What is the truth behind the situation in the Middle East?
Why are Americans taking down their regimes?
What are the intentions of the Islamists in Athens?
Watching the domino of developments in the Middle East, one can only wonder at this seemingly controversial American political strategy. The regimes which are currently being taken down with the blessings of the Americans are neither unfamiliar nor baleful to them. Most of them are the result of their own actions during Cold War. As proven in retrospect with the case of the so-called revolutionary Qaddafi who turned out to be Blair’s boss and a bountiful sponsor of LSE, everything had been regulated. He was a financial tycoon and tycoons are always favored by the banking New Order of Things.

All kindred cases of the so-called socialists who have been taken down are more or less the same. Given the facts, these regimes did not pose a real threat to the New Order. Billionaires like Qaddafi, Ben Ali and Mubarak did not pose a threat to the New Order. All these people have proven to be shrewd investors as well as revolutionaries. They were clever investors who preferred to entrust their money in recognized American investment companies. They had adept knowledge of the market given the fact that they chose to invest on real estates in London and New York. All the so-called socialists of the Muslim countries were billionaires. They were clients to all charitable banking institutions of the American imperialism.
During the same period, the imbecile Hillary Clinton the favorite person of these same banking institutions arrives on the scene and wantonly and disrespectfully — speaks ill of a dead man. That benighted and tacky cuckquean paraphrased Caesar’s celebrated phrase saying: “We came, we saw, he died” in her effort to show — and prove — that the USA has played a leading part in this seemingly inexplicable reversal of the situation. Later on, the head of the State Department — of a country that has declared war against Islamic supposed terrorism — seems to be engaging in discussions with the most ardent Islamists. Following the USA’s support on the case of Qaddafi’s overthrow, she currently supports the fanatics who want to overthrow Al-Assad as well, another billionaire and old friend of the USA.
For some strange reasons, the USA has seemingly declared the war against the ardent terrorist organizations of Islam whereas it actually supports them in every way possible. The Christian USA who seeks for groundwork in a troubled Islamic territory allows the Mullahs to slaughter the Christian population in Syria. The USA who is Israel-friendly is pulling down all stable pillars that had secured Israel an easy diplomatic everyday life. The USA who is supposed to be well-informed allows the ardent Islamists — who slaughter people in Syria — to present themselves as Syrians when they are just people who were taken in by the Kosovars, members of the Al Qaeda for whom home is where they lay their head.
One cannot easily perceive all this paradox unless he knows the fabric of the system; its needs which offer the USA global leadership. Strange as it might seem, the fact is that the secret to understanding the allegedly “Arab Spring” lies in Yalta because this is where the world which the USA has the leading role in had been designed. In order for one to understand what the purpose of the USA’s political strategy currently is in the Middle East, he has to know exactly what it is that this country needs so that it can retain its leading position in the system. Once one realizes what it is that the USA has secured for itself in Yalta and which gave it a leading role in the world, he will understand what it is they are after in the Middle East which is what will help them keep their role.
We will only scratch the surface and say that the Americans and the Soviets have made an agreement in Yalta to split the world in two pieces. What was the reason? It suited them both. They overturned the British who dominated until then and built a world of their own. The Soviets who were a dead nation and were struggling for survival were about to become emperors as Europe would be delivered to them on a platter together with the chance to meddle in the affairs of the whole planet. This is the gift the Americans have offered them. To what objective? By creating an artificial monster which outsizes all national European nations, they had succeeded in creating a fleet-in-being that allowed them to make a stand in Europe and pretend to be champions of their democracy; yet, these champions were on the safe side as their fleet-in-being was just a fabrication of theirs.
This double fraud worked like a charm from 1945 to 1989. The Americans controlled Europe and the globe. Every time a European nation dared question their sovereignty, they would provoke a Cold War-like incident which forced everyone to remain under their wings. Disputers had to deal with the animosity of the rest of the allies who rallied fearing a breakthrough of their defensive front but they also ran up against supposedly insurrection tendencies within the territory of the country. That is to say, the American threats were both outside as well as inside. It wasn’t only the hostile behavior of the lot of the allies against someone who breaks a single defence but there was a domestic threat as well which was major and direct because of the secret collaboration of the Americans with the Soviets.
The Communist Parties functioned as Russian branches and threatened civil states every time the latter questioned their American partners. During Cold War all European nations were well aware that if they questioned the USA or the NATO they would face an inside threat by the agents of Moscow, meaning the local communist parties. All European communist parties had that role. They were protected by the Americans so that they could function as the Fifth Column in case their original agreement in Yalta was disputed.
The reader can understand the outline of this planning that gave the USA primacy over everybody else. There was an extremely powerful enemy who legalized the paternalistic role of the USA. It was an enemy who allied nations in a cluster controlled by the most powerful nation, hence the USA. On a second level, there was a Fifth Column inside every nation which threatened any regime questioned this planning. There was a constant threat above all nations which justified the also constant presence of the Americans there. In other words, the powerful communist Soviet Union stood against all nations and there was an underlying communist danger inside every nation which gave the USA the power to control everything. Being the powerful ones in the coalition they could control their adversaries and being the champions they could control their people.
This was the case until 1989. For almost half a century the Soviets and the Americans played humanity pretending to be adversaries. Even that clown Kennedy when he was not on the pull put on a show of “horror” to consolidate his national presence as the President of the United States. For reasons beyond the scope of this text the Americans decided to give up this planning in 1989. They left their immensely powerful adversary to collapse. They sent Kremlin’s pizza boy to deliver the keys of the store to Rome and secured him financially by having him advertize pizzas and underpants.
The change of the planning made Americans take risks. They abandoned old and time-honored successful practices and had to invent new ones the effectiveness of which was unknown to them. Still, those were practices that would allow them to use the knowledge and substructure they already possessed. For instance, they knew how to make a planning work smoothly; a planning based on a formidable opponent who threatens a group of similars; how to make a planning which favored them since it assigned them the role of the guardian and champion of these similars. There wouldn’t be a change in the scenario planning as long as they had knowledge of it. What would change would be the names of the protagonists on the same planning.
So, if the previous planning involved the almighty Soviet Union being the one to give them primacy to the West, that leviathan nation would have to be replaced by another also leviathan nation. The replacement would have to be a leviathan nation as well so that the threat scenario which suited them would not change. The leviathan nation had to be a different one, but they didn’t have to change its peripheral bodies. When you get a new dog, for example, you can give the old ones’ toys to the  new one. The Americans were going to do away with the previous fleet-in-being but they had no reason to do away with their substructures. The fact that they did away with the Soviet Union, for example, does not mean that they would throw away the substructures of the communist parties which functioned as the Fifth Column within the territory of Europe.
Similar adjustments were made to the whole tenor of the situation. A divided Germany suited the postwar planning. It was in the partners’ best interest for each to get a piece so that they could both ensure the most solid groundwork for their presence in Europe. They conquered European nations having a great conquest at the heart of Europe as a leaven. The truly conquered by the Russians East Germany made it easier for them to remain in the ideologically conquered Hungary. The truly conquered by the Americans West Germany made it easier for them to remain in the ideologically under guardianship Greece.
What is more, once the two intruders and partners secured the possession of a common place in Europe, they could play any game they chose, the starting point of which would not be evident. They secured a common field of rivalry which they handled accordingly every time they wanted to create a Cold War-like atmosphere. No one can forget the supposed Berlin Blockade or Kennedy’s visit there. When the double partnership ended, Germany was unified and returned to the hands of its owner, thus the Americans. Changing the planning would necessarily mean changing the role of the united then Germany as it was the only way that the latter could serve their interests. It was their asset and they could do whatever they wanted with it with the aim to serve their interests.
In order for all of this to work out in favor of the American interests, though, a support framework which would keep them in Europe had to be secured. If the fall of the Soviet Union signified the liberation of Europe from its transatlantic champions, the bird would have flown and the Americans would be left picking up the feathers. We understand that all they needed to do was find a place in their so-called protective role they excellently knew how to play. It was a role that would trap Europe in a situation of fear; a role that would allow them to continue their primacy and paternalistic presence in the Old Continent.
They used to appear to protect the European democracy from the Bolshevists but the latter were now powerless. They had to find new enemies who would terrorize European nations and their people. They had to find new enemies who would threaten DEMOCRACY in Europe anew. The Americans had to find new enemies which they could have control over so that they could continue selling protection to European nations and have a hold over them, only now it would be on banking terms, not military. The Americans of the New Order would not hide behind NATO and militarists but behind Goldman Sachs and the Markets.
The only enemy who had these characteristics and could be presented as a fleet-in-being that suited them was Islam. It had the size but also the dissimilarity that the specific planning required if it were to terrorize Europe. The neighboring Islam could move populations inside Europe who would be considered a menace. It could retain its characteristics even inside Europe without being integrated with the hosting societies. It had enough size to stand as a menacing enemy abroad but it also had the ability to create a continuous and unchangeable Fifth Column within the territory of all European countries.
Nonetheless, Islam is a religion and religions cannot be manipulated easily, as it is the case with ideologies, for instance; with pseudo-ideologies; with communism to be more exact. They wanted to use the extreme form of Islam. They didn’t want the sweet and gentle moderate Muslims of Islam; the tolerant, hospitable and with fellow-feelings Muslims. On the contrary, they wanted the Islamists who had savage instincts and believed in Sharia; the part of Islam they do business with which is addicted to money gained by drug dealing in Afghanistan and oil trading in Arabia.
They wanted the hypocritical aspect of Islam where princes commit adulteries and are known in whore houses throughout the West by their first names but when they are back home they cast stones at women if they walk the streets unaccompanied by a relative; they wanted the fundamentalist Mullahs of Islam who collaborate with every secret service in the West and dare holler in favor of the Prophet; the Islamists with the unreasonable logic that does not allow a doctor to look straight at a female patient’s genitals but at the same time considers bestiality to be legal; the chauvinistic Islam that loves to cause pain and allows female genital mutilation but doesn’t allow women to have a driving license.
This is the kind of Islam that Americans have brought to the forth. The one which is governed by their Bin Laden type of people; the steered and violent one which despises Democracy; the fundamentalistic one which threatens and terrorizes nations with sacred war; the vicious South Arabian one; the unjust one which gains money from oil and turns it into gold and luxurious cars instead of bread for the millions of poor supporters of Allah; the provocative one which gains money from drugs and instead of using them to build factories gives them to Turkish slavers to transfer the strings of refugees to Europe; the unappreciative one which enters Western societies as a suppliant guest and within a few days has become a demanding roommate; the irrational one which accepts food from Christians in their countries but is offended when they celebrate Christmas; the hypocritical one which is capable of perpetrating the worst crimes in its dominion but shows a unique sensitivity when it comes to other countries; the one which commits murders and can turn against anyone told to, even its own people.
Nevertheless, this aspect of Islam does not represent the great mass of the Islamic people. It refers to the people of Islam who are in favor of regression, obscurantism and are very passionate; the extremists, the oil-well owners and the drug dealers; the minorities who are only a few million believers among an ocean of believers who exceeded the billion. In order for Islam to reach the level that suited their interests, it had to undergo changes in its dominion.
The kind of Islam that would attend to their wants would have to be a huge religious bowl where the convulsions would shake it from one edge to the other and spread terror throughout the surroundings; a new and unsettled Islam which did not have the previous solid form of the previous planning; a form that had managed — thanks to the skims of a few Marxists and capitalists — to introduce nationalism in the vast and politically shapeless Islamic terrain.
To accomplish that, though, they had to change their planning of the previous era; the planning which they once had enforced on their Soviet partners. They had no other choice but to awaken the religious feelings of the Islamists they had suppressed in order to meet the ends of the previous planning if they were to make it more menacing afresh. The Americans had succeeded that kind of suppression in the previous era with the collaboration of their Soviet partners and it relied on artificial nations that pretended to be national when they were just the old protectorates of colonialism.
Things are simple. Islam cannot comprehend the notion of a national state. There is no Syria because there is no Syrian nation. There is no Iraq because there isn’t any Iraqi nation. The people who created the Middle East nations were all related by blood, they were royalties or tuft-hunters and stool-pigeons of the imperialists. It should be known to everyone who witnesses a manifestation of National Socialism in Islam that the Cold War partners are behind it. Americans and Soviets would jointly create national socialist dictatorships with the purpose to keep Islam off their back; with the purpose to compartmentalize it into districts so that they can contain its reactions, following the logic of the compartmentalization of tankers that carry liquid fluids; with the purpose to suppress reactions in accordance with its believers’ religion and facilitate oil-dealing with their Christian buyers.
These social national states functioned in a fascist way out of necessity exactly because they contradicted the Muslim logic of a communal way of living. They functioned by having powerful parastatal organizations terrorize populations. Still, a particularity arose within this harsh reality which assigned the societies of these nations a peculiar attribute. They developed into middle classes according to the Western model; educated classes which were trained to support the function of those nations; educated classes, trained according to the Western capitalist and Marxist standards.
It was a particularity pursued by regimes for their own survival. It was through these middle classes that they attempted — and succeeded to some degree — in shaping national consciousness in the context of a religion that does not acknowledge nationalism. Achieving this, though, involved associating this class with authority and of course financial prosperity. They had created a peculiar population within the scope of a religion that had divided people strictly into two categories, the believers and the unbelievers; a peculiar population who the simple believers considered sectarians, if not entirely unbelievers.
There was no room in the new planning for this American and Soviet accomplishment because it made Islam inactive. The national interests of the Islamic nations did not leave room to the Americans to treat it as a single empire. It did not leave room to the Americans to treat Islam as a new single Anti-Soviet empire. This situation had to be changed otherwise it would be impossible for the ardent Islam to lay siege to Europe.
It was a matter of course that all these Muslims who had become bourgeois, whether they were leaders or social classes altogether, became the target of the New Order. They were its enemies so they had to be destroyed. They were their enemies as well as the ardent Muslims’. The ardent part of the Muslims turning against the educated middle class co-religionists, even in a violent way, was not unprecedented in that region. It had happened before in Afghanistan and the Americans knew it. As these people were a threat to their planning, they knew who to set great store by so as to wipe them off the map. Just like the organized middle class in Afghanistan had been destroyed by the Mullahs and the bribed operatives of the Americans, the same way all national middle classes of Islam would be destroyed one by one.
The result is what we see, namely the “Arab Spring”. Islam has lost its solid foundations and has become the fluid nation it used to be during the Ottoman Empire. It is now easily steered to any direction desired by the bosses of the parastatal organizations which rule in its society. The threat of a religious war has re-emerged in the West after centuries. After the Siege of Vienna, an expansionist Islam has emerged once again and has laid siege to Europe; it has led siege to the globalized, thus defenceless form of Europe, not to its prior national form.
What does this mean? It means that right from the start the Americans had planned to picture Islam as the enemy exactly the time when they would plunder Europe and its people, devitalizing their nations. They were going to picture Islam as the enemy exactly the time when they would plunge European nations into a reign of neo-feudalism, not a minute sooner. They would picture Islam as a threat to the nations when there would be a point in doing so and that could not happen until they had conquered the nations. An ardent Islam was never a serious enemy to be reckoned with for an organized national state, for an all-mighty Europe all the more; a state which guards its borders and is not threatened by howling mobs that curse and throw shoes at their enemies.
Yet, the people who have prepared Islam to be pictured as an enemy had formerly made sure to deform the characteristics of the Christian states they were going to threaten. That is to say, while they were causing wars with the purpose to homogenize Islam so that they can turn it into a mob, they were also conquering Christian nations by deluging them with Islamists to such an extent that the former were from then on afraid of the mobs. In the name of a supposed culture and human rights they encouraged — and most of the times funded themselves — surges of Islamic illegal immigrants. Using the enormous wealth that drug dealing in Afghanistan provided the Americans with they were able to pay thousands of dollars to potential slavers for each immigrant. What was the point in that? Their aim was to bring them inside the nations and once they were inside picture them as a threat; to create the Fifth Column of the new adversary and connect it with the Stalinic mechanisms which priorly existed and were already under their control.
Does the reader understand what we are saying? They have used their old networks to control the human masses that came from Islam. They have used the underground networks which they had organized together with the Soviet Union and comprise of communist parties and parastatal mechanisms; the networks the Americans had organized as a means to threaten the European states with communist insurrections every time the former reacted to their sovereignty. The Gladio of NATO is an example of such network which did not use a potential proletarian insurrection as a threat, but the ardent Islamists instead.
All European communist parties and their associated networks of the Internationale serve the needs of this planning. These underground networks of the secret services channel the surge of illegal immigrants to the direction that suits imperialism. Preparative to covering up their true role, they cover each other’s back through the manifest networks of pretentious humanitarianism and culture. Every old enemy of Democracy has found another nation to control. To what end? Did they want to bring down Democracy? Of course they didn’t. They wanted to get their money from the people who seemingly protected it, namely the Americans. The Americans pay up Democracy’s enemies who terrorize nations.
The reader can understand that all non-governmental organizations that specialize in illegal immigration are actually levers of parastatal organizations, bribed by the Americans. Through a network of slavers they managed to transfer into Europe the same people they had chased out of their homes, combining business with pleasure. They turfed them out of the places they were undesirable and thrust them on the nations where they could be of their use. They sent them away from the places where their bourgeois features were offensive to them and towards places where the same features suited their interests because it facilitated their entrance to Europe. These are tragic situations. They were nowhere to be desirable.  On the one hand there is no place for them in their own homeland and on the other hand there are more of them in Europe than the latter can handle. It is really unfortunate.
This way, the Americans have destroyed entire social classes without even having to face them as enemies. They have made their enemies completely dependent on them. Those who they considered of no use to them if they were left in their countries would send them to Europe where they could be of some use. It is just like the Trotskyite fugitives who were considered enemies of communism in Russia whereas in the West they were considered communists. Something similar happens with the fugitives of Islam who had become bourgeois. Their bourgeois features had turned them into an easy pawn while at the same time their religion differentiated them from the natives so that they could not become an integral part of the society. They constantly keep them in a state of imprisonment and exploit their fears against the natives.  They are a huge mass which is controlled entirely by the slave NGOs.
Along with them, real Islamic brutes entered the states; the low of the lowest among the Islamic societies; the low of the lowest among the parastatal mechanisms led by national socialist dictators. The henchmen of Saddam, Qaddafi or Ben Ali are somewhere in Europe now posing as immigrants. They have ensured impunity for the crimes they have committed in their countries and have taken on a new mission abroad. Anyone who was left without a mission because of the big changes in the Islamic territory has found a new boss in America. The Americans approached them when they had already been trained and become ruthless. Each and every one of them carried a heavy past: Assassinations, espials, extortions of dissidents, rapes and so on.
Each and every one of them is part of the parastate in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia and Morocco and they currently lead acts of provocation in Europe posing as poor immigrants. They bring the fanatics and the ones with a colorful character to the front so that their seemingly retarded faces can be seen while they themselves act as tough, armed and ruthless security cordons. Not even one of them has ever worked in his life.  Their only job was to cause acts of provocation and protests. One can tell by their body types. They have this body type of a weary, poor and starving man.  This is usually the figure of the people who are found assassinated by fellow countrymen. The rest are well-built, as was that brute in Paros island (Greece) who abused to death a young girl called Myrto.
All these people mingled with the stream of immigrants and followed them to their destinations. That is, the poor indigents who immigrated due to poverty and persecution of the fanatics moved together with the agents of the secret services who were funded by the American NGOs. The flocks moved together with the wolves that steered them to the direction their bosses wanted. It was a double gain for the American-appointed leaderships of the Islamic nations where they belonged. They turfed out the educated dissidents who had become members of the bourgeois and at the same time they had agents serve the American planning against payment.
The manipulation
Starting with the war in Iraq and extending to the slaughters in Syria
The two wars during the Bush Senior and the Bush Junior administration
None of this could have been realized without the necessary preparatory stage. The Americans couldn’t move Islamic populations to Europe just because it suited them. They couldn’t provoke centrifugal tendencies which would push large part of the populations away from their countries. They had to create problems that would in turn cause humanitarian crisis which they would exploit. They had to create domestic warfare which would force people to abandon their homes and swarm towards the Christian West.
The point is that one cannot just cause a surge of immigrants without prior conditions that will uproot them. There was only one way and that way was war. Wherever they caused war or armed intervention, they created the conditions for domestic warfare and surges of immigrants. Having Iraq as a starting point as well as Afghanistan and Pakistan, they have currently succeeded in generalizing the convulsions. They have created thousands of new immigrants in Tunisia, Libya or Egypt. It is expected that the current problem in Syria will result in 200,000 refugees. All these people will have to go someplace when they abandon their countries. Where are they going to go? Wherever the Americans decide to ship them off to; wherever the NGOs and the slavers decide to ship them off to.
Primarily towards Europe because there is supposed to be a need of an American planning there; there is the substructure to support their coming; there are the old communist parties and the so-called sensitive left-wings with the big money. They are going to take them there under the guidance of the old parastatal organizations of the Middle East who are now following a career in Europe as well. The people who break places up in Europe are the same people who their countries accuse of being collaborators in favor of the Americans. The people who at the drop of a hat drug nations to International Courts for violation of the human rights are the same people who lead the lynching and stoning of the ones who deviate from the standards and are disloyal to their countries.
These people’s job is to pretend to be hungry down-and-outs at the ghettos of the large European capitals. Their job is to become the link between the indigents and the big time lawyers of the NGOs or the parastatal organizations who are their guardians. All these underground organizations serve as communicating vessels. The same people who pose as ardent Islamists today are the members of ardent parastatal organizations of the cosmopolitan national socialistic parties that used to torture the Islamists. It is no coincidence that some people call them Islamonazis. This is exactly the term that describes them. They are the former parastatal members of all national socialist leaders of the Middle East as well as other places. The only difference is that their money once came from the secret services of their countries while now they come from the Americans who make money by drug and oil-dealing.
So, in order for the Americans to give Islam the attributes that served their ends, they declared war against it. They declared war not against their real target but against another one which would allow them to conquer their true goals. They declared war against a nation not because they wanted to defeat it but rather with the purpose to change it so that it can serve as fleet-in-being. That is, they attacked it so that it will get mad and they can then present it as the enemy, a situation that will help them subject the frightened ones. They attacked Islam to force it to react instinctively so that they could exploit the results in the West. They used a military goad to attack the huge Islamic ox on the leg so that they can turn it into a threat for the people around them.
The first war in Iraq, launched by Bush Senior was an example of such steering attack. One does not have to be particularly clever to understand that this was the case. The Americans declared that war for reasons irrelevant to the obvious ones. Let’s speculate on the case of Saddam Hussein. He was an American operative. He did whatever the USA asked him to do. It was the USA that provided him with ammunition. It was the USA that helped him become a dictator. Saddam was not a problem for the USA. Iraq was its problem, not their leader. The USA’s problem was the national socialist Iraq which the Sunnis had made very bourgeois and which functioned as a conventional national state that serves the interests of its nation.
The Americans aimed at destroying this kind of conventional Iraq and at altering its undesirable social structure and this is why they declared war against it. What was the reason? They did not want Islam to have conventional nations. They did what we have mentioned previously in this text. They had to start pulling down the foundations they had laid in the Middle East together with the Soviets and their starting point was one of the most typical socialite nations. They started from these nations with the aim to cause a huge surge of immigrants towards the West. They politically amplified the dense and ardent Shiites against the Sunnis, the regime loyalists who had become bourgeois. They created a domestic warfare-like infliction which they had absolute control on. First, they put Saddam up to declaring war against the Shiite Iran with the purpose to create a domestic hatred and then they put him in an adverse position by making him exercise force against them to avoid being brought down.
Iraq’s domestic problems brought the first big surge of immigrants towards Europe. From that point on, the Americans would just wait for the necessary conditions to mature. Domestic hatred in Iraq would feed the immigration surge which would in turn create the mature conditions and drive others to immigrate as well. First, they would create a Fifth Column in the West and then they would start pulling down all national borders inside Islam, namely what we call today “Arab Spring” but we don’t comprehend its meaning. Only after they had the time to prepare the ground in the West would they begin tearing down the national borders and picture Islam as a menace; only then would they create an unsettled Islamic mass which would be controlled by its most ardent leaders and would terrorize the West.
The reader should be extra careful at this point because we are about to mention something extremely important for the understanding of the matter at hand. The two wars during the two Bush administrations had been declared against the same adversary, yet they had differences.
The first war which was declared by Bush Senior aimed at paving the way for the massive immigrations of Islamic people towards Europe. Their aim was to pave the way and lay the foundations for a huge population which could — even if unbeknown to it — threaten the religious minorities inside the Christian communities. Their aim was to create a bedrock which would function — or at least threaten to function — as a Fifth Column.
Iraq was the target because picturing its dictator as the devil was the easiest thing to accomplish and its bourgeois had already been one of the most organized in Islam, hence one of the most troublesome. What is more, it served as an experiment at a time when it was safe to conduct it. If they succeeded in Iraq, they could succeed anywhere.
If we attempted to compare Bush’s intervention in Islam with something that relates to the Soviet Union of the previous planning, we would say that that attack resembled the Soviet-German war which devitalized Russia to such a degree that left room for the October Revolution to break out. It was a war against an outside enemy that brought about hunger and contributed to the outbreak of the civil war. This is exactly what the first war in Iraq targeted at. It was an intervention that signified the first step towards the new Islamic reality. The intervention in Iraq planted the basic seed for internal strifes that would spread later on.
The intervention in Iraq created an Islamic model, exactly the one the Americans wanted to create. They created a planning which they wanted to turn into a guide that other nations would also adopt. They brought Saddam up against his people with the aim to destroy the middle class that supported him. The crushing embargo they laid on Iraq — and the famine that followed — brought on hatred against the middle class. The poor fanatics hated the rich for having an easier way to survive. They associated this class to the regime turning it into a target and making it stand against the great mass of the so-called devout Shiites in an atmosphere of domestic war. This kind of a socially divided Iraq was the real objective of the first war.
The second war conducted by Bush Junior had an entirely different character and entirely different goals. The second war in Iraq resembled the war in Korea. After they had created the model of an empire by means of the first war, the next step was to convert its entire region and keep it a closed nation with the aim to fortify it. The second war gave the USA the chance to officially create a Cold War era between Christians and Islamists; to trigger instincts and transform the Muslim enemies in Europe into potential suspects; to cultivate distrust and fear within societies which was previously inspired by the communists.
Everything is the same as in the previous planning. Once the two collaborates in Yalta obtained and consolidated their power in the regions, they supposedly became enemies.  They caused the war in Korea to create their own closed empires. The two collaborates, Truman and Stalin put on a show which allowed them to become autocrats of their own two worlds. The second war in Iraq was a similar case. Just like the divided Korea became the cause for the creation of an Iron Curtain, the same way Iraq became the cause for the rise of a wall of distrust and hatred between the two religions. Bush Junior declared the war against the new Islam his father had created and this action of his completed the planning.
The Americans’ plan was to create, even if unilaterally, an atmosphere of Cold War so that nobody from the one side of the illiterates could communicate with the ones on the other side. They presented an alleged Al Qaeda as their enemy which rambled on and supposedly represented the new Islam. In the most official way from then on, it was given out — first to the Europeans and then to the Americans — that Islam threatens Democracy and since it comes from Al Qaeda, the threat is not thousands of miles far but rather close, inside the walls. The European nations would need the USA’s help to deal with the situation because it was the only one who had the power — as well as the know-how — to control the enemy. The USA had the Intel to control the Fifth Column as well as the power to threaten its creators.
This is exactly where the particularity of this war lies. They made capital of the September 11 attack to prove to the people that there is an enemy inside the walls. They showed the entire world — and the Europeans above all — that a massive tragedy is close since there is a Fifth Column that acts uncontrollable inside their nations. The attacks that followed in London or Madrid had the sole purpose of convincing even the most sceptics that there is an orchestrated plan to turn Europe Islamic, even by force.  Just like the crypto-communists threatened freedom in Europe, the same would happen with the crypto-Islamists.
They would become the new group of USA stool-pigeons and operatives. Every country would expand its agencies and cooperate with the new champion who had acquired a new skill; the old champions of the same democracy would make new planning with new adversaries. They really played everyone big time. The moment their planning had been completed on the level that satisfied its inspirers, things had to evolve radically. Islam had to be homogenized in full. Once kept a closed nation, the way for its homogenization had been paved. Since the world does not function as a group of countries but rather as a block of nations, it is easy for every nation to follow its own policy.
This is exactly the objective of the so-called “Arab Spring”; namely the cleansing of the middle classes which have attributes and customs unwelcome to the empire of rage. This is a case of a social crime which could easily be interpreted as a crime against humanity. A violent social cleansing is taking place in the Middle East right this moment; a violent operation which resembles ethnic cleansing, the only difference being that nationality is not the criterion. It is a middle class cleansing that aims at people who are different from the fanatics; the people who feel, eat or dress differently. People have become enemies because of what they have studied, the places they have travelled to or the things they have loved. It is a tremendous shrinking of the entire educated human force in the Middle East; of that kind of human force that would offer tranquillity as well as passivity to Islam.
It is just like what Stalin did at the expense of the middle classes in the European countries of the Eastern Block. He committed a heinous crime with the first victim being the heart of the middle class in Poland. We are talking about a Katyn kind of massacre which created a social void that Poland hasn’t been able to fill even today. After Poland, the rest of the European nations of the Eastern Block were next in line and the goal was for all those people who did not consider Stalin a God to be eliminated and only the imbecilic partisans and the benighted and scared proletariats to survive. The first war in Iraq had the same purpose as Katyn’s massacre and what happens now is just the cleansing of the Block. What happened in Libya resembled the situation in Hungary; the situation in Syria resembled the situation in Czechoslovakia.
Americans’ goal is to Αfghanize Middle East. They want to apply to the lot of the Middle East the same planning they have applied in Afghanistan. They wish for an absolute zealous society to be on a constant belligerent domestic warfare tension that will not allow it to rest. They wish to eliminate the educated people who would cause them problems. They wish to terrorize and force them to hide behind burqas and burnouses so that they will be similar to the rest. Their goal is for the Islamic society to continue being taken over by its instincts because this will function as a fleet-in-being for the ones standing against them. They want a society of fanatics who you can never tell for if they approach you just to say hello or blow you to pieces.
Iran is part of this game — voluntarily or not. That is, we do not know if its leaders are planted but one thing is for sure, that they are satisfied with been acclaimed adversaries of the entire West; they are satisfied with being treated as the exponents of the organized power in Islam. Iran enjoys times of glory the kind of an empire has — even without the provinces — posing as the exponent of the organized and armoured Islam. American or Israeli war threats against it are part of the game and favor both sides. The protagonists are set in position for the show to begin. It is necessary for the show to take place because a devastated and shapeless Islam alone, without Iran could not become an enemy that would participate in threat games with the Superpower.
If it hadn’t been for Iran, the airplanes, the missiles or the Israeli and American fleets would have been uncalled-for. A superpower cannot just threaten with military interventions disorganized howling mobs who throw shoes and curses. On the one hand, the USA needed to level the Islamic social structure, but on the other hand there had to be at least a powerful state system in political and military terms that would be presented as the Islamic threat; that system would be the one to depict the horrifying image of Islam worldwide; it would be the system that would threaten with nuclear weapons the entire West which is seemingly protected by the USA with an iron feast. This is the role Iran has. It is the role of a coordinator of a vast, unorganized and threatening society constituted by fanatics.
This is the point at issue for the “Afghan Winter” who wants to pretend to be the “Arab Spring”. They want the Muslim society to go back to the period when religion managed social affairs and where there was no rule of law, only theocracy. They want it to go back to the period when economy in Islam followed the laws of the Mediaeval Era. They wanted a primitive economy where the decisions are taken by the wise elders; a primitive judicial system where decisions are taken by enlightened Mullahs. This is the reason why they orchestrate social cleansings. For all of these to take place the nations’ memories of the past need to be deleted. The pan-Islamic middle class needs to be destroyed, a class which for good or ill has been created the past fifty years.
This kind of a middle class has been their target, namely the educated middle class of every national socialist state that lives by the Western standards; the class that until a few years ago lived under conditions similar to the European ones; the class that had knowledge of modern economy as well as justice which is exercised by professionals rather than enlightened priests; the class that sends its children to modern schools to be taught by educated people rather than to madrasahs to fall into the hands of illiterate ardent Mullahs whose only knowledge is the Koran by heart; the class that sends its children to the doctor when they get sick rather than the mufti; the class that sits in chairs and eats in tables rather than on the knees as if it is in the middle of the desert.
That type of class was undesirable by the Americans and the ardent Mullahs. It was undesirable by people who trade and produce religious hatred. It was undesirable because it does not cut itself off the rest of the world but rather opens up to it. It is a class that does not hate the rest of the people but loves them and wants to live among them and learn from them. The worst of all was that it is a class that cannot be easily fanaticized and does not obey the Mullahs. Their goals for this class is first to achieve its financial destruction by cutting it off from positions of authority and then to make it subject to the clergies. This is exactly what they did in Afghanistan, a place which — we should note — used to be a developed, educated and progressive society before the Americans and the Taliban came to what they call its rescue. Women who wear burqas and let only their eyes be seen have been raised as Europeans.
So, as Americans watch the successful results of their actions in Afghanistan, they believe that it will be easy to apply the same planning throughout Middle East. The reader must wonder at the degree of logic their belief has since we believe that their actions push populations towards fanatics and Mullahs which they literally hate. This is exactly where a delicate handling of the situation is in order. The Americans are going to let nations and societies in the hands of the Mullahs but keep control of all officials in the parastatal organizations of the national socialist regimes.
 They are going to be handed over to them just like the Nazi in Germany were handed over to them, the Ustase in Croatia or the national socialists and supporters of Eleftherios Venizelos in Greece. They are going to have them hide behind the Mullahs and steer the fanaticized masses against artificial enemies, just like they did during the Greek civil war when they had the collaborationists hide behind the nationalists and chase the indigents. These are time-honored practices. It is this kind of criminals that Hillary Clinton sides with and encourages to break down one regime after the other.
Having this kind of knowledge, one can explain the proceedings in the European countries. He can explain, for instance, all the paradoxes related to the Communist Party of Greece; he can explain how this Party can still exist while the Soviet Union has collapsed; he can explain how a dealership can survive while the factory has been closed. It is obvious that the Communist Party acted as the dealership of the Soviets while in reality it served the interests of the Americans. This is why nobody messes this Party; nobody is concerned with its financial situation or its scandals.
Apart from all this, though, whoever possesses the aforementioned knowledge can also interpret the political tactics. Why does the Communist Party appear to support illegal immigrants to a large extent when the nation is going through a really desperate situation? How can this Party, which is supposed to be an eminently Labour one, support the people whose existence damages only the working class and all that during a period when the Greek nation is plagued by unprecedented unemployment rates? How can a Party which is officially presented as atheistic join forces with the fanatics at times when religious fanaticism threatens the entire planet? All these paradoxes have an explanation.
If one has knowledge of all the aforementioned he has no questions about the things he watches happening. The Communist Party is the stool-pigeon of the Americans posing as the Labour Party because this is the role the big boss has assigned to it. The Party collaborates with the ardent Islamists because they share common goals and bosses. They both hate fascist teams inside the middle class and worship their common bosses, namely the Americans. This is why they have a perfect collaboration. They are ardent fascists who hate anything that is different and adversely affects their common bosses. Both have experience in causing acts of provocation and in throwing innuendos concerning insurrections and the existence of a Fifth Column. Both are experienced apparatchiks, agents and cleansers.
This is the reason we see them walk side by side in Omonoia Square, in Athens. This is the reason we see Stalinic atheists respectfully watching prayers in public spaces. What did the ardent Islamists in Athens request for recently? They wanted to put on the show outside their bosses’ courts; to stand outside the American embassy and put on a show. Who else does that? Who else is a specialist in this kind of show? Who knows better than the Greeks the route from Omonoia Square to the American embassy? The answer is the Communist Party, of course. The Party would show them the way. There was no way they would get lost. Aleka Papariga (current leader of Greek Communist Party), resistance fighter whose daughter is a graduate of the American College of Athens would take them by the hand and lead them.
The planning has already started to work out well. They have put pressure on and continue pressuring to create surges of immigrants but they send them wherever it is convenient for them, namely to their target-nations; to the nations that are presently plundered by the American Order and its subservient; to the nations in the Mediterranean; to the nations that have to put up with changes regarding who has control over their country without resisting; to the nations that had to go through extremely difficult situations so that their Germany can savage them on their account; to the nations that had to be bound by national agreements so that the problem would lay on their head and they would be unable to react.
That was the object of the Dublin II Regulation. The plan is for illegal immigrants to abandon their countries in an organized manner and settle down in the countries that suits them through the well-known slave trade networks; settle down in countries that need to be terrorized; in the Mediterranean countries, namely Greece, Italy, Spain, France and of course Portugal. The configuration of these populations is adulterated and their future is at stake. They are away from their people; away from the old gang of the Nazi, namely Holland, Austria, Germany or Finland.
Merkel, that Stalinic brute, former stool-pigeon of the Stasi and Papariga’s collaborator, has stated that “Islam is part of Germany.” Why did she say such a thing? Did she intend for the Germans to hear it? The Stalino-nazi supporters who govern the country do not even consider them important enough to be reckoned with. They are mere pawns who will do whatever they are told. Merkel’s comment was intended for the Greek’s to hear it, the Italians or the Spanish. The Islamists are a real problem for these countries. Germany does not consider them a problem because they occupy only the 3% of the country’s territory and it uses them to exercise politics that will favor its interests. The Islamic illegal immigrants are a problem for Greece as they occupy the 13% of its territory and are used so that others can exercise politics at the country’s expense. It is a problem aggravated even more because of the games taking place in Thrace.
Merkel’s comment was clearly intended to reach the outside of Germany. It was intended for the Greeks and the other Mediterranean nations to hear. She made that comment so that these nations will realize that the Islamists are not only part of Germany but Greece, Italy and Spain as well. Her goal was for the nations to forget about the old ways and methods of handling this problem; to forget about deportations or any other methods they can think of so that they can expel them from their countries. Islamic illegal immigrants are part of the American imperialism and they function as colonists in these nations; colonists who are cruel, demanding and many times violent. We will reach a point where there will be marches of power and hatred displays like the ones the Protestant conquerors do in the conquered Catholic North Ireland.
These are well-tried practices throughout the centuries. All these nations have to be paralyzed with fear; they have to feel that the Fifth Column is breathing down their neck; feel that their social opponents have secret and invincible people who cover their backs; feel that they need support from the Americans otherwise they will be slaughtered in their own homes; feel that they have to give up a part of their Democracy or control over their country in order to be safe; feel the way George Papandreou has told them to feel, the person who is a member of the Internationale and would give up part of the national terrain so that he wouldn’t lose his sleep.
This is the reason why imperialists encourage imported criminality. This is the reason why they give money to highly paid lawyers to defend even the most detestable brutes. The more spectacular, gory and violent the immigrants’ crimes are, the more they serve their terrorizing propaganda. The old men who get bitten up for a few euros, the old women who are slaughtered in their own homes for their frugal pension, the students who are abused for a mobile phone or the girls who are raped and crippled in the beaches are all practices aiming to inspire terror. The fact that the culprits escape punishment causes even greater terror. They are exactly the same practices that were applied by the Stalinic Nazis to create terror to their adversaries.
Based on all that, the recent police report on criminality rates should not come as a surprise. According to the report, 50% of the criminal activity in Greece is perpetrated by foreigners and corresponds to the 10-13% of the minorities. The crimes committed are heavier than anyone has ever seen in a small and closed national state like Greece.  It is the kind of activity that freezes the growth of the population given the fact that it continually generates victims. These are the points at issue of the American practices. Every time they are about to plunder a nation, their victims will have to be petrified.
Is it a coincidence that the obscenities against Muhammad started the time when the Mediterranean countries had to make decisions regarding the New Order? Is it a coincidence that it happened now when Italy is a threat to Germany? Is it a coincidence that some people have decided to mock the Prophet now that composedness and self-constraint are in order for the nations to think and react? Is it a coincidence that the Islamists decided to violently protest in Omonoia Square the same day that the final decisions were taken concerning the 13.5-billion-euro austerity package to Greece? Why did they want to go to the American embassy starting off from Omonoia Square instead of just go where they want to protest right from the start, like all protestors do? Could it be that they wanted to put on a power display by means of demonstrating their hatred within the territory of Athens? Could it be that they wanted to exploit the know-how of the Stalinic Communist Party? Could it be that the Nazi Germans and the collaborationists wanted to send a message to the indignant Greeks to stay put in their houses?
How can we consider it a coincidence that Spain undergoes the same situation? Is it a coincidence that a Spanish magazine published a mocking sketch of Muhammad the same day that the traitor Rajoy was about to implement 40 billion-worth of punishing measures in the worn-down, poor and plagued by unemployment Spain? Is it a coincidence that some people attempted to enrage the Islamists the same day the Spanish people had to boldly fight for their future? Couldn’t the magazine choose another day to defend the right to the freedom of speech?
It is obvious that the magazine had an agenda. It knew that the publication would cause the protest of howling Islamists and it wanted them to take it to the streets and daunt the Spanish people who were going to protest that same day. It is easy to terrorize people when you have them confront a fanaticized mob. People are scared of conflicts between masses. They are scared of provocations on the part of parastatal organizations which can lead to massive murders and civil wars. Self-constrained though a huge stream of enraged people may be, it cannot avoid getting carried away into conflicts if it is provoked, let alone when these provocations are acted by experienced people who have been trained by Stalin and Nazi ideology supporters.
Does the reader understand the reason why the USA appears to have self-destructive tendencies and takes down regimes which itself had supported for over half a century? Does the reader understand why the Communist Parties in Europe celebrate the “Arab Spring”, thus the American policy in the Middle East? The destruction of Iraq paved the way for the changes that would suit their interests; the changes that are still in progress today. All these actions are part of the same planning; it is just that had it not been for the fall of the Iraqi regime, the domino that threatens to take down every regime of the previous planning could not have been created. They could not have Αfghanized the states in Middle East, with Iraq being their starting point.
This American attempt extends to all regimes except for the states that belong to the USA, namely Saudi Arabia and Emirates where there is no need for intervention since they already function like an Afghanistan state. Syria is the last link in the chain; the last big national socialist state which needs to be taken out of the picture. The Syrian bourgeois is their last target. This is why the Islamonazis are attacking its Christian community as well. Those who love multiculturalism in Europe are mono-culturalists in the Middle East. In actual fact, we are not talking about an “Arab Spring” but rather an “Arab Autumn” that leads directly to an “Afghan Winter.”


Creator of the Aquarius Theory