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What will be the English throne irreparable destruction

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Why the Origins of Antisemitism Matter | On the Media | WNYC Studios We use to say that the greatest secrets are well hidden when they are fully exposed to public view. The ultimate proof of this diabolically clever tactic is the famous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Even today no one dares to attribute this knowledge where it “seeks” by its very title to be “deafeningly” attributed. How much more blatantly to “ask” for it? …And yet, even though today —and therefore with hindsight— we can admire the precision of its application and its results, we cannot attribute it to the conspirators who drafted it and of course initiated it.

What it describes is so precise that it could easily be called a self-confirming prophecy. What we see happening today —and what surprises us— was written in the “Protocols” at least a century before it happened …Everything …The rapid degeneration of Christian societies in the last century …The absolutely uncontrolled urbanization-demobilization of the once productive Christian societies …The uncontrolled corruption of their political leaders …The unprecedented plundering of states …The destruction of any moral value system based on human effort and contribution to society …The targeting of religions and the unabated propaganda for atheism …The tolerance of any kind of sexual abnormality …The organisation and arming of social groups with strong anti-social behaviour …Groups which, from the time of the first communist parties to the present day with the armed Antifa, support and serve specific interests.

But what makes these Protocols almost chilling is that they not only reveal what will be done at the general level, but they describe exactly how it will be done and who will initiate it in order to exploit it. They describe in the most absolute way the interests of those who have “named” themselves as the authors in the “Protocols of Zion” …Those who, through those conspiratorial and anti-social interventions, aim to dominate over the human species …Those who are setting up the New World Order today and dream of absolute victory over God’s Creation. In their title, the “Protocols” reveal these conspirators. In their title they “show” the “Wise Men of Zion” or Zionists …They leave nothing hidden or implied.

Much has been said about the authenticity of these “Protocols”, and the top was their attribute to the secret services of the Czar of Russia …This is a joke only to think about it. It is like finding notes with the correct solution to Riemann’s famous and still unsolved mathematical Riemann’s Case and attributing their authorship to the neighborhood grocer, because you know he has a great talent for calculating debts and change. If one has the knowledge to compose such a text, which may indeed lead —by such sordid means— to the conquest of the world, he will certainly not remain an employee of the Czar …He may become a wealthy mentor or secret adviser to the Czar, but certainly not a mole in his basement. Is it possible for secret service informers to write such a well-documented and multi-dimensional “manual” of power? Is it possible that state-sponsored stool pigeon slackers could have been allowed to expose such quality knowledge for simply “exposing” the utterly insignificant then Jews of the stinking ghettos?

Even more interesting is that within this tremendous knowledge, contained in these “Protocols”, there is also the knowledge of how to guard it, without endangering not only those who circulate and apply it, but also the knowledge itself. This knowledge has been communicated to ordinary people simply to “neutralise” the threat around it. In this way, it has never had to be concealed and no one has ever been at risk from those who have carried or disseminated it. Everyone had access to it and everyone could keep it in their homes …The excuse was always there: “It is a provocation of “superior” Christians who have such knowledge …We are poor and illiterate people, do not involve us in your “games” with conspiracies” …Perfect, just to think about it. From there it’s all a matter of propaganda. The tactics that are currently being used by the powers that be to neutralize their enemies were first tried because of this knowledge.

Those people, who call their opponents “conspiracy theorists” or “spies” or “graphical” today, are the same people who used the same terms to describe all those who believed the obvious …Those who believed that it was indeed the Zionist Jews who drew up these “Protocols” and that it was indeed world terror that they were aiming at. Unfortunately for them, who continue the same protectionist arguments regarding the origin of the “Protocols”, the very circumstances that gave their tactics value have changed. Today, the “testimony” of time exists and this reveals the true identity of their authors. Whoever once assumed or imagined what you intended to do, you called them “conspiracy theorists” and got rid of them once and for all.

Today, however, because all these supposed and imagined things have already come true in their entirety, you cannot call a conspiracy theorist one who studies them …The “futurist” can easily be called a conspiracy theorist …The “past theorist,” however, is certainly a historian. He does not imagine non-existent things and does not rely on assumptions. Today, a student of these texts acts as a historian and draws safe conclusions based on all the methods which the science of history uses when studying past historical phenomena and events that have shaped the present …All those methods which are considered objective and reliable and lead to safe conclusions.

Nowadays there is evidence for all these things, which —until they happened— remained hypotheses …The “evidence” is what makes one a “historian”, and these are not hypotheses that can be challenged by some with characterizations and “aphorisms” …Simple things, which some people do not realize, and are exposed …They do not realize them, so as to change their defensive tactics. It used to be easy to be called a “conspiracy theorist” and of course a “racist”, since one “saw” —through the “Protocols”— an attempt to put on the “shoulders” of the “poor” Jews —”inaudibly”— the attempt to dominate the world completely …An attempt which, in order to be achieved, required the erosion —through the exorcism and the emasculation— of society.

Today, then, when Zionists —who are no longer “poor” Jews— have managed to rise to the top of the world society, one needs to use just historical research to see how they have reached the top …To see that society is indeed in the era of total Zionist domination …To see to what extent in this “course” —and of course in its “conclusion”— there has been a precise application of these “Protocols” in order to achieve the goal projected through them …A goal which has now largely been achieved by those to whom the “Protocols” are “addressed” and therefore judged for their choices by a certain “measure”.

The parameter of time , turns the situation “upside down” and something can no longer be considered a coincidence, because in such complex and multidimensional designs there is no coincidence …No matter how much a monkey “bangs” a piano, it cannot play music —and even the “ninth symphony”, as the “conspiracy theorists” of the past had announced—. Moreover, there is the science of statistics, which is “allergic” to paradoxes and the unusual. Statistics cannot constantly confirm an absolute repetition in phenomena that are theoretically random and follow the laws of chaos. It cannot be that those who are “wrong” are always the poor “conspiracy theorists” and the others who are “right” are always the same and get rich from what they are accused of.

Since there are no conspiracies by the “poor” Zionists, why did they “seal” the “Holocaust” file and not hand it over to historical study? If there are no conspiracies by the “poor” Zionists, why did they “seal” the Pfizer vaccine file and not give it to scientists to study? Is the biggest “looting” of all time by the FED connected to the start of the “Pandemic”? Or is that a conspiracy too? When you are right and you are a victim, you are not afraid of any investigation …Quite the contrary …You encourage investigations because they always confirm what is in your best interest. Weren’t they the ones who preyed on these two world-changing phenomena? What are the odds that the same “poor” people are ALWAYS on the side of the “victim” and of course the “right” and at the same time they are profiting from it? …Will always the “unjust” be both cuckolded and beaten? Such a great return on “right” has never been so great for any other people except the Zionists.

So if one starts to study the “Protocols” as historical texts, which describe the Zionists’ “path” from the stinking ghettos to the top of the New World Order, one begins to see things very differently. First of all, he or she will appreciate even more the genius of the strategy they are analysing. They are texts, for example, which are tailored to the abilities, qualifications and characteristics of those to whom they are addressed …They do not ask “short” people to entice humanity to play ‘basketball’ with them in order to defeat them and rise to the top of the world …They don’t ask “fat” people to challenge their opponents in speed races …They appeal to the Zionists and, having defined their ultimate goal, they describe how they will use their own “skills” and their own “weapons” in order to conquer it.

That is where the sheer brilliance of their authors lies. The Jews were not a brave people, who would simply conquer the world by their own strength …They were a people of the margins …A people who had learned to survive by the methods of the social margins …Scams, loan sharking, pimping, prostitution, etc.. The “Protocols” are addressed to these people …They are not a manual of generals, describing superior strategies or ways of fighting, which will lead to the final and absolute triumph of world domination …They are not a manual of Alexander, addressed to his generals …They are a manual of the “Herzl” pickpockets addressed to thieves.

The “Protocols” are a manual of swindlers, whose goal is to “steal” victory and of course power …Brazen thugs, who can poison their opponents and not kill them outright with their swords …To “infect” them and lead them into weakness and need, if they convince them that they have the miraculous “antidotes” …Hence they do not propose to them to go out into the “glades” and provoke their opponents …They propose to move underground and secretly, taking care not to be noticed and counteracted by their enemies …Not to be noticed and punished. This is why we are talking about a manual of conspirators and charlatans …The practice of victory described in the “Protocols” is “cut and tailored” to the capabilities and means available to the Jews …It is addressed to the Jews and it is absolutely certain that it was written by Jews who knew exactly what they were saying and to whom they were saying it.

That’s what this is about. In order to achieve their objectives, which are described in the “Protocols”, they require certain attitudes —but also “weapons”— to achieve them …They require blackmail, murder, slander, insult, usury, etc.. But they require first and foremost a very specific view of the human species, since it is this “species” that must be “infected” and then subjugated in the detailed way described in the “Protocols”.

This is why we say that knowledge itself reveals its authors …Just as a description of a treatment reveals its medical author or a static study reveals its engineering author, this knowledge is written by Zionists in the ghettos …This is a manual for “worms” who in their own “wormy” way will “corrode”, alter and eventually destroy a powerful social structure …It is a “strategy” of the underworld and its people …It is a strategy of “infectious” people who must “infect” the societies of their opponents in order to subjugate them out of weakness …”Viruses” tell “viruses” how to operate and where to “target” in order to “sicken” their victim …Τo take advantage of their general presence within Christian society in order to “infect” their “host”.

“Sh@t@s don’t become doughnuts if you sprinkle them with sugar” say the Germans …Same with the Zionists. When for centuries you have been the trained underworld of Christian society, you cannot turn into a “lord” because by a terrible “oversight” of history you “snuck” into the salons of society. When your specialization in “success” is usury, extortion and pimping, it is a given that you will continue to operate in the same way no matter how much wealth you acquire …Νo matter what “identity” you take on. When the only “measure” you know to “measure” your progress is money, you will continue to do the same no matter how much your “profile” has changed.

For centuries the Jews were the institutionalized underworld of the Christian world and they had accepted this because they had learned to survive within it. They had adapted their collective characteristics to the need for this difficult survival. Their ghettos were “department stores” of common crime. Usury, fornication, prostitution, pimping, slander and many other such “superior” activities were their “field” of activity, which had been “officially” assigned to them by the Church of Rome itself. As a result, the Jews were trained for centuries in such a way that they served the role that had been assigned to them and which apparently suited them at the level of leadership.

This reproduced the Jews with the same characteristics over the centuries. In fact, Jews are not different people from the rest for reasons which are genetic and which are usually invoked by racists …Τhey are just Jews …Τhey are differently educated and this education —precisely because it is idiosyncratic and far from correct— causes them permanent “disabilities”. Because of these “disabilities” they get —in this way— an acquired difference. It is because of the organized challenge of this particular “disability” that a new national human “species” is created, which is different from all the others, not because it was born different, but because its leaders made it so …Α collective strangeness, which their leadership apparently sought and through the centuries transferred it pure and simple to the ranks of their children …Τhis is what their leadership deemed to be in their interest, and this is what they imposed on them.

The bride,  Hana Batya Pener, is entreated to a

What we are saying, is not something strange or unprecedented for minorities, who are trained in parasitic survival in a foreign and hostile social environment …It is similar to the case of some gypsies, who live by begging …People, who inflict disabilities on their children themselves, to make them more efficient beggars and thus give them an extra “edge” for their future “success”, which is easier survival. Something similar happened for centuries with the Jews. Their basic “disability” is the result of an education, which despises women as beings …Αn education, which makes their society the most fanatical —to the extent of sickness— PATRIARCHICAL form of human society.Haredim aren't as poor as you think - Globes

This truly “sick” society does not recognize any human right to woman …Αt any level and for any reason. Even in fundamental social events, women do not participate on the same terms as “man”, which is understood to mean ONLY man …Νor do they even sit down to eat with them at a wedding feast. They have sex with them after wrapping them in a sheet, so as not to contaminate them. This is the basic Jewish social core of Ultra Orthodox Jews, and all versions of their society are similar versions-approaches to this extreme society. Whatever progress characterizes today’s Jewish society is due to their “cohabitation” with other peoples, but its basic PATRIARCHICAL core does not change to any great extent. That is why they made themselves comfortable in the ghettos and were NEVER integrated into their host societies. It suited them to stay in the ghettos, so that they could live as they wished, since —among other things— because of their choices, they would also get in trouble with the law.Views from the wedding of ultra-Orthodox 'royalty' | The Times of Israel

The modernizing adaptations of modern Jewish societies were made mainly to cash in on their profits outside the ghetto, but in essence their mentality did not change to any great extent. Their societies were and still are the harshest versions of Patriarchy. Within this society the Jews perceive the woman as a “tool” that, apart from reproduction, can be used in all ways to achieve the goals of the one to whom she “belongs” and who absolutely dominates her. They also perceive her as a desirable and glamorous “prize”, that is living proof of their social “success”. It is socially acceptable to them to have “succeeded” in life or survived persecution by “using” one’s wife or sister or daughter for that purpose. It is socially acceptable to them for a successful ugly man or even an old man to have a beautiful young wife as a “reward” for his success. That’s not what we say …Τhat’s what the Old Testament “says” through the examples of their “successful” “fathers”.

This education has an educational rationale in order to produce the desired result. It creates “tendencies” that you follow throughout your life as if you are walking on a permanently inclined plane. It “preloads” you so that you permanently carry a “load” which pushes you into a certain behavior. It creates a tension for you in the matter of seeking the sexual pleasure that a woman offers as a being. It is like being born marginally hungry and left to compete with others in front of a “buffet” loaded with the best of what is available. It is an education that starts you off with a nightmarish sexual fasting —and which causes a permanent feeling of “hunger”— and at some point afterwards you are released to seek “redemption” —as you can and where you can—. They put everyone on a “fasting” ,”showing” them an endless ‘buffet’, where only the rich and the chosen ones get their fill.

Carla Bruni: 'I told Nicolas if he cheats on me I'll cut his throat' |  Times2 | The Times They strictly forbid you even to masturbate and promise you, if you “succeed”, to be free to do WHATEVER you want. Even circumcision, which is in fact a painful amputation, which in fact causes a kind of disability, serves this policy. It has nothing to do with all the “theological” stuff that surrounds it and nothing to do with health issues either. Its main aim —apart from visibly differentiating Jews from other peoples, as they do with the cows whose ears are cut off— is to reduce the man’s options in his search for pleasure …Not to be able to relax even on his own …Τo turn him permanently and with absolute passion towards the woman-“tool”, which “relieves” a feeling of deprivation, without requiring any other feeling around this “tool” …A “vessel” of relief, which requires neither love nor respect …A living but “lifeless” sperm container, which relieves a physical need …A “tool” which you “use” —even if you don’t like it— until you find the “good” one, your own …Until you “succeed” and find the “best” one of all others.

This is the Jewish view of woman and it may “round out”, but at its core it never changes. This view comes from the education of the Old Testament and Moses …Τhis is the education of the Jews …Τhe education of the FATHERHOOD of Babylon. No matter what you do or become in the rest of your life, you cannot overcome this. It’s such a terrible shock, you can never get over it. Just as, for example, the Greek children of the German Occupation never overcame the feeling of hunger, and throughout their lives they acted as if they continued to live in fear of starvation …Νot to leave the last bite, because …Who knows if they will always be able to eat …To “wipe” the plate of bread, because …You never know. That is why they give the advice …”Wherever you find food, sit down to eat, even if you are full, because …you never know what the morning will bring”.

This is the way the Jews always behave when it comes to sex. Whatever is “feminine” is a target, because it is “bad luck” for opportunities to be lost. Even within a marriage they will go with the first random woman that comes along, because …who knows if they will always be able to find “relief” available. It is this education that characterizes them and it is this that has fixed them at the level of the chameleons and brothels …even if they reside in the penthouse of the most expensive skyscraper …It is the education that permanently binds you to the commandments of the “fathers” and the “principles” of the ghettos, no matter if you spend your whole life wandering the corridors of the various “Harvards”.Χιου Χέφνερ: Σοκάρουν οι αποκαλύψεις σε νέο ντοκιμαντέρ – Όργια, ναρκωτικά  και κτηνοβασίες στην έπαυλή του - Newsbeast

The education  you received gives you the “tips” of the ghettos for quick and sure “success” …The advice mentioned above …”Wherever you find it, whatever’s wrong”. You’re constantly acting like a poor man when you’re rich. You’re constantly acting like a sex starving person even in a relationship. You seek the glory of an important man, but secretly envy Hugh Hefner, who died of old age in the arms of young women. You don’t relax and you don’t get calm until the end of your life …Even if you have the most beautiful woman, you will always be jealous of Hefner …You started out “fasting” and you die “fasting”, even if your death is due to “obesity”. You have a constant sense of deprivation and when you are encouraged by your education to use all “means” to meet the need, everything is justified. In this way all the “weapons” of the ghettos are even brought into the “big” living rooms …Extortion, loan sharking, intimidation …Degrees and offices are obtained with such “weapons”. The ultimate “weapon” of course is sex. As soon as you perceive the woman as a lifeless “tool” without her own will, sex becomes the supreme “weapon”, which can “mark” any of your targets. You can use it to “shoot” enemies, competitors, superiors or neighbors in order to take advantage.

By opening a newspaper —even today— one can tell —without a second thought— which of the negative protagonists of the news is a Jew. Jews cannot easily and for a long time stand on a “high” social level and in the social sense of “should”. They cannot afford to sacrifice what they consider a “good” life for their “front”. They don’t have the commitment to do this. They cannot and will not sacrifice their passions for their “image”. They seek “thrill” where it is forbidden. They always live on the borderline between legality and illegality. They always live between a “visible” life and a “hidden” life. Their “sickness” is the one that most often wins and exposes them. They want to be “aristocrats”, but they hardly succeed with the education of a “street tramp”. They are still the same “greasers” even if they have billions. So if anyone sees news reports involving tycoons in the absolutely humiliating “decline”, being dragged back and forth to police stations like common thieves, then they are Jews.

Nicolas Sarkozy a été mis en examen dans l'affaire Bygmalion en février 2016.

Ντομινίκ Στρος Καν: Μία προδιαγεγραμμένη πτώση

Bigwigs, who are directly and personally involved in corruption, embezzlement, prostitutes, murder, extortion, etc., are only Jews. Tycoons, who have changed their names and live in chicken coop hideouts with tons of cash in their pillows, are only Jews. One-week tycoons, who roam around with models and visas in the most expensive hotels, are only Jews …From Berezovsky —in the old days— to Steinmetz —at the time of writing— they all move in the same “frequency”.There is never a distinct “boundary” between “success” and “failure”. As normal as it is today to see them photographed with kings and princes, it is equally normal to see them in photographs playing a trick taking game in prison canteens. Everyone saw the tycoon Madoff being arrested as a tycoon and a few days later he was operating the prison canteen as if he had been there all his life …This is the education of the scab Soros, Maxwell, Abramovich, etc.

But their greatest “sickness” has to do with sex …Even their longing for financial success is aimed there …To have it in abundance …To never lack it. In the matter of sex they are “sick” to the extent of being “blurred” completely. No wonder that all —to the extent of being called stupid— major modern criminals in sex crime are all Zionists. Strauss Kahn “sacrificed” the French presidential throne because he chased a cleaning lady to rape her. The Weinstein of dozens of Oscars —who would normally have to go into hiding to avoid the nymphs who would like to sleep with him in exchange for a role— is currently in prison for the rest of his life for “fondling” those who did not want it. Woody Allen, upon whom a “hagiography” of art was erected, “self-pigmented” because he wanted to “lay his hands” on his underage stepdaughter. Polanski destroyed a huge “American dream” of success because he wanted to “fondle” thirteen year-old girls. There are endless examples of inexplicable “blurring” of issues related to sex and the abnormalities surrounding it. Even “our” Andreas Papandreou “smudged” a huge political career, only to “crawl” behind a stewardess of misfortune.

But why are we referring to all this? …Because, quite simply, the Jews, using all means to impose themselves on the world, were naturally going to use the “know-how” in which they were experts. They knew the “sickness” of the world they were “targeting”, because they were even more “sick” than that …They did that which they knew. It was natural to do what they knew from the ghettos …Blackmail, threats, extortion, loan sharking and above all the use of sex in all its tactics and in all its forms. Their knowledge, in other words, was that which would determine the tactics of world imperialism in the era of their own domination. The “hungry” —literally and figuratively— of the desert and then of the ghettos “sickened” world society in order to exploit it with their knowledge of this “sickness”. “They “made society sick” because they themselves —as “sick”— had absolute “immunity” and therefore could exploit it …They were permanently “inoculated” by their fathers and therefore “sick” from the cradle.

Having knowledge of human limits —since they were their permanent recordmen— they began to push humanity in the direction that suited them. We do not use the term “recordmen” by accident. The Jews claimed triumph over the Christians because they lured them into the “arena” where they are “champions” …In the “arena” of the cruel PATRIARCH. They took advantage of the common “physiology” between Christianity and Judaism and absolutely prevailed. Besides, we must not forget that in reality Christians are “amateur” Jews with similar views on male authority, women, etc.. Christian society is a Jewish-type PATRIARCHICAL society in its “light” version. The “hard core” patriarchy was bound to defeat the “light” version, since it does not hesitate to use ALL means and “tools”, and therefore also the woman herself. Naturally, this result is in favour of the former, in case a conflict between them is attempted. Infectious viruses do not have to be many or brave to “defeat” you. …As long as they are “infectious”, even if they are absolute cowards. This is why the utterly insignificant, disreputable and underpopulated Jews did not hesitate to claim their lofty goals.

If in the “arena” of global patriarchy they “got sick” and thus defeated the most “successful” politically and economically patriarchal religion, they could dominate the World …Like the “rat” that climbs on the eagle’s head, and without even having “wings”, flies “higher” than it. That is to say, their great goal was not irrational and absurd. They needed none of those elements which have always characterized the great conquerors. They needed neither to be brave nor to be many. They neither intended to kill nor to flatten their powerful opponent …They wanted to exploit him …To “load” him like “parasites” and drink his “blood”. This is what we see they have managed to do today, “sucking” the “juices” from the national societies. Without conquering ANY state, they exploit ALL of them as if they were their own possessions.

Following to the letter the “commandments” of the “Protocols of Zion”, they have corrupted the leaders of the nations and led the societies into situations hitherto unknown to them. They permanently blackmailed these leaders and they handed over the economies of their countries to them. They blackmailed them permanently, also permanently using sex as a weapon. They literally turned the world society into a huge “toilet”, just to get rich and enjoy what they could not get enough of in their own society. …To enjoy the enslavement and exploitation of the “inferior” female goyim.

Knowing from their own knowledge of the animal characteristics of man, they “invested” in their constant “arousal”, promising themselves their gratuitous appeasement. Then the blackmail and threats began. The whole “game” around these human weaknesses was “rigged” to achieve their goals —whether they were political, economical or academic— …They exploited the “weaknesses” of the leaders of the peoples and the rich …The greatest prostitution traffickers in human history. They had no problem doing this because their worldview allowed it. At first, they did it with their own female “tools” and then, as the “business” grew, they used Christian “tools” …Without any remorse, since these “tools” were both “female” and “goyim”. …Even lower than cats …That’s what the ghetto experts did. They, who for centuries had used fornication to blackmail their Christian fellow citizens, in order for them to live lavishly in the ghettos, did the same at the level of international politics …They did what was imposed by the design of the famous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

For Centuries, Blackmail Was a Tool Used to Intimidate Gay Men - HISTORY If one understands the “direction” they have given to world society, one will understand the “destination” they are leading it to. This is why we refer to their “loose” relationship with sex and prostitution. We refer to it because for some, sex and their ability to provide it in all its forms becomes the ultimate tool to achieve their goals. This is what will help us to understand the current situation, where sexual “sin” has gone beyond the normal and has risen to the “level” of abnormality …In other times, they would have blackmailed homosexuals, adulterers and corrupt politicians with revelations and that would have been enough, as long as the revelations were synonymous with their destruction …Today, because of the moral “laxity” which they themselves have caused in order to launch their “corrosive” plans for their societies, they have had to change the “level”. Since they made all the taboos that had up till now been in force to be considered almost “normal” — in order to “sicken” societies— they had to raise the “bar” of what was considered taboo.

Both adultery and corruption may not be —socially— perfectly acceptable social behaviours, but they do not destroy someone. If one considers that in states like Greece corruption has ceased to be a felony, we easily realize that it is no longer a “weapon” for blackmail …We are not even talking about adultery …It is not even a reason for divorce. Finally, as far as homosexuality is concerned, things are much the same there too. Not only is homosexuality not a reason for blackmail, but it has become almost a “prerequisite” for some careers and those who are concerned are making it a “pantie” on their own …Nobody is scared of these revelations anymore.

So they had to find something more “dirty”, which never and under no circumstances would ensure the slightest tolerance of society …Something very dirty, and therefore related to sex and confidential private life, and which is really “sick” …Something very dirty, in order to save their “know-how” and of course their “infrastructure” in the underworld …Something, the disclosure of which would destroy anyone who ignored their blackmailers …Something, the disclosure of which would absolutely —and forever— stigmatize the one it would concern. For all these reasons they “invested” in pedophilia. In fact, the current “explosion” of paedophilia is not a phenomenon that proves that the human species has changed “course” and is tending towards self-destruction …It is not a real increase in its phenomena …It is a political choice …It is a “means” to produce “safe” leaders and top state officials for the interests of the powerful.

Book Review: The American Fraternity, An Illustrated Ritual Manual — Musée  Magazine

They created themselves a “framework” into which anyone who entered could never escape …A “framework” through which —no matter who they put inside it— no one would ever escape. In this way they would permanently commit some to their plans. They didn’t even care if they were really pedophiles …They were interested in being able to accuse them of pedophilia …They were interested in having evidence against them, so that they could prove this kind of accusation. What is the practical meaning of what we are saying? …That it was enough for them to videotape someone in pedophilic activities in order to “entrust” them with a high position of power …They were interested in securing the element of blackmail and not necessarily the certainty of perversity. This means that they would have at their disposal people, who would ask themselves to “commit” themselves to such elements in order to “rise” in the hierarchy …People who would accept to be blackmailed as “perverts” without being such, just to “progress” …

…Old familiar tactics of the system. Similar to the sexual idiocy that takes place in college “fraternities” to supposedly “bond” members together. There they “fuck” each other —without being homosexual— to have pictures taken and through an informal “silence” agreement “bond” with each other for the rest of their lives. They “tie” acquaintances and secure promises of future help. Something similar is happening with paedophilia today, which for the most part does not concern real paedophiles, but is a “passport” to social advancement and “success”. This is why paedophilia is such a big issue and a “red line” for the system. The system hasn’t suddenly gotten a pain in the ass about children, who until now have been left in the ghettos to be married off by idiots since they were ten years old …A power play is behind their current concern for children. As much as the brutes are worried about the health of the elderly —due to Covey— they are worried about children —due to pedophilia— …It is simply the ultimate “sin” so that they can blackmail the rich and powerful that it creates. There is nothing else “worse” for sex to have utilitarian value at the level of blackmail.



Epstein’s case


When the Epstein case was revealed, many people understood that this was not going to be a simple matter in its development. Εven by mistake, some had “hit” perhaps the most basic “tool” of Zionist policy production. Once they saw the Jewish tycoon and his relationships with US Presidents, British blue bloods and well, important people, they understood that it would not be simple. In fact, when the first investigations revealed luxury residences, secluded villas, pink aircraft and private islands full of secret cameras, those who had been vaguely suspicious understood perfectly well what was going on …They had stumbled upon the basic “tool” of the Zionist blackmail “industry” …They had stumbled upon the basic mechanism for producing “tools” of policy-making.

Τζέφρι Επστάιν: Σάλος από τις νέες φωτογραφίες του παιδόφιλου Αμερικανού  χρηματιστή At first the Zionists moved quickly, trying to downplay the issue. They almost got away with the pedophile Epstein by putting him in a “playground” prison, where he only reported to sleep. His lawyer was the heavy artillery of the Zionists …That Jew who —by “coincidence”— was not only the defender of the paedophile, but was accused himself of the same case …by the same women …and of the same crimes. The Jewish pedophile lawyer, in other words, defended the Jewish pedophile tycoon against the accusations, which were also against him !!!

At Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2011, from left: James E. Staley, at the time a senior JPMorgan executive; former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers; Mr. Epstein; Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder; and Boris Nikolic, who was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s science adviser. The case quickly became known …especially after the death of the criminal. Epstein was an anthropomorphic “beast” who —apparently— “committed suicide” in prison. This human trash went from a random high school teacher to a tycoon in no time. The pedophile teacher became an “investor” with no investment and no investment activity. No matter how much some investigative journalists have searched, they have not found his investment activity …All they find is evidence of his personal life. They just find a constant movement from one sexual den to another with different groups of “famous” and “powerful” people. Yet, for some “mysterious” reason, people in the global usury were paying him huge sums of money for services that no one could understand exactly what they were. They were seeing payments of tens of millions from JP Morgan to Summers, who posed in the photos with him, but they could not find the kind of services he was providing to the usury giant.

The only thing Epstein was an expert at was touring his “gang” around the world …That was the only thing he did. Obviously, that was his job and that was why he was useful to JP Morgan and the like. This was his “job” and as such one should study it …”His job” was to “walk around” the world with the underage and the famous and powerful, who would then be blackmailed by the Zionist loan sharks …”His job” was to “manufacture” incriminating evidence, which would then be exploited by either the loan sharks or the Mossad of Zionism. Those, who financed him, were the “foam” of the global usury …People, whom —especially we Greeks— know very well …Our own LOANERS …Those, who wagged their “finger” at us and called us “lazy” and “crooks” …The cronies and protectors of Strauss Kahn, Merkel, Sarkozy and Yiorgakis …Those, in fact, who steal from peoples and societies and —for the reasons we will see below— paid Epstein millions to roam the planet and “fish” minors for his “exalted” friends.



The humiliation of American justice…

…and the pedophile Harvard professor.


After the arrest of Epstein, the Zionist “conclaves” were alerted …The lines between New York and Tel Aviv must have literally gone up in flames. Everyone together “fell” on the Epstein case in order to “cover it up”. They started to push everyone and in every direction. However, this overt pressure became the cause of revealing the seriousness of the situation for the first time. It was obvious to everyone that this was not just a case of perverted pedophiles. The quick and unprecedented “covering up” of the case did not take long to cause “whispers” and rumours …Epstein was clearly not only having powerful friends, but was protected by agencies …But non-US agencies, since his activities undermined even US interests. Then everyone started whispering about Mossad’s direct involvement in the “cover-up” …It began to be rumoured that he was a Mossad agent and that the company —like his wealth— was a “front” which he used, but which he did not own …It belonged to the Zionists …It belonged to those who followed the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” to the letter.


Proof of what we are saying is the arbitrary and defiantly illegal way in which they tried to “close” the case and the fact that this way was accepted by the American Justice. What did they do? …They stopped all prosecution against Epstein …The South Florida District Attorney himself made the deal with the criminal without even the consent of the victims …Without even informing the victims of the deal. Epstein, with Harvard Law School professor Dershowitz as his attorney —and in fact his co-defendant— made a deal with Harvard Law School graduate Acosta to exonerate Epstein and his accomplices from the then-current prosecution and any other future prosecution that might arise because of the actions of their victims…

…Unprecedented things even for corrupt countries …For crimes of a felony level —and even repeatedly on a large scale— they made an alleged agreement between victim and perpetrator, setting conditions that do not “stand up” in any civilized society. They admitted Epstein’s guilt in order to “get rid” of the prosecuting authorities and played the victim. They gave some minimal “compensation” money to the victim —supposedly to “bind” him— and made him sign that he would NEVER turn against anyone who belonged to the same “gang” of thugs and abusers and who abused him under the same circumstances. Serial multi-criminal Epstein was “punished” for his terrible crimes with 13 months in a private wing of a college prison with 12 hours off on a daily basis.Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre's secret deal with Jeffrey Epstein  is released - Mirror Online

This is the ultimate humiliation of American justice. They have turned a crime, which has victims and perpetrators, into a civil dispute, as if two parties arguing over a field fence were to be reconciled. In “Crime” there are “Perpetrators” to be punished and “Victims” to be vindicated and protected …There are no “Opposing Parties” who are in conflict with each other and can also “settle” with each other for sums of money …Since when can a private agreement between a victim and a perpetrator put law enforcement authorities “off” the case? …Since when is such a “piece of paper” binding on the conduct of the prosecuting authorities? …Since when will a private agreement limit the prosecuting authorities of a state to their duties with regard to the prosecution of a crime? Not all crimes are the same as each other and therefore the obligations of the state in fighting them are neither the same. Serious crimes do not require the consent of the victims in order for the prosecuting authorities to be mobilised to suppress them. In this case, the prosecuting authorities act “ex officio” and not “on appeal”, as the lawyers say.

Simple things. You see a fifty-year-old man and his gang sexually abusing a child …The system moves against the criminals whether the people involved in the crime agree or disagree with each other …The victim will not be asked whether or not the prosecuting authority wants the prosecuting authority to act …The perpetrator cannot stop his prosecution because he will trick or intimidate or buy off his victim …He cannot secure an agreement with his victim in favour of third parties, in order to take the “burden” on himself, so that his “cronies” and accomplices can get away with it …Justice punishes them all, regardless of any agreement they may have with each other.

Opinion | Why Does Alex Acosta Still Have a Job? - The New York TimesPaedophilia is a crime against society and is prosecuted automatically. It’s a felony and necessarily sends some people to jail. This means that in our case not only does Epstein’s agreement with his —obviously terrified— victim have no legal significance, but together with his “blue-bloodline” gang, all those in the prosecution and justice mechanisms who accepted this agreement as a “lawful” legal document should be punished. Who accepted it? …Alexander Acosta …The Miami District Attorney …The unfortunate offspring of a poor Cuban family, one of those whom the Zionists pick out of the slums to be educated at Harvard with their own money and put into the state apparatus for this kind of “favors”. Acosta should be in jail right now for dereliction of duty, not becoming Secretary of the American State. After the deal and the general outcry, of course, he resigned his position, but his “deal” was not cancelled.

That is why we are talking about a blatant transaction. His illegality was so obvious that it caused a general outcry …But he “paid off” his “bills” with that “deal” …”Paid off” his tuition at Harvard. Apparently some people sent him an envelope with the photos they had of the College doing a “vertical” on a “beam” …They reminded him of his “debts” and asked him to do his “duty” to them. His “duty” to them took precedence over his duty to American society. It was an easy contact …Epstein’s lawyer was Dershowitz …He was Acosta’s professor at Harvard …He, who knew that the poor Cuban was studying there and of course helped him pass the course, to become what he became …The student Acosta came to an agreement with his Harvard professor Dershowitz and they drew up the agreement, which was then called …the “sweet deal”.

Therefore, when some people secure this “immunity” of stupidity, it means they are not accidental and that is why the “whispers” started. This was the 2007 deal that for a moment seemed to save Epstein. Acosta himself, to justify his action, spoke of forces involved being “above” his powers …He spoke of the criminal being “protected” by intelligence agencies. This is why EVERYONE believed that Epstein —with the treatment he received— was a member of the Mossad. Acosta’s professional demise simply comes to confirm this information. Instead of sworn state officials being punished for their tolerance of these crimes, get rewarded with ministerial positions at the first opportunity, shows that a deal has been struck …with some very powerful players…

…Simple things !!! …When a sworn public servant is “upgraded”, it means that he did his job “well” for those who ordered him to do it.



Who are they, being blackmailed by the Zionists?


If one knows who paid Epstein and who was being extorted by him, one will understand exactly what the “Protocols of Zion” say and how they would ensure that the moneylenders and extortionists would have dominion over humanity. What is the ultimate goal of the “Protocols”? …The enslavement of peoples through their debts …The corruption of their leaderships …The erosion of societies through subsidy policies and which subsidies are added to state debts …The empowerment of peculiar social minorities, such as homosexuals, anarchists or communists, who identify with their Zionist patrons and not with their fellow citizens !!!

So? …So, the moneylenders, who paid Epstein, would direct him to “trap” all those leaders or those agents who could lead the peoples to over depts. Epstein’s targets became the targets of the Zionist loan sharks of New York, who wanted to conquer the World. Epstein’s targets became those leaders who could save the communists of the collapsing Eastern Bloc, so that the moneylenders could take the fortunes of the states that would be “democratised” as a “quid pro quo” after its fall …His target became those leaders who would premiumize homosexuals in key positions in all state apparatuses …Those leaders who in the name of “freedom” would premiumize and tolerate armed forces of far-left anarchists …Those leaders who would favor illegal immigration in order to control the reactions of their peoples.

What are the targets in such a case? …First —and best— are those who control world politics …Those who, for example, would decide at that critical time how the Eastern Bloc would be dissolved …How would the Eastern Bloc be dissolved without harming the interests of those who had made their “shop” the Cold War “bipolar”, but strengthen them on the contrary? They would decide who would take over the leadership of the now “free” states …The Presidents of the USA …The Throne of Britain …The Prime Ministers of large countries such as France, Italy etc. We are not even talking about Germany …Germany was a country under Occupation and by definition would do what its conquerors would impose on it.

Consensus in spite of conflict

We will look briefly at a few examples, so that the reader can understand where and how the “high” policies —through the “cabins” of the Zionists— are made. Europe and its peoples are today over-indebted to the loan sharks. When did this disaster start? …When the Jewish Greenspan of the FED unleashed the policy of cheap money worldwide. Who was the first to put this “cheap” money into his state? …Germany …One of their own decided to “distribute” cheap —and therefore fake— money and their Germany was the first state to make this policy possible. Germany would give value to their “photocopies”, because Germany would “sell” them with mortgages to the Europeans. The needs of “German Unification” overwhelmed Germany and the debts “entered” to “pollute” Europe. This over-indebted Germany then “plunged” Europe into debt to get rid of its own …In other words, it was Germany that put the loan sharks into Europe and then it plunged everyone into debt …That was the big “trick”.

The result that this policy of Germany would bring was not known to the Europeans, but it was known to those who caused it. Their aim was to create the present German-dominated European Union, which is “drowned” in debts …Debts to its creditors, who are the Zionists and who …do not recognize the “authenticity” of the “Protocols of Zion”, which is exactly what they describe …and who are of course the financiers of Epstein. With fake money and “phony” leaders they got the people to play Monopoly …and —as we all know— in Monopoly the “banker” wins.

However, since the game is fake and lacks its own strong dynamics, they had to prepare the “table” so that it could be “played”. When there are real opponents, the “agreements” and the “terms” of the game have no validity …People do not risk their existence by playing “games” with “parrot” …They are fighting for this cause …In order not to give in to their sovereign rights, they are ready to shed their blood …They do not accept to lose their homelands because of some “wrong” signatures of corrupt leaders and for a few “default” loans. At this point there were big problems and that is why there was the need for the “help” of Epstein’s “cronies” …The need for the blackmailing leaders who could create the European Union with the desired characteristics.

This Union of the “willing”, which would enter the “game” as a “carcass”, was not easy to create without “blood”. The peoples of Europe had strong national instincts and would have opposed this kind of policies. They would not easily give up their sovereign rights, much less exchange them for loans and so-called profits from low interest rates. They would not hand over their peoples and their economies to embezzling loan sharks. They would not accept their homelands being sold off by the usurers’ “bailiffs”.

In parallel, Germany at that time was extremely weak financially and legally fragile in the face of its victims’ demands for payment of the war reparations that a possible reunification would entail. That weak Germany could not prevail in that Europe because, among other things, there was the great Yugoslavia …The fanatically anti-German “Serb-dominated” Yugoslavia. So, the Zionists had to use the means at their disposal to do two things at the same time …To make Germany unbeatable in the economic field and at the same time to eliminate any strategic rival that would jeopardize the plan, which was aimed at handing over Europe to their own Germany.

The first was easy …The Zionists were the ones who had the money and whoever they wanted to make unbeatable. When you borrow money more cheaply than your competitors, you easily prevail under conditions of unfair competition, and that is why Germany was quickly strengthened. When you as a state borrow cheap money and are allowed within a monetary union to lend to others “second hand” more expensively, it is natural to get rich even without doing anything …Without doing anything you get rich when others around you get poor because of you. You are a terrible “impoverishment machine” for those who have had the misfortune to be in the same economic environment with you. Whatever they do, they will lose because they are playing under unfair conditions.

Η Μέρκελ φεύγει. Ο Σόιμπλε ποτέ | in.gr It’s like playing “blind man’s bluff” with someone who can see …Like playing cards with a marked deck of cards. This is what “honest”, “organized” and “industrious” Germany has done at the expense of ALL European peoples. All it cared about was to saddle others with debts. When you can borrow at negative interest rates, you look for ways to sink everyone into debt. Germany was borrowing at negative interest rates from the Zionists of the FED and pressuring corrupt Simitis and Karamanlis to sell them —through Deutsche Bank— usury loans. He forced them to borrow in all ways and for all reasons with a usury “hat”. It forced them to break the law by exceeding their borrowing limits, by resorting to swaps of swindlers. For this reason they gave “vacation loans” and subsidies to hard-working childless peasants for 200 horsepower tractors …These “ideas” were leaving from the German embassy.

German ambassador says NATO bombing of the Federal Republic

As we understand all this is easily solved with money. Their problem was the strategic part of it. They had to eliminate all the problems that would put German sovereignty in question. The problem in this case was not abstract, but it had a name …It was called “Yugoslavia” …Yugoslavia, which would easily form “blocs” with Italy or Greece, balancing the “blocs” of the northern states, which had created additional interests between them. If one adds Spain and Portugal to these, it is easy to see that the power of the European Union would go further south than was convenient for the Zionists and the Germans. In such a case, the “crooks” and “lazy” of the South could easily balance the “pressure” of the “honest” and “hardworking” of the North to control the European Union under “construction” …Very easily, if one considers that Germany would be pressured by Greece and Serbia for war reparations. For this reason, all the prerequisites had to be created in order to lead to the final straight of European unification …A “unification”, which was bound to find an “obstacle” in Yugoslavia. It was necessary, before the unification processes could begin, to eliminate Yugoslavia …To eliminate it —in addition— in order to open the “road” to China in the East, without benefiting the South. Only then would they begin the process of plunging the states into debt under the German “boot” of Zionist “construction”.

The mighty Yugoslavia was broken up by the STASI of over-indebted Germany, causing the Yugoslav civil war, “inciting” for this purpose the Croats and the Islamists, whom it had controlled since Hitler’s time …It was broken up by the Zionist loan sharks of the totally controlled Kohl’s and the corrupt STASI snitch Merkel ‘s Germany. All the “heroes” of the Yugoslavian civil war got rich with Zionist money. Recently the Zionist widow of Milosevic, who was accused of smuggling cigarettes at a time when she was totally influencing her husband, died a very rich woman. I wonder where her murderous son is today? Once they isolated the Serbian “heartland” of Yugoslavia —through the Civil War— they could have exterminated it. What they could not do against a united Yugoslavia, they did against Serbia. Then Epstein’s “cronies” took over …Clinton and Blair. They had to break up Serbia, which could take advantage of the former Yugoslav infrastructure and thus “cancel” the gains of the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Δίκη Μιλόσεβιτς: Γιατί ο Μιλόσεβιτς «ήθελε» τους Μητσοτάκη - Παπούλια |  Πολιτική | DW | 12.10.2004 They would “stain” Serbia’s name with “crimes against humanity” in order to “relieve” Germany of its bad reputation, which was “pushing” it towards reparations. Since they could not get rid of the “stained ” name of Germany, they thought it was a good solution to “stain” someone else …To present an even “dirtier” and much “fresher” criminal, in order to mitigate —and to somehow forget— Germany’s negative image. By using the Zionist international media, they would “dirty” the Serbs and Europe would now deal with its new “criminal”. Even Germany would have put on its “goodies” and wagged its “finger” at the Serbs …It would have “cried” for the “poor” Muslims, who would have attributed their drama to the new “Hitler” of Europe, while in reality they were again victims of the same Germans. In the South, only weak Greece would be left to blame —even if only in whispers— because of the corrupt leaders who were “taking it” from Siemens.

It was Epstein’s “buddies” who took the decision to bomb a European country for the first time since the World War. Who was the Secretary of State of the Nazi Clinton at the time of the destruction of Serbia? …The Jew Madeleine Albright. Who was the “architect” of the Yugoslav “new order”? …The Jew Richard Holbrooke. So, we understand that, in order for all these Zionist interventions, which are easily described as “crimes against humanity”, to take place, it would have to be “charged” by one of the “great” of the League of Nations …In our case, the USA. It was up to the US leadership to dare to commit crimes that would put them “against” international society and of course international legitimacy, in order to serve the Zionists.

Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell: an uncomfortable  connection | News Review | The Sunday Times Who was the President of the United States who dared to commit Crimes Against Humanity? …Clinton. There is nothing that suited the Zionist agenda of the “Elders of Zion” that the “playful” Clinton did not execute to the fullest extent …From the most important to the most trivial. We must not forget that he was the US President who officially put homosexuals in the US military and of course in the central administration of the State …Clinton, who “took care” of all the “mafia” communists of the Eastern Bloc, “baptizing” them as “democrats” …Clinton, who legalized all the Zionist “oligarchs” of Russia and took them out of the Moscow brothels, allowing them to move to Belgravia.

Real Women Real Stories - Is Joe Biden a Pedophile? | Facebook This Clinton was one of the most regular passengers on the “Lolita Express”, as Epstein’s plane was called, which transported his “friends” to the various “hell-houses”. He used this aircraft more than twenty-five times. There are aircraft owners who have not made so many flights with their aircraft …Clinton’s “Lolita Express” was a “taxi”, which left its “stains” everywhere. Considering that there were cameras in all those places —including the aircraft— it’s safe to say that Clinton has been in more porn movies than famous porn stars. Who succeeded Clinton in the White House? …Obama. Who ran Obama’s foreign policy? …The wife of the absolutely blackmailed Clinton. Who was Obama’s vice president? …Biden …Biden, about whom rumors are “creeping” that he is a pedophile …Rumors that are well-founded, if one looks at the various videos circulating against him on the internet …Biden, who by “coincidence” is the President for whom the Zionists did ALL the crimes together in order to put him in the White House. All of Epstein’s Zionist friends and funders were ALL in favor of Biden by ALL means.

But why were Hillary Clinton and Biden useful in the Obama era? …Because debt-ridden Europe would react and probably destroy its Lenders, since they were the ones who —through the Deutsche Bank— were “selling” it bonds …and these are very special banking “products” that may or may not be paid. So, they had to complete their plan with a huge-scale colonization of Europe …with settlers friendly to the lenders.

It was then that the USA —quite openly and without any reason— broke down all those “barriers” which were stopping the “waves” of illegal immigrants and refugees to Europe. They “opened it up” from all sides and “drowned” it in illegal economic migrants. They themselves created refugee “waves” through the civil wars they caused and drove them all illegally to Europe. They destroyed Syria, causing a civil war and thus causing a huge “wave” of refugees from ALL of Asia, who, via Turkey, would seek an illegal way out to Europe. They dismantled Libya and allowed another also huge “wave” of refugees from ALL of Africa to seek —via Italy— an also illegal passage to Europe …This was Clinton’s job and it was the one that completed the most destructive anti-European policy ever …the policy of her husband.

Who managed these “waves” of millions of refugees, who in reality —after leaving their safe neighbouring countries— had become moving hordes of illegal immigrants? …Again, Epstein’s financiers …Soros and his well-known NGOs. Who paid the corrupt and perverse local leaders to follow their treasonous policies? …The Open government of the same people who paid stipends to “willing” future traitors …Those who organized the Bilderberg Club rallies to cast future blackmailing leaders. Who took it upon themselves —even by force— to terrorize the people, so that they would be afraid to react with peaceful demonstrations? …The Antifa organisations, also financed by them.

For this policy of Hillary, they wanted to reward her with a presidential term, but they got Trump …Trump —unfortunately for them— will prove to be their fatal mistake. Trump wasn’t a pervert and it didn’t suit them …He was a known womanizer, but not a pedophile …He was rich and not a “greaser” who would be impressed by a private jet trip to a private island …He was experienced in the schemes with young luxury escorts and knew what was going on with the underage girls, who were dangerous …He did not go as a guest in houses with cameras to “entertain” the Mossad in Tel Aviv.

Who were the rich and powerful people in Jeffrey Epstein's circle? |  Jeffrey Epstein | The Guardian He therefore avoided mishaps, even if he did not avoid being photographed at social events. Having a different agenda from that of the blackmailers, who could not blackmail him, he pursued a policy that did not suit Zionism …He became President and wanted to pursue his own agenda, whether it was right or wrong. In fact, he wanted to “run” it like a business that needs to be put into a “consolidation” phase. He was thinking as a businessman and that’s what he wanted to do …Increase revenues reduce expenses and cancel costly “grand” projects …He wanted to bring production back to the US …He wanted to curb international and unregulated trade …He didn’t want the US to pay for the military “pimping” of a global imperialism he didn’t understand, and wasn’t interested in doing so …He did not want to make expensive military interventions in the most unlikely corners of the Planet, to serve a transnational planning, in which he was not in agreement with its initiators …That is, he did not want ANYTHING of what the Zionists had achieved with effort and infinite money …That is, those, who executed the “Protocols of Zion” to the letter, but “did not know” who had drawn them up.

They struggled until they got rid of him, and they succeeded in doing so in the elections, where he was going to contest his second term and with better prospects than the first. If in the first election he was “quaint Trump”, whom some people voted for simply to punish the wretched Hillary, in the second election he was “Trump” …He had made his name a political “brand” …He was “President Trump” who had established a political identity and had his own personal followers, who were not necessarily Republican party supporters. He had accomplished what none of his predecessors or his opponents, who simply represented their parties in elections, had accomplished.

With the ruthless Zionists “across the way” it was impossible for him not to lose. The cabal of these unscrupulous and wealthy blackmailers and murderers was unable to accept another defeat from Trump and let their planning go “backwards”. That is why they did something unprecedented, which of course shows their desperation …They used the far-left Antifa parasite within the USA itself, which until then they would never have dared to do. It was a matter of survival for them to change the US Government. Why? …Because Zionist planning had gone “backwards” —because of Trump— and was at its limits. If they delayed any longer, the New Order economy would collapse and the states would “shut down” their national economies. By force —and with infinite “injections” of money— they kept the Stock Market “alive” until the elections were over …Until they put their own man in the White House and managed the crisis.

As soon as this election was over —with the terrible fraud that put Biden in the position of President— the stock market started to “shake”. It began to “fall” at speeds that resembled those of roller coasters. So great were the magnitudes that, if it “burst”, it would make the Great Crash of 1929 look like a firework in the face of a nuclear explosion. Even the loan sharks themselves had no money to feed this situation. In fact, it was their own money that was threatened with “annihilation” by the looming “crash”. They had to find the money to “escape” the burning “tower”. It was then that the “know-it-all” Buffett had “disappeared” …The supposedly smart one, who was losing entire fortunes every few hours.

But who could have the money to save the Zionist usury? The only one, who could allocate this volume of money without the market “protesting” and reacting negatively, was the USA itself …The most powerful state on the Planet …The most powerful “pocket” in human history. Who did they put in charge of this “pocket” to be absolutely sure that the American money would reach the Zionist “pockets”? Who did old man Biden put in the Treasury Department to make the decisions that would give the FED the power to start “cutting” money to save the Zionists? …The absolute BEST person for the job …Zionist Janet Yellen, who was the previous head of the Zionist FED.

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past - The New  York Times

Then they did the big “trick” …The “trick” of the “pandemic” …The “trick” of terrorizing the world population …A “trick” which was obviously planned at the Bilderberg Club meetings …A “trick” of which Gates himself —who was a friend of Epstein— had warned us long before …A “trick” very “worked out”, if one remembers that ALL the “foreign” leaders —who by “coincidence” were the permanent guests of the Bilderberg Club— “reacted” immediately in the same way, as if it were a dance “ballet”. Such a common perception of things has never before been experienced by mankind. Leaders and states, which theoretically cannot even agree on the current date, suddenly saw the “light of day”. Suddenly, that is, everyone got a common understanding …No dissent even from the known reactionaries …Russia, China, Korea, all on the same “frequency” as “evil” Wall Street. Even the communists, who find “conspiracies” everywhere, ran to demonstrate with masks and with their sleeves rolled up, to be vaccinated …Such “terror” !!!

We realize that this is a hoax …We are not saying that the virus does not exist …Alas, if the provocateurs of the ghettos had not secured their “alibi” as well. What we are saying is that it was a fraud because of the virus …The perfectly useful virus, which appeared at the perfectly convenient time to save the loan sharks …Such a “convenient” virus can only be created by the one who needs it …A virus, which by “coincidence” can ONLY be treated by the pharmaceutical companies of the same loan sharks …These companies, which belong to the bosses of the Bourla-type Jews. This is why we consider it absolutely certain that the whole thing was completely “rigged”. With the terror being “started” by communist —and therefore fascist— China, which is controlled by no one and serves only the bosses of its leadership, there was little chance of an investigation into the real situation …The bosses of the Communist Party of China, who are the Zionists and who are the same ones who financed world communism —from Marx and Lenin to the present-day clownish “fathers” of Asia—.

goldman-sachs cartoon | VOICE OF DETROIT: The city's independent newspaper,  unbossed and unbought These were all absolutely “planned”. Only one issue, which threatened people’s survival, could “darken” the “landscape” so much that it would allow the Zionists to make the biggest theft in human history without anyone reacting. In the name of the “Pandemic” —and out of “love” for the ordinary American people— they gave the Jewish FED the ability to finance the Zionist banking institutions with $4 trillion dollars, so that they could —without any control whatsoever— buy any shares they wanted, in order to supposedly save the stock market. It was then that the Zionist banks saved the Zionist “investors” and it was then that Buffett “reappeared” to sell his “wisecracks” again about how to “get out” of the crisis.

This was Biden’s role in the whole management of the “pandemic” crisis …Biden —who likes to let kids play with his leg hair, by his own account— is why he was so unexpectedly in the White House. They saw and decided that they could not put Clinton in the White House and chose old man Biden with Alzheimer’s. From there on, things are well known, since we all experienced it on “live TV”. It is the Zionist Bilderberg Club Directorate, which is behind Biden, that imposed world policy on the Covid issue…All their own people.

After Biden’s US and the FED, Germany “followed”. STASI’s Merkel had Germany drag Europe through the “dance” of “sensitivity” and of course terror. In the other states they found no reactions, since they had also installed their own leaderships —especially in those that feared their reactions— everywhere they had their own people, who were not even politicians …Pure bank employees …Employees of their own. Where they could put them in their positions by means of deceitful elections —like the banker Macron— and where they could not do that, they simply appointed them —like the banker Draghi—.

Μάσκα στο αυτοκίνητο: Πότε επιβάλλεται πρόστιμο - ΤΑ ΝΕΑ

With them in charge they destroyed everything. They “muzzled” all opposing views everywhere and humanity experienced an unprecedented fascism. We entered a high-tech Middle Ages, where EVERYTHING was monitored and EVERYTHING was forbidden. Science was completely “instrumentalized”, reminiscent of the days of the Nazi Germany where science “confirmed” exactly WHATEVER suited the ignorant Nazis. Even personal opinion was criminalized. Scientists were punished for disagreeing. Citizens were controlled on the streets. The free movement of people was banned. Penalties and fines were instituted for the unruly. Things were done that have never been done before in the post-war years. Leaders appeared to challenge and sometimes insult their own citizens …Macron wanted to “piss them off” …Mitsotakis called them “sprayed”.

Everyone was bidding to gain the favour of their masters …To gain the “international” reputation that the Zionists were generously distributing to their willing servants …All of them were causing terror among the people and “disorienting” them. Led by “useful” Biden, they imposed everywhere the disastrous lockdowns, which literally flattened all national economies. At the same time there was a terrible global “looting” going on. The Zionist fortunes were literally multiplying in a matter of days. The Zionists, with a terrifying and historically unprecedented “liquidity” of many trillions, were literally buying up everything in national real estate markets, which were collapsing due to the economic disaster of the “pandemic”.

The peoples were literally destroyed. What they have experienced —and are still experiencing— is the ravages of war. They have lost control of their markets, since they have been placed at the mercy of the multinationals of trade and express transport. Their production is non-existent and they have to deal not only with unemployment, but also with the rival illegal immigrants. Infrastructure networks are being lost one after the other by supposedly anonymous investment funds, which are ALL owned by Epstein’s backers …All thanks to Biden …

Mark Zuckerberg spent $419M on nonprofits ahead of 2020 election — and got  out the Dem vote …The absolutely blackmailed Biden. Why “absolutely”? …Because he’s not only being blackmailed for his own personal passions …He’s also being blackmailed for his punk son …His drug-addict son, who had sexual relations with his brother’s wife …His corrupt son, who was involved in the corruption of the Ukrainian state and is now controlled by the law enforcement authorities …His son, whom the Zionists have a hold on, since all his payments were made through the Zionist loan shark system. This is the Biden they put in the White House …Biden, whom the Zionists as a whole supported to the extent of a coup. It was the Zionist bank and media owners who “muzzled” society and social media in order to cover up the biggest political and economic fraud of all time.



Why is the war crisis in Ukraine being caused now?


Now that Europe is emerging from the disaster of the “pandemic”, it is absolutely dangerous. Its peoples have suffered a huge catastrophe and this cannot be accepted without a reaction. Their countries have been plundered and their labours have been put into the assets of the Zionist Funds. Now is the time for the big decisions, since they have to set up the New World Order in its final form …An order in which everything will belong to the Zionists and the peoples will simply have to tolerate the new masters of the world. But how will this be done? …This can only be done by intimidating the peoples of Europe. But this is not something that the Zionists do not know how to do.

They will simply have to repeat the post-war order of things …Again the tricks of the pimps of the ghettos. They will use a scare tactic to trap the people in fear. They will threaten them with war and nuclear destruction and no one will react. They will promise them security —like the “pimps”— and the people will worship them …They will worship those who stole from them to the point of destruction …This was the design of the ghettos and the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. So, all they had to do was find the dreadful monster …The fear that would terrorize ALL the European peoples together. That was easy. The Europeans in the last centuries have been afraid of Russia …They will put it back in the “game”. The show of terror will be staged on it …Easy as a pie …Russia —literallyBELONGS to the Zionist oligarchs …Russia is ruled by an employee of the Zionists and the STASI, surrounded by a Zionist “directorate” headed by the Zionist Chubais.

Vladimir Putin's Stasi ID: A Press Sensation and Its Historical Reality |  Wilson Center The communist agent of STASI and the KGB is —literally— their employee. Merkel’s classmate and colleague is their “own” man. They “made him” or rather allowed him to be “made”, allowing him to violate every notion of constitutional legitimacy and “self-appointed” lifelong President of the Russian Federation …He, who in each new election “executes” one of the main contenders for his position …The St. Petersburg’s taxi driver, who, without having done anything at all —except politics— appears as a billionaire today …The “fanatical” “Orthodox”, whose WHOLE staff consists of Zionist advisers …The “patriotic” Russian, who has handed over the “silverware” of the Russian people to the Jewish “oligarchs” and the German industrialists …The wealthy agent, who has hidden his money in the “chests” of the Zionist loan sharks.

He is the one who is now coming to be the “scare” of Europe. The “show” has just begun. Now he will pretend to be a Russian, an Orthodox, a crypto-communist, etc. He will take any position his role requires, in order to intimidate the European peoples …”Russian”, to arouse the national instincts of the European peoples …”Orthodox”, to arouse the Protestants and Catholics of Europe …”Communist”, to “threaten” the freedom of Western capitalism. The employee of the STASI and the Zionists will wear any “uniform” his intimidating role requires …He will “wear” anything required by his Zionist advisers, such as Chubais and the evil cabal.

This “Tsar” is now supposedly threatening Ukraine …The Ukraine of another actor of the same show …Truly an actor, and a comedian as well …Against this “troupe” old man Biden is pretending to be “Napoleon”. Why? …Because the blackmailed Biden knows everything about the Ukrainian parastate …There was the field of activity of his lascivious, drug addict and corrupt son …There Biden is in direct consultation with his “allies”, because they are first and foremost collaborators and accomplices of both himself and his son.

Για τις αθλιότητες του γιου του, ο Μπάιντεν θέλει να αιματοκυλήσει την  ανθρωπότητα! - Triklopodia | Triklopodia That is why the “setting” of Ukraine was chosen with Biden as the protagonist…It is there that Europe “touches” the “terrorist” Russia …It is there that a military type of “friction” can be created, so that the whole Planet and not only Europe is threatened with “fire”. As we said, they had to set up a war “stage” at all costs, so that the Zionists could unleash a propaganda of terror in Europe in order to control their victims. They are trying to “resurrect” the bipolar post-war planning, by putting Russia in the place of the Soviet Union …The same bipole which has trapped the whole of post-war Europe in a terrible American banking “Occupation” …Russia, of course, is as “authentic” and powerful enemy of German-occupied Europe as its leader is “authentic”…

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder hugs Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) as they walk during their meeting in St Petersburg, 7 October 2005 …Russia plundered by the Zionist oligarchs —of the type of Abramovich, Friedman, Abramov, Deripaska, Khodorkovsky, etc.— who make it pretend to be the “enemy” of over-indebted Europe …The rich Russia of the godless Russians, which produces nothing …Russia, whose almost all of its economy has been handed over entirely to German companies …Russia, whose ALL natural resources and ALL state infrastructure networks are owned by Zionists and Germans …Russia of the ultra-rich “Russian” oligarchs, none of whom are Russian and none of whom permanently reside in Russia.

…This is the permanently “hostile” Russia, which threatens Europe with its oil and gas and whose “aggressive” policy is being pursued by former German Chancellor Schroeder. Schroeder is the chairman of the giant state-owned Rosneft …That is how “genuine” the Russian danger is, which threatens Europe and Germany as its “protector”. Russia today is literally nothing more than a private company, which collaborates with Berlin to serve German interests …Another Siemens, whose CEO is appointed directly by Berlin to pretend to be its President …A huge “cow”, which grazes on the Northern steppes and is “milked” —to the blood— by the Zionist loan sharks.



Ghislaine Maxwell…

…and a tangle that is unraveling dangerously.


Just when one would assume that everything was going well for them, “underground” developments were taking place. It was only a matter of time before they could come to the “surface” and threaten to blow everything up. Epstein’s victims were not at peace and could not be satisfied with the “sweet deal” of the Harvard scoundrels …The “gift” in Miami could not possibly guarantee him immunity forever. The 2008 “gift” would only protect him for as long as his bosses controlled the White House. As long as the “straw man” Obama ruled, and with him Biden and Clinton, no one would bother him. He was so secure that, even though he had a conviction for pedophilia, he was invited by the Prince of Britain to his underage daughter’s birthday party …Under the cover of American Justice a convicted pedophile criminal went to a birthday party of an underage royal offspring !!! …A world record for those who control the Palace guests.

It goes without saying that, if the Obama administration was succeeded by a Hillary administration, the “Lolita Express” would continue to go back and forth to the hellhole and the “hard” drives would be filled with new material, which would constantly enrich the Mossad archives. But things did not turn out the way the Zionists and their protégé, the pedophile official, would have liked. Dumb Hillary had lost the election to the quaint till then Trump …The one the Zionists themselves chose as an “easy” opponent for the “lame duck” Clinton. This was the worst thing that could have happened to them, and at the worst possible time. The government had come under the control of the unpredictable Trump and that was exploitable for some who saw a “crack” to continue their fight against the beast. Epstein’s victims realized that this opportunity was not only great, but the only one they would have.

Trump showed no intention of getting involved in the case. He may have known Epstein socially, but he was not willing to get involved in his case to protect him. The Zionists could not blackmail him and catch his protection. Beyond some photos at joint social events, they didn’t have anything more important. They were the ones who began to channel the photos of Trump with Epstein to equate him with Clinton and to muddy the “waters” that linked the pedophile ring to them. In this way they attempted to apply pressure, but Trump didn’t “bite”. They pressed him with their own reporters to elicit an instinctively defensive response, which they would use as a blackmailing trick to attempt a new “cover-up”, but Trump, experienced in the gossip “traps” of the media, didn’t get caught in the trap …”I know him socially, but don’t get me involved with him …I haven’t seen him in fifteen years …Another question please”.

Without the presidential covering and “complicity” of the White House it was only a matter of time before new lawsuits by the victims in other states began and new investigations were launched. This is what happened in the Southern District of New York. The District Attorney ordered new investigations, not only into his sexual deviancy, but also into the extremely favorable treatment accorded him by the U.S. justice system in his first arrest in Florida. The results of the new investigations were frightening for Epstein’s future. Naturally, he was re-arrested and this time things were tragic for him …Only because of the first charges brought against him, he faced a sentence of at least 45 years.

From that moment on his future was bleak. They could not save him from destruction, and his financiers knew that it was only a matter of time before he himself took advantage of the provisions of American law to “cooperate” with the authorities and reveal his associates and their aims. As a genuine Jew, with an absolutely genuine Jewish education, he would use ALL means to survive. Epstein was ready to hand over to Justice the “hard” disks of all the love “nests” of perversion. From that moment on he was not only useless to the Zionists, but dangerous.

The result was “perfectly normal” for these people, who have learned to move permanently on the limits of legality, and beyond that …They “suicide him”, and for this reason there is responsibility for the authorities, who allowed this to happen, without having had time to “reap” his “cooperation” and all that this can mean in terms of profit for society as a whole. The important thing is that this perverted piece of garbage got out of the “way” in August 2019 and some people thought that the “hole” that threatened them was closed …They thought they had “patched” the problem.

Jeffrey Epstein autopsy confirms he hanged himself in jail cell However, the thing had “gone bad” and —under the pressure of public opinion, which was suspicious of this convenient “suicide” for some— was going from bad to worse. None of the things that would have suited them were happening as they would have liked. In the course of their investigations, the authorities had discovered that a large number of his victims and the persons involved in the cases were multiplying rapidly. Unfortunately for some, however, the “fisherman” may have “killed himself”, but the authorities found his “rod” …Epstein was not operating alone. His victims were offered to him on his “plate” by the now infamous Ghislaine Maxwell …The daughter of the also infamous Maxwell, who years ago had been found drowned —possibly murdered— floating near his yacht.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Gives Epstein Sex Abuse Victims Shot at Reckoning

This was another Zionist with all the familiar characteristics of Zionists …Another Jewish fraudster, who pretended to be a tycoon with stolen money …With money that was revealed to have been embezzled from the insurance funds of his companies and the fraud was revealed after his death …Another Jew with a “pseudonym”, since his real name was Jan Hoch …Another Jew, who was a proven Zionist and Mossad agent …Another Jew, who wanted to use his daughter as a “tool” to get along with the Kennedys and “rise” socially …A “tool”, which in life he would not let anyone “get close” to, since he was guarding “it” for his own development and social advancement, which he had become obsessed with. It was for this reason, after all, that he chose a “heavy” Scottish surname and, of course, the corresponding accent.

That was Ghislaine’s father. ALL of Epstein’s victims were turned against her. She was pointed out to the authorities as the direct accomplice of Epstein …Directly responsible for fishing and trapping them. The charges against her were horrific …Charges of “sex trafficking of a minor”, which carries a prison sentence of up to 40 years …Charges that are shocking for a common person, but not particularly strange by Jewish standards. If we count the “important” Jews who have been charged with such charges —which involve sex and prostitution— we should change the title of the text …”The mountains are accustomed to the snow”, as the old-timers say.

Prince Andrew's Epstein Sexual-Abuse Lawsuit: Latest Updates Somewhere here, however, another problem arose …A very dangerous problem which they thought they had solved with the Miami “sweet deal”, where they forbade the victim named Virginia Giuffre to turn against anyone who had abused her and belonged to the same “circle” of guilt as Epstein, with whom she had supposedly come to an agreement. They thought that, having obtained Giuffre ‘s signature, they had closed the issue of third-party involvement in the child molestation and child abuse charges. Unsurprisingly, the illegal and absurd agreement is no longer recognised by anyone and Giuffre is doing the worst thing she could do for the Zionists …Suing the son of the Queen of England !!!…

…The scandal is huge, and now out of control. Andrew —now formerly “his lordship”— goes live on the BBC to find his “right” and prove his innocence. His appearance was “A-MA-ZING” for psychiatrists, geneticists, eugenicists and other scientists in related sciences. The only thing the live demonstrated to the absolute degree is the horrific consequences of inbreeding, which plague the “blue bloods” …Predictable consequences of being your own cousin and your mother’s nephew …Even those who didn’t know him learned what an idiot he is, and of course that he “never sweats” because they shot him in the Falklands.” We also learned from him that when you don’t want people to see you with someone, you walk with them in public parks and stay at their place for many days …And you do all of these to “honorably” tell them that you shouldn’t continue to associate with them …That’s what the Prince told us !!!

From then on, everything “runs” in an uncontrollable course, since the Royal Family —or “the Firm”— is certain that it cannot withstand further shocks. Even before the scandal with the Prince —who never sweats— the question had already begun to arise in British society as to whether or not the Monarchy should survive after the Queen’s death. There are many who have said for years that this could not be perpetuated and that the throne could not be passed on to Charles after her death. Of course, after this scandal, things have deteriorated to the utmost degree.

In a desperate attempt to save the image of the Throne, the Queen “stripped” her beloved “luminary” of all his titles and of course his roles and salaries and supposedly let him face American justice as a common citizen. This common citizen now wants to face a Jury and, judging by the interview he gave, he will probably entertain the crowds with his reappearance …Great British tradition of comedy and quality humor …This is the Trial that EVERYONE is now waiting for …including the Zionists.

Prince Andrew quits social media as sexual assault case looms | The Times  of Israel This of course is where the trouble begins …This is where the great danger for them lies. It seems they “bit off” a bigger “piece” than they could “chew”, and they will “pay for it”. They have involved in their “underground” tricks a Prince totally unnecessary and superfluous to their plans and this will bring them face to face with the British Palace …But now, when ALL of them will be called upon to fight the battle of survival, we will see twists and turns …Now the Zionists will not have poor minors against them who have destroyed them …They will have “the Firm” against them …and she will not be easy to trap and even more so when they have brought her to the brink of destruction. That is why this will be their fatal mistake. As a result of the involvement of the Throne, the affair has gained immense publicity and interest in the world, and at the same time the power of the Palace will turn against them. They will come into direct conflict with the basic power core of the Christian world …The world they have humiliated and “sickened” to reach the “top” of the Planet.

Queen meets Lord Rothschild Stock Photo - Alamy They actually “sawed off” the “branch” on which they were sitting. Why do we say this? …Because the “secret” of their success lies in their relationship with this Throne …Because, of the weakness and inefficiency of the British Throne, the “parasites” of the ghettos have risen to the top of Christianity …The negligence of the leaders of Christian Protestantism allowed the “Rothschild’s” and the “Herzl’s” to abolish Christianity as a religion altogether and from there to conquer the top of the world …It was this Throne that allowed the Zionist “lice” to settle permanently on the head of the Christian “eagle” …Therefore this throne is the “anchor” of their plans. As long as this Throne exists, they can be quiet and enjoy their success, because they will always be served by those who control the reactions of Christians of all denominations.

Since —for whatever reason— they had “gotten into it” with the Throne, they had to protect it themselves. The Zionists should have been the last ones who would have wanted to see the Throne, which allowed them to “cap everything”, deteriorate —and eventually be destroyed — …The “trapping” of the Prince and his high-risk participation in their parties was completely pointless. Since they were “holding” the Throne as a whole, it was unnecessarily risky to take actions against specific members of the Throne. They themselves had to protect the Prince from possible entrapment by other thugs. He had to beg them to go to their “parties” and they had to turn him away, to leave the Throne “sterile” and “uninvolved” in their own filth. The Prince’s confusion with them could be exploited by others and that did not sit well with the Zionists or the Palace. They themselves had to point PRINCE CHARLES JACOB ROTHSCHILD Editorial Stock Photo - Stock Image |  Shutterstock out to his mother the danger of his actions …They could understand each other, because they spoke the same “language”. The greatest blackmailers in history can get along with a queen sitting on a foreign throne, which was lost to its rightful occupant because of blackmail.

They probably have more things in common than we can imagine. The last thing the Queen would want now is for some to start looking into the identity of those who “pressured” King Edward to resign …and what they have to do with those who benefited from that resignation …Looking to see who “appointed” the Queen’s father to his stolen position and what the “quid pro quo” for that unexpected “appointment” might be …Looking to find out who “owes” whom …The Zionists to the Queen or the Queen to the Zionists? Where would Elizabeth and her family be and what would they be today if that “unexpected” event had not happened? Especially in this day and age, it is not the best time for the British to wonder if her father was in the same company as Prince Andrew and that is why he was last in his class at the Royal Naval College …They should wonder whether her father, with his friends and the well-known methods of the “underground” —where women, illicit sex and relationships with NAZIS are involved— overthrew his royal brother.

Does this pattern of “problems” that led Edward to his resignation not seem very familiar to the reader? …Adultery, illicit sex, moral blackmail with threats of revelations. They added the familiar Zionist “touch”, leaving hints of pro-Nazism —and therefore racism— to “seal the issue” and so that no one would dare to search, and above all, question the legitimacy of all that happened …A little “keyhole”, a little intrigue and treachery and whatever “catchy” and “easy-going” there is, that can disturb the people …Especially the uneducated part of them, who are “crazy” to learn about “pink shade” conspiracies. Much like Zionism isn’t this “palette” of “sins” that led a king to the “exit”? …The leader of the greatest empire in the history of the world and who was even very popular with his people …The new leader, for who they had nothing else and more important to accuse him of, in order to push him to the “exit”.

Why did all this happen? …To prevent the King from marrying a divorced and even childless woman and therefore without any problems in matters of titles and properties? …That is, to prevent him from doing that which has already been recognized as a right in the present heir Charles? Was this right not recognised for the King of England, who is also the Head of the Anglican Church and therefore the person legally responsible for recognising or rejecting such relationships? Isn’t this an irony for the legitimate heir to Henry VIII, who created the Anglican Church only to become its Head and marry as many times as he likes and with anyone he likes? Strange, isn’t it, what we are describing? But if some people “illegally abdicated” a king, don’t those who succeeded him “owe” them? …Don’t those who “hijacked” the most powerful throne in history owe them?

Who rules out the fact that the married woman was “planted” next to the naive king by those who use women in their plans? Wasn’t all this done very quickly at a time when world history was “racing” and some wanted to settle the post-war era? After this resignation, didn’t the “unmaking” of the empire begin, with the Zionists being the big beneficiaries? …The “dark” Lord Mountbatten —as the appointed Regent of the Indies— played a leading role in this “unmaking”. What role did he play? …The uncle of the Queen’s husband, who was blown up by the IRA and whose records are still classified almost a century later …Is it a coincidence? These are all dangerous questions and the Palace doesn’t want to hear the answers…

…Especially now, when the question is being raised daily whether the monarchy should be perpetuated and whether Charles should succeed his mother …Whether she should be succeeded in the King’s place by the married to the divorced Camilla Parker Jones, who has children and grandchildren from her first marriage. This means that if Charles is enthroned, then there will be two different royal families in Buckingham …The King’s family and the Queen’s family —even if she is queen consort—. The Queen’s family will even be Catholic, which is a cause of “war” far beyond the “red” lines of Protestantism. Is it possible that Catholics can be allowed to enter the Palace of the head of the Anglican Church? That is, this succession will have problems very substantial and certainly much greater than those which “showed Edward the exit door “.

And if all these major problems block Charles’s succession, is there any chance that for the sake of the “Firm” he will be bypassed by his son William, who is next in line of succession? …Theoretically this can be done, but practically, even in this case, things are not so clear. What religion is the much-publicised and much-photographed Kate, who is seen as the future of the throne? Who planted her next to him? Why is she referred to in Britain as “Waity Katie”? …Is it because —at all financial costs— she “follows” William from school to marry him?

So, if Kate is Jewish, then —according to the Jewish law— her children are also Jewish, since Jews follow their mother’s “line”. So? …So, there is a problem there too, since it is FORBIDDEN for anyone who is not a pure English Christian, and indeed an Anglican, to become King or heir to the throne of England. But here there is another peculiarity, which applies only to Jews and not to common Christians in like circumstances. Since the Jewish religion is a national religion, descent prevails religion …Blood prevails religion. This means that even if a Jew converts, he remains a Jew by his “mother” standards. Therefore, even if William’s children are “baptized” as Protestants, they are still ethnically Jewish if their mother is Jewish.

Is it possible that the heirs of the new King of England are Jewish? …Kings and princes have been hanged for this !!! …There have been civil wars in England over this issue!!!! …So? …So, if Kate is a “tool” of Zionism, she probably can’t function after all these developments. What will English Protestant William do if he has to disown his children from the line of succession to be allowed to ascend to the throne as a childless man? …Should Prince Harry be preparing to return from the United States? …Is this why some were “worried” —by some Zionist international media— about the colour of his son’s skin? The family that “hijacked” and seized the throne of England is in danger of being destroyed for the same reasons that it invoked to carry out its “hijacking”…

…Even if they had wanted to make such a “mess” all by themselves, we think they could have not been able …They would have had to study the matter so much and find the right people to nullify all possible options of every circumstance. In the face of the current mess of problems, Edward’s case was the “joy” of legitimacy.

Did the reader understand why NO ONE —especially the Zionists— were not pleased by their misguided and unnecessary contact with Prince Andrew? …The last thing they would have wanted was to involve the Palace in their usual dirty work. Now the “spotlight” has fallen where it shouldn’t, and even more so now that the Queen is on her “last legs” and the succession has to be secured …That is, to secure the interests of Zionism, which are based on this Palace …They have been fooled by their greed now that Kate has entered the final stretch to take over the Palace itself on behalf of Zionism. Now that it is the turn of their “tool” to “usurp” the Throne and hand it over to Jews cleanly, the big mistake has been made …The biggest OWN GOAL in history in the country where football was born !!!

Now they are desperately trying to find solutions and shut up mouths, but it is not that easy …It is not enough to make an example of punishment of the Queen’s beloved son. Nor is it so easy to plan another “suicide” of the very well-guarded now Ghislaine. The spotlight of the world interest has been thrown on the case and everything is being examined under the microscope of a public opinion, which —as always— demands to see “blood” in the “arena”. The American Justice —even if it wanted to— cannot serve them with an “omission”, because it is already under the gun with all its manipulations in the matter. It lost a key defendant through its “hands” once and cannot do so again. It is now also a matter of credibility for it to do its duty, since it is also being judged. That is why it is paying the most expensive legal support that can be provided to a criminal.

Ghislaine Maxwell ends fight to keep eight 'John Does' secret - CNN Their main goal is to get her —even temporarily— out of the American justice system …To get her out of jail on bail by any means possible. Because are we sure that’s what they’re trying to do? …Because how else would the idle, unprofessional and utterly damaged Ghislaine pay her very expensive Jewish lawyers? …How would she make a $28 million dollar offer as bail for her temporary release? Apparently, they gave it to her …To “help” her? Here’s the question …Do they want to help her or do they want to get her out of the story? …Where is the life of the Mossad Zionist in most danger? …In prison or outside with her “colleagues”? Why was she protected by British Secret Service officers during her time in hiding from American justice?

r/gaming - Just FYI Boby Kotic Activision CEO was listed in Jeffery Epstein’s Black book of contacts.

The dangerous thing for all of them is that, since they have not been able to stop the case even with the “help” of the Throne, things will take an uncontrollable turn …Inevitably —and through the process of judicial investigations— the “hard” disks of the recording cameras, which have ended up in the hands of the Mossad, will be sought …The names of the paedophiles who belonged to this circuit and were blackmailed by the Zionists will be made public. Why is this dangerous? …Because the global “spectrum” of the industry of “blackmail” will be revealed …It will be revealed that among these names are the names of scientists and politicians. We think it is certain that among these names will be “scientists” who are fanatical supporters of the “pandemic” terror and lockdowns …Epidemiologists, geneticists, pneumologists, etc.. Along with them and on the same lists will be well-known politicians …Known for their warm relations with the Zionist factor …”Scientists” like Fauci, who grew up in the New York Zionist neighborhoods …Politicians, who were among the first to “close” their countries out of “love” and “sensitivity” for their peoples …The same ones, that is, who want to either “piss them off” or insult them as “sprayed”. It is only a matter of time before the whole agenda of the Zionist blackmailers is revealed.



Who is worried about these developments in Greece?


Now that these loan shark extortionists are in danger, everyone can consider what the dire consequences of their weakening would be. Everyone is affected by the fate of the “Planetary Lenders” and of course our country. Greece was put into the Memoranda by these people by the means they usually use and therefore completely unfairly …It was put in because of the blackmail, terrorism and threats that the Jews like Greenspan, Jean-Claude Trichet, Strauss-Kahn, Sarkozy and Merkel. Why unfairly? …Greece was betrayed by its political leadership …By its dirty and corrupt leadership, which fell victim to the blackmail of the loan sharks. The result was tragic. Blackmail, which concerned the persons who ruled, turned into a national disaster. The personal disasters of its corrupt leaders were avoided in return for the national destruction of our country.

Αποκάλυψη: Το στημένο σχέδιο «Πυθία» το γνώριζε και ο Κώστας Καραμανλής -  ΤΑ ΝΕΑ

The beginning of these blackmails took place in the government of Karamanlis, and the blackmails concerned him personally. Criminal decisions were taken at a time when the state banks existed and were healthy and the only ones that did not “pass” the so-called “stress tests” were the private banks of “cronies” and “friends”. Karamanlis, instead of sending the private bankers to jail —just like the Icelanders did— and the “account” to the ECB, which was responsible for their control, chose to destroy the Greek people …He took state money to save the bankers and pay with it the private loans of the Corruption and Fraud. Blindly obeying the orders of the Zionists and Germany, he used state money to bail out the bankrupt private banks and put a “lock” on the state banks, which at the time were healthy, thus depriving the Greek people of the most important option to escape from the hell of the Memoranda. In fact, it was Karamanlis who made the Memoranda a “one-way street” for the Greeks.

The result was a disaster. The result was to enrich the Zionist loan sharks, who “loaded” us with garbage bonds and thanks to the treachery of Karamanlis and his successors collected them in full, mortgaging the whole country and the future of its people. Greece alone of all the countries of the world —because of the traitors who ruled it— paid the loan sharks in full for the bills of shame. So, we ask Karamanlis, who led us to this situation: …Did he do this out of stupidity or because of blackmail from this circle? …Does he have something to hide from his private life that the Zionists know about? …Are there any videos or photos of him that are destroying him that are in their hands? …Why so much angst from the avowed lesbian “communist” Kanelli, who came out and threatened the world if she revealed the “peculiarities” of the fat guy from Rafina?

Τώρα ο Γιώργος θα λύσει και το παλαιστινιακό | ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΗ | antinews.gr

Since Karamanlis literally “brought Greece to its knees”, someone had to “execute” her. …To give her the coup de grace. Who would be more ideal to play this anti-Hellenic role of the executor of the Greeks than an authentic Jew and Zionist? …To do their job and get the money from one of their own people? Who would be better for this role than George Papandreou? He didn’t even need to be blackmailed …He is flesh of their flesh …He is the child of the Jewish Papandreou …He is the offspring of the Mineiko …He was the one who turned Karamanlis’ crushing “blow” into a mortal “wound” …It was he who put us into the Memoranda, feeling like a national hero …of the Jews, because that’s who he is. He took revenge for the Maccabees and merely —as their genuine descendant— did it for a reward !!!!

…Yiorgakis spoke the same “language” with the IMF’s Jew Strauss Kahn, the ECB’s Trichet, the FED’s Benranke, the Deutsche Bank’s Ackerman, Sarkozy or Merkel …They celebrated the same Hanukkah. Who helped them all? Who put their “backs” to serve this Zionist policy in Greece? …The toughest of their generation, the “anti-Zionists” …The almost professional “anti-Zionists” …Voridis, Georgiadis and Plevris …That’s how “authentic” spokesmen of anti-Zionism were these “lads” of patriotism and Orthodoxy !!!!

After these criminals, a force with “credit” had to be found, so that the treacherous policy of the two-party system of the post-war period could be de-integrated …They should do their job, but this should not have consequences for the previous planning that they had created and favoured themselves. Who else would be better suited to “exonerate” them other than their own minions, which are the communists? Who else would be better than the criminals of the Civil War, who were always loyal “dogs” of Benaroya and his masters? …The communists, who were lined up with clubs outside the Parliament until the first Memorandum was passed, to thwart the “Indignant movement” from preventing the right-wing Voridis and Plevris from voting for it.

The dirty work of “laundering” this unprecedented betrayal was undertaken by the young and “clean” Tsipras …He, who with a “law” would “erase” all the Memoranda and lead the people to “Paradise” …He, who, with their permission, was going to take on madame Merkel …He was the one who offered them the “U-turn technique” in the Referendum and the Prespa Agreement. Making a “complete turn” he cancelled the biggest and only “super weapon” the people have, to directly impose their will on the political leadership. With the “staged” referendum, the will of the people was annulled, even though its message was clear. This same man, as an “epilogue” to his term of office, offered the Zionists the “holy grail” of the Maccabees, which is Macedonia. What the barbarians did not achieve with axes and knives, the communists and the “orphans” of the Civil War achieved.

Μυστική συνάντηση Τσίπρα-Ρότσιλντ στο Παρίσι! So, we ask Tsipras: …Because —as is well known— you can’t get into the Polytechnic Institute with stones and sticks, does he “owe” his “successful” admission to the Polytechnic to someone? Because —also as it is well known— he never left the level of “arithmetic” to go to that of “mathematics”, we ask him again: …”Does he “owe” someone the “successful” completion of his studies within the Polytechnic? …”Does he owe” someone his membership of the Technical Chamber? …”Does he owe” someone the unprecedented “push” of the right-wing Panagiotarea? …”Does he owe” someone his unprecedented “appointment” as head of a parliamentary party? …”Owe” someone his comfort in “fighting” global imperialism at no cost?

We see the same “gaps” in his general family debts. Undoubtedly, the Technical University of Athens is a great school …But it is not so great that it “reaches” Kozani. So how did Peristera find a “door” in Kozani to enter the Athens Metsovio Polytechnical Institute? With the help of what “magnifying glass”, qualifications, which simply covered an appointment at the primary level of education, suddenly became sufficient for a university career? Do they “owe” someone their family “success”? Who is paying their children’s tuition fees at one of the expensive private schools in the capital? Who owns the “poor house on the beach”, which “idiot” rents it for the same price as a two-room house in Kypseli? Are there any videos that give some Zionists the ability to blackmail him?…

…Simple stuff. When one makes secret deals with blackmailers, all this is a given. Who did he talk to in the US before he took on the job of running for PM, “selling” anti-Americanism and anti-Germanism? Did he go to Paris to get paid by the Zionists? Who did he meet with at the Rothschild offices in Paris? Does he have secret accounts in the banks of Epstein’s financiers? If a higher authority were to search the Zionist archives, would they find his name somewhere? Is he on to something and has he got a licence to operate a speedboat? …There are not that many “captains” from Hive !!! …Where does his great “passion” for learning English come from for a man who never appreciated Knowledge? …Is he preparing to “escape” abroad?

ΠΡΟΩΡΕΣ ΕΚΛΟΓΕΣ; ΜΗΠΩΣ Ο ΜΗΤΣΟΤΑΚΗΣ ΠΑΕΙ ΓΙΑ ΜΑΛΛΙ ΚΑΙ ΒΓΕΙ… ΚΟΥΡΕΜΕΝΟΣ; -  Triklopodia | Triklopodia The same thing happened with Mitsotakis. After the destruction of the Memorandum came the “torrent” of the psychopath. From the moment the country was “chained”, it had to acquire a leadership, which would allow the “rolling up” of its corpse …A leadership “insensitive” and to the ideal degree psychopathic. This is where the half-mad son of the Apostate comes into the “game” …He is the one who sells out everything without hesitation …He burned half of Greece to fill it with wind turbines …He made the country free of lignite to serve the energy merchants who make their fortune with him on the “corpses” of the people. But the worst thing was the general flattening of the national economy, due to the mismanagement of the “pandemic”.

Mitsotakis became the “rabbit” of the Zionists, who are profiting from this management …He was the first in Europe to impose the general lockdown …He was the first to borrow money from the loan sharks, so that the indebted people would be forced to lock themselves in their homes …He was the one who first —supposedly— “got inspired” of the “green” passports …He is the one who supports —and by all means and in total opposition to his voters— the Zionist project of the Prespa Agreement …He is the only “leader” of a state in the Balkans.

As we can easily see, all those, who are connected to usury, energy and pandemic are exactly the same people …There are no more those who are usurers and those who are involved in energy or medicine …The same people who “sell” loans are the ones who sell energy and medicines …The same Zionists are the ones who have corrupted everything and through blackmail and corruption have managed to control the political leaderships of all countries.

So, we ask Mitsotakis: …Did he do all this out of stupidity or because of blackmail from this circle? …Does he have something to hide from his private life and the Zionists know it? …Apart from the Ziemens call centres, does he have hidden accounts that the Zionists know about? Can he prove that his and his children’s very expensive Harvard educations were paid for by legitimate funds of the Mitsotakis family? …His Jewish wife —who rejoined their family home a few months before he became prime minister— in what field exactly does she specialize and have such a large fortune and income? …Where exactly does his daughter work and WHO are her employers? …The Jews to whom he sold his family home, did he know them from previous activities or did he find them through the market? Does his medical file contain evidence which would make it illegal for him to engage in politics and hold high public office, and which file is in the possession of the Zionists?…

ΒΙΝΤΕΟ ΝΤΟΚΟΥΜΕΝΤΟ: ΔΕΙΤΕ τον Κυριάκο Μητσοτάκη στη λέσχη Μπίλντερμπεργκ! Ο  Κούλης και ο κύριος με την καπελαδούρα! …Is it a coincidence that the central advisor and “crutch” of the mentally “handicapped” Koulis is the Jew Greenberg? …Who is paying this very expensive consultant? …The idiot Mitsotakis or those who sell wind turbines and vaccines because of him? …Is Mitsotakis’ obsession with vaccines due to his own convictions or is it a commitment to the bosses who invited him to the Bilderberg Club? Was the “green pass” his own inspiration or an order from his Jewish advisor? …Who was his secret advisor before this Jew? …Who was he who was the “general” of his election victory and was destined to be the “chief of stuff” of his prime minister’s office? …Was it someone who has been convicted of pedophilia?

Όχι... δεν είναι ηλίθιος!!! - Πολιτική - cretadrive.grWho is Mitsotakis now governing with? In other words, with whom is he passing Zionist policy with a party that is supposed to represent the patriotic area? …With all the “democratic” forces except the right-wing ones, which it supposedly represents …With members of the parties founded by the Zionists themselves in Greece and of course members of parties which have been “selling” patriotism until now …He is governing with the various “Mossialos” and “Chrysochoides” of Papandreou and the communists of the type of Theodorikakos, Tsiodras etc. of Benaroya. They are flanked by the repentant “former anti-Zionists” of the LAOS. All the “hard” anti-Zionists, who voted for Papandreou’s Memorandum, saw the “true light” and repented …They paid their respects to Zionism in all possible ways and took power …They are now the “cruel” ones who order and torment the Greek people …The newly rich repentant ones, who consider them “spies”, “lunatics”, “uncivilized” and defend all the punishments that the psychopath Mitsotakis imposes, ignoring the Constitution and human rights.

Άποψη και για την στιλιστική εικόνα της Προέδρου - Stagonnews

With these “hard” right-wing “patriots” Mitsotakis is implementing his entire political agenda. These “tough” children of the Right voted “with both hands” for the current President of the Republic …A very controversial President …A real “cartoon” President, who even offends the aesthetics of the Greeks. Recently, a “silent” scandal broke out, which concerned a Supreme Judge …The paedophile Panagiotis Efstratiou …The one appointed by the government-Mitsotakis-Greenberg to the position of Vice President of the Council of State. He —by coincidence— is the “best friend” of the President of the Republic …They belong to the same “circuit” …In the same judicial, social and political “circuit” as the President …The perverted Judge and the President, who has “smeared” her “boyfriend” in the Presidential Palace …The communist President, who is the choice of the right-wing Mitsotakis-government.

To make it more understandable, we will say that this government, which was voted for by all those who believe in the well-known triptych “country, religion, family”, was the one that placed in the Presidential Throne of the Hellenic Republic a communist who is “atheist, stateless, divorced”. …with a “boyfriend” and relations with the “Lignadises” of the Judiciary body …A choice of the government of the “patriotic area”, in which the vice-president is —her predecessor in the Council of State— the son of the notorious ” occupation spy” Pikramenos. This strange President for some reason openly hates ALL Greek Anniversaries, but never forgets to “lament” the “Holocaust” on ALL its major or minor anniversaries.

By “coincidence” it is this circuit of supreme judges who ruled as “constitutional” all the Memoranda, which handed over the “title deeds” of the country to the Zionist Lenders, who —among all other things— are the financiers of Epstein. By “coincidence”, it was this circuit of supreme court judges who ruled that the Hellenic Investment Fund and, of course, the “haircut”‘ of the social security funds were legal. By “coincidence” it was this circuit of Supreme Court judges, which is associated with betrayals and anomalies, that was rewarded with High State and Political Offices.

Strange, isn’t it? Do any of them know anything? Does this pedophile ring have anything to do with Mitsotakis’ friend Lignadis, who is in prison for pedophilia? Who has the hard drive of Lignadis’ computer in his possession? …Is it in the possession of the police or of others who know —through it— the whole “circuit” of trafficking in illegal immigrant minors? Do the Zionists have in their hands any “dirty laundry” of the criminal ring and through them they have overthrown our country? Is the Epstein case and all the possible people involved in it any concern of theirs? To what “depth” of the judicial circuit does the pedophilia of the “Presidents” go?



A message to all stakeholders.


This text is being written at this time for two different recipients. The first are those who simply read my texts and the second are those to whom these texts are addressed.

As far as the former are concerned, it is being written because, through this text, I am attempting to solve the question of those readers who are impatient and, in a hurry, to see and experience what I am describing and are probably “seeing” delay. In this text, as one can easily understand from its analysis, nothing in the evolution of things happens automatically and certainly not in a concise and therefore sloppy way …Everything requires “maturing” and this is a time-consuming process, which follows its own rules and in which one cannot —no matter how much knowledge one has— intervene dynamically and change it at will.

These are simple things, which apply to all processes of nature. When you are waiting for a fruit to ripen so that you can take it from the tree and eat it, it makes no difference whether you are in a hurry or whether you are indifferent …It makes no difference whether you know all about arboriculture or whether you are completely ignorant of it …The processes are done in your absence, whether you want them or not. Their “ripening” is done according to the Creator’s Plan, not according to the priorities and needs of those preparing for the “harvest”. The “harvest” will come in due time and not when it suits some —especially the impatient— …You do not strike a “tree” to accelerate its fruition. Whoever starts the “harvest” early will pick up useless “leaves” and we will never do that.

As far as the latter are concerned —and therefore those to whom this text directly concerns— things are different. The text has a different meaning for them. Its purpose is to inform them that they are being closely watched in whatever they do …To remind them that no crime against the people and the state is time-barred and not erased. No matter how much they “cover it up” with “salami-slicing” tactics, where the next one covers up the crime of the previous one, nothing changes. Those, who think they will escape punishment in the chaos of data and persons, wrongly think so…

…There is no chaos …They are all measured “dots”…Those who will take on the task of judging and punishing religious, ethnic and social criminals know what they are doing and where to look for their evidence …They have the knowledge and the ways to find those they seek, no matter how many “layers” of crime they have created. No matter how much they cover each other, they are all “obvious”. From Simitis, who initiated the financial crisis with swaps and the near decriminalization of corruption, to Mitsotakis, who is currently selling off the people’s property, everyone will be punished …Swaps, Bank Recapitalizations, Memoranda, Referenda and Sellouts are successive phases of the same crime, which is simply divided into many accomplices …ALL together will be judged for ALL, which is ONE …So, that some people understand that there is NO chaos.

What matters is that we have already entered to the final stretch for a global economic crisis, which will lead to the long-awaited CRISIS that has been awaited for centuries. We have entered a one-way street, which is leading the system and the rulers to a dead end, the end of which they will certainly not like. Their inability to make a reset with the “tool” of war not only dangerously “ripens” the conditions leading to CRISIS, but at the same time this time “delay” isolates the real criminals from those whom until now —with a few “crumbs” of corruption— they have used as their collective “shield”. In other words, with each passing day they are deprived of allies and thus of collective defences.

The conspiratorial Zionists are constantly being isolated by allies who are unable to survive the current economic crisis …Allies who are “falling” one by one in the field of this unprecedented intensity and duration of the economic crisis and the only ones left are the highly paid local traitors within each state. A dangerous “monster” is being “dispossessed” to the point of being unable to defend itself. That is when it will become as easy to isolate as a hair from dough. At that time, it will fall in an instant into the hands of those who will engineer the CRISIS. It is absolutely certain —and will be proven in the near future— that the Zionists’ fatal mistake was that they were directly involved —and all together as a gang— in the great electoral fraud for Biden. This mistake will be the beginning of their end, because they had put themselves “against” a state beast, which has very tough laws for its own protection.

They engaged in a coup-level rigging for the position of leader of the world’s leading Christian power, and this alone is enough to have the “Guantanamo” of the death penalty permanently hanging over their heads …ALL together are endangered by the common laws of men and long before they reach the CRISIS …Unfortunately for them in the age of the internet and computers everything is “recorded” and nothing is erased, destroyed and therefore cannot be lost …Unfortunately for them they will not have the opportunity to make evidence disappear to the “document destroyers” as they did with the incriminating evidence against them in the case of STASI.

Whatever happens, they will have before them a terrible and dreadful power, which they have controlled themselves until now, and they will lose it …A power which they have exploited to the full and tried to make it even greater, more arbitrary and more cruel …A power which, if they lose it from their hands, will not allow them to escape to any “distant” destination of our now small Planet. Here, of course, is the great tragic irony …The clowns of the ghettos, who imagined the New Order, dreamed of a World Throne of Power and lost it due to the committed world crimes in order to create this Throne. Their risk, of course, was not that they came into conflict with all peoples to create this Throne …Their risk was something else: …How sure are they that they will be the ones to sit on this Throne and not someone else who will show up at the last minute and take their place, and then grab them by the “throat”?

This reminds us of the Jews’ most terrible curse. What is it? …“To have everything, and lose everything.” …That will be the fate of the Zionists. After having plundered all countries and led the people to the misery of the Memoranda, they will now await their turn. Now that they have bought up almost everything with the “aid” of the stolen trillions of the USA, it is time for them to start seeing the ugly versions of their future. All it takes for a Higher Authority is to issue an order “NOT TO RECOGNIZE ANY JEWISH OWNERSHIP OUTSIDE ISRAEL” and EVERYTHING will go in the “bucket”. Everything they have stolen and snatched from the peoples for a century will be gone in an instant…

…Especially if the peoples learn the truth about the fraud of the “Holocaust”, which was the “springboard” for their world domination …A domination which —in order to impose it— cost hundreds of millions of dead, because of their own conspiracies, which led humanity to the World Wars. There is no conspiracy, which has bloodied humanity in the last century, that has not been initiated by its instigators …From the communist “revolutions” and fascist coups to the most inhuman civil wars and ethnic cleansing. Now —and at the dawn of the new millennium— they will be “caught red-handed” leading humanity to a new catastrophe. In order to impose the design of the New Order, which would establish them at the “top” of the world, they have imposed world fascism under the alibi of dealing with the “pandemic”. …For our “good”. In doing so, they destroyed the entire national economies and engaged in a global “looting” of an intensity unparalleled in human history.

It is only a matter of time before the people realize the enormous mockery, they have been subjected to for more than a century. It is only a matter of time before the corrupt and perverse leaders who have become their subjects are exposed. The people of the nations will finally learn the truth about this “virus” which has really “sickened” humanity to death. The “disease” of Zionism, which in our days has almost led to “death” the entire humanity, will be defeated. Fortunate will be the Zionists of the diaspora —who have acted like deadly “viruses”— if the people take from them only their properties and not their heads …So, to get a small glimpse of the coming future…Then we will see who are the real authors of the “Protocols of the “Wise Men of Zion” …The “cure” against the most deadly “virus” in the history of mankind is starting NOW …The anti-Zionist “vaccine” exists and —unfortunately for the Zionists— will be absolutely effective and not like the “junk” sold by Pfizer.

The time of the CRISIS is coming and what we will see will never have happened before in the history of humanity …The PATRIARCHY will “fall” with such a “deafening” noise that it will shock all humans. People will “remember” this redemptive “fall” forever …Future generations will “remember” it as we remember the “Original Sin” which “exalted” the PATRIARCHY that oppressed mankind for thousands of years. The time of the great “harvest” has arrived. The generations of the future will forever “remember” our generation, because it will be our generation that will defeat the “curse” of the Original Sin, which is the PATRIARCHY. The Age of Aquarius is now beginning …and no one can stop it.



Panagiotis Traianou