Europe has been captured by usurious mobsters
The evil-doers have defeated the Generals
It took three World Wars, thousands of millions of casualties
and around 100 years for the Americans to conquer Europe
The gang’s nesting lies in today’s Nazi Germany


The end of WWI has left Europe in absolute shock. It had just gone through the ultimate human carnage. At a time when it hoped that technology would be the solution to all its problems, Europe witnessed the former take a shooting position and turn its sights on it, showing no mercy whatsoever. The wildest human instincts combined forces with modern technology and the result was utterly shocking. The human flesh just couldn’t get enough of the new machine guns invented by humans with the purpose to bump off their kind. Even animals have never been dealt with such slaughterous attitude. Technology spewed out death and death dropped all its weight on the human species. Whether in the form of a round or a poisonous gas, it attacked humans and brought devastation.

From that moment on, human flesh and its properties stopped being the drawing line for ending warfare. It was the power of the hard steel that would determine the outcome of the battle, not the trained bodies of the people who held it. The time had come when just a finger – even of the most spineless man – functioning well enough to pull the trigger of the machine gun was more important than a hero’s body. What carried weight at that time was the intensity of the poisonous gas instead of the intense spirit of a brave warrior; it was the load of ammunition peoples had to spare instead of the load of a peoples’ bravery that carried the weight. There were no more humans-heroes for the simple reason that humans had stopped being the major players in a war. Humans were mere extras; victims; the target; the meat. The war machines had become the new major players.

Even during the saddest shows put on throughout the centuries, humans had made a fine job of being the less important player; of becoming an extra; of becoming a piece of meat that technology had to eliminate.  The faceless and cold technology that had no emotions would mow down everything, whether it was ears of wheat or human bodies. Technology vies hard wheat as much an enemy as a hard human body. It makes no difference that wheat is dealt with a reaping machine and humans with a machine gun. All technology sees is a problem that needs to be dealt with the easiest and cheapest way possible.

From the moment technology entered war as the major player the only result could have been a massacre. Supposing that in the cruelty of wars there had been even a slightest hint of chivalry which acknowledged the concept of mercy up until then, it had disappeared. Machines can show no mercy and troops have become destruction and death machines. They have become death production and substructure destruction kind of industries. Soldiers were no longer warriors but machine operators that produced death. Tanks did not function as a warrior’s armor but as safe working environments in an odd working space. Everybody was duped into a game the major players of which they had not knowledge of while they themselves played the meat for slaughter.

All one has to do is take a look at some historical statistics of WWI and compare them to other war conflicts in prior times. During the Battle of the Somme, where the British Forces were led by General Douglas Haig, the situation reached an unprecedented level, even for the Superpower of that time. The Battle started in July 1st and the first day alone resulted in Britain numbering 60,000 casualties. With no need or cause, the British had wasted manpower greater than the army which once helped Alexander the Great to conquer half of Asia. By the end of the battle the British had traded 1,000,000 human lives for a strip of land. If that was the price the highly equipped Superpower had to pay, what price would the others – the most weak – be called to pay?

Why has this change happened, though? Why has a practice exercised for centuries changed within a few years? Why has war become a simple matter of business of mass destruction and death? Why has the target suddenly shifted from conquest to destruction? The answer is simpler than the reader thinks. The demands of war are different for the simple reason that the bid dawgs are different. Until then, military people and political players of the great forces in Europe used to be the masters of the war but that has changed. The masters have changed, so the interests have changed as well, therefore it was only natural that they would change the course of action that could yield the much-desired profits.

Until then, all ambitious politicians or military players dreamt of building empires, expanding them and providing them with new provinces which they would incorporate in their empires’ structures readily and easily. What does this mean? It means that wars broke out following a very specific rationale. People fought to protect what was theirs or seize what belonged to others. Humans fought against other humans with an aim to seize each other’s material possessions. Soldiers would kill their rival soldiers but wouldn’t destroy everything in their wake. They had a sense of values which they either protected or claimed. They fought each other but wouldn’t universally destroy anything in their way because it was foolish.

You would claim the nice neighboring house, for example, in order to enjoy it yourself, not just tear it down. You would claim a space with infrastructures to exploit them yourself, not just destroy them. If you destroyed them, you devalued your conquest. If you razed them to the ground, your victory’s profits would go down the drain. You would turn the place into a desolate landscape which you yourself would have to develop and bring back to the condition that had made it desirable in the first place, using your labor and money.  Does the reader understand what we are expressing? Troops didn’t turn their conquests into lots because the latter brought minimum profits. Troops claimed plunders that would be as much intact from war destruction as possible. It was their owners they wanted get out of the picture, not the properties.

We have watched all these things happen throughout the centuries. Regions like Alsace or Lorraine, Silesia, Rhineland or Westphalia have not been known to us for giving birth to great philosophers, brilliant artists or outstanding scientists. All these regions were European and have become known as celebrated spoils of war. They are regions that have shifted hands as the result of certain wars that had taken place. They are regions that became known when everything was achieved through the common standard logic of wars; the logic we knew existed since ancient history; the logic history lessons have taught us to analyze.

All that changed after WWI. Wars suddenly lost their interest in land. They stopped targeting on conquest. They acquired a symbolic dimension. You would fight in one place but the profits were elsewhere. You would die in one place but the interests went far beyond. Mass slaughters would not take place over a strip of land as ignorant observers believed. Mass slaughters would allegedly take place so that humans would receive world first place in an allegedly world competition. Industrial capital claimed market domination worldwide and when the latter was saturated competitors fought against each other keeping a sort of an appointment. As if they were roughnecks, fans of football teams, they would make a rendezvous of death and the winner would rule far away from the rendezvous point.

In other words, when Germany reached the limit of its competition abilities with Britain they made a rendezvous of death somewhere in Belgium. The target was no street of Belgium. Belgium was only the arena for the belligerents. Whoever won the fight in that rendezvous would be given domination on millions of square meters of markets as a price since the target for all that was world market. From that standpoint we realize that 60,000 British casualties within a day and over a few acres of land actually make sense. Given that the battles which involved conquest of tens of thousands of kilometers had become the place where the opposing sides could maximize their powers and the conquest was virtual and huge, the number of casualties was inevitably huge as well. It goes without saying that only the conquest was virtual, not the battle between actual humans.

Has the reader understood what we are expressing? When the big dawgs changed, the goals changed as well. The case used to be that political-military leaders struggled to build empires by giving out feuds to the elite, but all that started to change. All of the sudden, new dawgs came to the front that obviously did not care about new feuds and conquests but market domination. So, here’s what we are asking the reader. Who were those new state leaders? If you ask a leftist, he’ll point to the formidable industrialists. If you ask capitalist Marx, he’ll point to the “capital”; If you ask the typical trade union advisors they will point to the capitalists. All of the above is correct. The question is how correct can these answers be if we are seeking the big dawgs? The actual leaders, not the ones they feed us with.

If the reader can realize the truth, he will be able to explain a lot of things. In theory, those industrialists supported the new war pattern because they had their eyes set on the markets and dreamt of monopolizing the world. Still, could it be the case that those industrialists were mere pawns? Whose pawns, is the question. They were pawns of the people who could finance their activities to the full; of the people who could establish them in the world but also put them out of business at all times.  Can’t an industrialist just spring up? An industrialist doesn’t want to become a feudal baron so that a new feud would be in order – hence blood – which would be seized from those who own it and who won’t give it up without a fight, as it is the natural thing to do.

While feudal barons are an obsolete human category which can’t be changed easily, industry is free of such problems. A lot of people can become industrialists within the same territory without even competing each other. All each of them needs is a plot of land to develop vertically. Any kind of labor can evolve into an industry. A miller can become flour industrialist without changing job object. A milkman can become an industrialist too. A craftsman who manufactures earthen household utensils with his bear hands can also become an industrialist. A cartwright can become an automotive industrialist provided he has proper funding. Namely anyone who manufactures anything can become an industrialist. He can create a bigger space for all the craftsmen to have enough room in order to produce in huge amounts what he used to produce in the small workshop of his. It is the quantities – hence the scales – that change and nothing else.

What’s the purpose of the reference to all these? We want the reader to understand that formidable industrialists are not as formidable as the Marxists depict them to be. They act tough to the people they give orders to but they also have people they answer to. Who could these people be, though? What need drives all these people to become industrialists? The answer is money. What do people who have already become industrialists seek? Is it money again? Therefore, whoever’s got the money can make an industrialist out of them but also blackmail them later on. Even if that person creates them, they cannot escape his power. He can blackmail with professional suffocation and death any time he wants. Consequently, industrialists are the powerful ones in the system in theory only. They are powerful as long as they are industrialists, hence as long as they are kept in business by the people who have the money, namely the bankers.

We have come to the point where we can conclude that the actual dawgs in Europe, which was torn apart by symbolic domestic wars, were the bankers. Feudal barons may have been the leaders of colonial wars but bankers were the leaders of the domestic industrial European wars. The bankers presented the industrialists as the leaders of the conflicts while in reality they were just a facade. These same bankers would buy off Marx to depict them to the masses as daemons. These same bankers would buy off communists to whip up the masses against industries and consequently against the country itself whenever they felt threatened.

The new bank leaders – as it has become clear now – had different needs to satisfy by means of war. They did not care about the outcome because they had made sure to collect in advance the profits from the war before the latter had even broken out. How did this work? They would finance both belligerents with the same amount of money and when war reached the point it suited them they would stop funding the side they had already decided to be the defeated one. It is as if they were funding a diving competition which, when they wanted ended, they would cut the air supply of the diver it suited their interests to lose. They were the sole ones to make the decisions and they were the sole ones to collect from everybody. They had to take simple actions, really. There was no need for them to constantly search for new battle fields and war causes. They could cause world wars in the same space, for the same reasons and with the same major players in perpetuity.

The bankers inflated the power of their desirable belligerents and the same bankers deflated it. The same people funded both war and peace. The same people who lent money to the belligerents for weapons supply were the same people that lent them money to build everything they themselves had brought down with these weapons. No matter what happened, these financial backers would get paid by both belligerents. Whether winners or losers, everybody was in their debt. Things are simple. Regardless of being the winner or loser, the money will be paid to the same bankers. The people the borrowed war money is owed to are the same people who will lend them the money for their national revival. This is exactly what the bankers look for. They look for people who are suckers for their nation and consider themselves winners even if they go bankrupt. They look for so-called patriots who are defeated, yet pluck up their courage and through hard work miraculously reconstruct their country. 

Does the reader understand the mentality behind all the irrational situations we analyzed at the beginning of this essay? Does the reader understand why the unpredictable nature of war has changed into another lethal routine? Has the reader understood that the field of heroes’ glory has turned into a wearisome industry whose workers produce death and destruction? Once industrialists were pushed to war for survival by their financial backers, war was inevitable to adopt their logic and of course their technology. Being industrialists and the most powerful members of society, they were about to become the major players of the war and that situation would change the nature of war itself. In such case, attributes like bravery or warriors’ passion were unrequired. 

The industrial era soldier was no longer a potential national hero. He became a common worker in the national industry of death. The same person who worked in factories as the industrialist’s employee had become death’s employee. He would slip into his working uniform and get down to business in the battle field. Just like a sewer stitched fabrics in the factory using strong and reliable sewing machines, the same way the soldiers – being decent workers – would stitch their kindred with bullets using their effective and reliable machine guns.

Has the reader understood what we are expressing? Industrialists warred against each other over who would offer his workers the best machines that would help them predominate the war market; machines that would make them more competitive, hence more efficient.

What was the target, hence the production of those death workers? It was destruction; utter annihilation. The more they destroyed the merrier. This is how the new logic behind war became linked to its new targets. The better the machines a worker had at his disposal, the greater the destructions he could bring on. Why? It was because that’s what their big dawgs wanted. Mostly, it suited their dawgs’ big dawgs. It didn’t so much suit those who actually gave the fight – namely the industrialists – as it suited the people who put them up to it – namely the bankers. If their bosses could produce excellent machines, they would receive the loans they needed to survive from the bankers.

Still, what did the big dawgs want to achieve through war? They wanted to bring destruction, absolute and global destruction. Why? It was because these people were not Generals or politicians but bankers. They stood to gain from destruction. Loans are required to make up for destruction and loans are the bankers’ joy. The bombs that were built to bring down everything came from loaned money and everything that was rebuilt came from loaned money. All they wanted was to give new loans, not possess new feuds; this is how far their ambition went. They wouldn’t mind if others took glory. They were bankers and usurers and wars were their means to maintain their old clientele but also expand it. The more people involved in wars, the more loan applications they would receive. The greater the destruction, the more money they would lend to those who wanted to make restorations.

Do any of the things mentioned so far strike unreasonable to the reader? Has the reader understood the reason why the logic of war of the previous centuries has changed? The bid dawgs are different and their interests and tactics are different. Still, those usurious bankers who were interested in profits and collecting interests had to act as Generals as well since they were involved in bloody war games. Given the fact that they caused war outbreaks – which yielded profits as well as losses to them – they had to possess strategic thinking. Logistics knowledge didn’t suffice any more; history knowledge was in order as well.

They had no choice but to combine basic economic knowledge with strategic thinking. Given the fact that wars provided them with the means to strengthen their positions or lose their all, they had to think like Generals, hence set strategic goals; goals that would strengthen their positions as their opponents would love to overthrow them; goals imperative to achieve because their little games cost innumerous human lives and they would never get away with it once their victims became aware of it.

In order to meet this new need of combining different fields of knowledge they invested money on the new kinds of sciences of that time which universities like Harvard promoted; universities which were controlled by them and evolved into the nesting which the new generation of usurers is going to rise from. Mickey-Mouse sciences have developed in those universities which were necessary for the usurers’ system to work out. The said sciences combined the knowledge of the gypsies and usurers with that of Generals which brought about fields of study like Cybernetics, International Relations and other ridiculous notions presented as disciplines. It was the natural order of things. The usurers needed to hire usurers trained to think like Generals, so they invested on these types of disciplines. These kinds of scientists would be the ones to determine the new reality.

Once you have enough power to set wars in motion which – for reasons of profit – you are trying to implicate everybody into, what could possibly be your main strategic goal? Once the people involved in your prefab wars call them world wars, what could possibly be a reasonable target? The creation of an international coordination body so that the deadly show can be organized without hindrance. An obscure global Government as a good-for-nothing person like Giorgakis Papandreou would have said; the man, who suited theirs purposes; their man; the man who has received the education they offer and has graduated from their science incubators.

What other lessons have we learnt from that slap-happy nitwit? We have learnt that it is possible – in case of a nation independent in papers only – for a financial loss to become a military defeat. Namely, we have learnt the ways that usurers who think like Generals can bring their opponents to their. Let me remember how he put it: “When you are in debt you have to give up part of your sovereignty.” The same words came out of Mario Draghi’s mouth, President of the European Central Bank. The same was phrased by the crippled brute in Berlin as well as the bankers’ servants, in all possible ways. All these are known to everybody. Given that these things are known to everybody now, it can only mean that the people who set them in course had the said knowledge at a time when nobody else did.

Where does this lead us to? It leads us to conclude that there are now facts which verify that the target of the usurers who acted as Generals was indeed world sovereignty. When exactly was this target set? Ever since they discovered that they can manipulate competitiveness, thus the power of industrial states. Ever since they realized that they can use their money as a means to blackmail industrialists any time it suits them. Ever since they realized that they can blackmail everybody with labor revolutions any time they want. Ever since, for – seemingly – inexplicable reasons, national dominant states have accorded them the privilege of controlling the banking sector. Relinquishing control of its banking sector to private individuals equals to suicide for a state and this is clearer today than it has ever been. Why is that? It is because now we have the actual result of the suicide in front of us whereas in the older days you had to analyze an unidentified disease the aftermath of which you had no knowledge of.

Everyone can understand now the implications of banking sector privatization of the banking sector. In today’s time when world economy is as dead as a doornail we can understand what the whole purpose of money control by private bankers is. We can understand what is involved in giving over control of a FED to private individuals. It is exactly what Rothschild used to warn us about a century ago but we would not listen. We could not understand and we rushed off to fight his wars and play the heroes who sacrifice themselves for their country. In reality, though, we were mere extras in a show put on by Rothschild with enormous profits and no personal gain.

It was a blood-curdling show since the more heroic the extras were, the more destruction they would bring about to the extras of the opposite side. It was an industrial show where the more self-conscious the uniformed workers of death were the more competitive the big dawgs were. The more destruction it was brought about on a nation the bigger the scale of conquest for Rothschild and his compatriots was. This was the way for the usurious vultures to deluge the world with money owed and swallow it up. They did not care about actual world conquest as they had conquered it in financial terms. Each new war that was generated would yield even bigger ownership percentages of the supposedly free countries.

The Jews are standing at the most challenging crossroad of their history

Even though it will strike as really strange, Jews’ current endangerment –   which brings on an attempt to overthrow the

Christian empire – was not an easy decision to make. They had made a high risk decision based on their knowledge that in case they failed they would lose their all – as it is the case in today’s time as well. It was a well-nigh coercive decision-making. Societal and financial evolution propelled them to seek for excessive profits even if it meant jeopardizing their very existence.

What we are saying has some logic. A small nation asserting such lordship and wealth at the expense of the other nations is provocative for one thing and the other nations won’t just put it behind them. These behaviors are not just games; they mean war which costs in actual human blood. Millions of people have died and much more have fallen into misfortunes so that the Jews can have their enormous profits. That being said, their situation ought not to be treated as a monopoly game.

It is not as if the peoples are going to think: “Okay, we’ve been tricked by the Jews because they are artful so we have to hand it to them and accept being financially subjected to them.” Once nations realize that you have defeated them without shedding a drop of blood, they will make you feel bloody sorry. They will send you to hell just for thinking of playing smart on them. The nations will literally make you bleed once they realize that you have been plotting against them for so many years with the mere purpose to subjugate them in order to increase your profits. 

The Jews had knowledge of the situation. They have never been naive and neither are they now. We would be the last ones to call them that. They knew the risk their attack involved. This is the point where the readers wonder about the validity of our assertions. Could a small nation assert world sovereignty? Of course it could; not so much because it was a clever nation but because of its specialized skills. The Jews were in the privileged position of controlling financial sector within the Christian territory. The Jews have always known their handle’s dynamics. They have proved it in many kindred situations. The entire New York and its underworld there would kill each other and collect protection money to pay off their usurers.

You don’t need to be ruthless and murderous like Al Capone to be able to control the neighborhood and rake in from its activities, whether legal or illegal. Being the one who gives the orders to Al Capone can have the same results. Besides, he is no different than anyone who dreads of his banker who is the person he really needs; the person who will provide him with the money to buy guns and cars that will help him remain the redoubtable Al Capone; the person who will create competitiveness for the new Tommy guns and the new Ford cars. If that Al Capone guy finds himself in a financial difficulty, who is going to become the real neighborhood capo (Mafia boss)? The answer is his banker; the person who Al Capone kills people and collects money for.

Who rakes in from the shootouts in the streets? Is it the hard-core scarface mobster we watch in the movies?; the one who spends money on hookers, alcohol and gambling? Of course he is not. The money that comes from business in the underworld are dirty and they need laundering. Someone has to do it, otherwise dirty money can’t make you rich; on the contrary, they can send you to jail. That macho man Al Capone, for example, wasn’t sent to prison with murder charges but tax evasion charges. What do we conclude, therefore? We conclude that the person who actually makes a load of money risk-free is the banker who is the mastermind behind the mobster; the white collar banker who has never laid eyes on a pistol, yet, he knows how much it costs and what it has to yield in terms of bodies to make up for the interest money.

When did the outburst of organized crime in the USA take place? Was it the moment the poor Sicilians got hold of guns? Of course it was not. They had been committing crimes with pocket knives; they had no need of expensive guns. The outburst of organized crime in the USA occurred when Jewish bankers, immigrants from Europe joined the organized crime; when the new members of the organized crime were the people who were going to fund the criminals so that the latter can buy guns and not get their hands dirty using the pocket knives; when members of the organized crime became the people who could make crime a lot more profitable for the criminals and offer them their services in laundering these profits.

That’s when the actual outburst occurred. Once the new members of the organized crime were the people who would set new goals and new ground for the local crime to be perpetrated; once people who through corrupt state officers created public policies which favored crime, hence the rake-in. It is clear as a bell that state officers who had been greased by the usurers came up with the idea of Prohibition. The huge amounts of money that came from Prohibition made gun-slingers and usurious bankers partners. 

Similar was the situation inside the Christian empire as a whole. When did the outburst of World Wars take place? When the banking mobsters of New York felt that they had become too powerful to just content themselves with cheap mafia pistol games at the whorehouses of the American megacity. When they felt that the bottles of whisky would not suffice. That was the moment they decided to turn against Europe. They used their infinite amount of dirty money to fund nations that served as mobsters instead of funding real common mobsters. Instead of giving money for pistols and cars purchases, they gave them for cannons and tanks. What they have actually done is turn global society into an environment they were at home with; into a rich neighborhood which the mafia of the powerful industrial states asserted power of. It was a mafia kind of organization whose members clashed with each other in their efforts to maximize their share of profits. 

Industrial states had been brainwashed by bankers to act as ruthless and armed mafia leaders who asserted power over global neighborhood under the threat of guns. They did not assert the same neighborhood as Generals but rather behave as common mobsters who asserted the pimping money at the lot of the neighborhood market. The Jewish bankers funded such states so that the latter can behave as contentious criminals. Things are simple. They corrupted everybody and had the power to blackmail everybody as well. They brought politics down to the street level and became the grandmasters. Common criminals were about to become state leaders and infect the states with their evil characteristics. Tommy guns would become cannons and everything else would remain unchanged.

Things are simple. Gothamite scums – like the Rockefellers, the Morgans and the Goldmans – have planned the imperialism of the previous century. One state would be the equivalent of Al Capone and another state would be the equivalent of Luciano. The sovereign familia would have their allies and would always be armed, dangerous and ready to cause havoc. They would threat and blackmail nations offering them protection and of course products. They would be pimps and suppliers at the same time. Mafia would have a specialization.

The disobedient ones would probably find a bullet stuck in their head. The global game of industrial geostrategic would be played within this familiar to the Jews surroundings. Criminals would become members of the high classes of the states. No problem here. Nations would be governed by common street criminals and their competitiveness games would be funded by Jewish bankers. The latter would be the ones to print their placards, make sure the media would praise them, organize their assemblies and protect them.

Once they had given power over to them they would be in the position to give orders. They would blackmail them and have them in their pocket.  This is how the states of the industrial era were programmed to function. Roosevelt, Hitler or Churchill were nothing more than mere criminals. They were people who stood at attention when the bankers entered their offices; people whose whole life was kept in a file at the bankers’ desk as a means for the latter to blackmail them. These are the people who have made the states what they are since it was they who decided what solution to present in each crisis. They would find a solution that would create the need for a new solution in a few decades time.

Having control over the organization of states, the Jewish bankers toyed with their needs. They toyed with their needs repetitively and in the same manner and every time they boxed them up harder and harder. In the end, they managed to turn them into overindebted employees of theirs who were completely unaware of their actions. That’s the whole planning. Every time an Al Capone-like man and a usurper and agitator Luciano-like man eliminated each other in the streets, they took bigger and bigger loans which increased the shares of the usurers. In the end, they killed each other without a cut just because extensive damages were in the interest of the bankers.

The World Wars were one of such bankers’ wangle. These wars between states-criminals gave them the means to climb at the top of the world without even having to place themselves in any battlefield. It was their way to assert world sovereignty. The only difference is that this sovereignty was nominal rather than actual. It is like painting a castle instead of building it.

This world sovereignty was the result of the need of the participants, not the winner’s power. It’s a sovereignty that results from the malfunction of the existing systems rather than the appearance of new systems. It is a kind of sovereignty similar to the one a horse fly has when it provokes fights among buffalos in order to drink the blood from their wounds. It’s the sovereignty of the usurers’ markets, not the Generals’ armies.

It was easy for the Jews to attempt to exercise such practice since they were well aware of the lot of the leaders of Christianity. Τhey were at home with upper echelons of Christian leadership, a fact that added value to the know-how of crimes they possessed in order to be able to assert the world ruling “paint”. Their ultimate advantage was that they had a very close connection to the sovereign power; a lot closer than the usual one; too much close as the powerful Christian leaders have never considered them a threat, therefore they kept no secrets from them. They were foreigners, people of different creed, people of naught and they were posing no threat so nobody guarded themselves against them. They were like the eunuchs who were allowed to wonder around the powerful men’s concubines for the simple reason that they were no threat to them.

The Jews functioned as that kind of useful eunuchs inside Christianity. They had knowledge of everything because nobody saw them as rivals, hence as a threat. Once you lend money to Popes and European kings it’s easy to have knowledge of their financial troubles, let alone since the Jews knew not these secrets only as they paid notice to other secrets as well. The Jews were not only the usurers of the powerful people, they were their pimps too. They delivered them both the girls and the boys they longed for. They were the powerful people’s drug dealers; the ones to make sure they had all the dope they wanted. They were also the powerful people’s hit men. They were the ones to deliver them from the competitors, usurers or just kill people to satisfy their perverted thirst for blood. They were also the powerful people’s doctors who relieved them of an unwanted syphilis on the quiet.

In other words, the Jews had knowledge not only of the European states’ financial situation but also of their skeletons in the cupboard which gave them leverage to blackmail them and ultimately enslave them, and this is exactly what the Jews have done. This is why we consider the fact that they had knowledge of the dirty secrets of the prominent figures of Christianity to have been to their advantage. They knew their dirty secrets and took the risk of blackmailing corrupt leaders. In any case, it is a considerable risk and involves a lot of dangers.

The thing is that they knew that blackmail combined with their special knowledge in banking issues would allow them to easily reach to the current position of almightiness. Still, they were very well aware of the fact that the higher the fall the greater the pain. Besides, they have perfectly portrayed this in one of their curses. Does the reader know what the Jews’ worst curse is? What is it that they wish to someone when they want to curse him? They do not just wish for someone to be ruined. They wish for that person to obtain the whole world and then lose it.   They wish for him to taste absolute happiness so that he knows exactly what he misses in case of failure.

In other words, the Jews are aware of the maximum pain the maximum loss brings about. Being poor and losing your few belongings is not enough for them. They want you to become rich and then lose your all, including your mind. They want the loss to be so huge that will make you go crazy. They want you to want to kill yourself being unable to return to your prior state of being. They are aware that having everything one has ever wanted is not necessarily a good ending but most probably the bitter beginning of a bad ending.

Time for the big decisions

We will take things from the start for the reader to understand the factors that led them to assert world sovereignty; that led them to assert the reign of their nation over all others. It all began with the industrial revolution, thus with the outburst of nationalism. Until then, the Jews had no second thoughts about harming the Christians. They had set things up for themselves and had no further ambitions. They led a good, risk-free life. The powerful Jews provided their services and made their piles and the poor Jews were an unfailing human source accommodating these services to be carried out. It’s where the rich Jews got hold of prostitutes, hit men, singers, magicians, cut-throats or whatever the powerful Christians asked for which they could not obtain legally within the Christian society.

The Jews lived daily in an in-between state of lawfulness and lawlessness because it was their key to a free life within a fervently Christian world. Because of their bourgeois specialization they had no choice but to spread in different parts of the world. There was no room for all of them in the same place because one’s activities would unavoidably interfere with another’s and lead to conflict. Every usurer taught his art to three children and the latter had to scatter around the world so that they won’t be in each other’s way. In other words, separation and migration were a blessing for the Jews, not the other way round. Home was not their birth place but a loaded place. From that point on, they would use the practical guide. They would start their lives equipped with all the necessary information, so they were in an advantageous position: “Go to that city whose Mayor is a child molester and tell him that Jacob has sent you”, or “Go to the other city whose judge is a drug addict and tell him that David has sent you.”

They circulated in the fringe of high society where they could rake in, make acquaintances with high-rank people and secure protection. Most people loathed them but the powerful ones worshiped them. They were their special friends who would fund wars as well as parties. They were their special friends who would bring through the back door anything that was illegal to bring through the front door. All powerful Christians wanted to have a Jewish friend; nevertheless, they would never invite him to their house. He would be the kind of friend you only wave to from a distance, signaling what it is that you want him to get you this time: “You know, the same as the last time.” Was that a gun, drugs, a hooker, a child? Nobody knew, no matter how hard he tried to eavesdrop. The special friends were the only ones who knew.

Industrial evolution changed all that. In theory it was in the interest of the Jews who were becoming members of the bourgeois but in reality it threatened them with professional death. In theory, it actually suited them because they were usurers living in a world that would soon develop to such an extent that a load of money would be needed on the fly. In a world that would be a lot more complicated than feudalism, money would have a leading role and they were the experts on the matter. Yet, this new world was immensely menacing to them because business would spread among the big masses of middle class Christians and the Jews would no longer wield the scepter in the sector. There would be many Christians to compete with, many and dangerous.

It is only logical that this would happen. Industrial evolution equals to nationalism growth as these two concepts support each other. They jog each others’ development. Industrial societies needed nationalism in order to develop and the latter evolved easily inside that kind of societies. Powerful industrial states did not concern themselves with new conquests because territorial expansion was not their concern. Industrial states wanted to climb up in power and nationalism would be the binding concrete that would provide industrial states with that possibility for certain.

But for nationalism, industrial states could not climb up in power. But for nationalism, they would not have been able to coercively sell protection neither could they have developed the national mentality of consumerism which boosts the growth of local industrial production. Nationalism creates a moral obligation to consumers to buy even the lowest in quality product or the most expensive because it is in the interest of their nation. Nationalism creates a feeling of guilt to workers who agree to cut down on their demands for the factory to become more competitive. Nationalism introduces concepts like patriotism, bravery, self-sacrifice to the production field. This kind of nationalism – combined with the peculiarities of the industrial sector – has provided to states that could not stand a chance in earlier times the means to participate in the game of world primacy; states that had minimum power to carry out a global target; states like Germany.

It is clear that it was only a matter of time before this kind of nationalism pointed at Jews as being different and hostile. Jews – with leading figures like Theodor Herzl – were awake to the existence of a new occurrence. There was an outburst of new kind of ant-Semitism which bore no resemblance to prior Christian anti-Jewish attitudes. It was a new type of anti-Semitism which pictured Jews not only as sinners – because of Jesus’ sacrifice – but also unwelcome competitors within the states that hosted them and which presented no issues of survival until then.




The feeling of nationalism inside the Christian nations created a hostile atmosphere towards the Jews which related to money rather than their religion. There were some people who simply took advantage of their religious dissimilarity to make them targets of the simple Christians and bring them in a difficult position as their competitors. That is to say, the religious content of anti-Zionism was not the real reason for that behavior. The real reason was competition. A big and dangerous competition which constantly grew in dimensions since, because of industrialization, we have massive urbanization of Christian populations, therefore a rising rivalry with the Jewish communities. There were Christians, that is, who received education or did business in the big cities of the industrial era and entered sectors which had been traditionally monopolized by Jews.

The Jews hadn’t faced any competition problems until then. They had been given privileges by the Pope. We are referring to actual privileges granted to them in the form of Papal Bulls and seals affixed to them. Their specialization, for example, in the banking sector was not the result of their cleverness against other people’s naivety. It was Rome that gave them the privilege. Why? Rome was artful. During the times of the feudal system Rome’s goal was to draw a distinct line in society between those who had it all and those who had nothing; between its favorite feudal barons and their young servants, the villeins; between the educated capitalists and the illiterate workers of the feuds.

The said distinction was the means to make society vulnerable to manipulation. The few could lead a good life in this world and the rest would wait to find a better life in the next world. Nevertheless, the orderly functioning of society required people of enterprise that would belong to the bourgeois. It needed educated or capable people to develop business; people who may not have had a capital but their businesses yielded capital gains. Rome did not want the businesses of the middle class people to become the El Dorado of smart villeins, so it decided to close the door on them.

Rome labeled bourgeois activity a sin and handed it over to the supposed sinners. This way, the huge profits from the bourgeois activity would pass to the hands of the Jews with the different decree, so Rome could rest assured. It would be centuries before the villeins would be able to get any kind of education and realize that they too deserved more than the fate feudal barons’ pigs had.

This was Rome’s way to legitimize the Jews’ presence inside the Christian world and give them a major role in society. It was an extremely substantial role which became more and more substantial as time passed by and societies developed. The Jews were the only ones to be voluntarily vile people and do all the dirty work, that’s why they were the ones to meet the needs of Christian societies, whatever they  may have been, legal or not. They did not meet their needs only in their capacity as lawyers, doctors or artists – education they were able to receive in such difficult times because they had money – but also in their capacity as usurers, pimps or actors. They were very important elements in the Christian societies’ functioning.

Rome itself had consented with Jews being part of its society and in fact it had vested that right in them. There may have been incidents of persecutions – or obligation to wear red caps some times – but they had a vested right to be part of that society. They were a necessary element for the society to function. Even the poorest of the Christians would watch them making their pile and still did not consider them a competition because he had no intention of getting involved in their business. His lack of interest was similar to a person’s who doesn’t want to become a pimp or a pusher regardless of the apparent huge profits. He wouldn’t chase those people away from his city because he wanted whores to be available as long as the latter wasn’t one of his daughters. This is how the religionist Christians viewed the bourgeois business which the Jews were the ringleaders of. They were the necessary evil turned into heaven when the sun went down. Those were different times; dark times when even medicine was considered the devil’s art by some zealots because they believed it questioned God’s right to decide who will join Him in Heaven, even if a simple cold is the cause of the death.

The outburst of the industrial activity changed all that. The Christian populations abandoned their unproductive homelands and swarmed the cities which had a lot of opportunities to offer them. The zealously religious villeins abandoned the fields and experienced life in cobbled streets for the first time. This situation changed the nations’ manners and customs. Everybody got familiarized with bourgeois activity, so they started looking favorably upon the huge profits of such activities. The workers’ children could stay home as they had stopped working in the factories with their fathers as it was the case with the children of the villeins who worked in the fields. This meant that they could get an education. At first, they would acquire a smattering of learning by priests and teachers who volunteered to teach them and later on they would receive education by organized educational systems.




The more industrial production strengthened, the bigger the need for trained personnel became which created the need for an organized educational mechanism. The more production grew the bigger the concern of the industrialists to acquire loyal customers became and that was something they had to pave the way to even inside the organized educations systems. They would nurture the faithful supporters of their products there; they would nurture the faithful enemies of their enemies’ products. That being said, schools were originally created with the purpose to impose flag-waving fanaticism rather than civilization. The school would have the function of chauvinistic Madrasahs which would produce whatever was in the interest of the system.

That huge social production would have to find its way into society. Some of these children would follow their father’s footsteps and become workers but some others would become scientists and experts; experts on matters of science and experts on matters of the gutter. It was a matter of time before the bourgeois in industrial states started proliferating in rapid rates. All these people would do business on the streets of the big cities which up until then were monopolized by the Jews who were about to become real enemies and rivals.

What does this mean? It means that the anti-Semitic feelings of the feudal era and the anti-Zionism of the industrial era were two completely different things. The reasons why an ardent Christian of the feudal era was anti-Jewish were completely different from the reasons why a freshly bourgeois Christian of the industrial era was anti-Zionist, and so were the interests. The Christian of the feudal era was merely possessed by the stupid hatred of a fanatic religionist who just hates to associate sinners who believe in a different decree and see them wander about his neighborhood. The Christian of the industrial era was possessed by the targeted hatred of a fanatic too, only not in the religious sense but in the business sense. He was a ruthless professional who invoked the matter of religion having an ulterior motive, but in reality all he wanted to succeed was kick Jews out of his neighborhood so that their activities can pass on to his hands.

People like Herzl took notice of that kind of anti-Zionist nationalism which targeted the big money and tried to stop its evolvement. People like him tried to deal with nationalism, not imitate it as a nation as many historians erroneously contend.  The Jews were impervious to that kind of nationalism. Why? It’s because they didn’t need it. The Jews themselves had already been extreme nationalists when others were absolutely nothing. They have always had beliefs regarding their nation which had been had by any other nation would have gotten them in prison. They have always believed that they are God’s Chosens; the best, the most competent and the most superior of all. The outburst of nationalism against the Jews does not explain the latter’s national campaign against them. The Jews were totally impervious to other’s feelings of nationalism.

It is like claiming that the fashion regarding summer tanned bodies got under the black people’s skin and drove them massively to the beaches to get a tan. Similarly, the Jews lack the need for theories by nationalists that will make them more hard-line nationalists than they already are. Their religion alone produces the most powerful and ardent nationalism. Even their archpriest said it once: “It is in our interest to kill Jesus to save our nation.” They are capable of killing even the son of God if that means saving their nation. Calling a Jew a nationalist is redundancy. It’s like calling someone a well-built athlete or a deflowered prostitute. Can someone be an athlete and not be well-built? Can someone be a prostitute and still be a virgin? The word Jew is enough to characterize a person. Calling that person nationalist is redundancy.

The said Jews came up – as a beard – with the whole idea of making the creation of Israel appear to be a goal of theirs. What was their purpose? They wanted to appear to have goals which suited the people who wanted to do away with them. The Jews wanted the nationalists of the countries that had provided them a place to live to think that they – being nationalists themselves – wanted to have their own state as well. They wanted to appear as if they were about to relieve them off their presence so that they would stop being offensive. That was just early Jewish Zionist thimble-rigging with the goal to win more time and play games around the matter of their state which allowed them access to the high classes of the nations internationally. The Jewish state which was supposed to be under construction gave them access to other nations’ high societies and differentiated them from the gypsies or the Roma, for instance, who weren’t allowed to be part of anything. The Jews were omnipresent as shadow politicians of a shadow nation which existed nowhere in the world.

After they had secured an alibi, they looked for ways to maintain their privileges and survive the industrial era. It was an era that threatened them with annihilation as it deluged their haunts with ambitious Christians who begrudged their wealth and usurped their clientele. Rome could no longer protect them by issuing decrees as the societal evolution also cost it in privileges. It had been holding back evolution for centuries but now it was out of its control.

At the beginning of the industrial revolution Rome – and its Jewish underlings – was aware that a new populous and even more powerful middle class was going to emerge from the working class. The salaries – even the lowest ones – of the workers would allow them to educate their children, a fact that made the situation irreversible. Rome and the Jews along with it would have no choice but to tolerate the developments. All those Christian newcomers to the middle class who were the product of the industrial era would step into their turfs and seek their destiny in the place which only the Jews were supposed to occupy. From the moment they could not stop that evolution they would at least have to find a way to control it, so controlling the middle classes of not only the industrial but also of other states became their goal.

Bankers and communists

Watching industrial Europe try to find a universal solution through industrial evolution, the verminous – because of the nature of their businesses – Jews started worrying about their profits. Seeing that they were unwelcome in the nationalist Europe – which for the most part had no intention to include them in its future planning – they were alarmed. Watching the nations’ evolution come down on them menacingly they were forced to go beyond national borders. They weren’t going to allow “Belle Epoque” (Beautiful Season) become nightmarish epoque. The Great Illusion, which forewarned the definitive end of wars, was the beginning of the nightmare for them. Assuming that some Europeans dreamt of the era when wars ended, the Jews identified that end with their own end. There would be no more huge profits, and the worst part was that new questions would be posed as to their stay in Europe.

The inventers of the concept of nationalism were forced to just lean their hopes on internationalism, not become internationalists themselves. Which number, though, was it in their interest to bet on? On the new conflict fronts which were shaped at that time. Industrial evolution raised to the surface the new powerful belligerents of all conflicts, both state and social. This didn’t escape the Jews’ attention. We were about to move on from the conflicts between feudal states – with conquest being the ultimate goal – to conflicts between industrial states – with markets being the ultimate goal. We were about to move on from the conflicts between feudal barons and villeins – over a piece of land – to conflicts between industrialists and workers – over new benefits-.

The Jews had to exercise full control over these new powers in society in order to continue their business in the sought-after area they had been monopolizing. They had to become internationalists to be able to fund conflicts between different nations. They had to become social bell-wethers to be able to direct social conflicts at will. It was a hard call. A new world was rising where the main enemies of the industrialists were the workers; the main enemies of employers were their employees; the main enemies of the exploiters were the exploitees. Every single one of them – barring none – needed the money and the latter was in the hands of the Jews. Once they had the money all that was missing was to find the happy medium that would allow them to use it in such a way that they could control the game on both sides. Industrialists needed money and money was a strong motive for corrupt paternalists.

They had no choice as it was their only way to find allies to their activities. Once they had lent money they would be able to blackmail their clients; not let them think that money lent is money spent. And it was definitely money they would kiss goodbye to considering who they were planning to lend, namely the most powerful of the capitalists, the industrialists and the most powerful of the states, namely the industrial ones. Having knowledge that everything would take place under the pressure of war, they were well aware that they were taking the risk of being welshed on; not get their money and by that we mean both the original loan and the usurious profits.

So, they had to find a way to maintain their professional relationship with the industrialists as well as the industrial states. They had to be able to regulate intra-societal relationships so that they would be able to threaten their debtors. This is why they put that sluggard Marx up to inventing a theory that suited them. Even that was not a novel idea. They weren’t the first ones to order a made-up scientific theory to serve their national interests. Haven’t the British done the same thing with Darwin’s absurd theory? The British took a ridiculous – and completely antichristian theory – and turned it into a life guide so that they can convince the nations that they – being superior to them – deserve to rule the entire world.

Those times favored that kind of individual requests and the Jews weren’t stupid. Living in a new world which hadn’t found its rhythm yet, anybody could make any kind of allegations. People were feeling their way around and experimenting was part of the program. In the overall mayhem of the new trends and viewpoints which the Church could no longer control to the extent that it wanted, Marx’s theory emerged.

Marx, who was – supposedly – a working man and whose character was thoroughly transformed due to the bankers, has explained to us the ways a laborer’s character can lose himself in the working space because of his employers. Marx, who sold himself to the bankers and became merchandise of a specific purpose, has explained to us the ways a worker can become a commodity in the hands of capitalists. The ultimate nationalist and Zionist Marx suggested that we abandon our adherence to our nation and become internationalists.

These were Marx’s theories, roughly speaking. The Jewish man who hated labor and laborers took it upon himself to enlighten us about labor issues. Marx viewed working people as commodities which become victims of exploitation and results in them losing themselves in the industries. Therefore, industries – as well as all the means of production – should not belong to private individuals. Only a Jewish usurer, exploiter and sluggard like Marx could have conceived the concept of human commodity. Only a Jewish high-brow could have perceived the working human as an animal that loses itself for the simple reason that he views all humans – with the exception of the Jews – as inferior goyim.

The whole sickening labor perception of the verminous and sluggard Jews has infiltrated Marx’s theory. Only a Jew like him could have hated work so much that it prevented him from realizing that work is the absolute means for human emancipation. Instead, he depicts work as a slaughter house that destroys him. Emancipation was essential to people back then so as to escape from the patronage of the priests, the feudal barons and the imposters. Only a Jew like Marx could have transformed into a commodity Creation’s ultimate form of capital, namely the HUMAN; the homo Sapiens, whose mind and body constitute the most perfect creative and productive machine nature has ever known. Each human alone, the absolute capital, constitutes a factory.

These are the theories that good-for-nothing Marx came up with. Why? He did it because it suited his bosses and funders’ interests; because he wanted to create a conflict front between industrialists and laborers. His purpose was to cause targeted hatred among classes the way it suited the bankers; to provoke the instincts of illiterate laborers and keep them under his thumb; to level down the laborer and – taking advantage of his secret connections with the bankers and his ignorance – sell him protection; to transform the laborer into commodity himself and sell him as such to his own bosses and to whoever else offered enough money. In other words, Marx wanted to do what all Marxist supporters who are involved in trade unions do by trade. The Jewish bankers funded the fake philosopher’s stupid theory and that resulted in the latter becoming famous worldwide.

That’s who Marx was and that’s what his theory was about. Had it not been funded by the bankers, his famous book Capital would have been directly sent for recycling. This is why – despite of all the propaganda, the money and the threats – his book has never become truly popular. It only gained popularity as a manual for exploiting the middle class. It became popular to wage-earners of the communist parties. It was benefactory only to sly sluggards who waited until they had found suckers to work for and live at their expense. The rest of the people just couldn’t get it. It was the perfect theory but it couldn’t be put in practice as contended by even slier people who wanted to protect it from criticism. It was the first and only world view that has applied and continues to apply only to stipendiary professional adherents.

We can’t help wonder, though, if those were Marx’s theories alone; if they were theories with the sole goal to favor the Jews against their social competitors. The answers is no. He also took into consideration and made sure that his book would include all the methods the Zionists needed to avoid the pitfalls of the industrial era. The whole content of the book had been ordered by powerful Zionists as it provided them with the means to avoid the dangers which stretched beyond social level and related to the very survival of the Jewish nation. Being part of a new nationalistic world where the conflicts would inevitably take place on a national level it was not in their interest to create a new front as they were considered a national minority; a new front that would be created in their absence and which they would have no say on.

They were Jewish Zionists widely spread throughout the European states, so they needed a financial theory of a nationalistic character as their financial goals stretched beyond the national borders, both theirs and their victims’. At the same time, though, being Jews in nationality they needed a social theory of a financial character because what they did was to weave minorities inside the countries they lived and searched for allies from inside the local social forces. It was a matter of survival for them that the world was in favor of internationalism so that they could go about their business on an international level and at the same time they had to be able to drive the social forces of the states they lived in.

What’s more, being professional bankers, the Jews needed to show that they pose a dire threat. They needed to create a solid communist system to terrify their future customers. They needed to create a real menace for the states as well as the industries because it gave their money value. Industrialists and political leaders would acquire the need to borrow money from the Jews with the purpose not only to develop their businesses at the expense of their likes but also to stop the menacing communist whirlwind from infiltrating into their businesses. It was a whirlwind the Jews themselves funded so that they can make it look baleful.

This is why the Jews bankers funded communism. They funded their privately owned theory with their privately owned leadership. They funded communism from its very first trace of existence to its peak. Whatever they could do to make it seem powerful and baleful, they did. They funded the people who are known to have inspired the whole notion of it but they have also funded its adherents. It is exactly what we have mentioned earlier. Communism was the first ideology in the world that had salaried adherents. The said adherents did not work but they were experts in matters of work. The said adherents fought against the capital with money funded by that very capital.

It makes sense. What kind of people could the exponents of that sluggard Marx’s theory be? The exponents were sought after in the muddy waters on the fringe of society where all the fascists usually look for that kind of people, namely the beerhouses of Germany and the coffee shops all over the world. Besides, the Jewish Lenin, the grand master of communism has said the same thing at an unsuspected time. Out of 100 communists, 40% are mountebanks, 59% are naive and ONE is a true Bolshevik. The Jews belonged to the 40% who were looking for the rest of the percentage, namely the naive and the mountebanks. The Jewish bankers were looking for that kind of adherents and they found them. They found the kind of people who were loyal to their bosses, not their countries; people who operated as an organized group inside society just like the concerted fans in football courts who look like the rest of the fans, only they are not.

They are different from the other fans because yes, they share an attribute, yet they get paid for it while the others do it for free. They get paid to be fans. They get paid by teams Presidents to fly the flags during matches. They take bribes and do them services. They take bribes to kick up a row and stir trouble which suit the interests of the presidents because that’s their subject of money negotiations. Similar were the communist workers who joined the labor movement. They were professional provocateurs. They belonged to the societal margin and the only different path in life they could have followed besides joining communism would be to join Nazism or some mafia gang.

The worst, the loathest and the ones with the most hang-ups in a society are the ones who have been organized in the local communist party. The said people try to get back at society in their capacity as communists. They try to get back at industrialists who are satisfied with making profits. They try to get back at workers who are pleased with their work. They try to get back at citizens who are content patriots. Whatever can make a person happy has become the target of communists. They perceive it as threat because it strips them off their power and their reason for being. It makes them miserable. That is exactly the essence of communism. It hates it when society and individuals are happy and it fights that happiness with every means. This is why the communist parties solicit members that come from the cesspools of society where human misery rules.

The presence of professional communists facilitated the goals of the Jewish bankers. They could threaten nations on a general level and they could also threaten the industrialists of those nations on a financial level. The communist parties whose members were only rebels by trade posed a threat to those nations as they made attempts to cause revolution which would result in destabilization. The communist parties of the professional trade unionists threatened industrialists with closure given the fact that workforce is the necessary element for industries to function and the professional and well-trained communists had complete control over the illiterate and naive workers.

They paid small amounts of money to the unfortunates so that they could torture the lot of societies. Had those unfortunates been Jewish, ugly and crippled, they could might as well have been Rosa Luxemburg;. Anyone that would get human misery to hit rock bottom would be “God” of communism. Merkel, Papariga (leader of the Greek Communist Party) and other miserable human beings are genetically predisposed to make their mark in communist parties. They are the Hobbits of socialism. It is needless to mention which one is Luxemburg in the photo.  Her ideology sticks out a mile.

Whoever got in the bankers’ way, regardless the reason, knew that he would pay it dearly. The Jews would get back at him even if their revenge came with a high price. As we have said, innumerous unfortunates had been recruited and money was no issue. If their enemy was a political leader, the parties would be squared by the Jews to give that enemy trouble professing about the social rights. If the enemy was an industrialist, the Jews would bribe the workers to smash his factory to claim their labor rights. There would always be some kind of rights that were infringed and which the Jews could use as leverage against their enemies. That useless piece of junk by the name Marx had offered them a really powerful handle.

This is not something we say because we are conspirationists. Bolsheviks themselves made it clear to us by mistake as they were too excited for their achievement to keep it to themselves. A Bolshevik – named Minor Robert – published a sketch in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1911 where Marx is placed among a mass of Wall Street bankers. He was so excited – and having the desire to show how influential Marx was as a leader – that he revealed the very thing that should  have been kept a secret, given the fact that the bankers had been secretly funding people like Lenin, Trotsky and other venal sons of a gun in history. This happened in 1911, namely six whole years before the successful – so to speak – and supposedly unpremeditated revolution broke out in Russia by – seemingly – the Russians.

So, there are identifiable individuals with silk hats gathered around the – known as -communist – Marx and give him warm handshakes; John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, John D. Ryan of the National City Bank, his associate Morgan George W. Perkins and Teddy Roosevelt, leader of the Progressive Party. They are all the “good” guys who play market games; all the “good” guys who Papariga fights against as head of the Jewish Benaroya’s party.




The reader can easily perceive some hidden meanings. He is starting to have inkling that the eager beaver bankers of New York have used their money to organize and set in course the October Revolution. What was the purpose? They wanted people to have a token of how powerful their menace is. They took down someone powerful to send a message to the rest. It is the same tactic that street thugs exercise when they shoot a shop-owner in a provocative manner to send a message to the other shop-owners. October Revolution was a message sent to all parties concerned and its content was that their kind of communism can become highly dangerous provided connections and money were available. It was their money to allocate and they would have to think hard on how to manage them in case they received threats.

It is no coincidence that all the members of the Politburo in the Soviet Union were Jews. Zionist Jews in fact, having tight connections with the parastate banks in Europe. As expected, the successful – in some sense – revolution of the bankers’ servants caused fear to every state and society. Both states and industrialists got the message and the Jews made their case even stronger. The same Jews, having conquered the core of Moscow, were able to go about their business under the pretext of fighting for ideological reasons. The Jewish bankers had lent money to the Stalinic Moscow which gave it to its people throughout Europe. People from the riff-raff assumed the reigns of important states and had the role of the bankers’ thugs. They were ignoramus human trash, with Stalin being one of them.

Those bank clerk rebels so to speak founded and staffed every communist party in Europe. They did it with Rosa Luxemburg’s parties; with the parties that had the power to threaten states with destabilization if that suited the interests of the Jews; with the parties that, when it suited the Jews, could threaten to paralyze the entire financial system of a state; with the parties that, when it suited the Jews, could threaten every society with domestic warfare. Does any of this ring a bell to the reader? Could it remind you of the Greek Civil war which suited the interests of the New York usurers?; the war which was provoked by Benaroya’s party?; the war whose main cause was Nikos Zachariadis who was protected by the Nazi who in turn were funded by the Jews who lived in the swanky parts of Dachau?

The Jews had figured it all out. They used their money to solely create artificial war fronts where social conflicts caused by them would break out during the industrial era and where they would secure their defense. They would create all kinds of fronts, national, political or social. All human conflicts would be manipulated by their employees. That way they had maximized the value of their money given the fact that that money was needed by the belligerents of all sorts of human conflicts.

Both the Nazi owner of the Mercedes industry and the so-called communist Rosa Luxemburg were bribed by the same bankers. Both the progenitor of all proletarians, namely Marx, and the so-called progenitor of all anti-communists Hitler were bribed by the same bankers. Both Germans and British were bribed by the same bankers, the first with the purpose to conquer the world and the latter with the purpose to intercept the first.  Both Stalin and Roosevelt were bribed by the same bankers, the first with the purpose to spread socialism and the latter to abate its spread in the name of democracy. As we have said, there was enough money to go around. The Jews offered the money and the nations put their blood and the mortgages. Nobody can get free of a usurer, how could nations be any different?

The sham behind the two World Wars

and the current global debt crisis

The Jews had managed – through communism – to create their own controversial area of conflict between opposing sides which allowed them to engineer the situation at option. They would be able to regulate the functioning of national societies as they saw fit. If you can create social standards through the communist bell-wether of a society and at the same time you can sustain these standards through the ways the market functions, some things are quite obvious. You decide whether to have a productive or consumer society. You decide if a society will save money or squander it. You decide if a worker will be a role model or depicted as a huge sucker.

Having the advantage of being able to control and regulate the intensity of the social conflicts in Europe, it was a matter of time before they tried to conquer it. Conquer Europe only. Why? It’s because Europe was at the top of the world. Once you had conquered Europe, you had conquered the whole world since Europe had conquered the whole world during the past centuries. What would be the point in repeating the strategy Europe had followed, if we take into consideration that the Planet had been fully mapped – hence it was finite – and almost entirely controlled by the European forces?

The whole world had been uncovered and split by its new owners. There was no longer the need to build new ships in order to discover and conquer it. All you had to do was do away with the previous owners and what was theirs now became yours. You bring them into conflict with each other and then you fund both until the moment comes when you put them up to fighting once again. What is the purpose of this? Every time they engage in conflict and get money from you, they mortgage their own states. You repeat the same method over and over again until you lead them to their national death.

Europe fell into their hands and it didn’t even know what hit it. The Jews had built an empire step by step. Step one, they made Europe financially dependent on the USA. Step two, they had US build military bases in Europe resulting in the latter being under actual trusteeship. Step three, – which is our current situation – they handed ownership of Europe over to the USA and by extension to themselves. Each step constitutes a world war, each one handing over to the USA partial domination over Europe. Well, the USA is only mentioned figuratively. We refer to the USA when we talk about a farmer living in Arkansas and so do we when we refer to Lloyd Blankfein of the Goldman Sachs. In other words, ownership of Europe positively goes to Goldman Sachs; that is, the same place the Arkansas farmer’s field belongs to.

Why have the Jews chosen the USA as their front man for their global attack? Was it that bankers had a soft spot for Americans? Of course they didn’t. They deliberately chose the USA because it didn’t belong to Europe. If they had banked on help for domination from a European nation the latter would unavoidably become part of the conflict which would not allow them to overwhelmingly dominate Europe on the whole. So, they banked on help beyond Europe so that they can stand from a far distance and consume it entirely; so that they can frog-march them, as their colleagues the criminals would put it.

This is why the Jews bankers headed by Rotsild banked on the USA for help instead of Europe, which was their actual domiciliary and working place. The game would be played outside Europe, not domestically for them to avoid any chances self-encagement. It was not a matter of preference, really. The USA was just lucky as it was the only country that had the potentials to successfully play the game. It was powerful enough to stand against the whole of Europe and what is more, it shared common language with the Anglo-Saxons because of which it was considered to have twinning relationships with Britain, the powerful nation of Europe. The Jews knew that the Europeans would not treat the USA as they treated Brazil or Mexico against which they would have been suspicious enough to not allow them to take part in the game.

Following the same rational, we can also explain why the Germans were chosen to be their leverage for setting things in course. Why was Germany chosen? It was the most easily controlled industrial state; it was the only state of the industrial era which was powerful, yet crippled. Germany was the equivalent of Schauble only in terms of nations. Just like Schauble had hands and lungs but crippled feet, Germany had strong working force and power but had crippled foundations. It had a huge industry but lacked the colonies outside its borders. It even came short of its own natural resources that would keep industry at least in a sustainable level. As a result, Germany was solely dependent on imports; dependent on its backers’ money, hence dependent on the Jews.

That was Germany’s secret. The Jews had chosen it because it bore the characteristics that suited them; those characteristics that would allow them to have COMPLETE CONTROL over it. The only way Germany could become competitive and therefore artificially engage in the game of global competition was if it would be backed up by the Jews. Given cheap money by the Jews, Germany could become competitive. Given cheap money by them, Germany could buy raw materials from any place in the world. Given cheap money by them, Germany could develop the know-how inside universities and factories. Given cheap money by them, Germany could subsidize its exports. Given cheap money by them, Germany could bribe other states into ordering goods from them. Germany is the utterly dependable crippled state of the industrial era.

The “Luciano” German state

Germany is the greatest achievement of Jewish nationalism,

even greater than the creation of Israel

Every time a Jew watches a German sing the national anthem overwhelmed with emotion and with his hand over his heart he must be laughing himself helpless; bending over with laughter; splitting a gut. Why? It is because they know something that the Germans don’t. They know that the Germans may be the worst suckers in the history of not just Europe but the whole of humanity. The Jews had them hold as sacred something that they had manufactured while they were doing their underground activities. They had them worship a strictly private business, which is what Germany is today, as a sacred fatherland. It was just as well that they didn’t give them old underpants of Moses to wave as a flag.

It is the only nation that has been played for a sucker for such a long period of time by such few people. It is the only nation that has paid such a heavy price in terms of human lives which another nation has profited from. It is the only nation that has agreed to be burdened with another nation as if it were a tame beast of burden. It is the only nation that was so completely overwhelmed with the idea of having an identity and a nation which was actually conceived and carried into effect by its victimizers. It is the only nation that has apologized more times than any other for the mistakes it was forced into making. Any kind of knowledge the Germans have, any kind of thoughts and beliefs they have about their nation is wrong as it a Jewish fabrication altogether.

These are unprecedented situations. These are trap-situations that have never been put into practice throughout the centuries, not even in the most secluded tribes of the jungle. Suffice it to say that if we look at the history of the ultra-Zionist and ultranationalist Theodor Herzl, we will find that he has given a greater fight for a unified Germany than he has for a free Israel. He has played a major role in shaping modern Germany, more important than any other German father of the nation. It is known that as a youth Herzl was a member of a fraternity called Burschenschaft which has fought for the unification of Germany under the motto “Ehre, Freiheit, Vaterland” (Honor, Freedom, Fatherland.)




The fact itself that a Jew – especially if that Jew is Herzl – fights for German Freedom, Honor and Fatherland, makes things plain obvious. The fact itself that the constituent components of modern Germany are the struggles of the Jewish Rosa Luxemburg and the works of the Jewish Marx, makes some things plain obvious. The fact itself that Hitler, who was funded by the Jews, is the only leader whose followers was the entire Germany, makes some things plain obvious here as well. The actual fact is that Hitler was the only true leader of the national state of Germany. He was the first true Chancellor of Germany, come to think that he had been elected Chancellor of the Democracy of Weimar and he alone created the chancellery of the well known Deutschland.

Hitler had chosen what the national identity of modern Germany was going to be. He, with the help of the money from the Jews, is the maker of the entire German tradition which serves as the bridge that unites all Germans and supports the modern German state. What we see today should not strike as strange. People do not create strong bonds only when they share good things but also when they share bad things; not only when they become heroes but also when they commit crimes. People are not knit together only by good things but bad things as well; not only by heroic attitudes but crimes as well. In fact, there are many times when conspiracy to commit a crime creates stronger bonds than jointly enjoying the grandeur and beauty life has to offer.

Similar is the case with nations. A peoples doesn’t consider tradition to be only the days of national glory but all days, including the dark ones; including the days they would rather forget but won’t. Post-Hitleric Germany has lived such kind of days only, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t exploit them to its benefit. It doesn’t mean that they can’t constitute an entire tradition. All Germany has is these memorable dark days which it preserves as a common pan-German tradition. These days are all the products of the father of Germany who was a Jewish instrument, namely Hitler.

If the reader believes that we are going way over the truth, I urge him to make his own little investigation. Even if he is a German, I urge him to make an effort. Let him try and think at least one German element of tradition that unites Germany all throughout. Let him find an element that unites, for example, Hamburg or Berlin with Munich and Freiburg. He will not find a single thing other than the usual and of course tragic for the entire Europe facts. Only Hitler is the linker among all these Germans. Only guilt over what Hitler has done is the linker among catholic-protestant Germans. Only Wehrmacht, the Nazi and the concentration camps are common reference points for the Germans throughout the German territory. Only the apologies can be registered as common positive German traditions.

Luckily for them, there is the national football team that gives Germans a reason to wave a common flag and support something that joins them, yet has nothing to do with the numbered Reichs. There is nothing else that unites them. Even their feeling of pride over their industrial supremacy belongs to the same Hitleric tradition. All the high and mighty of the German industry were friends, admirers or best buds with Hitler. The founders of Mercedes and Volkswagen from way back and the founders of Siemens και της Bayer in the more recent years have all been subsidized by Hitler and funded by the Jews.

The roots of anything modern Germans can be proud of in terms of technology and evolution go way back to the Nazi Germany and has been developed due to Jewish funding. Even Hugo Boss, the man who depicts the taste and elegance – so to speak – of the Germans used to be designer for the Reich.  He used to be the sole and exclusive designer of the Reich. He designed the uniforms of the SS and Wehrmacht. Nothing that can define Germany is left to chance by Hitler, which means that it has been funded by the Jews. 

There is no mystery in what we are saying. It is the world of computers we are living in. What are the key-words that trigger associations with Germany? It is the famous tags we use in our searches on the internet. Regarding Greece, for example, the tag-words are “Democracy”, “Thermopiles”, “Philosophy”, “Alexander the Great”, “Aristotle”, and so on. Regarding France, the tag-words are “Revolution”, “Fraternity”, “Philosophy”, “Voltaire”, “Social Contract”, “Rousseau”, “Napoleon”, and so on. What are the tag-words regarding Germany? How can we call Germany to mind in a way that we will not mistake it with Prussia or Bavaria? The answer is to use the tags that belong to it, namely “Crimes against humanity”, “Casualty Claims”, “Debt Haircut”, “Suspension of Payments”, “Concentration Camps”, “Hitler”, “Propaganda”, “Goebbels”, and so on. Is there anyone that doesn’t associate Germany with these tags?

Germany is only defined by all these concepts because they are the only things that cover its limited time of existence. The history of the Protestant Prussia is not the history of Germany. The history of the Catholic Bavaria is not the history of Germany. These are not common German histories so they cannot belong to a common German platform. They are different histories of different people who at times have even got into conflicts. These are histories of people who had different sentiments on religious and cultural issues; of people who had different attitudes towards Christianity, just like they have different attitudes towards Greek civilization; attitudes that have remained rigid through time and have no common ground with any new common pan-German attitude. The Protestants preserve their attributes and so do the Catholics.

There were differences between them then and there are differences between them now. Thus, the history they carry cannot fit the common Neo-German history. They only share what can be shared and concerns them equally. Germany’s history, though, is limited because its life duration is limited. We cannot lump everything together. Goethe lived and died as a Protestant at a time when there was no German nation. Otto von Bismarck was a cantankerous Prussian drunkard and ardent Protestant who hated the Catholic Germans of the South and exploited the unification to exercise imperialistic policy at their expense. Friedrich Nietzsche was a Prussian philosopher of German descent.

Everything we have mentioned is really important because modern pagan Germany has a very specific history. It has a very specific starting point and does not include all of these people. The further we go back in time the vaguer the concept of Germany becomes and the more differences emerge among the Germans until we reach a time in the past when they were all hated enemies. This is why the Germans will have to deny their origins if they ever want to find common historical reference points. They will have to conveniently forget that they used to be Prussians or Bavarians.

They will have to conveniently remember that they are Germans after a certain point in history. They will have to confine themselves to the part of the past that is common German history, which is the period of Hitler, the Holocaust and some other trivialities which in the future are going to proliferate and include scums like Helmut Kohl, Merkel, Schauble, Vestervele and others. These are the only major figures to be added in the history of modern Germany, unlike Nietzsche and Goethe. The latter were unwelcome in the modern German reality. They are considered hostile since they belong to a broader German tradition of Prussia; a region that extended to the Baltic Sea which modern Germany has abandoned.

In reality, whatever the Germans think of themselves is a lie. A big fat lie the Jews had created to take advantage of them and dominate Germany during the industrial era. The Jews have perpetrated a terrible historical lobotomy upon the memory of the Germans which makes them conveniently forget everything past those dates. This historically truncated Germany has been invented by the Jews. This religiously colorless Germany has been invented by the Jews. They put on ice the most burning issue that brought about religious conflicts. This is why the most powerful and devious of the Zionists fought with fierce passion to unify the two different German identities within the same state. This is why they have tried to allay the hatred between two different doctrines. It wasn’t their civilized manners that urged them, but their interests.

They aspired – as it has been proven to be true in retrospect –the suppression of the religious instincts of the dominant doctrines in Germany to work in their favor. Given that Germany was forced – in order to survive as a unified nation – not to discriminate between Catholics and Protestants, it is only natural that we will look for the ways this works in favor of the Jews. Releasing the religious tension of the unified Germany would be beneficial to the Jews only, no one else. Besides, the survival of the Germans – as a nation – did not depend on that. The Germans with their different characteristics would have been able to live separate lives in their own separate states. Yet, this was against the Jews’ interests. It suited them to have a new, unified Germany where there would be room for the old sworn religious enemies; therefore there would be room for them too. Somewhere among the Europe-mates who hated each other, there would be room for the much-hated, verminous socialist Jews. 

This is why the new Germany did not have room even for the person who succeeded in it being accepted as a natural nation-state namely the protestant, ardent anti-socialist Bismarck from Prussia and his anti-catholic Kulturkampf program. In other words, there was no room in the unified Germany even for the person who had theoretically been its progenitor. There was no room for any of the elements that reminded the Germans of what they had conveniently forgotten, namely their previous origins and religion. Everything had to be shared and unified in the new made by Jews Germany, just like the real progenitor of Germany, namely Hitler envisaged. Everything had to be cold, neutral and almost anti-German.

This was the Jews’ way to function within the peculiar multi-doctrine Germany as a separate doctrine among the other doctrines, not as a separate religion within a purely Christian state. It did the Jews well to have a large and almost pagan and tolerant Germany so that they would not be the minority, neither inside an ardent protestant Prussia nor inside an ardent Catholic Bavaria. The unification of Germany would neutralize the two trends and that did the Jews well. That was the Germany that caused the wars, which had been the Jews’ individual request.

Herzl, the ardent Zionist who had served the Jews’ interests all his life and had enormously contributed to the construction of the very concept of Germany in collaboration with his similars, had worked hard towards that exact end. How can this happen? Could we be reading too much into this or becoming irrational just to claim that this could actually happen? Is there a reason why we attribute such intentions to the Jews instead of believe that Germany is the exponent of a pan-German vision? Aren’t all the people who inhabit Germany Germans? Why wouldn’t they want to be unified in one nation like brothers? Was it Hitler and the Jews that had made them Germans? The answer is no, of course. We are not being irrational. All German inhabitants are Germans.

Nevertheless, this alone does not mean a thing. The concept of Germanness is general and co-planar with the concept of slavishness, for example. Everybody in the region is German but neighboring to them everybody is Slav. What connection is there between a person who is religiously Catholic and nationally Polish to a person who is religiously Orthodox and nationally Russian? Polish and Russians hate each other regardless of the fact that they are both Slavic. The same goes for the German people. What connection is there between a Bavarian and a Prussian, both of them being Germans? What connection is there between the history of a protestant Prussian with that of a Catholic Bavarian? The fact that they are both German by race means absolutely nothing. This is not something we state. This is something clearly stated by the tons of blood both have shed fighting each other.  

In reality, the differences and hatred between Prussians and Bavarians are much greater than the ones between the Polish and the Russians. The Slavs have shed less blood slaughtering one another than the Germans have. So, a Bavarian believing that he can voice a Prussian just because they are both conventionally Germans and speak the German Language is equally ridiculous to a Russian politician believing that just because he is Slav he has the right to voice a Polish as well because they are both Slavs and speak different versions of the same language. This is exactly what we see happen in the German Parliament.

The point is that the Jews have dared and succeeded in doing against the Prussians and the Bavarians what nobody has ever dared do at the expense of the Polish and the Russians. While nobody has ever dared to create Slavia, the Jews have dared and created Germany. While nobody has ever dared to attempt to subjugate the Catholic Polish people to the Orthodox double-headed eagle of Moscow, the Jews have succeeded the same thing with the Germans. This is why we refer to them as imbeciles, unlike anyone has ever seen even in the most remote jungles. They are the biggest imbeciles in the history of Europe.

It is really a tragedy. How can the protestant eagle of Prussia be the symbol of unity – therefore the symbol of German fraternity feelings – considering the fact that it had been the symbol the Catholic Bavarians hated the most? The bloodthirsty eagle of the Prussian flag has overshadowed the Bavarian lion. Why has the Bavarian lion vanished from everywhere and only a crisscross design like table-cloth is left as the Bavarian flag? How hilarious may it seem to the Jewish creator of Germany to watch a Bavarian politician like Schauble defend the German political system under the eagle of Prussia?  Notwithstanding, it happens because modern Germany – hence its political system – are not the natural continuation of the German history. 

Modern Germany erases all prior German history of its people and preserves only Hitler’s vision; what Hitler and only he had envisaged. It wasn’t the vision of Bismarck from Prussia or the vision of the Prussian Kaiser or Hindenburg from Prussia. Hitler was the first modern German to have turned the fragile Prussian hybrid state of Weimar into the modern German state, using money he had taken from the Jews. Hitler is the sole progenitor of Schauble. He was the first Bavarian to have fully adopted the Jewish planning and turned it into a pan-German one. He was the first Bavarian to have voiced – in the context of his vision for a Germany he would own – the Prussians as well.

The grandstand that Hitler had had built as a means to demonstrate the German power and realize his German vision is now occupied by Schauble.  The special place Hitler had in the Olympic Games of 1936 where he expected the German athletes to excel is now occupied by Merkel who goes to the stadium expecting the Νationalmannschaft national team to excel. The German rulers stand on the podium Hitler had had built for his descendants and serve a pagan Germany that did not exist before him and which he had created.




That kind of Germany was purely his doing, since after the Nazi war Germany was never really denazified. In reality nobody was punished for the crimes Germany had committed against Europe and nobody lost his office. The Nazi who staffed the government of Hitler’s Germany were the same so-called democrats who continued to hold office after the war since the usurers sold indulgences. The Mercedes cars that the crook Friedrich Flick had built were driven by the Nazi pre-war and the same Mercedes cars were driven by the same people post-war.

So, why do we find the current, as a matter of principle provocative and anti-European German behavior odd? Why does their arrogance and omniscience – as they believe at least – seem strange to us? This is how Germany acts by nature for the simple reason that Germany has never had another kind of behavior. That is to say, Nazism is not just the natural foundation of modern Germany; it is its sole and only foundation. One can search as much as he wants to find another one. There isn’t a single German, no matter his origins, who can define his national identity in terms of other than something that existed after the World Wars.

The modern German can only call on the German apologies, the Mercedes cars and of course the national football team cups as a proof of his national identity. There is nothing else he can call on, nothing at all. The history of Prussia has gone to the dead letter office along with the Mayas and the Incas. The entire Bavaria with a huge history that goes up to ancient Rome has been reduced to having an illiterate national football team center back as its biggest modern expression. They did away with Kaiser and replaced him with another Kaiser who wears short pants and is still trying to learn how to read and right; a genuine German who may be benighted but has such attitude and smugness of superiority that would be envied even by the Nazi. 

He is another volunteer Bavarian who fought for the Prussian eagle in the name of Germany, being unaware that he was falling into line with Hitler’s vision. Because of his Bavarian origin and his being identified with the role of the leader of the national football team he had the same fate as Franz Beckenbauer who came close to becoming an insurance salesman. The reader will be able to understand now why the Germans have been looking after him as the apple of their eye despite having never been the superstar of the German sport. It is tragic just to think about it.

An entire Germany stooped to involvement with football in an attempt to find a common reference point for the lot of the German people. Merkel – the daughter of the protestant pastor – attends football games so as to give the image of an ardent German. She may have no idea as to why a bunch of hulks run up and down the pitch but it is good for her political career to cheer standing next to the plebs who will vote for her. It is in her interest to wander about the male locker rooms. It is such a comedown.

There are other things as well which make those who are aware of the situation laugh even harder. Even the national – so to speak – German anthem which moves them and makes them put their hand over their hearts is Hitler’s anthem. 1. Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, Uber alles in der Welt, Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze Bruderlich zusammenhalt, Von der Maas bis an die Memel, Von der Etsch bis an den Belt. They have taken out the first lines of the first stanza to conceal the “Deutschland uber Αlles” and they have kept the rest. They have taken out the part they are familiar with and kept the one they are unfamiliar with.




What does this mean in essence? It means that the Germans are singing out loud what they have high-handedly defined as legal but the Hitleric part of the anthem is still in their hearts as what they are familiar with. The creative and competitive new Germany was unable even to change Hitler’s anthem. It’s the “song of the Germans” which was written by Germans who were Prussians and it high-handedly became “The song of Germany” which was first sung by all Germans when they were Nazis. How can anyone not find this hilarious?




In other words, Germany is a state that exists as a result of planning. When it doesn’t ask for forgiveness it asks for loans. There is always something it asks for. Even though some might not like to admit, the concept of Germany is probably one of the worst aspects of German history. It is probably the worst system the German tribes took on to express as it is identified only with the dark pages of the German people. The short history of Germany hasn’t brought a single positive outcome for Europe and the world.

Germany is unequivocally identified with blackness for the simple reason that it did not exist before the World Wars which itself provoked. There was no nation of Germany before the World Wars. The actions which Germany apologizes to the people for is its unique national tradition. It is the common tradition of the former Prussian-Bavarians who after they had been unified they followed Hitler’s orders and putting on the German Vermacht they steeped Europe in blood. They put on the uniforms that officially made them the German slaughterers of Europe. The only genuine national tradition of Germany is the TWO APOLOGIES it has already given to Europe as well as a new APOLOGY it will soon be called to give.

This is why we believe that the true – and maybe sole – progenitor of Germany is Hitler along with louse like Marx, Engels and Luxemburg. Things are simple; there are just some people who don’t like to hear it. The said people have been messing with the Germanness of the Germans with the aim to provoke emotional equations in terms of nationalism so that they can keep the bond between the different German tribes.

They speak of the Germany of the Germans who have a common German language as their only heritage and obviously their common guilt as a history. They are trying to make all Germans identify with each other and create an artificially unified Germany so that they can keep their business going. The said identification has only brought about bad things to the Germans as well as the rest of the Europeans. It is a fabrication of its latest owners.

The foregoing owners have remained the same even today. These owners founded, equipped and turned the unified Germany against the rest of the Europeans with the sole purpose to suit their personal interests instead of the German peoples. This private so to speak Germany that belongs to very specific Jewish bankers, publishers and industrialists has never served the European interests, neither the German of course. It’s a gangster-Germany, a Luciano-Germany that is involved in the gangs of New York and their ways. It’s the Germany because of which the German people have been bitten up, belittled and humiliated for over a century. It’s the Germany that in the name of profit provoked Wars by the order of the Jews; wars they were set to from the outset to lose.

This kind of crippled Germany was in the hands of the Jews to do whatever they wanted with using their money. It belonged to them, so they could give it power whenever they wanted it and take it back whenever they wanted it as well. The best part for them, though, was that they had turned it into a weapon. They could turn it against its neighbors whenever they wanted or make it crawl back in whenever they wanted. They could pull out their weapon whenever they wanted and fire at their opponents or put it back in its holster and receive gratitude by their victims.

The aforementioned were the ways of the gangs in New York. Germany would always be an aggressive Luciano who has claims on the neighboring Europe that they themselves claim; a poor Luciano working for them who they would have supplied with their money because he didn’t have the means to do it himself. He would always be a street urchin they would lend money to for guns. Why? In theory because he aspired to become the godfather of the neighborhood all by himself. In essence, because he was at their beck and call and they had released him in the streets to take down the other gangster leaders so that the bankers were the only ones to prevail. The sly Jewish bankers let the naive German speaking Luciano loose in the streets just to cause trouble to the other godfathers of the neighboring Europe.

That’s their trick. Even Luciano’s aspirations are borrowed by his masters. Yet, every time Luciano took out the guns, they had the rest of the gangster leaders running up the bill. Every time he took matters into streets he destroyed everything in his path. His backers knew that whether he lost or won his battles, every capo (=head of a crime syndicate) would ask for their funding as they would need new weapons, new cars, new floating screeds for their shops that had been burnt down and new cargos of whisky. It was always the Germans that were depicted as criminals, never the Jews who put them up to committing crime. In fact, they had created a fake animosity, result of the fake prosecutions, to cover up their association. Luciano, for example, is said to have gone after the traitor Jewish accountant of his, among others. It was sheer act for the public eyes, considering the fact that his accountant was also the accountant of the other mobsters.

The Jews had set great store by the real ambitions of actual important peoples to help them serve their interests. They had planned to put nations up to killing each other and – every time that happened –pick up the pieces using the loans in a dustpan-kind-of way. The USA and Germany were convenient states to exercise their planning on so they banked on them. Germany would be the Jewish hammer that would initiate the devastation of Europe and the USA would be the dustpan to clean up Europe until the latter could be rebuilt thanks to Jewish loans, and then Germany would have a purpose again. The USA and Germany had given up control of the banking systems to the Jews and the latter based their whole planning on that given fact.

The most death-dealing racket in human history

The Jewish factory of death


World War I

The Americans give loans to Europe

The American loans bind Europe

For any of what we have said to have even the slightest value – regardless of how nice or clever they may sound – we need to relate them with the actual historical war facts. There is need for historical proof to confirm our speculations unless we want them to be just that, speculations.

What makes our research distinct and special is something really important. We won’t refer to common war statistics; the statistics regarding the supposed heroes and winners; the statistics related to the victims and traitors. None of the above is of interest to us. It is rather in the interest of historians. We are going to go straight to the fund of the wars. We are going to look for the cases in which a funding can steer certain developments. If we can pinpoint any inexplicable steering we will be able to pinpoint who the financiers are and who the ones funded are. If we can establish that information, we can move on to understand who did what and whether that person had been funded to do the deed or had done it without profit. In other words, we will be able to understand when a person who has funded someone that accidentally became criminal in the after years enjoyed the huge profits after the crimes had been committed. THE FUND OF WORLD WARS. It is without doubt that we will find the Jews there.

As any analyst does, we will start with the basics. Anyone who reads the official history of Europe will be informed that World War I had one major cause. Apart from pretext and excuses, the real cause of the war was competitiveness between Germany and Britain; the industrial competitiveness of the two countries in the global planet. Here is where the first strange question crops up.

What kind of competitiveness could it have been? Britain owned a large part of the Planet and Germany was a fenced-in plot of land without much potential in the center of Europe.

In what sense could these different in terms of capacity powerful countries have been competitive? Germany had nothing and Britain had everything. Germany possessed the most powerful industry, yet didn’t produce even one can of oil with which to set in motion the straps inside the factories. The answer to this financial mystery – the naive and as always useful answer to the winners – lies in history. Competitiveness was due to the rapid German industrial evolution. What does rapid mean in this sense? We can say that a rainfall, a snowfall, a storm, a fire or a disease is rapid but how can industrial evolution be rapid? It is not a natural phenomenon to evolve according to the laws of chaos. What happened? Were some of Germany’s days cloudy with a chance of brains and intelligence and helped the Germans surpass the British?

Something happened to cause the rapid evolution of industry. There is some logical explanation for this seemingly inexplicable in history natural-like phenomenon. Can any of the readers solve the mystery? How is it possible that a state with no comparative advantage become the competitor of another country which accumulates all advantages? What happened back then to push Germany to evolve rapidly?

Strange though it may seem, all Greeks know the answer. What happened to Germany is the same thing that happened to the Athens of the Olympic Games where we had rapid development of the Greek athletics; the same thing that happened to London when it hosted the Olympic Games where there was a rapid development of British athletics. Money starting pouring in. If money is flowing in abundance, there is rapid development. Money is a catalyst for rapid developments. It makes sense. If loads of money is invested on a sector, the latter can obtain the best human workforce a country has. If money keeps pouring in, there will be an arena and the fittest ones will hurry there to pick it up.

If loads of money are invested on sports, that’s where the best workforce in a country will make head for. If loads of money are invested on industry, the industrialists will search for the best workforce in their society. A clever student will not want to be a politician, military officer or sportsperson but a scientist. Why is that? Because that’s where the big money is. Huge remunerations are given to those who make inventions. Germany could have had a rapid industrial evolution using cheap money.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned answer to our question further complicates the situation instead of unraveling it. It raises questions anew. Who was Germany’s funder? Why would anyone give the country large amounts of money when it was known, because of its weaknesses, that it was bound to lose the battle of competitiveness? Why would anyone make his money fly away for something that almost seemed like a lost cause right from the beginning? If we discover the interests of that mysterious and ostensibly naive funder of Germany, we will discover the reasons for the rapid industrial evolution.

In other words, given that World War I was triggered off by the fact that Germany, which could not support its own industry, was a fierce competitor, it goes without saying that the actual trigger was pulled by whoever made it unnaturally competitive. It was whoever funded it against all logic to circumvent it natural weaknesses; it was whoever gave uncalled-for funds to it so that it could develop unnaturally increased industrial activity; it was whoever empowered the country to such a degree that the latter was suddenly too small to hold all of that power and needed greater space; it was whoever lent money to Germany despite knowing beforehand that the country would have hard time dominating in the global market, thus returning the loan.

One does not need to know all the secret information to be able to predict the results. No matter how competitive Germany was against Britain, it stood to lose. Competition would lead to financial crisis and in crisis situations the winner is whoever has resources. Germany was not one of those countries, thus it was a butterfly in the industrial sector destined to shine only for one day. It would shine until it ran out of cheap fuel, namely money. We are focusing on Germany’s funders – who were naturally going to lose their money because of the country’s given weakness to attain its goals – in our effort to find the off-stage agent that caused the World War.

Who are we looking for, then? We are looking for the Jewish bankers who used money from their global Jewish network and enhanced the performance of the lame horse of Rhine with devious means. We are looking for the people who funded it lavishly after they had unified it so that it can grow into a powerful industry and attack Europe. They didn’t fund Prussia or Bavaria. They funded a German pattern of their own that had the characteristics favorable to their interests. Unification of different Germanies, huge loans, full-scale attack against Europe; does any of these ring a bell to the reader? If so, we are on the right track. If not, it doesn’t matter; we will get back to the subject later on.

So, where do all these lead us to? They lead us to a differentiated conclusion than the one history reached; a differentiated conclusion, not different. According to history, on the one hand, the cause of World War I was the rapid German industrial evolution. On the other hand, we have reached to another conclusion that resembles yet differentiates from the former. We consider UNNATURAL FUNDING OF THE GERMAN INDUSTRY BY THE JEWS to have been the cause of the War. It was an unnatural funding which under normal circumstances would have been considered wrong investment as it has led to a dead end with a mathematical precision.

There was no way such an artificially, hence costly, galloping evolution in a Germany cut off by everyone could have been sustainable. Germany resembled a train loaded with fuel going at high speeds on a track that led to a dead end; on a track that would yield no profit to the people that had loaded the cargo. Given that the said dead end was evident even to a blind man, it goes without saying that it was evident to the Jews as well. What are we concluding, therefore? We are concluding that they intended it to happen. They would lose their money on that investment but the gains would be much bigger than the consequences of the crash to the dead end. Funding the industrial bulge of the unified Germany actually meant funding the war that was about to follow.

Once we have answered the question of who funded, thus set the war in motion, we will now look for the person who profited from its outcome. That is, we will try to find out whether the person that unsuspiciously, so to speak, funded a criminal and the person that accidentally gained from the crime are one and the same person. In that case, we will be talking about a premeditated crime. So, we are raising the following question to the reader: Who won World War I? Was it the Allies of Europe known as Entente, from the French word that means agreement? Was it Britain which was the ring leader of the Allies’ victory? Was it France which won its freedom and became partners in triumph with the others? Weren’t all of them the winners as history in our school teaches us?

But still, money statistics speak otherwise. Ever since WWI, the entire of Europe was a loser. Both winners and losers had been financially ruined. So, who was the winner? A conflict of that magnitude can’t have been without a winner. A conflict of that magnitude ought to have had a big winner. The ones who profited from the mass destruction were the USA, thus the Americans. Why? Because this was the collateral outcome of WWI according to all history books. This is what it is concluded by the evidence of the FUND. WWI was the reason the USA came into the picture. Until then, the whole Planet was in Europe’s debt. After the War, the whole of Europe was in the USA debt. Can a FUND be more deductive? Is there a simpler way to pinpoint the winner? 

Does the reader understand why we use the words racket and premeditated crime? The people who had – ostensibly – been naive enough to invest on Germany and the people who gained by the destruction the country caused were one and the same. The real winners of WWI were the USA bankers who had led hold of the entire Europe. The real winners were the ones who would lend money to everybody in Europe so as to rebuild everything in Europe. Who were those bankers? They were the Jewish bankers; the usurious fiends of New York; the gangs of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Goldman, Sachs, Sifer and the rest of the low-life scums. These people were the continuation of Herzl.

The first – to all appearances – “world” war has strengthened the power of the aforementioned Zionists in the entire Planet. They were the only ones to have had global gains as a result of that war. The Jews didn’t want to risk losing their money, so they did what we have mentioned earlier.  They copied the ways of the Mafia. They turned their sights on one of their clients-victims for the rest to see. They funded his death. They funded the revolution of their children so as to overthrown him. The Tsar of Russia was a big client of theirs. Yet, they sacrificed him without hesitation to teach a lesson to the rest.

They had no choice. It was the only way for them to build a fenced-in nationalistic world with huge debts and common lenders. Fear is the best means for such results. They needed a victim to sustain the fence. These are the ways of the streets.  A cast of professionals learns about what has happened to one of their kind for not submitting to the ruffians, so they conform to their demands. That was the Jews’ way to send inflammatory messages to all parties concerned.

This is why they took advantage of the loss of the War and managed to give a taste of the threat they had risen which would cause terror to the national bourgeois states of Europe. They literally executed Russia to send their message. What was the content of the message? Whether you are the allied winners or the defeated Central Powers you must not question the hateful debts to the bankers because communists are on the lurk. They are only waiting for funding and – as everybody knows – there is enough money to go around.

The Jews had brought the perfect result. They had executed Russia and at the same time acquired control over the deceased for future use. They would let it crawl for some time until it came handy again for the next phase of the plan. The people who took on to committing every crime there is against the Russian people and all minorities within the state were Jewish sons of gun. The Jews had no moral issues. They were all dirty goyim that deserved nothing better in this world. Given that their death served the interests of God’s Chosens, the latter had problem with it. They had already sacrificed Jesus to suit their interests, so they weren’t going to flinch at nothing, let alone at some illiterate Russian farmers or Pontic Greek merchants from Crimea.

The end of War and Americans’ first triumph

The big scheme

After the war had ended, some bright minds picked up on the situation and tried to stop the developments; they were Europeans who did not look favorably upon that American paternalistic emergence. Georges Clemenceau was one of those people. He realized that the Americans had profited from Germany’s crimes. He pinpointed the real causes of Germany’s offensive attitude. He soon reached the conclusion that the industrial Germany resembled a burning coal which had to be destroyed once and for all and not just be put out momentarily as it would pose a continuous threat not only to France but to the whole of Europe.

Clemenceau realized that devious enhancement of the industry with cheap money affects how the states behave and that behavior was dangerous for an industrialized Europe. It was dangerous because it allowed externalities to affect how Europeans functioned. It allowed externalities to cause intra-European conflicts at will. He soon came to the conclusion that if they didn’t destroy the German coal which was burning at the centre of a Europe ready to explode any minute now, they would soon be in great trouble. They would put out the new fire it would cause until they rushed off to put it out again. In other words, he realized that another danger lurked, namely the possibility that the methods applied in WWI would become a repetitive business that would lead the entire Europe to destruction.

To put it simply, Clemenceau saw through the scheme of the Americans and their usurious Jewish backers. He may not have had evidence to substantiate his suspicions as everything could be fabricated back then but he possessed enough intuition as a politician to realize where they had gone wrong and that were the same mistake to be repeated, it would soon lead to a new tragedy for Europe unless they caught it on time. He had the instinct to figure out the plans of the people who desperately wanted to keep Germany in a permanent state of industrial readiness so that they can enhance its power when the right time came and exploit the state’s hopeless and doomed to be lost struggle to prevail.

That was the danger clever Clemenceau became aware of. We are referring to the danger that unless the industrial development of a nation that has particularities – as Germany was – was controlled, the political and military leadership of Europe would be under the usurers’ thumb as they had already put Europe under their control. It was pretty clear to him that whoever had enough money to fund Germany had enough power to have Europe running. Even if it was just for pleasure, the usurers could cause intra-European conflicts. Clemenceau’s proposal on the German question was the result of his perception of the situation. It was the final proposal France made for the final resolution of the German question.

Clemenceau wanted a solution to be given that would be based on the logic of previous wars rather than on a more modern logic that would suit the bankers, which we have described in the beginning of this essay. France would be content with receiving reparations following the logic of wars during feudalism. That meant reparations in kind. Although they were entitled to the bigger part of reparations, they would have to make do with the acquisition of Alsace or Lorraine. France did not want money not because it had it in abundance but because it didn’t want to fall in line with the usurers’ plans. Despite France being over-indebted to the Americans, taking money was not an option. Why? Because France’s, as well as the others’, financial demands – hence reparation demands – from the Germans would be trapped into becoming part of the usurers’ plans.




This is exactly what Clemenceau wanted to avoid. He didn’t want money simply because such a demand could come back to trap him. Clemenceau didn’t even want Germany to afford reparations and debt repayments which meant that it would be able to generate wealth. He didn’t want Germany to have a strong industry. He didn’t want Germany to have a single factory. He wanted Germany to have strong animal husbandry and agriculture so that its authoritative instincts would not trouble the history of Europe ever again. He wanted the Ruhr valley to be a common graze land instead of an industrial zone. He wanted to eliminate once and for all the possibility of Germany ever becoming a threat and the only way to do it was by excluding all possibilities for its industrial development.




Clemenceau wanted to send the German-speaking “Luciano” away from the sources of imperialism. He wanted to strip him of his powers for good and send him back to his village and his fields. He didn’t want him powerful, collecting money from casualty claims. He didn’t even want him in proximity as he couldn’t be convinced about the sincerity of the apologies and reparation promises. He didn’t even want him to be powerful. For Clemenceau disarmament meant complete deindustrialization rather than pretentious demilitarization of Germany since the latter was a situation that could easily be overturned. Disarmament of a state entails lack of chances of ever entering the global market and claiming control of it. It entails the state lacking the know-how and the infrastructure to get self-equipped without exterior help. At that time, complete deindustrialization was the solution to the German question.

Who insisted, then, on the Germans reparating for the losses? The answer is the Americans. That’s what suited them. That’s what suited the Jews who were behind the whole scheme. Germany was the secret of their racket to conquer the whole of Europe in the future. If Germany was de-industrialized, the Americans would abandon Europe even before they could have had the chance to live there. If the Europeans managed to disarm “Luciano”, the Americans would have to abandon their goal to become global capos depending on him to back them up. In such an event, there would be risk of even the loans been trimmed which would make them return to the Alabama cotton plantations.

Therefore, their main strategic concern was to maintain the presence of Germany in the industrial sector. They had to be successful on that as they would want to turn the state once again against Europe, which would be impossible if the French motivated by Clemenceau had sent the Germans cattle breeding on the banks of the river Rhine. Industry, not animal husbandry, was the only means to turn Germany into a useful, desperate and equipped borrower. If you want to destroy people you throw them bombs, not animal turd. It is destruction, not stains that makes a usurer rich. Wilson – following the commands of the usurers – would hinder the de-industrialization of Germany at all costs.

De-industrialization of Germany was easy back then. Industry didn’t have then the negative image and insignificance that has today. Industry was the ultimate asset for a peoples and its state. It was a strategic leverage for the powerful people of that era, equivalent to today’s nuclear weapons. Today there is an issue of who controls nuclear weapons; then, there was the issue of who controls the industry. Today, there is the issue of controlled dispersion of nuclear technology; then, there was the issue of controlled dispersion of the industrial technology. During those times, there were nations that were welcome in the industry sector and others that were entirely unwelcome.

Back then Germany could then be forced to pay for its crimes and be declared unwelcome to remain in the industrial circles. Just like today Iran is declared unwelcome in the exclusive circles of the people who possess nuclear technology, the same could happen to Germany in terms of the industrial circles back then. Germany would not be the first or the single European power that was not going to have industrial infrastructure on decisions made by powerful people. Just like a state would be punished for abusing nuclear weapons today, the same way Germany would be punished back then for the same reason, namely abuse of an industrial weapon.




A state lacking industrial activity was not uncommon in that era. It would not have been strange even if the state had lost its industry. German society, due to war casualties, had been population-wise crippled to such an extent that agriculture and animal husbandry could absorb every single of its members. Moreover, the Germans would not react because, after the unprecedented massacre they had provoked, they were so terrified of the European rage that even if the slightest hint of freedom had been granted to them, it would have been duly appreciated. There were no modern versions of wars back then that would lead to debts and pretentious reparations and the Germans feared possible real enslavement to the French, Russians or Polish who they absolutely loathed.

Still, Clemenceau was just one man and the Americans – being the backers of everybody else – were all powerful. Whether it was their potency or their cunningness, they managed to make everybody think like them. Everybody was going to receive reparations from the controlled Germany. The Americans were going to guarantee that Germany would not cause any trouble.  It would work hard to reparate everybody. They had it disburse a huge amount of money in casualty claims which was the catch that lured everybody to follow their way of thinking. They would have Germany pay 269 millions of German gold marks, worth about £6.6 billion British pounds or $32 billion US dollars, inconceivable numbers considering the era. Germany was supposed to have been paying reparations up until the recent 1984. The Germans who had been paying for their crimes were supposed to have been working for the good of the Europeans.

The Americans had achieved their goals; every single one of them. The loaners had had control over the entire Europe and they had kept Germany within the industrial circles on the grounds that they will pull the same stunt again and obtain greater control at some point in the future. The defeated Germany had been funded for reconstruction with more money than what the winners and allies had received. On what excuse? To reconstruct its industry so that it can have money for reparations; to use their money and build the best, thus most competitive factories so that its exports can yield the biggest profits and the reparations can be paid to the victims in a shorter period of time. Everybody would line up to receive reparations. It was the absolute sham. They threw dust in the eyes of the Europeans and started preparing the ground for phase two of their scheme.

The reader is starting to get a grip of the whole charade. The usurers used the constructed image of a worthy Germany which is reborn through its ashes as a beard. The constructed image of a creative Germany which is seemingly developing at torrential rates is the product of a paid disinformation. The constructed image of a hard-working Germany which is insurmountable due to its methodicalness is spread because the usurers wanted it to, so that they and their schemes are not disclosed.

Everything aforementioned is lies; colossal lies. It has been over a century now that the Germans are unaware of what happens in Germany. The Germans are a historically clueless and misguided ballast which has been dragged by usurers at will. It is a nation that has been attacked so hard that fails to understand not only the surroundings but also itself. They are a nation that lives in a state alien and inhospitable to them and which it has no control over. It’s a state that the usurers will make surge with development whenever they want to or turn it against the rest of the nations whenever they want to.


From Kaiser to Hitler

From mere lenders of Europe, the Americans become its co-owners

Once the Americans, having being its funders, dragged Europe in their schemes, it was only a matter of time before they moved on to the next step. It was only a matter of time before they attempted to have solid presence in Europe, that is, to go from being mere lenders to being Europe’s co-owners; to attempt actual occupation of Europe even by bringing in the Old Continent troops. This was the usual sneaky way of usurers to conquest and it was they who shaped the USA politics. First, they give you low-interest loans to sugar you up and later on they lend you even more on worse terms to force you into mortgaging your house. Then, they turn up uninvited under the veil of just being the lenders who want to secure their rights.

That was the goal of the Americans, namely to have solid presence in Europe. They had to create the necessary circumstances that would allow them to gain actual control of Europe after having conquered the right to bring military troops in its territory. It was only natural that once the Americans had secured the conditions that suited them with the Versailles Treaty, they showed a different face. Given that the Europeans had been caught off guard and allowed Americans to intervene in the European affairs after WWI, it was only a matter of time before the latter started sabotaging.  As long as Germany was building its new factories with money lent from the Americans – which in turn had been provided by the Jews – and needed Europe on its side, it had the behavior of a penitent sinner. It kept a low profile. It knew that it had gotten a free ride and didn’t want to push its lack with provocative behaviors.

Acting as champions and trustees of Europe, the Americans had fGermany pay some of the reparations so as to eliminate any complaint or suspicion on the part of the Europeans. Even the slightest hint of suspicion could endanger the American plans because at the same time they were helping Germany present a new fixed industrial wonder. It was going to be a wonder that would allow them to turn it into a new war threat against Europe whenever it suited them and that’s exactly what they did years later. They took advantage of the global financial crisis and the Crash of 1929 and allowed suspension of Germany’s reparation payments. In actual fact, they remitted the reparations money at the exact same time when Germany had an industry that had desperate need for new loans and new markets

So, when the Versailles Treaty was signed, the Americans insisted – to all appearances – that Germany remain an industrial state so as to afford reparations, but later on their politics changed. In reality, their reparations were remitted and that forced the other states to follow their example. What’s important, though, is that the reparations were remitted only after the Americans had ensured – thanks to Germany – that the rest of the Europeans were in debt. In other words, the Americans remitted the debts of the people because of which all other states went head over heels in debt. They remitted the debts of the defeated state and deprived the old winners of the War of any chance of development by trapping them in huge debts. What was their purpose? They wanted to restart their racket. They wanted to give Germany new loans. They wanted to start enhancing the industrial Germany so as to move on to phase II of their planning whose final outcome would be the Americans having military bases in Europe as its co-owners, not mere lenders any more. They created an industrial monster anew which had a lust for money and could threaten Europe once more.

What did they need this time? They needed a new Kaiser; a new Fuhrer. They needed a ruler who would see their money as the solution to Germany’s lust for money. They needed a leader who would capitalize on the competitiveness of the deviously enhanced Germany and turn it against its neighbors once again; against the neighbors it believed degraded its existence; the neighbors that separated it from its members.  Do you remember what we mentioned earlier? Unification, loans, attack. It was the same old practical guide. New unification, new loans and new attack. The Germans once again desired unification with their brothers. Their industry was once again mysteriously unrivalled. It seems that Germany had one of those cloudy days with a chance of brains again. The Rockefeller, Rothschild and Bush families were once again ready to give loans to Fuhrer.

That’s when they searched in riff-raff of society and found the right man for the job, namely Adolf Hitler. He was the pride and joy of beerhouses. He was a good-for-nothing man from Rhine. He was the product of years and years of incest and bestialities. They intended him to become the father of a Germany they would lastingly own. They were going to have him go after the Jews so as not to raise suspicion. Hitler would be the one to victimize the Jews to such a degree that they would become something sacred. He would make the Jews the sacred cows of Christianity. He would be the one to place them at the top of the world and relieve them of every sin, control or doubt. It was the perfect put-up job. Once again the Jews were about to trigger off a new World War. Once again they were ready to fund a massacre even more appalling than the last one and all that would be realized by their planted man, the frenzied lance corporal Hitler. 

The Nazi factories started working thanks to money lent by Jewish usurers from the USA and targeted at creating war. All German celebrations were organized with money from the Jewish usurers. The Germans were mere gonfalon bearers. They were mere proud people without good cause and purpose. Given that they were no longer Prussians or Bavarians, which would give their life some direction, they didn’t react in the improprieties of an Austrian. Given that they were no longer Protestants or Catholics, they followed the pagan fabrications of the benighted poulterers. They were the twits of the new and frothy Germany. They were the pioneers of a vanguard they couldn’t comprehend. As a result, they were simple bystanders. They stood by watching others act on their behalf for the simple reason that they were undergoing an identity crisis. They stood by watching the people who promised to provide them with jobs, fewer taxes and certainly national pride through success. 

They reacted the same way Germans react today who take anything today’s exponents of the top-notch German competitiveness say and make it their tradition or national doctrine. Back then they read “Der Sturmer”; now it’s the Bild“. They would prepare themselves to become the saviours of Europe from the inferior races once again. They were the hard-working nation that would relieve Europe of the indolents once again. They were the unrivalled nation that would relieve Europe of the weak. That’s what they read in the newspapers and that’s what they believed. They may not have had any clue as to who is funding all that but they believed it. They even liked the uniforms. They may have had no idea who funded those too, but they sure knew that Hugo Boss had a good taste in clothes.




War broke out and drenched Europe in blood. The lance corporal who posed as a General-emperor launched an unprecedented military attack against the whole of Europe. The usurers’ money had become bombs and rounds that crippled the Old Continent in all corners of the earth. The usurers were happy. Each bomb that was dropped was going to create a new need for loan. They directed their “Luciano” to the target they wanted. All they cared about was for their money to come in useful; for the bombs to bring down infrastructures; for the Nazi to destroy everything in the wake, whether they were on the offence – when they were winning – or on the defence – when they were losing. They pressured the Nazis to leave nothing standing, especially during their retreat.

Within a few years Europe had become one giant flat land. A flat land with endless debris and the Europeans were ready to ask for new loans and give in exchange a lot more than they had done before. The usurers were ecstatic. The damages to properties that would have to be restored were going to be even bigger than the ones caused by the previous war. The Europe left standing after the German passing was a harrowing and inhumane environment; an inhospitable environment for humans, therefore it would have to be restored the soonest possible. Once we start mentioning time we start mentioning money. We start mentioning usurers.

It was a matter of time before the completion of destruction led to the Yalta Conference. Germany had done its part and it was time to crawl back to its lair. From then on, the people it had been taking orders from would rule the roost. This time the Americans were going to take part in the planning of the post-war Europe as suzerains. They were not going to be something like hosted observers – being the lenders – as it was the case in the Versailles Treaty. They were going to be the only ones to make all the decisions about Europe. Being the sureties of Europe’s safety from Germany, they seemingly had no other choice but take up military residence there to help it avoid similar occurrences. They had secured an alibi for keeping troops in Europe.

The Jewish usurers who patronized them with their backstage activities were ready to provide them with every means they possessed in order for their planning to secure them a presence inside Europe. That was the period that they dragged Soviet Union which was a spent force into the center of Europe to use it as deterrence. They brought the relics of the past, specifically of the previous war, to scare the living. The Americans had found the perfect nation to present as the enemy that would legitimize their stay in Europe. It was supposed to be a formidable and vicious enemy which the Europeans could not face on their own; hence Europe needed them to keep it safe. The spent force of the previous war had then become the vivid enemy of the post-war era.

The thing is, though, that criminals, who always intimidate their victims by way of precaution, would have to deal with their little problems. Being genuine crooks, they had to flaunt their “steel”. They had to be able to prove to some concerned and undisciplined Europeans that they had the means to punish them immediately and effectively, even if there is an ocean between them. During WWI, they turned their sights on Russia to prove to their enemies that they possess the communist weapon which can exterminate any state that doesn’t comply with its debt obligations. They were going to follow the same routine in WWII.

They were criminals and that’s what criminals do. What was that exactly? They turned their sights on Japan to prove that they can exterminate even by distance any state questions their military presence in the areas of interest. The ocean that kept the USA and Japan apart was not enough to save the latter and it was not going to be enough in the case of Europe either, unless the latter submitted to their will. The atomic tomb in Japan was intended to make a point to the controversialists; to whoever thought that an ocean could protect them from the new sovereigns. The bombing was more of propaganda than a strategic need in a war that was coming to its end.

The bombing was a hit below the belt that terrorized the world. It was a conniving and strategically unnecessary hit that took place during the “stoppage time” considering that the bombing went down on 6 August 1945 and the war officially ended on 2 September 1945. It was a street hit which makes it the most virulent hit of common crooks in the history of human kind. Thousands of Japanese civilian population died because it suited the daunting strategy of common usurers. It did the trick. The bombing make clear to everyone what they should have already known. It was a hit that rendered the New York criminals as the only armed mobsters of that period.

At the same time they set things up for Germany. They had to do so as they were going to ask for sanctuary there and criminals are always particularly generous in such cases. It is certain that the person who accommodates a criminal becomes the receiver of great and valuable gifts. Whenever there is a case of someone abetting a criminal, Justice looks for that person’s profits. That’s what the Americans did with the Germans. They gave them a royal reward. They did not punish almost anyone of the German criminals who had steeped Europe in blood. The German government continues business with the same officials and so did the industry. All Hitler’s companies were not only kept going but also were funded so as to strengthen even more.

The Germans were grateful to their generous bosses. The actual German possession – even in the German part – of Europe had already started. The American dream to step foot on Europe had been realized to some extent. The dream of the Jewish usurers to steal each and every Christian nation there is free of any competition or criticism had been realized. They had managed to become the “sacred cows” for Christianity that nobody questions. Even if you just looked at them in a funny way you would be charged with a penal crime. They had managed to put the lot of the bourgeois throughout the Christian territory under their thumb, so Herzl’s planning – even phase one that had to do with their safety – had been completed.

The people who were working for the interests of the usurers agreed to do whatever suited them in Yalta. Now that the Americans had guns, they would be able to protect them from their enemies and the Germans would become actual slaves. The Jewish bankers were the actual co-owners of Europe; the actual owners of Germany. What’s terrifying to even think is that not only did the conquered Germans not react to such manipulations but they also considered all those people to be their saviors. Why did that happen? Because they were once again afraid that Europe would wreak its fury on them.

What is more, the Germans were aware that the Americans’ presence in Europe would give them the opportunity for a new miracle. It would be a much easier miracle this time because the Americans would not have to answer to anyone. The Americans no longer needed an alibi or to play games so as to help Europe develop once again. They were the pipers, so they called the tune. They followed once more the practical guide. Once again they took them to court for reparations to be adjudged. Indeed, fabulous amounts of money were adjudged as reparations which, nevertheless, the victims were never going to receive.

Once again the nations did not react because once again they waited. They waited for Germany to start producing so that they can get their whatnot. There was no doubt that the Americans would reconstruct Germany’s industry using once again money they had taken from the Jews. Not only were the Germans not going to pay for the unimaginable human slaughter of the European populations but also they were going to be the first European industrialists and laborers who would reopen and rework respectively in the factories; to their state-of –the-art factories. All Hitler’s best buds had survived the post-war era as well. None of the industrialists, who had used slaves from concentration camps without paying them anything during the Nazi period, has ever come even close to being charged for crimes against humanity.

The Nazis served the interests of the sovereign Americans and the Jews who had become like the “sacred cows” of religion so their future was not at stake given that their bosses were supposed to be their prosecutors. They no longer needed to even look for an excuse or change their identities. Companies like Mercedes, Siemens and Thyssen used to be major players during Nazism and they continue being such in the post-war era.

In the meantime, all European states handed over the biggest part of their sovereignty to the Americans. There wasn’t anybody that could complain about the Nazis’ vampire-like re-emergence because the Americans would not let it. They were the champions of the living from the spent force of the Volga river. States like Greece, for which reparation payments had been adjudged based on calculations of the damages they had sustained, dared not claim for what was rightfully theirs. Everything had become part of the American feudal. Every Parliament of an ostensibly free state was controlled by an American embassy situated nearby. Every Prime Minister of an ostensibly free state had an Ambassador suggesting him how to do his job. Everything was controllable to an enormous degree.

The Americans were pleased with their New York gang. They were very pleased that they had found such clever and competent accomplices and funders. They enjoyed their accomplishments in Europe and took the Mickey wearing their Hawaiian shirts. They got back at the Europeans for the colonial era of the New Land. They were indifferent to the cost their success had in human lives. What is more, the cold-blooded misery index kept increasing in numbers of casualties. The usurer’s business required enormous quantities of blood and the latter kept flowing in abundance.

WWI casualties amounted to nine million soldiers and another nine million of civilian population, totaling to more than 18.5 million human lives. The casualties of WWII, which was world war in the essence, amounted to 23 million soldiers and 57 million of civilian population. We can understand that it was an unspeakable tragedy. Within less than twenty years the Jewish usurers had funded a double human massacre of 32 million soldiers and 66 million of civilian population. 100 million human lives were sacrificed so that the Jews can create the necessary market conditions that would enable them to eventually plunder the whole world. These are numbers past all belief, result of a crime that has not been exposed yet. The worst is that not only is it not completed but also forms the foundation of the next phase. 

The cost in human lives had to be that huge so that the Americans COULD find a place in Europe as co-owners and obtain control over the West Block. The cost had to be that huge for the Jewish usurers to be able to bind the entire world through loans and stage their victimization that would make them untouchable. That is why they sped – until Hitler’s last minutes of power– to concentrate Jews in the camps although the defeat of the Nazi was just around the corner. That is why the Jews sped to secure the death of 6,000,000 Jews in the Holocaust. The Jewish race altogether if counted would not amount to that number.

The only way anyone can explain the various strange and inexplicable situations that concern him is if he becomes aware of what the planning required in order to be successful. The fact that with the end of Nazism being around the corner the Nazis concentrated Jews in the camps is strange and inexplicable. These people were prisoners who were supposed to be released in a short while. The Germans barely had the time to give these prisoners their tags. Why would the Nazi do such a thing? Were they stupid? How could they not have known that such an action would mark them as war criminals? Of course they knew but the truth was that appearances had been deceptive.

The Germans were ordered to act this way by the usurers and along with the orders they had received guarantees that they would not be held responsible for any of their actions. The Germans acted that way to serve the Jews. Until the very last minute the Jews – just like Tzevi Koretz did in Thessaloniki – made efforts to find ways to send more and more people to the concentration camps. They were in a hurry to have huge numbers of Jewish put there so that they could be first in the list of the victims; otherwise they were soon going to be first in the list of criminals. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the shoes for nothing in the world if the Europeans had got wind of their true role in the biggest crime in history.

Phase III

The final solution given to Europe’s problem

From Hitler to Merkel

The current European debt crisis is a premeditated crime. It is a debt that will lead to an overall sell-out of Europe which is the ultimate goal of Americans and usurers.

The Americans had managed – due to guidance and funding from the Jews – to carry out the most horrible massacre in the history of human kind and receive no reaction on the part of the victims. Given that, it was easy for them to dare make the next step which was much easier as it didn’t involve so much blood shedding. The difficult part of the plan was over and nobody had got wind of what had gone down. The remaining part was easy to accomplish. It involved becoming part of Europe’s affairs in the form of the powerful lender and benefactor and stripping it of its peoples’ proprietorship. That was their ultimate goal, namely to turn Europe into another USA state; into an overseas colony of theirs which would be exclusively privately owned and there would be no reactions about it. That was their ultimate goal. Complete privatization of Europe. The usurers would own Europe.

How were they planning to pull this off? They would follow the same old ways. Why change an effective method? They had the desired results with Germany which was the difficult part since it involved tons of blood shedding so they weren’t going to have any difficulty carrying out the easy part. There was no way they would have trouble carrying out the last phase of the imperialistic planning which involved no blood shedding. Given that when their plan required it they used Germany and had it sacrifice millions of its people in the battle fields we can understand that the Jews’ current attack on a virtual level could not go wrong. Germany did not react when they got it to sacrifice 5,000,000 soldiers in the previous war, so it was not going to react now that it was asked to play free of charge the role of public opinion; to play the role of model working people who get indignant with laziness; to play the role of infuriated well-to-do family people.

As we can see, the starting point of phase III was once again the same weak link of Europe; the same numskull they had done business with before. Germany would for the second time be the numskull that started a war-like situation. The Germans, who should have been grazing cows – because industry is a little overwhelming for them – did what they should not have done for the second time at the expense of Europe and its nations. The state that should have remained de-industrialized, thanks to Europe’s tolerance, attempted to weaken the industries of the other nations in Europe so that they can keep for themselves absolute sovereignty in the industrial world and give absolute power over to the usurers. 

The Germans, who have never fully paid their reparations to the people of Europe, had become part of a planning that led European nations to the current overdebt. Germany is the sole responsible for the present desolation spread throughout Europe, result of the debt crisis. Germany has caused this suffering by orders of the New York usurers. How did they make this happen? They applied the same strategy we have described so far. Unification, loans and then war. It’s the same strategy that led to World War I as well as World War II. They took loans from their fascist leaders. They took loans from the Americans which Germany’s leaders knew would burden Europe. Germany had taken huge loans which enabled it – willfully – to become a blood-thirsty beast craving for revenues. 

The whole secret of the plan’s success lied in Germany being turned into the said beast which led Europe to the Market’s mercy; the Jewish Markets to be more exact. Kohl and the Jewish usurers were collaborators in this treacherous planning. They were all looking for an excuse to burden Germany with debts so that they could turn it anew into a Weimar Republic that is in desperate need for a vital space, thus in need to bleed its neighboring countries white. What were their intentions when they were giving enormous loans? They were aiming to get the opposite results of the ones they had set in motion for the rest of the states, which was to get them to become indebted and squanderers.

Giving Germany new loans would provide it with an alibi for displaying a behavior opposite to the one of the other European states. They would make cautious steps when everybody else opened up their market and vice versa. The problem is that exactly opposite behaviors bring about the exact opposite results.  While the European states were losing their competitiveness – because they were being spendthrift – Germany was becoming more and more competitive – because it was being frugal. When the rest of the European nations were shutting down their factories – due to lack of competitiveness – Germany was opening new ones.

Does the reader understand what went down? The usurers would use the loans to try and give Germany the alibi it needed for changing behavior in relation to the rest of the European states. They were creating a debt pyramid and were in a hurry to put Germany at the bottom of it because in case of pyramids the advantage lies with those who have entered it first. The absolute advantage always lies with the first to be included in a pyramid, and as far as Europe is concerned Germany would be the first in the pyramid. Old tricks of the usurers, that’s what this is. It is a standard practice that the crafty ones who set up the pyramids are the first to become part of it because they are the only ones with chances to get out of it at a profit. The first to invest has chances of profiting at the expense of the others. The first who borrows money has chances of paying off at the expense of the others. That is exactly what they did to Germany. They had it be the first in the European debt pyramid so that they can use it to blackmail everyone else.

The usurers – having the entire Nazi network which they helped survive after the war at their disposal – decided to give absolute competitiveness over to Germany. What was their aim? They wanted to get the Germans to make their competitiveness so aggressive that could threaten the rest of the Europeans when Europe became financially unified. They wanted to get Germany to compete solo against the entire Europe so that it would perceive it as a vital space for it. They would use their money to strengthen Germany and then they would unleash it in a common pan-European arena they would have created to tear to pieces every other European nation. Suffice it to say, everything went according to a specific course of action and a specific plan.

It was the usurers who decided to differentiate Germany from the rest of the Europeans. It was they who decided to turn it into an overindebted and hungry wolf and the others into spendthrift and satiated sheep. It was an inextricable part of their plan to change Germany’s characteristics for a start and then create a common European pen. First, they needed Germany to be unified in order to fit their plans and then they needed Europe to be unified politically and financially. So, what is left for us to see? We can only wait for the time when the breeders of wolves, namely Germany, decide to get it dander up by compelling it to hunger and deprivation.

The whole secret lies in Germany’s “Unification”. It is the same practice that had been adopted during World War I, the difference now being that the “Unification” involved the East and the West as opposed to then when it involved the North and the South. The latter “Unification” involved the North German Prussians and the South German Bavarians, while the first “Unification” involved the West Germans and the East Germans. The “Unification” then involved Germans of various religious doctrines while the current “Unification” involved Germans of various ideological doctrines. Why did we use quotation marks in the word “Unification”? Because in actual reality Germany in the form it has today has never been unified. The Germans are celebrating a Unification that has never taken place. Why? It’s because unifications are cost-free and that is not allowed in Germany.

Germany was a simple purchase and sale situation. West Germany bought East Germany from the Soviets. West Germany borrowed infinite amounts of money from the usurers to buy East Germany from its Soviet owners. Why, though, did the usurers make West Germany pay to buy East Germany when they had reached that specific part of the plan – and since it was certain by then that Germany was valuable to their plans?  Because such action would rile it so much that it would put into effect the plan to bring down Europe. Had Germany been unified without giving anything in return, nothing would have worked out to the direction that suited the usurers’ interests.

They got the Germans to protest on the Berlin Wall putting pressure and supposedly looking forward to the “unification” so that they can give an excuse to Europe’s traitor, namely Kohl, to play into the hands of the usurers; give him an excuse to follow Hitler’s footsteps and ask for loans by the same funders. They got the people all winded up with piffle like “fraternity” and “freedom” in order to create an exigency of East Germany’s take-over; in order to push towards speeding up the take-over before the whole world realizes that such action was not an absolute necessity and certainly not the only way towards unification.

They got people to protest to the streets so that they can give that awful Kohl the opportunity to make decisions regarding a supposedly emergency situation so that the people don’t get enough time to realize what had happened; before they had the chance to analyze the facts and realize that if they had been patient for a little longer, the unification would have taken place without cost. The forcedly impatient Germans lost over $200 billion because they could not wait a few months. The unification of Germany was inevitable to happen in view of the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Yet, the usurers were not going to let this happen and they were in a hurry to prevent it. What did they do? They caused the Fall of the Soviet Union. They killed a nation already dead. They had created it and now they were bringing it back to life to scare the living before they kill it once again. During the last minutes of its life they satisfied every financial demand it may have had. They paid for it to give them something it was going to lose anyway for the simple reason that it could not remain alive any longer. They were in a hurry to carry out the entire plan because time was their enemy. The Soviets were already counting the remaining minutes of their stay in Central Europe. They gave a satisfaction to that spent force by having the Germans pay for its conquest.

They were in a hurry to lend central Germany the buy-off money before the Soviets surrender on their own and the money is no longer needed. The old funders of Kaiser and Hitler were in a hurry to detonate the new war of Germany against Europe. They rushed to get Germany to attack the areas that the Soviet Union was bound to leave behind. It was in their interest to burden Germany with loans, lots of loans, lots and lots of loans; so many loans that would end up threaten it with bankruptcy. The purchase of East German by the Soviets cost hundreds of billions to the German people. It cost them another some hundreds to reconstruct and finance East German after they had destroyed it themselves.

Everything happened by means of loans. The usurers paid up to put the unified Germany at the bottom of the European debt pyramid and force it to be the first to take fiscal restraint measures. That’s were the loans aimed at. They wanted to use the loans to give Germany the alibi to follow the opposite behavior than everybody else’s. They wanted to get it to utilize the loans in the sector that suited them and not just squander it as they had practically forced everybody else to do. The loans were their means to make Germany tighten its peoples’ belt while the others were taking cheap loans to loosen things up for their peoples. They wanted Germany to become their tank that would sweep competition in Europe.

The German loans would allow them to launch a new attack against Europe. They had to find a place to initiate the attack and Germany was perfect for that. After the “conquest” of Eastern Germany it was Europe’s turn. Germany was the only place this attack could be launched from. Why? Because wars need a reason to happen and Germany was the only one that could provide it. The Germans had certain feelings about certain things that made them active. Germany was once again going to start a war following the same pattern, namely the Brotherly War. In other words, they were going to re-conquer their own territories first, just like Hitler did.

This is what the buy-off of East German by the West German got them. They created moral obligations, hence pretexts. Given that East Germany was not set free without a cost but was obliged to them, we can easily infer certain things. Germany could no longer make its own decisions about the future. It was indebted to those who had bought off its freedom and they had to hand control over to its new champions. It was indebted to West Germany and a debt to the Germans is highly detrimental. Why? Because later on, when they will have become co-owners – and being on the powerful side of the lender – they will make decisions on how you will pay them back.

These hard-boiled lenders came up with the idea that East German, due to the debts, should set up a Treuhand which would include the entire public capital which was no longer its. It belonged to West Germany because it was indebted to it. West Germany would take on to sell out that capital – therefore sell out the soul of East Germany – so that it can relieve from an enormous burden the German tax payer; the German tax payer of Bild which was the absolute constant of central Europe’s so-called ethics.

The Treuhand was the model on which all public companies which took the task of privatizing Europe were built. The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) is organized on the same standards. It is only natural. As soon as the Germans completed their attack to East Europe, they launched a new one against the former West Europe by reason of debts once again. The East Germans were the first to experience fiends like Schauble, Hans-Joachim Fuchtel or Horst Reichenbach and then followed the Greeks, the Portuguese or the Irish. They were the first to experience the old geezers howl in order to protect, to all appearances, the German tax payers and then followed the Greeks and the other PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Spain). The East Germans were the first to become lazy people who threatened the hard working West Germans and then followed the Greeks who threatened the overall German working force. A lesson had to be taught first to the East Germans and then to the Greeks.

Does the reader understand what we are expressing? Does the reader understand why they used a continuously unrivalled in the industrial sector Germany? The purpose was for Germany to introduce Europe into a kind of war which the usurers needed to facilitate them in buying out and owning Europe. Had it not been for the offensive Germany, they would have failed to attack Europe. Had it not been for the loans for the German unification, the German state would not have been ramboesque, hence emotionally galvanized in advance.  From that point on everything was easy. The method of fratricide in Germany became the guide for Germany to perform the fratricide attack against the outwardly sibling European states of the EU.

Given that Germany made no scruples about buying out its twin state, it is clear that it would not consider unethical to buy out Greece. Germany took on to purge East Germany out of love and it was also out of love that took on to purge Greece. Germany literally begs the imbecile – as it views them – Greeks to let them in on its know-how in terms of competitiveness. It needs to do this so desperately that it comes to the point of threatening them with death unless they accept what it has to offer them. The Germans start off from the weak and small states of Europe, but they are certain to gradually attack the rest of the Europeans as well.

Everything happened according to a plan. The familiar to us plan, namely loans and scumbags positioned in the German leadership. Once again they searched through the social riff-raff and found a new kind of Fuhrer to serve their scheme.  They needed a useless, illiterate, complex-ridden and miserable Fuhrer to assign him the easy role of managing the artificial supremacy of Germany at the expense of other states. The only difference is that today’s Fuhrer is of the female sex, yet equally vile. They found an old stool-pigeon of the Stasi and forced her on Germany and Europe through Media –that they controlled – propaganda.




They artificially managed to secure absolute competitiveness of Germany and now they are turning it against all European nations. This is why they had been trying to find a way to fund Germany and this is why we are using the word alibi. The people who resorted to Goldman Sachs gimmickries to get the European states to overborrow were the same people who put Germany up to scrimp and save. The poor states of Europe raised the wages while Germany hadn’t had a raise in wages since the beginning of 90’. Exactly that was the goal. Everybody lost competitiveness while Germany gained it. They had it build tanks when everybody else built beech beds. They applied the same method they had applied in Germany during the Hitler years, when the state was developed by building tanks while the rest of the nations were interested in fund-raising to build a strong social profile.

The usurers decided to give money to the Germans for the latter to corrupt the entire Europe and thus lead it to overborrowing and ultimately destruction. Present Germany uses the money it has taken from the Jews to attack and once again threaten the world. Hitler’s mechanism has been set in motion over again with the help of the Jewish money. The mechanism has remained exactly the same, nothing has been changed, not even the names. It was because of Hitler that some companies burgeoned and now are powerful enough to corrupt the world and not just Europe. These companies had the task of securing production to the Nazis using slaves from the concentration camps.

These German companies are currently attacking Europe. The companies of the maleficent industrialists who managed to escape even the Wiesenthal Center. Such are companies like Siemens, Bayer, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Thyssen, MΑΝ and a lot more. These are companies whose founders and owners were ardent Nazis and made sure that their companies served the Nazi ambitions. The same companies are using money from usurers over again to wipe out Europe. If there is anything they cannot destroy, they simply buy it up by making it part of the German industrial quiver.

They use mafia tactics, menaces and extortions to threaten the resisters of their offensive activities. The President of Alfa Romeo made this public when he accused his colleague in the Volkswagen industry of a disgraceful – up to a penal degree – conduct. Still, he may have taken a stand and made the accusation but there were Presidents of other companies who didn’t. The list is endless. Supposing that automotive industry is the most powerful and strategic industry Europe possesses, the conditions are much too close to the German ways to consider them normal.

Skoda company, for example, has fallen victim to the German rush for the second time in its history. During WWII it became a subsidiary of the Hermann Goring Werke conglomerate of Nazi Germany and today it is a subsidiary of Volkswagen of Merkel Germany. The same happened to the Spanish SEAT company. Anything that is part of Europe is being wiped out or threatened to be wiped out.  Companies like Rolls-Roys, Bentley, Jaguar, Mini Morris are British in name only. They belong to the German armada. Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ducati, Husqvarna and whatever bright accomplishments the European industry has to show ends up in the hands of the people who blackmail Europe.

Corrupting people – and controlling almost the lot of the European industrial sector – the Germans got Europe to go head over heels with debts. Once they had accomplished that, it was a matter of time before they could complete their plan to conquer the states. Given that there are debts to be paid and the states need constant funding, they are easily led to a financial suffocation and subsequently to financial slaughter, and this is exactly what has happened. The Germans were acting under the orders and coordination of the usurers and they started messing with the states’ treasuries. They started selling the treasuries of the states they were going to make their target in an organized manner and in huge quantities. One by one the states were put in front of the German financial fire squad and executed. They started with the weaker states and moved on to the more powerful ones.

They acted as true murderers. They corroborated with rating agencies, the lot of which belongs exclusively to the Jews funders of Germany, and they started financially executing the states one by one. Greece was their first stop, they moved on to Ireland, Portugal and now they move on to stronger states. The people who executed civilians by fire squads during the previous wars are now doing the same thing to the states. What was their ultimate goal? They wanted to bring them in a state of inability to get loans, hence in a state of financial suffocation that would in turn lead to a non-reversible recession. If that happens, the states will be forced to sell out the lot of their peoples’ possessions.




Suffice it to say that in a world where paintings, actor’s jewellery or women’s underwear who have slept their way to the top in TV are sold for thousands of millions of euros, the Greek state has sold 10% – included the management department – of the leviathan Hellenic Telecommunication Organization to Deutche Telecoms for €400million. They want to sell the Water Company in Thessaloniki – a city of one million inhabitants – at half the price a painted burlap of an unknown artist could fetch, like Edvard Munch’s, The Scream, which has been sold for $119,922,500.

It is now clear that the said painting was worth the money because – if anything – it has been foreshadowing. The painting depicts the reactions of Greeks and the rest of the Europeans when they hear at what price their possessions will be sold out to the usurers: streets, ports, marines, airports and anything else that the usurers had set eye on. They strip countries of its peoples’ possessions so that they can become absolute sovereigns.

Part of succeeding this goal is Germany’s manipulation as an imperialistic weapon while at the same time they have the corroboration of their accomplices, namely the German Nazi leaders and industrialists. The Germans are exercising an aggressive policy of unprecedented ferocity and they are buying out their competitors, so they are gradually obtaining unlimited sovereignty over the European industrial sector which means that they are becoming employers with the largest number of employees in the world. They will supposedly represent the continent’s capital In the near future and will use their power to protect the real owners of the continent. The German industrialists, who are Hitler’s creation and have been strengthened by Merkel, are going to be the powerful employers of Europe and the Jews are going to be its powerful owners. They are going to be the globe’s funders.

In other words, Europe is gradually headed towards an outright and absolute unification as a single state.  With the German leadership pushing hard, Europe heads towards unification. Goebbels and Hitler’s dream, which was funded by the Jews and the Americans, is being realized now. Having Merkel as the leader, the Jews have managed to achieve all their goals. It is a matter of time before a “Unified” Europe is realized, whose leaders will be the German industrialists. Who did we mention at the beginning of this essay that the industrialists need? Who are the people the industrialists are actually getting orders from and who want to remain unrivalled?

Consequently, during the industrial era of the EU the Germans will be the sovereigns in theory and the Jewish lenders in reality. This is the absolute paradox of the European history. The absolute winners of the greatest intra-European conflict are the absolute losers of the continent. These people have been thoroughly defeated twice in their attempts to conquer Europe and now they have succeeded without causing war in an outwardly mysterious way. Behind the scenes lie the Jews; the supposed victims; the ones who have professedly been ruined by the wars; the ones who are above board; the ones you are not even allowed to judge unless you want to be charged with a penal crime.

These people are the skunks of the pre-war era who became super humans in the post-war era. They are the people who – again in an outwardly way – went from absolute destruction to absolute success; the ones who can now decide solo on the lives and deaths of the other humans; the ones who didn’t think twice before sacrificing thousands of millions of people in their quest for their current profits.




The said people are now striving to convince us that Europe’s salvation is intricately linked with their banks’ salvation. They are striving to convince us that Europe’s vision will be realized as soon as the European banking unification becomes a fact, so that they will be able to have unique and full control of the banking system and the states, which means that the peoples are bound to lose the right they had – even in theory – to control the usurers. A unified banking system is their goal as it will enable them to keep control even in the event of improper handlings that would lead to nationalization of banks.

They are going to waste the money of the European nations just to save the usurers’ banks and after they have saved them they are going to turn them against the nations so that they take everything from them. The monsters that will devour the nations are going to be fed by their money. The same practice the Jewish usurers followed in the case of the USA, which they literally devoured at the expense of the American people, is going to be used now against Europe. These people are relentless. After having made the Americans sleep in tents, they are going to do the same with the Europeans. They are going to adopt the same practice at the expense of all nations. The only difference is that some are first in line and some are last, but everybody’s turn eventually comes; just as it happens in slaughter houses. It is really tragic.

Now the reader has enough information to understand Greece’s part in the current scheme. Greece is the criminals’ last victim which serves as an example. In order to achieve global sovereignty in World War III they chose to turn their sights on Greece as a method of intimidation for the rest. Russia and Japan are next in line after Greece. That’s why they were all so eager to destroy Greece. They targeted Greece so that their next victims won’t put up a fight. They chose Greece because it is small and at the same famous. It has the whole package that serves their goals. On the one hand it is too small to provoke fear in case of resistance and on the other hand too famous to leave the other states indifferent to its ill luck.

The grave risk is going to be the last risk

The great curse of the Jews is going to befall them

Everything points towards the fully successful completion of the planning. The Jews have almost destroyed not only Europe but also the lot of the Christian empire. They aspire to gain control over the entire planet having at their disposal the Christian SUPERPOWER. Rome, which they had feared for centuries, has fallen into their hands. They used their money and succeeded in doing what their compatriot Hannibal failed to do with weapons.

Yet, this is not as good as it sounds. In the beginning of this essay we pinpointed something really important. We have mentioned that the decision to capture Christianity – and through it conquer the world – was easy to make, yet pretty precarious. They could carry this out because, as we have mentioned, they had easy access to the head of Christianity and could play their usual games at the expense of common criminals, namely the criminals who extort, bribe, threaten or even murder whoever doesn’t fit in their plans. The Jews have used these street methods and taken by surprise the high ranks of the Christian system, who, as it was natural, were not prepared – or so it seemed – for such battle.

Just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean that you should do it, though. You can jump from a balcony but you do not do it because it is not safe. It is not forbidden and there are no safety railings, still you do not jump. You do not do it because the risks of your actions are not to your advantage. What may have seemed grandeur to the Jews – and easy to carry out – entailed great risks because in the event that their plans had been exposed they would have found themselves in great danger.

In such an event they would get in an enormous danger because they would not have been able to deal with the victims’ reactions in the usual way that leaders deal with their enemies. They could have a hold on the Christian leaders but not the actual Christian population. Therefore, they were really vulnerable to dangers of exposure. They would suffer an inestimable damage in case their crimes –for any reasons – were exposed; in case the Christians found out exactly what they had been doing at their expense.

The Christians – to the Jews’ detriment – are very dangerous and merciless once they realize that an enemy is endangering their survival. An imperialism that depends on power and weapons cannot last even a few days once it has been exposed. Things are simple. You cannot get rid of a General even if you acknowledge his harmful part. On the contrary, you can squash a usurer like a worm once you have the same realization.

That’s the kind of danger the Jews exposed themselves in. The Christians have already started being suspicious of them. They have started realizing things which are against the Jews’ interests. We can perceive this change in the world better than anybody else through our personal experience. When we first started reporting what a fraud Zionism was, we had no support. We were labelled either as malicious racists or as conspirationists. We were identified with the most colorful, benighted with extreme views people who made frequent appearances on TV and other communication networks.

The situation is different today. Not only are we not considered to hold extreme views but for many people we are suspiciously moderate. Why? Because things are done differently than they had planned. Information, which was their main concern, is no longer monopolized by Mass Media funded by Zionists. Technological advancement brought on an unexpected development of alternative sources of information. The internet has long ago been out of their control. Because of the internet the most extreme anti-Zionist views are being consolidated worldwide. There are daily articles now that bring to the surface new revealing evidence against the Zionist gang.

What is it that we are trying to express here? We are trying to stress that the Christians have slowly but steadily acquired a fixed opinion on the ongoing financial problem, namely that the problem is not the result of their own weakness to secure competitiveness but it is clearly the result of their leaders’ betrayal. They have failed and they went head over heels with debts not because they were incapable or lazy but because they have been betrayed at all levels. Their leaders have betrayed them as they allowed Germany with its everlasting impunity to reign in Europe anew and get to the point where it used the debts as threats while it had not yet paid the due reparations. They have been betrayed by their leaders who allowed the radical de-industrialization of Europe and the industrialization – with the help of the Christian know-how – of the so-called communist China. They have been betrayed by their leaders who have taken money from the public funds and funded the banks which ruined them.

Relationships between national leaders and para-centers of the leadership worldwide are being exposed every day. Were such relationships been made known in previous eras, they would have led them straight to the fire squad. For example, one man of naught by the name George Papandreou, who is of Jewish descent and the poulain of the Jewish usurer George Soros, has given the Greeks over to the financial slaughter of IMF. Democracy in Italy has been overthrown and the popular mandate overturned by Goldman Sachs. The Portuguese economy has been crippled by a traitor who they had made President of the European Committee for his protection. The Europeans have been betrayed by the Brussels leadership, appointed by the usurers, which only acts in the interest of FED whose chairman is the Jewish Bernanke.




The worst part is that all these people have been betrayed in terms of their Christian religion. This is something they are not going to forgive anyone for and it is going to lead their wrath straight to the Jews. The betrayal of the religious leaders of the Christians will not be forgiven for the simple reason that it is not a betrayal only of the believers but also betrayal of the God they believe in. Proof of this betrayal is given in everyday life. The former almighty Christian world is starving and the Pope of Rome is concerned with aliens and the tweeter while the Patriarch of New Rome busies himself with green evolution and horse feathers.

It’s a case of unparalleled abandonment of a flock by its spiritual shepherds. It’s a case of groundbreaking betrayal. They don’t even keep pretenses any more. They expose themselves without fear. On 3 December 2012 Pope Benedict XVI himself is alleged to have made a plea for the creation of a Global Government and a New World Order. During his speech to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Pope himself motivated the building of a global community, with a corresponding authority, moved from love for the common good of the human family. 

What did that scum who pretends to be the highest spiritual leader meant in his speech? Is he going to surrender his flock to a community and an authority for their own good? Then, what is the point in him being the Pontiff? How does his God fit into all this? Will He be a God we just glorify and burn incense for? Will we worship Him but His flock’s problems will be dealt by private individuals? Then, how does His archservant in Rome fit into this? Will we pay him for being the most brocaded and costly carnival figure in the Planet? Won’t he continue the work of Peter’s predecessor? Won’t he continue shepherding the World until the Lord returns, as the Scripts say? Will he give his role over to constructors? Will he privatize it? What exactly will the role of the Christian Church be in this world?

What is the role of Pope today, really? Is he the archservant of God or the CEO of an SA which operates in the fields of spiritual service rendering? Does he execute the Lord’s commands or is he an independent master? What exactly does he think Church is? Is it business to him? Will he put it in a sale and lease back program to secure its survival? Has he given the keys of the Vatican to the bankers on the premise that he gets to keep his office? Will the Church sign over its role as a spiritual shepherd and restrict to just performing rituals of exorcism and casting off the evil eye? Is He facing a liquidity problem?

Regardless of how tragic all these may seem they are the truth. For reasons we have already explained it is now obvious that the Christian Church is under the control of the bankers. It is evident that it is involved in illegal banking activities and it is clear that the usurers have corrupted it from within. It is certain that they have a say even in its staffing process; even when it comes to the higher staffing process. We consider absolute certainty that the active Pope is being blackmailed because of which he surrenders the lot of the Catholic Church over to his bosses.

What could they have on him? A lot of things would be the answer. We wouldn’t know where to begin. Because he is a former Nazi; because it is certain that he owes his career – in an Italian Rome that has suffered from the Nazi crimes – to his bosses. The thing is that when you blackmail someone superior it is obvious that you can blackmail anyone below him. If you can blackmail the Pope, you can blackmail whoever is controlled by the Pope. It is a given fact that the Nazi extortionee Ratzinger is at the same time extortionist himself. Being a former inquisitor in Rome, he has created, enriched and had hold of all the files of the degenerate priests of the Catholic Church. 

It goes without saying that this is the most tragic part of the story. Catholic states like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are in a state of hunger as a result of fascism and degenerate people. They are starving because a heartless Nazi is blackmailing some spineless perverts. These devout states of Catholic Doctrine do not react to the Jewish and North Protestants’ rush because their spiritual leaders are being blackmailed with their thefts, child molestations and bestialities. They do not react because their Nazi leader keeps up the task he had undertaken when the served under the orders of Hitler. They do not react because their Nazi leader has taken the forced decision to surrender them to a new authority and include them in a new global community; surrender them to the Nazi leaders.

The Orthodox Head of the Christian Church is in the same position. The Patriarch of New Rome does not react to the devastation for the simple reason that is nothing but a numskull. He is a useless person who was given office on merit, – to all appearances at least – among other five or six candidate. He is some kind of legalizer who turns every traitor of Greece to a Patriarchate’s benefactor on a daily basis. He is a traitor who gives his blessings to all the people that made us members of the IMF by carrying out the wishes of the Merkel Germans. He poses as the sensitive to environmental issues Patriarch so that he can hide his petty existence and the criminal abandonment of his flock. He poses as the Green Patriarch but it is well known that all Green organizations belong to the NGOs which are funded by the usurers. He executes the commands of his Lord: “Walk away from your flock and save the Planet. Develop green activities in corroboration with Konstantinos Mitsotakis and Georgios Papandreou.”

It is a conspiracy against the Christian Church that has no precedent. Yet, it is clear where it emerges from. It is a conspiracy that cannot be suppressed in the era of fast communications and internet. These are dangerous staff because they can reveal the secrets of the planning which was based on craftiness rather than power; the planning based on corruption, extortion, perversion, e.t.c.; the planning of the horse fly which was bound not to last if the buffalos reacted.

Along with this weakness, the shortcomings of the planning are revealed as well. Each day that goes by – and because of the mishandled planning – the Jews have been losing their human shields. They are losing their social allies. They are losing their accomplices. They are being stripped of social allies. Supposing that a few numbered Jews were the driving forces behind the national interests of great peoples like the British, the Germans or the Americans, this cannot be the case today. Their greediness, along with the erroneous planning of the system, is bound to make them clash with everyone, thus with their former allies as well.

They have created dangerous oligopolies by not controlling their funding ploy. They have surrendered almost the lot of the global market to a few hundreds of conglomerates. It’s an occurrence that makes the German rush in the European automotive industry sector seem like a breeze compared with the Hurricane Katrina. According to specialist studies, there are some 700 companies that control over 80% of the Planet’s economy. This situation is getting more and more aggravated as you reach the top where we will find 150 companies having sole control of the 40% of global economy. The 150 CEOs of these companies are the ones to decide whether humans around the world are going to have food or not. 150 people decide on the life and death of billions of people around the planet.

We can understand that these are dangerous situations and it is a matter of time before they provoke peoples’ reactions. Everyone remembers how the British reacted when Kraft attempted to buy out Cadbury. Everybody was mad at the grocery conglomerate that tried to take the symbolic chocolate company away from them. Yet, nobody realized that Kraft was also a victim of a buy-out. The conglomerate belongs to the Jewish usurer Buffett. It’s a multinational company that produces mass consumption products but its owner is not an industrialist but a usurer. That’s the reality as far as multinational companies are concerned. They have fallen into the hands of Jewish usurers who have the power to buy everything for little money that the FED has “printed” for them.

Greediness has caused all of that; some people’s sick desire to control everything in this planet; some criminals’ obsession to refuse to share anything with anybody. These treacherous criminals are the well-known to all of us Jewish usurers; the ones who fund all kinds of wars that have been besetting humans the past 100 years; the ones who have funded the World Wars of weapons and infinite numbers of deaths and now they are funding the wars of food and hunger. They are wiping out everything in their wake. They have been blatantly funding the companies they thought they owned which led to conditions of unfair competition and destroyed their competition. The result is the one we experience, and it is a menacing one.

That is still not the worst part. The fact that they handed these companies over to their greedy employees who craved for promotions and bonus money resulted in the national economies of their partners being destroyed; the partners they had been favoring until now because they wanted to use as accomplishes. Throughout the year they have been proven to be wheeler-dealers. Yet, when a wheeler-dealer is the accomplice, he is considered a traitor. In actual reality the Americans or the German citizens had been taken in by the conglomerates. In their quest for maximum profits the companies didn’t pay their taxes resulting in even the strongest economies being weakened.

Both the USA and Germany continue presenting themselves as rich states, not because they actually have wealth but because they can take cheap loans; not because they are rich but because they are the last in the line of the poor who go bankrupt one after the other. They pretend to be rich just because they are poor sure enough but in a better condition than the other poor. In reality, both nations are plunged in debts. The American or German, in name only, companies which are exploiting the conditions internationally are not effectively theirs as they do not contribute to the operating costs. They hide their profits in tax havens and evade taxation.

Not only do they not bring revenues – through tax payment – to the states they, theoretically at least, belong to, but also get to the point where their operations become a burden as they keep asking for government grants. These market multinational companies yield profits only to the banks that fund them, thus to their usurious owners. The result is tragic for the people whose interests are adversely affected. The superpowers, outwardly at least, that govern the world today are actually dirt-poor. The debt of the USA, which has zero tax revenues, has exceeded the $16billion and as far as Germany’s debt is concerned, nobody knows the true figure because of all their machinations to falsify the numbers.

Similar were the mistakes the Jewish usurers made on the social level of their planning. Just like they had taken in their accomplices on a state level, the same way they took in their accomplices on the national societies’ level. The usurers carried out the big rip-off because they had secured the corroboration of the bourgeois in every national society; the corroboration of the social class which collected in the form of paychecks and corruption anything the usurers took down so that the states won’t stand up to them. Now they too are abandoning them, a fact that actually finishes them off. The bourgeois are for the most part the big victims of all politicians who support the Memorandum because it is the only class that has something to offer to the system which has run amok and wants to seize everything. This entire situation demonstrates that the frantic course of the economic crisis is leaving a lot of spent forces behind. As long as the devastation concerned others everything was fine. As long as the devastation concerned workers or farmers or industrialists everything was fine. Now, though, the dead ducks are their accomplices and that is not good for the planners. Financial crisis is evolving into a downward one-way street which will be continuously aggravating the situation. It will function as a sieve which every time you use leaves less and less remains on. Yet, the world cannot take any more of this painful sieving which will result in more and more social dropouts the deeper the crisis gets. The more violent the sieving gets the larger the number of laborers who end up worth as much as junk will be.

We can easily understand that this planning cannot have long future. There is no way that people who are called to support their families on a monthly €400 wage can co-exist with the rich who spend hundreds of millions on painted burlaps promoted as art work in the same extravagant Western society. There is no way you can get bourgeois civil servants to take loans on €800 monthly installments and now that everybody is ripping off everybody give them a €850 wage and expect them not to react. There is no way you can cause a silent genocide, because young people cannot afford to have a family, and expect to enjoy the safety of your success in a civilized society. There can be no civilization if there is hunger and death around.

The Christian states’ societies are afflicted by low birth rates which is the result of the financial crisis. They are slowly fading away for the mere reason that they are not productive. Each new measure taken in an economy that is under the guardianship of the Germans results in human carnage. Entire nations are plunged into disaster. Entire social classes are sentenced to extreme poverty. Families are torn apart. People are left destitute. Young people are turning to drugs. Crime rates sore. People are committing suicide.

When the way an economy functions brings such tragic results we are not talking about an economy any more but war. We are not talking about real competition but premeditated murder. Given that the entire situation is a result of the decisions made by some people, it is only natural that we can talk about crimes against humanity. Woe betide to those who will have lasted after the sieving. We are no oracle but if this kind of sieving goes on we already know what will be left on the sieve.

Suppositionally speaking, would the sieving continue – in the same intensity and in due time – and the whole planet was reduced to poverty surrendering the lot of its wealth to twelve people, we definitely know who these people would be. The twelve skilled and noble ones who would be gaining everything while all the rest would be losing everything are portrayed in the following picture. These are the Jewish usurers; the people who have spent a century unleashing the most human slaying war that humanity has ever known.




Let’s take a minute and see what these notorious criminals have actually done. It was not enough that they have corrupted leaders to seize everything from people. It is not enough that they have murdered hundreds of millions of people just to increase their riches. They don’t change their tactics, even now that they have accomplished all their goals, and they continue plunging people into wretchedness just so that they can continue playing their dirty games. Showing complete disregard of the concept of Divine Intervention, as there is a special relationship between God and humans, they did everything they could at the expense of the latter. They overlooked all consequences their actions could have had on humans. They overlooked all God’s Commands which are common for both Jews and Christians.

The most appalling of all is not that, though. As it turns out, they are not only criminals but ungodly as well. They didn’t just underestimate His feelings towards humans but they have underestimated Him as well. They have underestimated His power. They have underestimated His knowledge. They have underestimated His planning. Why are we mentioning this? Because they have pulled on Him the same stunt they had pulled on humans in order to wrong them. Just like they have corrupted the Chosen of the peoples in order to plunder their states, they have tried to do the same with God’s Chosens so that they can plunder His House. They have corrupted His servants and used the sale and lease trick to strip Him of what, rightly or wrongly, humans had offered in His name out of gratitude; of what seems like a physical property and which He intended to be at the service of the poor people.

In other words, the people who, acting as Jews, crucified His Son and got away with it have interpreted this impunity as a weakness and tried to defraud Him of his Substance as well by corrupting His servants. The result is the one we have in front of us. The people who abusively remain inside the House of Christianity have corroborated with His priests and wished to utilize His Substance to their benefit. In other words, people who act as funders and administrators have tried to pull a stunt at the expense of God which was the same stunt they had pulled against nations. Let’s see if we have got this straight. Have the Jews tried to play God who has saved them in the desert for a sucker? Have the priests, who preach people that even if they are harmless infants they should fear God or dread Him even, tried to play Him a line?

These gangsters have tried to pull His legs with cheap tricks although they preach people that He is omniscient and All-Wise. Do the Jews know who originally put on them the curse they put on others? These are ruthless and ungodly people who put humanity through a sieve-kind of process in order to plunder it with the means of an economic crisis. What they are unaware of, though, is that somebody else will hold the sieve in the end. Someone else will collect what remained on the sieve which will be yours truly. Someone else will decide on His own whether the people who will find happiness will be the ones who have remained in the sieve or the ones who have went through it.

Unfortunately for them, the sieve will pass to the hands of Him who has cursed them; of Him who has helped them acquire everything so that they will lose everything; of Him who will strip them of all but small power so that they will be for ever unbearingly tormented with the idea that they have it but can’t benefit from it. They were wrong to turn their sights on Greece. You literally must not get anywhere near Greece if you know what’s best for you. If you want to find the good side of the sieve, just look at where Greece is.

If nothing else, we are going to have a blast soon.