by the existence of two blocs—the Western bloc and the bloc envisaged to emerge through the collaboration of Russia and China. If there was once an unknown factor, “x,” associated with the role of “intermediate” Islam, it has now been resolved. The pivotal role of this “intermediary,” responsible for mediating tensions between the “rival” blocs, will be firmly under the control of Israel. The Zionist agenda seeks to exert global dominion through Israel, primarily by leveraging a deregulated Arab Islam, effectively held hostage by them.

Why do they divulge their secrets? It’s a part of their strategy for concealing their true intentions. It’s important to keep in mind that nothing is better hidden than the blatantly obvious. Just as the most valuable diamond in the world can remain secure if those who might seize it are convinced it’s a “counterfeit” and of no value to anyone who possesses it. This tactic aligns with the standard approach employed by the Zionists since the time of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Their consistent policy involves revealing their plans and then discrediting them using the framework of “conspiracy theory.” It’s worth noting that this term was introduced by the Jews. Upon confirmation of these plans, often when it’s too late, one comes to realize that they were not mere conspiracy theories concocted by so-called “anti-Zionists” and “anti-Semites” who, as they claim, harbor animosity and intend to cause harm.

These intricate plans, we understand, are formulated by the Jews, taking advantage of the influence of Christianity and of course at the expense of Christian interests. A people minority has assumed control of the “beast” and is orchestrating a new world order, harnessing the power of this “beast” and to the detriment of he’s own well-being. The question that arises is whether Christianity, which wields considerable global influence, actively endorses a global agenda with funny figures like Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un, enabling the Jewish minority to present themselves as “world rulers.” This narrative evokes historical parallels, such as Trajan’s “Jewish Wars” and his unfinished campaign against Babylon, curtailed by his abrupt passing.

Is it not Christianity, the ultimate evolution of the Roman Empire? Is not the Cross the emblem of this Empire? Weren’t the Romans, or more precisely, the Greek-Romans, the rulers of that empire? Are they not now losing their global influence, largely due to the Jewish conspiracy? Are the Roman aircraft carriers not the ones granting influence to the Jews today? Hasn’t it been the resources and expertise of the Romans that have empowered Iran with nuclear capabilities? In the homes of the Romans, do the revelers from the oil-rich deserts not partake in their festivities? Three Romes seem to “sleep”, impacted by the actions of the desert’s barefooted pimps. This somewhat inactive Roman Empire is currently engaged in conflicts with the Jewish “shack” of Babylon for the world domination —with the alliance of the decadent Egyptian regime, tracing its lineage back to the era of the pharaohs—, because all the major “players” on the global stage are affected.

The prophecies that foretell the gathering of ALL the armies of ALL empires around the Mount of Megiddo at the “End of the World” are indeed confirmed. These prophecies, which may have appeared as poetic and symbolic in the past, now seem to be unfolding with startling accuracy. The history is aligning itself with ancient predictions, reaffirming the profound nature of these prophecies. The scales of these prophecies are being realized in our present time, as humanity takes its final steps on a centuries-long journey toward a destiny intertwined with the divine plan. It’s striking how the echoes of the Roman Empire, which shaped the course of history, seem to return in the current geopolitical landscape. The Roman EMPIRE “RETURNS”!!! …and wherever the Empire fights, THERE is also its Emperor!!! And as history unfolds, the key figures of the Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophet take their places in Palestine. The average person may find it challenging to distinguish these monumental forces, as they are often obscured by the complexities of them. The observes the powerful Christians and the conspiring Jews, yet remains unaware of the underlying forces at play.

Armageddon is in its final phase, and it won’t conclude as the homicidal beasts have imagined. The FALSE PROHET, who sought to exploit the BEASTS, will fall for it. The false prophet and his followers will be defeated due to their audacious ambitions. The process of their defeat will start in Gaza, as their entire plan relies on its successful “expropriation” by the Zionists. However, if the Palestinians learn about the true nature of their homeland, it’s “game over”. The Palestinians won’t let the project begin without getting their fair share, and the Jews won’t provide a share that strengthens them. As a result, the project will NEVER begin. In such real estate cases, if even a hint of information leaks, the entire plan collapses. The owners set the terms, and you can’t budge them without meeting their demands. You can only take advantage of them when they’re caught off guard in their sleep …and, in their sleep, even a mere whisper can wake them up!

The situation becomes dangerous by the cunning but highly susceptible strategies of the Zionists. If the Palestinians became aware of their actions, the entire grand plan of the Zionists could not be unraveled. Furthermore, the challenges become more intricate. If the Palestinians and their global supporters react, it would lead to a significant uproar. If the Palestinians decide not to depart from the Gaza Strip and the Jews opt to restrict access to water, food and electricity in the Gaza Strip, this would be a crime against humanity and cannot be sustained for an extended period. It is only a matter of time before the entire world realizes that the murderous Hamas is an instrument of Zionism and has nothing to do with the Palestinians! …The entire world will be informed that the Hamas are acting on the directives of the Zionists …Hamas, on the orders of Zionists, killed, kidnapped and tortured Israelis! Today, once again —after Jesus and the “Holocaust”— the Jews put OTHERS to kill Jews, because this be “in the INTEREST” of their nation! …OTHERS to appear as murderers of Jews, allowing the remaining Jews, whining, to pretend innocence to benefit financially.

If these revelations were to reach the global stage, the Global course of events would take an undeniable turn. People would awaken from their slumber, including the heavily “sleeping” Christians …the Romans will “wake up”! …They’d recollect the likes of “Caiaphas” who brokered death-deals with foreign powers. The memories of Jesus under Pontius Pilate’s judgment, as well as the dark shadow of the “Holocaust” of their own man Hitler, would resurface. This heralds the impending collapse of the Zionist “tower of cards.” Woe be upon those who betray Christianity, wielding the authority of the White House to orchestrate its demise. Equally, woe be upon the Zionist murderers of the Palestinian people. It’s only a matter of time before the Biden-, Kissinger- and Schwab-gang receives the consequences they deserve. Until then, it is of utmost importance that NOT A SINGLE PALESTINIAN LEAVE THE MOST VALUABLE PIECE OF LAND IN HUMAN HISTORY!!! Palestinians are the owners of a priceless treasure and should not permit the Jews to grab it from their possession.


Panagiotis Traianou