What is happening in Israel today is not at all what it seems …The Palestinians are being beaten, but the Israelis are being “targeted”. This, paradox as it may seem, is still true …A bit of knowledge is needed to be understood. A few days before the bloodbath in Gaza, Netanyahu was counting his hours as Prime Minister …The Israeli people had “executed” him. His political opponents had been instructed to form a government, and it was almost certain that they would be able to form a government. Netanyahu had reached the absolute “bottom”. From the top he was at risk of collapsing to the bottom, living moments of agony. His political finale would be utterly humiliating and painful. Not only would he lose his position, but he “flirted” with a position in a prison cell. The corrupt —with a judiciary “seal”— Prime Minister was living the absolute nightmare. His only salvation was to overturn the decision of the Israeli people.

This is done only with provocations, and the quality of the goal pursued makes it, as a matter of fact, extremely bloody. Blood is needed to cancel an election result …A lot of blood. That’s what he did. He activated the instincts of the Israeli people and trapped them in fear. Netanyahu caused a “rain” of rockets from Gaza with the provocations of Jerusalem. A leaving office Prime Minister —before his mandate expired right at the “exit” door— has activated Israel’s harshest colonial policy. There was no hesitation in pursuing a criminal policy under international law, which would not only pose a huge problem for the new government, but would certainly provoke a violent reaction from the Palestinians. The corrupt “Bibi” had now crossed the Rubicon …He was playing everything. He was endangering the peace in Israel, in order to save himself …He was endangering the peace, in order to break the ” multi-collective” alliance of his opponents and to remain the only, experienced, and of course “patriot”, in order to form a government. He provoked a real war, because he knew that it could not be dealt by a new and inexperienced coalition Government of partners, who clash with each other even over trivial matters.

Aware of the cost of human blood, he carried out his plan …Hamas rockets would fall “directly on” his political opponents and the blood of Gaza would make them clash with each other. He sacrificed dozens of Palestinian children to save his life. Everyone helped him. All fascist Arab regimes —which are enriched by the petrodollars of Zionism— survive thanks to the provocative action of Israel, which allows them to use violence against their people. A policy, which in turn is sustained by the blood of the innocent. They give some crumbs to the poor Palestinians to be sacrificed as “witnesses”, so that they themselves can pretend to be faithful Muslims, and in turn the corrupt Netanyahu can pretend to be the “hero” …EVERYTHING “set up”…Even Iran is in the “Trick”, since the tension and paid “anti-Zionism” in the Middle East maintains its fascist regime.

With Netanyahu’s downfall all these partners in the great crime of the Middle East were in danger. With a multi-collective government in Israel things would become uncontrollable and would endanger huge interests …Huge economic interests even within Israel itself. This policy of dirty secret services handed over the entire economy of Israel to a few Zionists …Very few “inter-involved” families control everything in Israel. These are the sponsors and protectors of “Bibi”…They had an interest in today’s chaos and they allowed Netanyahu to commit this great crime …Twelve years of absolute mess up and loot were coming to an end, and they wouldn’t let that happen so easily. They were the ones who actually lost the recent elections and they were punished by the Israeli people with their vote.

With this carnage they are trying to cancel the people’s decision. Simple things. They themselves have supplied hermetically blocked Gaza with rockets. They’re the rockets, because their Israelis are their targets. They themselves triggered the abnormally widespread civil war Arab “reaction” in Israel’s cities. That is why we said at the beginning of the text that … Palestine is hit, but Israel is the “target” …Gaza is being bombed, but the Democracy in Israel is under threat of collapse. Who will help the children of Palestine from the new carnage? … They stand alone against the greatest criminal gang mankind has ever known …Their “blood” is the only “lubricant” that this “oil engine” needs to “work”. The American policy is served by the agenda of the Middle East —which gives the US the right to control oil— served by the corrupt Netanyahu. Europeans benefit from this policy itself. The German-occupied EU of modern-day Nazi Merkel benefits from this policy itself. Even the corrupt Erdogan, thanks to this criminal policy, pretends to be the “protector” of Mohammedans and just survives politically inside Turkey. Who’s going to help them? …The only ones who can do it are the people of Israel themselves.

The people of Israel must find the strength to react …To react, save themselves and save the Palestinians. They must defeat their tyrants …The same tyrants who had put them in Germany’s Concentration Camps for their own interests, and are now trying to turn Israel itself into a huge Concentration Camp !!!



Panagiotis Traianou