It is imperative that Greece withdraws from negotiations immediately.
The Macedonian Affair is becoming a load that threatens to plunge humanity into a new and unprecedented atrociousness and there will be hell for humanity to pay. From the instance some powerful notables decided for reasons of political expediency – to ignore the science of history, they actually opened the sack of Aeolus, unaware of the consequences they would be called to deal with in the immediate future.

In such occasion, we consider it certain that the problem will come back to haunt them. They will be called to deal with it anew because it is certain that it will not go away once their needs are satisfied but it will remain and sweep everything, threatening with destruction. Once they have decided – for reasons other than historic or scientific need – to virtually give away the Macedonian identity to a group of people who do not satisfy the necessary conditions, it is certain that they have crossed the Rubicon into a dangerous area that has no return. Once you cross this Rubicon, the world around you will never be the same again.
What do all these mean in essence? The name of Macedonia is not a matter for the Greeks so the Skopjans should not negotiate with them. It is no longer a matter for the Greeks. It is a matter for the global community. Since there has never been a Macedonian State System in force or a living Macedonian nation – which would be the descendant of the ancient Macedonians, hence its lawful successor – the concept of Macedonia is dealt as a product of intellect. It is dealt as a product developed by specific people and which stands out from the rest of its kindred products due to its particularities.
A human socio-political system is a collective product of intellect and it is dealt as such by the science of history. It is a product marked by its particularities in relation to justice, history, origin, language and tradition. It is marked by any attribute that can make a social model discrete throughout human history. The Macedonian product does not differ from the respective product of Mongols, Mayas or Incas. They are all systems which once existed but no longer do.
The fact that all these systems do not exist anymore does not mean that they are an available prey to whoever is mischievous enough to make do with it. Just like Genghis Khan will always be Mongolian whether Mongolia actually exists or not, Alexander the Great will always be Macedonian, whether Macedonia exists or not. Claiming the heritage of these systems should be forbidden, whether there are living descendants of them or not. The Greeks should not worry about Macedonia being seized by their new geographical mates in the area of Macedonia.  They should not worry just like the weak descendants of the Comanche tribe do not worry that their new mates, namely the Texans, will want to plunder them as they are powerful notables of the USA and the United Nations.
We can all understand that all these cultural products are not under threat whether they have living descendants or not. They are not under threat by any person, no matter how powerful that person is. Why is that? It is because their cultural products are now protected as being a global heritage. They are protected as being an accomplished historic fact which does not evolve anymore, therefore it is unchangeable.  Proof of their existence rests safely on historic studies and scientific books. Their history, language and tradition have been codified once and now fall within the sphere of competence of the League of Nations –UNESCO specifically – which is responsible for protecting them from falsifiers and liars. They fall within the sphere of competence of the scientific community, not diplomatic field.
This is really important because science has nothing in common with diplomacy. The identity, origin and quality of these products is decided on the basis of science’s objectivity, not politics’ subjectivity. This is the reason we maintain that the Macedonia name dispute is not a matter for the Greeks. It is not a bilateral issue between Greece and the state of Skopje. It is an issue of international legality. It is just that Greece is directly involved in it so it is morally obligated to react faster than others. This does not mean, though, that the responsibility lies heavier on its shoulders. Greece is obligated to react, but it should do it through science, not diplomatic bargaining.
It is unacceptable for Greece to engage into such bargains. Even if Greece – for reasons of good neighbourly relations wanted to give away part of its heritage to a third party, it would not have been able to do so. Greece cannot give away or sell anything to anybody even if it is considered to be a legitimate heir. You cannot give away Macedonia to the residents of the geographical area of Macedonia who have Bulgarian roots. You cannot sell Minoan Crete to Jews even if they could afford it. Why? Because nobody can give away or sell historic truth at will.
You cannot sell or give away a cultural product just like you cannot sell or give away a medal of excellence to an athlete. You cannot give someone the attribute of an Olympic Champion even though you can give or sell the meaningless material part, namely the medal. A medal can pass hands, but the distinction cannot. Distinction is personal, it is your personal accomplishment and it cannot be transferred because it actually belongs to a bigger community, which means that it goes beyond the concept of plain property.
It has been centuries since the concept of Macedonia does not belong to the Greeks. It does not belong to them in the sense that they are not obligated to protect it. Macedonia is a Greek product but it belongs to humanity. It might be the brightest medal there can ever be for a great Greek spiritual athlete; it cannot just become a field for the Slavic farmer to plough.  It belongs to human history and it is treasured by human science. If the famous Macedonia is part of human history and we need to text it to space we will not attach a picture of Gruevski. We will only send what time has sealed to pertain to the concept of Macedonia. Consequently, its protection falls within the sphere of competence of humanity, not the Greeks. 
Things are simple. It is humanity’s duty to protect Macedonia if it is to protect itself. It is obligated to protect the historic truth concerning its past in order to safeguard its future course. This truth will ensure that its members’ efforts and achievements were not in vain. If humanity fails to do so, havoc will follow. If it fails to do so, it will follow a self-destructive path with dangerous repercussions. Global community cannot survive even a few hours if thieves and falsifiers of history act uncontrollably. Humanity, which can survive even nuclear explosions, cannot survive such plundering which deprogram it and drive it to absolute tumult.
It is not necessary for Greece to take it to court over the name of Macedonia. It is not necessary for Greece to rush into things just like it is not necessary for the Dutch to hasten to protect Vincent Van Gogh’s art from usurpers of art, for the British to protect Fleming’s patent rights for the discovery of penicillin, for the Chinese to prove that the Great Wall of China is their own construction. It is the science of history that decides on the course of matters pertaining to its scope of interest, not unsolicited mediators like Matthew Nimitz, special UN envoy on the Skopje issue, who uses pressures and blackmails. Humanity cannot continue its course if it does not have this kind of protection. People do not have a motive – neither do nations – to create if there is nobody who can protect their intellectual rights and posthumous fame.
We are a privileged society; we are not a jungle where everybody takes whatever he wants without being answerable to anybody for his actions. We are a vehicle of culture and we are its exponents; we do not behave like members of a carnival group who wear anything we take a shine to when it suits our interests. It is incomprehensible that the same thing which is forbidden even in the most primitive or backward community is not forbidden in the international community. International community is organized and perfectly lined-up. It is not a dive where anybody can do whatever he wants. It is just not possible that anyone can put a feather on his head and claim to be the descendant of the Apache tribe. Everything has been recorded and evaluated.
Just like false impersonation is forbidden on the basic level of society – which concerns its members – it is also forbidden on a higher level – which concerns the States. Things cannot be done differently because society cannot function otherwise. There may not be a way to prevent people from claiming the rights of an intellectual product but it is incomprehensible that these rights are not at least protected somehow. It is incomprehensible that there is no way to protect all those industrious intellectual creators from lazy usurpers. It is incomprehensible that time and space, in a world that refuses to change, do not have distinct neat lines to protect those who travel through time.
The fact that some people were born in the geographical area that goes by the name Macedonia does not automatically make them Macedonians. The term Macedonian is a strictly defined term. It may be related, location-wise, to a set geographical area but it is confined by specific time limits. Only the people who lived in the physical area of Macedonia during the period from x to z are Macedonians; nobody else. Things are simple. If one of these days we discover the cave where Jesus Christs was born, we should not be concerned that the gypsies will descend upon the cave and give birth to children which they will call natural relatives of His.
All these limits, which are defined by scientific, thus safe criteria, fall within the scope of UNESCO. UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. There is no logic in UNESCO being firm and uncompromising in protecting old buildings and monuments but laxer when it comes to cultural heritage of much greater significance. How is it possible that we will allow common benighted thieves to steal a huge cultural load like Macedonia? How is it possible that a gang of drug dealers and gun smugglers governing the Skopje can threaten the world order in terms of cultural values?
What do we speak of in this text? The Greek people do not need to worry and rush to take matters into court. Macedonia is Greek but it belongs to humanity and it should be the latter’s duty to protect it from falsifiers of history. The Greeks should not be concerned, just like any citizen who is a victim of a clear case of false impersonation is not concerned. Situations like this one are the reason we have Attorney Generals and in the case of cultural crimes UNESCO is the competent body. So, according to reason, UNESCO should intervene by virtue of its own office and stop not only the cultural seizing and plundering but also any kind of cultural bargaining among nations who have no respect to scientific logic.
Why doesn’t UNESCO intervene, though, in our days? Isn’t it strange? UNESCO intervenes in matters such as whether a tiny part of a monument which is a testimony of a civilization will be changed or not and it does not intervene in cases like Macedonia where an exploitation of an entire civilization takes place. What is worse, it does not intervene in a matter that concerns the Greek civilization, a symbol of which is also on its official flag. We are stunned by UNESCO’s leadership. UNESCO should be acting based on mere scientific criteria – and as the competent international organization that it is – instead of allowing Greek and Skopjan politicians to engage into distressing bargaining.
This is illegal because it is as if the police do not intervene to stop transactions among antiquity smugglers. Not only do they not intervene but in reality they turn a blind eye when a crime is committed. If someone looks into the matter, he will easily make sense out of the situation. The questions here are what this search involves and which is the leadership of UNESCO, hence the people who give this kind of form to this international organization. Coincidentally, the Director-General of UNESCO is not only neutral but also a part of the problem. Why is that? It is because the Director-General is Irina Bokova, who is a Bulgarian national, originating in the geographical area of Macedonia and an ex-communist.
This means that she is a compatriot, corregionale as well as a co-ideologist of the convert Stalinist Bulgarians who have recently discovered that they are Macedonians. It is exactly the same situation as with Gruevski and his gang. This gives rise to concern, though. How and on the basis of which criteria has an insignificant woman been chosen to be the Director-General of such an important international organization especially when this woman has no scientific expertise and comes from a historically insignificant country which is remotely interested in protecting the cultural interests of other countries? Shouldn’t this trouble us?
Inconceivable things happen. The only person who – as an individual – carries an identity that implicates her in a dubious situation has been chosen to be the Director-General of the lead international organization for the protection of cultural heritage, in a planet with a huge cultural heritage of living and all-powerful nations. Instead of assigning a Chinese, an Egyptian, a Japanese or an Indian to the position – namely people who would have reasons to protect civilizations from actions of filching by usurpers they assigned a Bulgarian woman who has absolutely nothing to protect. She is a Bulgarian woman who lacks even the basic scientific training on the subject matter. A woman, who has studied International Relations as once perceived by the Soviet Moscow, has been assigned to be the head of an organization which specializes in history – and is staffed with historians.
Why have they assigned a Stalinist person to a key position in the organization although Democracy has prevailed in the global political environment? Why have they assigned the position of the Director-General to a fascist who pretends to be the guardian of civilizations, freedom and Democracy when the international environment has condemned Stalinism as the greatest crime against humanity? Couldn’t they find one person, among billions of people who have believed in Democracy – and have been justified in their belief and their struggles –qualified for this position, so they had no other choice but to give it to the person who upholds the Stalin model of society?
She is an avid Stalin supporter, born and raised on the Stalinist ideology. She was not just some naive young girl who fell victim to Stalinism. She was born and raised on the Stalinist ideology since her father was the publisher and director of the official Stalinist instrument of the Communist party in Bulgaria. She is a genuine Stalinist because she was brought up in Mother Moscow. She is an avowed Stalinist because she had been a Member of the Bulgarian Parliament for the Communist Party before her appointment in UNESCO. She is an ardent supporter of an ideology which was known – among all other detestable attributes – to hate the Greek nation.
 It is known that throughout the centuries – and among all other nations – the Stalinist Communists were the only ones to have dared to call Alexander a nations’ slaughterer. He has been called this way by supporters of the Jewish Marx and the chosen ones in the Soviet Politburo who are of Jewish origin.  He has been called this way by people who were considered guilty for the deaths of thousands of millions of people during piece time. Stalin and Mao Zedong alone are responsible for the deaths of a hundred of millions of people. They have appointed an ardent supporter of those civilizateurs to the position of the Director-General of the UNESCO Foundation whose function is to protect the supreme global product and which specializes in protecting the cultural heritage of humanity.
Still, are these her only duties? Was she chosen randomly or does she have additional qualifications due to which she would be the perfect person to carry out the mission they were going to assign to her? Let’s stop and think about it. She is the daughter of a newspaper editor-in-chief in a Stalinist State. Although she is the daughter of a Stalinist, not only was her life not ruined as being the eminent descendant of a fascist regime but also she was given a leg up through mechanisms of the now democratic state and ended up having an international career. On the one hand, there are Bulgarian democrats who starve, living in an extremely poor country and on the other hand there is the descendant of a failed Stalinism who lives in luxury in the name of Democracy. She should be mopping stairs to survive; instead she finds herself living like a duchess in Paris.
Does this sound normal to you? There is a Stalinist woman who, by the grace of democracy, leads a life of a bourgeois Director-General in an international organization at the expense of the poor suckers of Bulgaria. Isn’t it strange that a divorced with two children Bulgarian woman whose father was an official of a collapsed system is so successful? There are very specific people who can perform the miracle of this kind a woman been geared to such a key position. What if she – among other things – is a Jew? What if she is a fellow “countrywoman” of Nimitz, Madeleine Olbright and the deceased Holbrooke, all of who are anxious about the outcome of the Macedonian Affairs? What if we expect her to intervene by virtue of her own office in favor of Macedonia but in reality she is a Jew Stalinist who pretends to be a Bulgarian?
The reader can understand that some things do not add up. Let’s try and think of how different UNESCOS’ position on the Macedonian Affair would be if the General-Director was Japanese, Indian or Egyptian historic scientist. We can understand, therefore, that many things are dubious in the case of Irina Bokova. Things were intended to come to this. They were intended and the goal is to lure Greece into making a mistake. This is the point at issue. If Greece does not sign, there can be no Macedonia. Greece is the sole legitimizing factor. If Greece does not sign, none of the hundred or more recognitions of the State of Skopje under the name of Macedonia will be legit.
If Greece considers Vardarska to constitute the State of Skopje, this belief will gradually become a given fact for the rest of the world. The only proof of someone’s historic existence are the words of the people who actually saw him alive, not  the people who learn the news by politically charged newspapers, no matter how many these people are. The Greeks are the only people who can prove the existence of Macedonians and who can recognize someone as being a legit Macedonian. If the Greeks consider their neighbors to be people of Bulgarian roots living in Vardarska, then they consider them to be Vardarians since they deny their natural roots.
Things are simple. The Greeks did not invent the term Vardarska with the purpose to arbitrarily give a name to the Bulgarians. The latter invented it themselves because at some point they realized that it was not in their interest as Bulgarians to consider their homeland a part of the historic Macedonia. For decades they had considered themselves to be Bulgarians, residing in an area to which they had given that Bulgarian geographical name. It was the time when the Stalinists of Moscow governed them and they falsified the science of Geography. Later on, the government changed and there was a new mission. The same people abandoned their Bulgarian origins and remembered the official geography. They alone decided to abandon their national origins and the Greeks did not question it.
Now, because their new governors are supporters of the New Order, they want to falsify the science of history as well. The moment they denied their national origins they decided they wanted to be characterized on the basis of the same geographical term they had once falsified. Unfortunately for them, the only term left for them to use is their own geographical term. They had imposed that term and now they have to live with it. They do not have a choice and this is something that all mischievous people know; everyone but the Greeks. They can either be considered Bulgarians of Macedonia or Vardarians of Vardarska.
It is easy to prove that this assertion holds. If the imperialists and rapists of human history did not need Greece they would not be bothered with negotiations. If the Germans or the Vatican could go ahead with the recognition and circumvent the Greeks they would have done it since day one. Besides, they did not use to ask for permission when it was a matter of interests. The fact that they ask for Greece’s permission today means that they actually need it and this is something that Greece itself must realize. Greece is a spiritual superpower in this world and this is the reason they need it to sign the recognition.
This is something that Greece itself must realize and rise above the situation. It needs to act in a civilized manner once again. This time, though, it will not act as a producer of culture but as a guardian of a cultural good. It needs to behave the same way it would behave against a usurper who in his effort to claim something that does not belong to him would drag it into unlawful acts and complicity. So, Greece should denounce this criminal attempt of falsifying historic facts and withdraw from negotiations. It has to reason to negotiate with benighted brutes like Gruevski or Nimitz. It has no right to negotiate something that has been decided on by history and the past.
All Greece has got to do is refer the Skopjans to UNESCO; force UNESCO to take a stand on the Macedonian Affair; force the scientific staff of this international organization to finally get exposed and pronounce on the matter of the Macedonian civilization as well as the origin of the Macedonians. We refer to the origin of people who led the effort for the realization of the Greek aspirations; the origin of people named Philippos, Alexandros, Hephaestion or Olympiada. Greece has to force UNESCO to pronounce on those people’s contribution and collective orientation; pronounce on the matter based on criteria accepted by the science of history, not on political cheap bargaining.
If UNESCO decides that Gruevski is a Macedonian, there will be huge reaction from Greece. Until then, Greece has no reason to take action. It has no reason to engage in negotiations and help legalize the desecrators of history. Whoever wants to cross the Rubicon of logic, science and truth, he should do it himself. Greece has no reason to cross it; neither does it have any reason to make an issue of it.  Whoever wants to cross it, he should be ready to shoulder his responsibility.
Greece, as a nation, can follow a line forever and never recognize FYROM as Macedonia. Whichever nation desires to go ahead with this – being ready of course to deal with the consequences – it can. Greece can shift responsibility to those who dared to recognize FYROM as Macedonia and answer them back. It should let these ignorants suffer the consequences of their actions. It should insult them in a way a nobleman of a civilized nation does, namely with humor. It should humiliate them by making a parody of cultural events and tributes.
The Dutch had better know that Greece is going to help and support any future usurper presents the exhibitions of Flemish painters as exhibitions of Skopjan or Algerian art. The British had better get ready to witness Greece staging Hamlet directed by the great Dimitar Gotsev. The Germans had better forget about the Institute of Goethe since it is known that Goethe is only a pseudo name for the famous Natzo Golev. Whoever opens the door to a nuthouse should be aware that he will enter it as well, whether he likes it or not.
Things are simple. The Macedonian Greeks should build a Pagoda in the city of Florina and expect UNESCO to recognize it as a monument of a global cultural heritage.  They should expect UNESCO to recognize the parentage and of course the continuation of the Japanese culture. They should expect UNESCO to recognize Florina as a genuine cradle of Japanese culture, at the expense of the city of Nara. Namely, the Greeks should do what the Skopjans did to the Macedonian civilization and Alexander’s statue whose name they cannot even pronounce, let alone understand, for the simple reason that it is in a foreign to them language. The Greeks should have the Pagoda of Florina built in the same geographical area as the Skopjan Equestrian Alexander statue; that will make them the laugh of the world.
This is what the Greeks should do for as long as the Skopjans insist on acting the giddy goat. The responsibility for scientific documentation must be assumed by those competent on the matter and not be shifted back and forth in the coffee shops of Northern Greece. If an international organization does not want to protect itself from being disputed, it has no reason to continue existing. If an international organization does not respect its role, it has no reason to exist. If nations resort to guns and mass demonstrations to protect their history, there is no point in such organizations existing.
We do not only refer to UNESCO but to the International Court of Justice as well. Were we surprised to learn that a useless Japanese judge dared accept to try a plea of abatement filed by people who signed it as “Democracy of Macedonia”? Is he acquainted with many Macedonians himself? If a Supreme Judge lacks the education and culture and cannot recognize when instances of looting and pillaging of the historical truth and human civilization take place, then he should not hold the position of a Judge in the International Court of Justice. Especially if that person is Japanese, he has no place in the streets of his own country either, because he is a person who is a member of one of the most historic nations in the planet and has thousands of reasons to respect and of course uphold the historic truth.
It could be the case that he is not real Japanese from Japan. He could be Yapanese from Yapan as the known sociologist Giorgos Papandreou would say; the Yapan which is part of the new way of global governing which prefers that the Samurai carry clarinets and other wind instruments instead of katanas; the Yapan which prefers the Samurai to be a tribe of Roman-Gypsy musicians who got dressed once for the Carnival and since then take delight in dressing up all year round.
As we can understand, strange things happen once you cross the Rubicon of the historic truth. You see strange things as if you have swallowed LSD pills. Even Gruevski looks like an Olympian God who drives his bat mobile and launches spider webs as if he were the Spiderman. And all that take place over the Pagoda in Florina, let us not forget.
Is there such a thing as a Macedonian Language?


Languages are also within the scope of UNESCO, since any human language is part of the universal heritage. If UNESCO carried out even its basic duties, we would not even have to speak today of a Macedonian Language. The Director-General of the organization herself could take the initiative and decide on the Macedonian characteristics of the Skopjan language. Why are we so sure of this? It is because she is a Bulgarian and she can tell us whether or not she understands the language of the convert Macedonians. Does she understand it or not? Does she understand it as if it were her mother tongue, although her mother tongue is Bulgarian? If that is the case, there are two possibilities. Either she is a phenomenon because she can magically understand an unknown language or the language the Skopjans speak is Bulgarian.
Whether UNESCO pronounces on the matter or not is not important, though. Humanity is not a free-for-all in need of people like Irina Bokova. Just like someone cannot exploit Fleming’s death and claim that penicillin is a new conception of his, a nation cannot recognize its language by the name it suits it. Human languages, the ones that have existed on this planet, are recorded almost in their entirety. There is the science of languages which has studied them and there are international organizations that certify them.
So, if a person who has conveniently discovered recently that he is a Macedonian has a hard time proving it, he will have a thousand times bigger difficulty to prove that the language he speaks is Macedonian. Why? Because the languages that have been recorded by competent international organizations are all the languages that have existed in this world, whether active or not, whether there are people who still speak them or not. This means that, if there had been a Balkan population who spoke a separate Macedonian language, the latter would have been recorded.
Since there is no such record but there is a new report regarding the appearance of a new language, the latter should be analyzed scientifically since it appears as a new one. It should be analyzes in terms of grammar, vocabulary, similarities with other languages, e.t.c. In other words, the language which the Skopjans speak and consider being Macedonian should be analyzed as a new discovery from the start. The Skopjans should go through all the required proceedings in order to certify their language; in order to include it in the official languages of the United Nations and their translating departments of course.
In such occasion, the course is predetermined and it does not cross Athens. It is completely irrelevant and indifferent what Athens believes or accepts about this language. It is not Athens’s role to pronounce on languages of its neighboring countries. Whoever claims to have discovered a new language and wants to certify it, he applies to the competent instruments. They will certify everything that has to do with this language.
So, it is not the politicians who will pronounce on the Macedonian features of the Skopjan language. There will be no bargaining among crooks. Dora Bakoyiannis, George Papandreou and Gruevski will not be the ones to make the decisions under the supervision of Nimitz.  The language will not enter the subjective and short-lived sphere of politics. The study of languages falls within the scope of science and everything that relates to them should ensure the objectivity and perpetuity that characterizes any scientifically established fact. Therefore, linguists should be the ones to pronounce on languages as well as international services which certify translators to work in their bodies.
No linguist would ever officially recognize that there is a Macedonian language spoken in the State of Skopje. The Skopjan language cannot even be considered a special Bulgarian dialect. It is a pure Bulgarian language. It is the language that was brought to the Southern Balkans by the Slavs, centuries after Alexander’s passage. Alexander and Macedonia have already been ancient history with given historical facts and accepted us such even by the first Slavs to appear in the geographical area of Macedonia.
The Greek State must once and for all close doors to all those crooks and falsifiers of human history. It should never participate to any negotiations. It should refer them to the competent international bodies. Whoever wants to be exposed should do it through its role as a competent authority.  After that, we will decide on how to deal with the situation. Let all the professional historians of UNESCO decide on Macedonia and Macedonian issues pertaining to the Skopjans and then we will decide on our course of action against perjuring scientists. Let the professional linguists of UNESCO decide on the Macedonian attributes of the Skopjan language and then we will decide on our course of action against perjuring scientists.
The Greek State and the Greek nation have no business fighting with the Skopjans. Scientific issues are not games and nations cannot defend them by demonstrating in streets and squares. Nobody can facilitate decisions on scientific issues by turning states into fighting arenas full of fanatics. Scientific issues are resolved by scientists through arguments and facts. So, a nation can fight against an international organization which falls into error until it receives justice.
These are simple things that have nothing to do with political subjectivity. We can denounce and prove with objective criteria that a scientist is incompetent – and he will suffer the legal and penal consequences. The subjective opinion of nations is not taken into consideration in matters of science, neither are their wishes and desires. Only facts and evidence are taken into consideration and a scientist’s competence is proven by his ability to assess them.  On the next level, there are scientific associations which are competent to make a decision and punish all worthless scientists.  I dare anyone to override scientific truth and issue fake certificates of authenticity.
No scientist is willing to sign so-called scientifically established facts that will expose him for ever in the scientific community and this is the reason the mischievous ones want Greece to assume responsibility. They want Greece to assume responsibility and condemn Macedonia to death. This is the reason they insist vividly on the negotiations; they want the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they want to secure that their international organizations are recognized as having authority and scientific expertise and they want to relieve them of the burden of judgments, but on the other hand they want to collect the political gains from falsifying history.
They want to take for free and through politics – at the expense of Greece – something they would have to pay a lot to get through science and would have the power to destroy them all.  They want to take the term Macedonia from Greece – which they consider to be a nation of idiots that gives away its heritage bringing about the least possible consequences and acting from a secure position instead of taking risks like the ones taken by people who engage in plundering and open doors to chaos. They want to use to their advantage the fact that there are corrupt members in the Greek leadership and have Greece sustain the damage and pay for it as well
The next time one some con man and member of the international imperialism visits Greece, the Greek government should not even begin discussing. It should declare itself incompetent and refer them to UNESCO on the proviso that the latter will take a stand after its final decision. Until this happens, the Greek government can just tell them: “We have given everything there was to give.”  Besides, we have work to do in Pagoda, Florina. We are working on an art exhibition with paintings by the Algerian Van Gogh, while the Ninth Symphony of the Hindu Raznti is heard in the background.  A wind instruments band of the Samurai from Bucharest will open the festivities.