Anyone who doesn’t learn from history, is forced to relive it !!!

What does the Covid-19 current “mask” have to do with the star of David, that Jews wore in Nazi Germany?


Now that poverty has begun to scare people more than the supposed pandemic, logic will also begin to answer simple questions, which no one until now has asked themselves, because the fear and panic caused by the systemic media did not let man think clearly. But now that the “disruption” of panic is beginning to dissipate and the “wreckage” of a huge national disaster begins to appear, the role of Covid-19 will begin to appear as well …This is a virus-“biological weapon” …A “biological weapon” of enormous power when one considers the damage it has done to society and its economy …A “biological” weapon, for which one can easily understand and who unleashed it against humanity, when you consider which media —with their propaganda— have increased to the maximum extent its destructive effectiveness …When one thinks that even Merkel, the German Chancellor, praised Greece and the Greeks for their absolute compliance …She even gave us money to “bear”.

It is now clear that we are moving towards the last “measures” of a large and dangerous agenda, which we do not know about. It is obvious that the New Order is in a hurry to put the peoples in their “pastures”, and control is required, in order to achieve this. It was necessary to release their “good” “dogs” in order to frighten the unruly and therefore “evil” “sheep” of humanity. It was necessary for the loan-sharks globalists of the New Order to find a way to trap humanity and lead it where it suits them, without finding resistance in front of them. The power system certainly wanted to manipulate humanity to complete its plans, without the risk of its reaction.

Proof that this situation was a strategic pursuit of the system is the fact that it financed itself …The same system, which “drains” peoples for profits, was the one, which financed without any hesitation the leaders, to give the “crumbs” required by the choice of restricting people in their homes. The system itself acquired the first possible “reaction”, which could manifest itself in society from its compulsory internment. It has had to do so since, through this policy, it has pursued specific objectives. They wanted to put society in a terrible state of isolation, to scare it, control it and threaten it in advance before making its next move, which of course will be important to them. The pandemic of the virus, as is, is not the “request” of the system …It is simply the “vestibule” for what we will soon understand as “request”.

With the global lockdown of the economy —because of the virus— and the mandatory internment of people in their homes, they achieved what they wanted …They succeeded in creating those conditions, which entrench man in weakness. They managed and exhausted the world economically, socially, psychologically and emotionally …That was the real goal of Covid-19 …To terrorize society, to bring it into a massive “panic attack” …To bring the world to the limits of despair …To “tame” society and make it tolerate fascist policies, which a few days ago people knew only from the books.

 That’s what this is about…There is preparation of society, so that it does not react to fascist practices …They have formally criminalised —and by fascist-style laws— the opposite view, so that people tolerate police checks on citizens …Police blocks the streets …Curfews …Gathering bans …City-to-city travel bans …Bans on social and family events … To tolerate punishments of the “unruly” …Accepting to reward moles. This is all a “success” of fascism and this is only possible if a society reaches its limits and is afraid to react …At those limits, to which only one war can bring a society, and because we are talking about humanity as a whole, we are talking about World War.

Not only the emergence of the “virus” has this psychological goal, but also the method of dealing with it. Compulsory use of the mask turns it into a very harsh political “tool”, which has a very specific objective. First of all, let us say that it is completely useless for the reasons they are relying on. It offers no protection and especially in open spaces it simply turns man into a disguised “carnival”. One is more likely to get sick from a mask, which he uses the wrong way and for many hours, than to get sick from the so-called “deadly” virus, which every day turns out to be a “hoax”. There are so many scientists who have put forward this view by name, and this is not our assessment.

The reason why they impose this mask is very specific …It has to do with the manipulation and subjugation of people and in no way has to do with health reasons …This mask has the function of David’s “stars”, which forced the Jews to wear in a perfectly visible place on their clothes. The “star” was once imposed by the fascists on ordinary Jews, to force them to submit to their plan …To force them to leave their homes and without reactions to get on the trains and go where it suited those who had reason to move them with as few reactions as possible …To force them into the Dachau concentration camps without much fuss. They imposed them, in order to “separate” them from other people and to put the rest —and visible, because of symbols— “different” society to “push” them in the direction of submission to the commandments of power …To make them feel that they cannot be “hidden” from power, which wanted and asked them for certain things.

That’s what this is about. The mask, because it is visible —and to the point where it is perfectly visible and therefore cannot be hidden—, stigmatizes and therefore characterizes people. In fact, the mask is a “statement” of social opinions, since it is supposed to be linked to the concept of social “responsibility” and thus to how much the wearer agrees —or refuses to wear it— with the view of the sovereign power. This enables the system to handle this at will …and with the aim of terrorizing the people. What does that actually mean? …That the citizen, once forced and wearing the mask, the first thing he indirectly does is that he accepts the authority of the person who imposes it, whether he agrees or disagrees with the reason why he is forced to wear it. Just wearing the mask, you’re making a “declaration” of allegiance. From then on, going out on the street wearing it, you give the “permission” to the power to control you —daily and throughout the 24 hours— and that means that you have accepted its terms to the full extent.

The mask enables the system of power to divide society and to “see” with absolute precision how much —and if— it controls society in order to make its future “movements”. The system “sees” who is “with” it and who is “against” it and acts accordingly. It does not matter whether this distinctive “element” is wearing by the “bad guys”, to stand out from the “good ones” or vice versa. What is important is that the system succeeds and —with the consent of part of society— “stigmatizes” those it desires and targets them in order to terrify them. By using the mask the system can transfer —illegally— part of its power to its own “chosen ones”, who act as its “eyes” and its “ears”…

…As a fact, that is what all fascist systems do with their “chosen ones”, who act as a parastate …They arbitrarily and illegally transfer a kind of power to ordinary citizens, to control ALL others …What a junta does with the fascists, who monitor the neighbors …What a religion does with the “Taliban”, who monitor who does not “fast” or who does not wear “burga” etc. …What Hitler’s Nazi state did, which gave “power” to Nazi citizens to control the Jews, about whether or not they were subjugated to power, wearing the star of David …What Hitler’s Nazi state did and banned the “stigmatized” from entering the shops in order to be served.

The fascist system with this simple method of social segregation exploits its own fanatics and with them the most gullible and terrified members of society, who voluntarily replace it in its own “job”. This mixture of “favoured” and naïve citizens —with the “power” they feel they are taking, like the “good” children of the system— supports it in the harshest versions of its decisions …Ordinary citizens are the ones who will make an observation if you don’t wear a mask …Ordinary citizens are the ones who will tell you to lift it up your nose if you don’t wear it in the “legitimate” way Ordinary citizens are those who will threaten you even by force if you do not comply “on the orders” of the “enlightened” leaders, who “love” us and want our “good” …These are the ordinary citizens who keep you constantly within the limits that the power needs to retain you, but it does not have the means —and of course it does not want— to challenge you directly, in order to do so itself through the ‘instruments’ of repression.

Just to see who they are, who first —and spectacularly— wear the masks, will understand what is going on. There is no convenient neo-taxi bourgeois who questions the value of it …There is no Marxist in the world who questions the value of using the mask. We got to the point where we made movement declarations to get out of our homes and no one reacted. Even the well-known “unruly” and “rebel” communists make a “revolution” with a code of physical “exercise” and wearing masks …They protest “violently” but, having sent a “message” of leaving their homes and observing the “distances” …They throw stones at the police officers, but with masks, because they’re socially “responsible”. They want to “open” the “heads” of the “order representatives”, but …not to get them stuck with the virus.

Especially with communists, things are ridiculous, because they have to show their bosses that they’re “good” kids, while their pay has been shamley taken out. Clowns can’t do any differently, considering that the virus and masks are the choices of their own bosses …Options of the Zionist loan sharks, who own the Greek Communist Party and its intern-SYRIZA …Choices of the Zionists, who control the New Order and have their reasons to “subjugate” society with such practices. With the “alibi” of the health and survival of the grandma, society submits to self-control, and people giving the power to the system to play psychological games against them. Moreover, this same power with the use of this “instrument” can and does know which people individually are unruly and moreover are not afraid to come up against it.

The compulsory use of the mask, in other words, is not at all what it seems and in no way has anything to do with the health of the populations. The global use of the mask is that, which “aligns” all the submissive peoples in a common global decision-making center …The mask is the “tool” that allows Marxist power of the New Order to “tame” the indiscipline of all peoples and in fact to play with their psychology. From then on, the virus itself —as a health problem— is the alibi of this Marxist power to wipe out all the small and medium-sized competitors of its “chosen” monopolies, and this cannot be done unless the people are terrified …what if people were not confined to their homes and like frightened animals waited to be “saved” by the very system that brought them into this situation? This was the point of both the virus and the mask …To experience the conditions of war, and the terror that he causes …Waiting for the “winners” to put the people in a “normality” that suits them, so that they can continue to live.

We all realize that we’re talking about Mitsotakis’ “network” at the Bilderberg Club …Mitsotakis, the Greek Prime Minister —one of the first leaders in the world— who rushed to obey the calls of the loan shark globalists to put Greece into lockdown …Mitsotakis, was quick to put on one of the first “masks” in Greece, to place it in the “good” and “obedient” states of the New Order. If one thinks of the enormous destruction of the economy, one can easily speak of high treason, in case it is revealed that the whole farce of the pandemic was a fraud of the Bilderberg Club and its local laques, who pretend to be national leaders …It will be high treason, if it turns out to be that Mitsotakis knew in advance the “project” of the pandemic and was quick to serve the “bosses” at the expense of the Greek people and the Greek state.

There is no other category that can so accurately express what happened. In the real world and in the real economy this “farce” of the slaves of the Bilderberg Club is already a huge economic disaster, which is only a matter of time before it turns into a humanitarian crisis. Flattened everything …as if thousands of bombs had been dropped —with the permission of our leaders— on our cities …Thousands of businesses have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of our fellow human beings will never return to the famous “normality”, because they simply no longer have their jobs …The new generation has now lost hope that it will find some work to start a life …The student youth has become disoriented and has lost their educational “step” …Society is beginning to lose its momentum and optimism. Proof of this is the huge consumption of psychotropic drugs.

These are all crimes …And when there are crimes, there are criminals. If it turns out that in this disaster we were consciously pushed by the rulers, because these were the orders of their bosses, they will face a “black future”. Their parent instructors—as dosing— got away with it in 1945 …But they themselves won’t get away with it, because the world has changed now. If this is combined with the problems faced by their “bosses” —because of the election— in the US, it is not very certain that they will last long.

The junk dealers, who once again destroyed Greece, will “pay” the price this time. The great hour of liberation is approaching and some will be looking for a place to hide…


Panagiotis Traianou