We live truly unique moments in human history. Even if one does not believe in “The end of times” Prophecies or conspiracy theories, one understands that we are marching with mathematical precision towards an end …An end, which all of us hope will not be definite and fatal to humanity. The protagonist in this uncontrolled situation is the global system of power, which is clearly in a state of insanity. It seems that there is no defined and therefore “compact” strategy for its future, and its decisions are such as “to make up for the day, and tomorrow we’ll see”. We are talking about REQUIRED things about a system which must —and until now has managed to—”see” decades —if not centuries— “into the future” before the ordinary people’s eyes, and which is currently fighting for its daily survival.

Today’s “carnage” in Gaza seems to be a continuation of the provocation we have seen happening outside the US Capitol. For reasons that we should look for and analyze, a bloody policy continues, which shows two things …It shows the DESPISE of the New Order for Democracy …And its PANIC !!! Dislike for a state, which forces it to submit to the will of the citizens and panic over its attempt to cancel that will, when for whatever reason it manifests itself and does not suit it. In both cases to which we refer, we have an attempt to cancel the will of the people. In both the US and Israel, an attempt was made to cancel election results for peoples who until recently were perceived as the “elites” of modern world society.

In order to understand this, one must look at the situation as a whole, and not be carried away by the “problems” of the killers and the “misinformation” of the global media. This means that one will have to understand why the New Order system has arrived to be affected by the electorally expressed “view” of its own people, so that it finds itself in the need to have to break the law in order to change it. In the era of the “two pillar axes” with communism, the central power of the Western World had never reached this point. It pretended to be the guarantor of world democracy and progress, and the citizens with their votes maintained its power, so that it could continue to provide them with what it promised them. The system of that time did not need to “manipulate” democratic processes in such a raw way …Especially in the most powerful states.

The collective interests of these peoples —who were directly linked to the rulers of the Cold War era— were enough to ensure the desired results permanently with the absolute synergy of the “partners”. Today this has been obviously changed. The New Order and its “chosen ones” were isolated from all peoples. Its rulers do not identify with certain specific peoples, as it was the case in the past. There are no longer any conflicting interests between rulers and common citizens of certain peoples. Only by name “American” imperialism does NOT “favor” Americans. The Zionist omnipotence in this imperialism does NOT “favor” the Israelis. The rich and powerful within the New Order not only became richer and more powerful than ever, but also became much less …and worse than that …were left “alone”.

The agenda lost key “pillars” of its operation and today it is literally a “meteor”. Assuming, for example, that in the anti-communist Western World of the Cold War era the Americans and the Zionists were absolutely dominant, we realize that it made sense for the powerful of that time —and in order to serve their interests— to have created concentric circles of interest with certain particular peoples …With their own peoples. There was no other way to exercise global power. In order to stabilize and operate their agenda they needed the help of their own peoples in order to have the massiveness required by global control. First among these privileged peoples —and therefore first of these concentric “circles” of the supposedly free democratic world— were the Americans and the Israelis. They were favored above all else, because they would be called upon to take up arms and even by force defend the plan that suited their bosses …but also themselves…

…There was profit for these peoples! The American-Socialist agenda of the Cold War era gave these peoples work …It ensured them economic growth …It protected their businesses in all the markets of the world …It provided them with preferential financing, which created conditions of unfair competition to the detriment of their competitors …It protected their know-how, considering it —as they see fit— a strategic capital of the free world …It provided them —through secret services— with information which “caped” their common competitors. Americans and Israelis were unnaturally making progress in these “backs.” All this was a WINNING situation for these folks …Profits, which were seen in their cities, in their neighborhoods, in their schools and in their homes …Large profits, which looked like “smooth” distributed by the powerful to the peoples to whom they belonged themselves.

The United States and Israel prevailed in a world that was truly fighting for its survival. These people travelled all over the world places, as they were not only small, but also cheap. At a time when everyone else was fighting for their survival, they enjoyed —thanks to their bosses— the sweet “taste” of cosmopolitanism. All this glamorous “scene” of the “successful” peoples of Democracy and Freedom is something that is no longer the case. With the New Order it was not only the concept of the “free” Western World that was “abolished” and “removed”, not only the concept of the “free” Western World, but also everything associated with it and which were essential elements of its operation …Elements such as cooperation between “partners” in this extremely advantageous situation for them. Obviously —and as a result of the greed of some, who were not content with sharing up to then— all that has changed.

In the battle for superiority and absolute power in the Western World —and not only— Americans and Zionists clashed with each other and the second won …Industrialists and bankers clashed with each other and the second won. These all-powerful Zionists are today’s absolute rulers of the New Order …This Order is completely controlled by the Jewish bankers and the Jewish “investors” of the Wall Street, who have literally bought out all the Multinational Corporations …And who are now buying everything that exists and doesn’t exist in the real estate sector. These dominant and greedy Zionists are not similar to the older Zionists. Although they are Jews —children of Jews— they do not permanently live up to their settled Jewish characteristics. The only characteristic they have kept solid is their greed !!!

In everything else they are different, and this diversity has its explanation …They have no inhibitions in the face of anything and the power they have enjoyed —since they were born— removes the standing and age-old phobias of their fellow national predecessors …They haven’t grown up in ghettos and they haven’t fought on the social fringe for their survival… They do not feel that they belong to a “peripheral” category of marginal people, who at any time can be persecuted and therefore must take care of a plan-b exit …To make sure that they do not provoke, to have on their side the people’s “protectors” and to hide behind them, as the older Jews did with the English, the Germans and finally with the Americans.

Today’s Zionists were born privileged in a world that —even under the pressure of the law— had learned to “respect” them. They live as congenitally privileged in a world of strangers who do not own them and are very dangerous …In a world that has simply been forced to put up with them, and which obviously they have not “weighed” properly. They grew up taking for granted things that weren’t like that. Because they lived in a “made feel guilty” Christian world, they thought this world would always “owe” them, and therefore forgive all their mistakes …Mistakes, which at first began as exceptions that came from naivety and then, because of greed, became the norm.

So, these Neo-Zionists, who became tycoons without labor, without knowing what this unique “success” might entail in human history, designed the New Order according to their own interests, which are purely financial. They are the ones who moved —a completely “suicidal” move for the West— the entire production to China. They are the ones who turned the West into “burnt” land …In a society of unemployed citizens …In a society that literally cannot survive with its own “hands” …In a society that increasingly tends to become the “model” of California …A “model” where a few people possess unreal wealth and power, and the rest, when they do not roam the streets as homeless, survive on the verge of impoverishment. But this unprecedented over-concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the dominant Zionists, could not function à la carte …It was only a matter of time to include in their victims the privileged of previous eras.

That was the worst they could do because they lost their collective defenses. They were “stripped” of partners and in fact of accomplices. They were removed from their peoples and left alone in their luxurious offices, flanked not by fanatical fans, but by paid henchmen. Suddenly ordinary Americans and Israeli citizens would have to live on the unfavorable conditions that applied to all other states, which were victims of the imperialism of the powerful of the world. Suddenly these “chosen” peoples of the Cold War era became common peoples …They also became victims of the “beasts” of the New World Order. The preferential treatment of these peoples was lost which —because of this treatment— passionately and of course voluntarily, supported the previous agenda.

It does not matter that the Zionists —even with American passports— would remain the masters …What matters is that these peoples ceased to be their chosen …Zionist strategic “planners”, such as Kissinger, Albright or Holbrooke formerly, became “old fashion” …They had a lot of Jewish “memories” and it affected their thinking …They had inhibitions and were restrictive of the ambitions of the Neo-Nazis like Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Brin, Bourla, etc. …”Hasty” Zionists, who, after becoming tycoons within a few months, felt that they could become “gods” within a few years.

Instead of these common people thanking God for becoming tycoons because of the peculiarities of a system that could make even the most insignificant idea golden, they wanted to become “gods” themselves …”Gods”, who became tycoons without effort through some college room or garage of their father’s house and thought the world belonged to them …who thought they “see” what no one else “sees”, because they are …”inferior” …”Gods”, who thought that the “delete” they had learned to do on their computers can also do so within society, “deleting” human beings. These amateurs —but absolutely dangerous— “gods” were the ones who designed today’s homicide New Order. Because they “saw” which no one else could “see”, they were looking for a “software” for imperialism more convenient and efficient than the previous one. Because they did not live in the real world to know what it can accept as “hardware”, they sought a “software” that serves themselves and were not interested in knowing if the world can tolerate it …before it “crashes” and “terminates” them.

All of them —although the vast majority of them American Jews— have left both the United States and Israel out of their planning. They obviously saw better economic results in this option and did not foresee exceptions —and therefore additional costs— for their own safety, and of course for the safety of the agenda. It is obvious that, for all their origins, they do not see with much sympathy either the Americans or the Jews themselves… These relationships leave them indifferent, since they have not been in an environment of fear and threat, in order to reproduce constant collective behaviors and invest in national or social alliances. They have obviously decided that their interests are “above” such “micro-relationships”, which only cost and don’t bring profit. They therefore chose their new partners on the basis of such criteria, who had nothing to do with the previous national or religious ones.

Companions of all these are now only the likes of them. The new elites of the New Order are these “peoples”, who —worldwide now— serve the Zionists who monopolize power …Global power …The “peoples” of their likes …The “folks” of their fans …Those whom they created themselves through their Colleges or Multinationals and who enjoy their privilege today in all the lengths and widths of the Planet regardless of nationality …All aligned behind the “American-fed boys” of the expensive Colleges …Even the “plebs” of some private “sheds” —pretending to be Colleges— in countries with a rudimentary national sovereignty, “follow” them with the logic of the “believer” and the wannabe —in one night— tycoon …Their employees, literally and figuratively.

Suddenly, they abandoned their like-minded “companions” and invested in their like-minded people. Suddenly, the US and Israel ceased to be the “brilliant” exceptions in the imperialist rule, and entered the same denominator as all other states. Literally the USA and Israel surrendered without any hesitation as a chosen “prey” to the “nails” of the imperialists … and now their peoples have perceived it as a disfavor. These formerly favored peoples, who do not receive any special favor today, are no longer fully controlled, because they no longer have a “share” in global imperialism … They have not secured their interests in a world that preys on the powerful …They are unhappy with the final choices of their “leaders” and their —now former— benefactors. It was only a matter of time before they could come face to face with their attackers.

But how does a people show their displeasure? … With their vote. If until now Americans and Israelis were favored by the global American policy, which was planned by the various “Kissinger” Jews, this also seemed in their absolute “alignment” with the choices of their bosses …They supported them at all levels and by all means. All the murderers of global imperialism, who ruled the USA and Israel, did so with the votes of their “chosen” peoples. Did the “bosses” want Bill Clinton? … The “complicit” people would give them Clinton with his vote. Did the “bosses” want Obama? …The people were voting for Obama. Clinton, Obama, etc. were secretly chosen by the secret “Directories” type Bilderberg, and the Americans legitimized them through the “baptisms” of pseudo-democratic processes.

The same thing was happening in Israel… It didn’t take much thought for the Israelis. They didn’t care what people said or thought about their state. They didn’t care that their elected leaders were called NAZIS and murderers. Their “bosses” ensured them “homeland” and they had little interest who they would put as “manager” in their own “shop”. If the “bosses” wanted Netanyahu, he would be voted for by grateful Israelis. They didn’t care if Netanyahu was blatantly corrupt and murderous. They didn’t care that Netanyahu was the only leader of the civilized world who ordered and announced murders of people …for “precautionary” reasons. As long as he and his bosses gave them a “share” of the imperialist gains, they didn’t care about their fascism or their corruption.

But all these have changed with the change of the agenda. Suddenly the US and Israel became states of a “series”…States similar to all other …States which were not singled out by the world leadership in order to protect them from economic crisis and poverty. The “bosses” didn’t have them apart from the rest. Whatever negative consequences applied to others, applied to them as well. But this has provoked the anger of the people. The alignment between fascist “Directing Bureaus” and “loyalist” voters was no longer a given and this was clearly seen in the elections that followed these changes … Folks didn’t support their bosses’ choices …They had no reason to support them… It was not in their best interest to support them.

Naturally, the “bosses” – both in the United States and in Israel – did not like these unwanted election results. Within a few months the “bosses” of the New Order seemed to lose the support of their peoples… This support, which until recently they took for granted, and which of course is necessary for them to ensure even a sham legitimacy in power. The “computers” began to show “squeaks” and emit “smoke”, but these hurried “gods” of Silicon Valley and Manhattan did not analyze them properly…

… They didn’t even get the “message”, seeing all-powerful Zionists of their own “conspiracy” crawling through the system like humiliated “dogs”…They didn’t realize that, in order for Epstein to end up in the grave and Maxwell or Weinstein to crawl into prison, things had been changed …They did not realize that something very important had been changed, in order to carry in the “slaughterhouses” the illustrious “calves” of the sacred “cows” of the Holocaust …Something had been changed and the old privileged Zionists were handed over as a “catch” to the punitive mechanisms, which until then concerned only “others”.

The signs, in fact, which should have awakened them, were existed. But they were “drunk” by their wealth and power and paid no attention. Not even when the American people clearly showed their intentions. These people did not want their own New Order and had shown it to them in the most absolute and official way …They had the Americans vote for Hillary Clinton against the “easy opponent” Trump, and the people supported the second… They did not take this “message” seriously and continued to underestimate the people and the functioning of Democracy …They tried again to impose on Americans their chosen Biden, and again the people reacted …Trump got the most votes someone ever gotten in an election as an incumbent President and came out “second.” The desert goats laughed as well with the blatant rigging attempted by Moses’ children !!!

The whole planet knows that the unpopular, corrupt and irrelevant old man-Biden was impossible to get close to the votes of popular Trump. Precisely because everyone was aware of Biden’s dynamics, it was only a matter of time before a recount was ordered following numerous allegations of fraud. Things would be tragic for the naive conspirators if their luck did not help them. They were saved temporarily by the mistake of the naive and politically inexperienced Trump …His mistake of calling the Americans outside the Capitol, when he was sure of securing the “mandate” of the Senate to investigate allegations of election fraud.

It was this useless and unnecessary “call” for support that saved the conspirators. The Zionist conspirators until that moment were panicked, because the revelation of their crimes was certain …The cooperation between them was obvious and the evidence was there. Trump then gave them the right to make a provocation, which would allow them to change the political agenda. Knowing these parastate practices —and having paid provocateurs and assassins at their disposal— they did the Capitol provocation. Trump, because of his naivety, lost his right …and from being the victim of the great fraud, he became a potential coup initiator …He, who, based on the election result, was the undisputed “elite” of the American people, appeared from the Zionist media and social media like the coup leader, who wanted to “bypass” the American people’s will.

With this provocation the fascists and the panicked Zionists were saved for a moment. We are talking about the moment, because even at this moment the case with the elections in the USA is not over …The judicial investigations for the allegations of fraud are still in progress. Until the American Justice Court finally decides, Biden will pretend to be the President, because that is what is provided by the US Constitution …He will be a weak President until the competent bodies decide on the final legitimacy of the electoral process. It is clear, however, that this is about a superficial President. A President who has not yet been to the Vatican, London or Berlin, as is customary for EVERY newly elected President of the United States. How long will he be “hidden” behind the Coronavirus, in order to justify the postponement of these obligatory contacts? …In a short time, the problem will begin to appear in his limited “responsibility” term.

The Zionists saw the “smoke” from the half-destroyed “hardware” of the USA, but again they did not appreciate it on the right basis. After this fiasco —which is still being investigated, and it is unknown where and at whose expense will end— the time has come for Israel …The Israelis have also taken the place of the Americans …And they, as “former” favored, have expressed their “Annoyance” at the first opportunity given to them. They were waiting for their national elections, to express their dissatisfaction with the “elites” of the Bilderberg Club and to question their choices. The elections took place and the results were not liked by the “bosses” of Israel …The same bosses we mentioned in the case of the USA …The Zionist bosses of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, who, receiving the wrong “messages” from the case of the Capitol, they considered that with a similar provocation they could cancel the “order” of the people… This, of course, which was perfectly convenient for the ruthless Netanyahu …Netanyahu, whose election result literally “hung him on the wall”. The “veteran” Prime Minister Netanyahu needed the “green” light of his bosses, because he had reached the “bottom” in the elections; however, a dangerous “bottom”, because in his case this bottom “leans” on the prison. The completely rotten and corrupt Netanyahu is in danger of ending his “bright” life in a prison cell !!!

In the face of this nightmarish prospect, he decided to make a huge human sacrifice in order to save his life. In fact, he began war on the Palestinians to prevent his opponents from forming a government. To take advantage of their lack of experience in managing an intense military conflict —with much blood and pressure from the international community— which requires “acquaintances” to defuse tensions. Netanyahu, the veteran provocateur of the Bilderberg Club did not have these problems …With his international connections and the “backs” of his bosses he could “invest” in such a war in order to exploit it for his personal interests …He could initiate the war at any time, because, as Prime Minister of Israel, he controlled the “detonating device” of Jerusalem; and he did. With full control of Israel’s justice system —almost all of the judges are appointed under its own government— he provoked a Palestinian reaction. Therefore, the Gaza rockets were an expression of this reaction.

A Prime Minister at the end of his mandate, who was literally on the verge of “leaving” his office, tried to implement Israel’s most illegal and deafening settlement policy. The result was completely predictable from the beginning and it is what we see. Infinite coffins of dead children and his political opponents unable and incapable of communicating with each other and reacting …The “trick” had succeeded …The same mechanisms of mass misinformation, who “saw” Biden as the protector of the Republic after the “coup” in the Capitol, were the same who “saw” Netanyahu as the protector of Israel after the “massacre” in Gaza …The same people who killed Ashli Babbitt in Capitol, in order to cancel the “command” of the Americans, are the same ones who are killing the Palestinians today, in order to cancel the “command” of the Israelis.

ALL of Biden’s “friends” seem to support Netanyahu’s policies. THE ENTIRE Bilderberg Club gang is running to support the New Order and its choices. ALL with the same argumentative “scenario” in their hands. EVERYONE —coincidentally— examines the situation “in excerpts” and even starting their argument from a common point. EVERYONE recognizes Israel’s “right” to defend itself against Palestinian attacks, but no one goes “back” for a few days to see what exactly caused these attacks; to discover Netanyahu’s own role in the event of these attacks. To see that before Israel’s “right” to self-defense there was an unprovoked “attack” on the Palestinians, who then reacted… To see what his political gain was because of this attack… Fine words of course for the Nazi-communist Merkel …and all the leading snitches of the New Order —such as Mitsotakis—.

At the moment everything seems to be “coming out”, but in these cases most of the time nothing is as it seems …It is quiet in the “eye” of the cyclone, but it does not reassure those who know what is happening. So, it is good to be careful, because the “cyclone” that comes will find them “exposed”. They have exceeded the limits tolerated by the people and this is dangerous.

Zionists in the United States —in a country where the death penalty is practiced and dozens of convicts are executed each year— must never forget that the punishment for rigging national elections —which determine the leadership and therefore the future of its people— is Guantanamo. Netanyahu is in the same danger. He lives in a place where life has almost no value and he has contributed the most to this loss of value. In order to save his place and avoid prison, he literally killed hundreds of unsuspecting citizens and children …Few are those accused today for whom there is so much evidence to be punished as criminals against humanity, such as Netanyahu …Even the various Milosevic or Karadzic had found a national or religious “tale” to hide their crimes. Netanyahu did it to save his political position. He killed hundreds of people to prevent his opponents from “reaching an agreement” in their negotiations.

If one thinks that this murderous gang of Zionists is the same one who invented the Coronavirus pandemic and imposed a global Lockdown, then we are talking about the utterly extreme misery, which in the future will be the definition of the concept of crime against humanity. The stupid Zionists and their murderous henchmen set new criminal “standards”, making Hitler and the Nazis seem like trivial provincial stabbers. They flattened the world economy and left neither the US nor Israel out of this catastrophe.

They “poisoned” a large part of the human population with their self-made —and of dubious effectiveness—”vaccines”, starting with the example of their own people. Overcoming all limitations, not only did they not exclude their own people, but they used them as models, in order to more easily seduce others. They destroyed everything, in order to continue the global “looting” and the humiliation of human …and even profited of this, if one considers that all these injectable drugs belong to their own pharmaceutical companies.

Having been “drunk” from their power, they forgot the most important and dangerous concept of Greek political culture, which is the concept of “Insult”. They got out of control and entered real “uncharted waters”, since with their decisions they endangered humanity and of course its culture. In order to impose their policies, they also violated the boundaries of religions, challenging “God” who founded them. Even for a moment they became real “gods”, who with their actions affected the all mankind but …they are bad “gods”…They are “gods” of evil, because they only “produce” destruction …They are “gods” of darkness and of falsehood, because they could not do all this in a different way …They are “gods”, and where they “ascended” there is no mercy in case of conflict.

The tragic irony is that all those who today are committing crimes against humanity belong to people who are now waiting for the Great Judge and punisher of the enemies of humans. They question the information of their own religion for their profits …Information, which in the “crazy” age we live in has its own logic. Assuming there is a chance that the Great Judge will one day appear, now is the perfect time to do so. Why; …Because he can distinguish the enemies of men from the rest, as they have set themselves apart …Because he can literally melt them, without even getting Himself “dirty” with some inexplicable cruelty …Without altering his own image of the Merciful …With their own laws and within their own system, ALL of them will go to the “garbage”…and —unfortunately for them— no one will be found to “mourn” them.

Some will understand in the most painful way that it is not a good time to pretend to be “god”, and even kill people for achieving your damn ambitions. They chose the worst time to be “disobedient” to their “fathers”, and they will pay for it a very expensive price!!!


This is how the Scriptures “seal”

and the “paradoxes” concerning them are confirmed


Panagiotis Traianou