The end of the world is near.
The ten plagues of Pharaoh “have been brought upon” the USA.
When Barack Obama announced the US (2010) national budget for this year, we experienced unprecedented feelings. Never before had an imperialistic power moved them to pity. This is unthought-of. This year’s deficit is estimated to be $1.6 trillion and its foreign debt has gotten completely out of hand. It hits numbers that only mathematicians and astrophysicists knew existed few decades ago. There is no space for these numbers in the electronic boards so it is driven to add new elements on them.


USA’s debt is approximately $13 trillion. That is $13,000,000,000,000, a humongous numeric size as you can see. It’s a debt that has been increasing since September 2007 at the blistering pace of $4 billion per DAY. That is $120 billion per MONTH or $1,440,000,000,000 per YEAR. And these are just the minimum, whether President Obama realizes his social dreams or not.


The imperialists are in a position even worse than their victims’.  Those who are supposed to plunder the nations of the entire planet seem to remain in a land that has nothing more to offer them in any way. Their population is 307,212,123, which means that the average American “imperialist” owes $42,316. In order for readers to understand what this actually means, they need to have criteria. The “rich” liegemen of the planet’s “leading superpower” owe almost the double of what the “poor” Greeks in bankrupt Greece do. There has never been such a pathetic “empire” in the history of mankind. Since unemployment surges over 10%, the situation will continuously be aggravated, for the simple reason that the State will have to fund social “piece”.


In reality, USA will have to “buy” social “piece”, simply because it is hardly a welfare state. Until now, Americans had depended on the fact that they were too rich as individuals to need a welfare state. Everything was huge in their country, so they didn’t care about the “little things” that troubled the Europeans, living “squashed” in the small Europe. Everything was amply provided to them in their country, so they didn’t feel insecure like the poor people. They thought they would always have private money to cope with life’s hardships. Today – and in the face of the huge financial crisis – they seem too weak to deal with even the slightest problem. If they don’t die in the streets in the absence of health care, they live in tents, like the Native Americans Columbus had met.


How did they end up like this? Is it an irreversible situation – like a doctor would say – or is the “patient” going to “pass away”? The Greeks have a unique way of explaining even the most complicated things in the simplest words. They usually do this through the use of proverbs.  In the case of the Americans, there is a Greek saying which best describes their pratfall: “If you walk at night you step on mud and crap.” Whoever seeks great profit by teaming up with “evil” Jews is bound to end up in a “crappy debt situation.  In the end, not only is he going to make zero profit, but he will also fail to save the current possessions. This is exactly what has happened to the Americans. They were inexperienced and naive and were played by the Jews. They teamed up with them in the hope of plundering the world and ended up being the biggest victims in the world.


They didn’t think of the simplest thing to do. Why didn’t they ask those who knew? Why didn’t they ask the Europeans about the Jews? Why didn’t the inexperienced ask the experienced ones? The Europeans knew of the Jews and how to protect themselves from them. When they didn’t keep the Jews ghetto-bound, they would chase them in the streets. They would allow them to figure in gambling and prostitution but not in the state’s financial function. They would meet them in low dives but wouldn’t have them in their homes. The Jews used to reach the Christian cities through the narrow streets, not through their avenues. They used to be the useful “strangers” who did all the dirty work for the Christians, and not the publicly accepted friends they would have in their homes. The Jews women were the easiest and cheapest way for sexually educating the Christian children, but they were not good for marriage. You were certain to get mugged, stubbed, or catch even the rarest venereal disease in the Jewish quarters. Jewish quarters were to the Christian cities what a toilet is to a house. It is useful, everybody uses it but nobody wants to live in it.


For centuries, that had been the way the Europeans treated the Jews and that is why nobody had ever been threatened by them. They would take advantage of them for as long as they needed them, and then let them be until they needed them again, and all that in concert with the Jewish leadership. Nothing would happen in the absence of those leaders. The Christians would benefit from the Jewish “participation” in solving their problems and the powerful Jews would win money. That Jewish leadership didn’t hesitate to meet even the most irrational demands, because they would profit from it. If something would bring profit, they put it on the table. In most of the crimes against the Jews, their nationals had played a major role. People like Herzl, Rockefeller or Rothschild had always been involved in every single major crime against the Jewish people. Herzl was the first to prove that the Jewish persecution brought them money and the others simply funded any Hitler-like could set in course his brilliant “idea”.


These things may seem strange to simple people but not to the Jews. The Jews are trained to have a more global view of their interests. Nobody is exempt; not even their nationals. They have a simple rationale. If you don’t learn how to exploit your brother, you cannot exploit a stranger. If you don’t learn to exploit your brother, you cannot exploit the rest of the world. If you don’t make your sister a street-walker, you cannot be a good pimp. If you don’t demand protection money from your brother, you cannot demand if from others. It’s a tradition that has been carrying on for centuries; a tradition that is based on hard “domestic” training. What people in London and Paris have witnessed had already happened centuries ago in Babylon, Thebes and Rome.


Unluckily for the Americans, they were new in the streets and they had never been down that road before. They fell into the hands of a “three-card marney dealer” of humanity and got misled by the first easy profit they had collected from his “game. Whichever card they selected, it was the right one. They were so excited and naive that they brought those filthy people into their houses, believing they were their friends. They handed over to them their financial management, hence the state’s. They even gave them control of their national currency. If you allow control of national currency to such people, there aren’t many things you can expect to gain. The Jews were printing American dollars all day and night; they bought paper and sold dollars. They used this “fake” money to buy out the Americans’ capital and make it their own. In a few decades, the Americans had become the Jews’ employees.


The Americans were fooled by the Jews, the same way a naive rich is fooled when he comes across a slick swindler who is extremely talented in deceiving people. He believes that funding him is an investment, because he will con other people and give him shares of the new increased profits. He forgets that he is being deceived as well and that the more the swindler grows stronger, the more chances he’s got to “meet” with him. The Americans fell for it, like a naive wolf who allows a lion into its lair. It gets excited by the rich remains of the powerful hunter’s prey, but it doesn’t’ know that when the prey ends, it will become prey itself.


The Americans couldn’t realize that every time the Jews gave them “profits”, they lost part of their capital. The more profits they were given, the bigger was the share they lost. Now that the American capital reaches the zenith of its profits worldwide, the Americans simply do not have a share in that capital. The enormous profits of this enormous capital are lost in the most unthinkable “corners” of the planet and will never come back to the American economy, hence the Americans. All of these happened because of a very specific plan the Jews had had, which allowed them to “advance” continuously at the expense of their victims, without being provocative. It was a plan that included hubs necessary to complete and come to the point we all see.


It all started with the big crisis of 1929. The American economy reached a deadlock because of its social “pathogenesis”; a deadlock that led it to economic crisis in a different – faster- pace than the rest of the industrial forces of that time. Important decisions had to be made – mostly social – and the Whites didn’t like that, especially the Whites’ rulers, the Anglo-Saxons. The USA society had to either be homogenized and “forget” about racism against black people or find itself in a permanent deadlock that would threaten it with social uprising. If they didn’t equate the black working people with their white colleagues so that there wouldn’t be an issue with the salaries that threatened the national currency, they couldn’t avoid reactions and all that goes with it.


The problem which began as social but was turning into economic was simple. As long as the economy functioned adequately and the Blacks worked and asserted what they deserved for their work, the white employers had to “fund” the white working force with extra money because of their skin color. To avoid complaints from a white worker who received the same salary with his black colleague, the employers had no choice but to give them more money. The demands of the Blacks were used as an excuse by the Whites to demand more and everything ended up in the same pocket, since they were under the same employ. The problem that arose from this “strange” tactic was that the increased takings of the “superior” White employers were seeking outlet in investments and that threatened the capital. Having higher salaries, they bought more houses; they bought stocks and so on.


All these created a bubble. It was only a matter of time before that bubble burst, for the simple reason that all that “white” money was fake. When the time would come for that money to pay off, the truth would come out. That is what happened with the Crash of 1929. The USA stock market collapsed. They weren’t the factories that had been ruined but rather the simple working people, who had invested all their savings on them and when their savings were gone, they stopped being efficient consumers of these factories’ products. The factories started closing down because their customers’ money was in the stock market, not in their pockets.  They lost their savings; they could no longer consume products and the factories producing those products, thus providing them with jobs closed down, so the “cycle” repeated itself.


The Jews had found the Americans in that deadlock. The “three-card marney dealers” had the solution in their pocket. What did they do? They made the last bad economic policy of the “fake” money worse. They increased the relatively few “fake” dollars of the White workers. Not only were they going to redistribute “White” money but they would also invent “Whiter” money. They took control of the Central Bank of the USA and started minting money. They started distributing money to unemployed people, thus making them efficient customers from scratch. The factories reopened so that they would meet their needs, so the former unemployed consumers started collecting paychecks as if they were working people. The economy had started functioning on fake money, but the facts that had plunged it into the crisis had not changed.


They provided excellent development conditions anew in such a way that the Anglo-Saxons wouldn’t have to change the social “pathogenesis” of the USA. The black people were now earning enough and their White colleagues a lot more. Everybody was happy living in the racist US society. Still, the problem had not been solved. It was a matter of time before those “several” and “much” money piled up again, creating bubble and crisis once more. Such planning would not last a decade. The workers would initially cater for their consuming needs, then they would save and in the end they would invest their savings. What would happen then? It would be the same all over again. The “fake” money would not yield what was expected and economy would fall into crisis again. The Anglo-Saxons were disturbed, because that was a problem that required them to clash with the rest of the USA White people in order to solve it. That was the point when the “three-card marney dealers” helped them break the deadlock.


They proposed a simple solution to them. They would “export” the “fake” money abroad. They would not leave them “stagnate” and threaten the American economy, but they would “export” them. The domestic trends of the “fake” American money would ease off abroad. Who would need the “foreign” dollars, though, since the national economies were unrelated at that time? The industrialized states had their own independent economy, their own currency and functioned independently. They didn’t allow inflow of foreign currency that would threaten to buy off their capital. They used the law to protect their capital from money and they used weapons to protect it from the plunderers.


Nobody wanted “foreign” money because nobody wanted to “mortgage” his capital. Bu that is not absolute, because you can create something that does not exist. The Americans were looking for a stranger to take their money. They didn’t care what he would do with it, as long as he took it. He might as well eat it, burn it or turn it into wallpaper. All they cared about was for the money to leave their hands. They wanted to settle their finances accounting-wise and give the impression that they had “invested” that money somewhere, therefore profits were due to come. That was their way of “buying” time, delaying the manifestation of their economic crisis. They were “buying” time so that their crisis would break out the same time as the economic crisis of the “slower” industrial economies. God help them thereafter. If the “slow economies” entered a war, the losses in the “investments” of the “quick economies” could be rationalized. The crisis had hit everyone, so the Americans could have escaped from it. Everybody was going through crisis, so it was not strange that the Americans too were in crisis. The whole world would start from scratch.


What was it that they were looking for, then? They were searching for the weak link in the chain of industrialized states, someone who would be in a difficult financial state and in need for the money. That someone would want the money in order to buy time and create a false development, without affecting the general way the economic system functions. He would take their money and spend them but he wouldn’t “hand over” his national capital, so neither he nor the ones who funded him would be compromised. The Americans wanted that someone to spend the money; to introduce the American money into his economy and then “export” it quickly, without changing his economy’s features. The question was how they were going to succeed in importing so much money and exporting it without any obstacle. The answer was simple. It would be imported, because it suited the person who took it and would be exported even if it didn’t suit those who would have no other choice but to accept its re-exportation. What did this mean? It would be imported to create conditions of false economic growth in the receiving country and would be exported in the form of bombs. They would import dollars in an economy and export bombs to the surroundings.


A solution had been found. Germany was going through a terrible crisis and was literally starving. Crisis and hunger favor the illiterate corporals and Hitler was one. They were going to fund him so that he could help Germany “grow”. Hitler would use the American money to fund the “growth” in the American way. The factories that could function as a result of that growth would not produce refrigerators and washing machines but tanks and bombs. The workers would be paid in a regular manner but the products just wouldn’t supply commercial warehouses but military camps. The workers would be paid with American money and not with money that came from the purchase of the products they were producing, since there weren’t any consumers to purchase them. The “consumers” would savor these products for free, when the right time came.


That was the time the Anglo-Saxons in the USA needed the Jews. Even if the Anglo-Saxons knew how to do the trick, they wouldn’t have been able to succeed on their own, without help from the Jews, because they wouldn’t have been able to “transfer” their money in Germany on their own. They would have been “visible” and would have raised reactions. It would have been obvious that they had been funding Hitler and Hitler would have had to follow the plan and start war in order “to re-export” their money. They couldn’t transfer the money without been noticed since there had been no uniform international banking system. Only the Jews could carry out the plan, because the global banking system may not have been uniform but the Jewish bankers had global presence.


In their capacity as independent bankers of different nationalities, they went under the radar and “transferred” the money from their bank to another bank of their own in another country. They put Hitler up to persecuting the Jews so that they could have an indisputable “alibi” and the money was transferred to Germany. Who would dare claim that the Jews had been funding the “Holocaust” without being considered “immoral”? Who would dare think that the Jews demanded from Hitler to build concentration camps in order to give him that money without being considered a conspiracy freak?


Hitler was happy and the Jews even happier, because they would increase their national share of the global capital. They would have the American capital and then they would obtain share in the European capital as well. How could they accomplish that? Hitler would start a war and devastate Europe. He would destroy the capital of the other European countries and he would also destroy Germany’s capital, since the war was a sure defeat for him. Nevertheless, money is necessary for the capital to recover and Europe would need that money; their own “fake” money.


The American money Hitler received could not pay off until Europe had been devastated. It would be given as a “gift” to be spent for free. After Hitler, though, the American money would “buy off” Europe itself. That’s when the American investment would yield profits. It was the investment of a gravedigger. You give to someone suicidal an expensive gun and take the risk that he will not kill himself, but if he does you will make great money from the extravagant coffin you are going to sell to his family.


That is exactly what has happened. After Europe had been devastated the Jewish FED was working full time. Day in and day out, they were printing dollars to “help” Europe. They were giving away fake money so as to appear as Europe’s benefactors and they were buying the biggest share of European industry, using the same kind of money. They would have to fabricate ways to remobilize the European economy. Europe would follow the course of the American growth. The undone and unemployed European citizens would become consumers using the “fake” money and as such they would provide new factories with work, and in turn the new European factories, now owned by American-Jewish people, would give them a job. That’s when the famous “German miracle” took place; the “fake” miracle of the “fake” money.


This American type of economy with the “fake” money has never stopped been pathogenic. It was a matter of time before the “fake” accumulated money created a “bubble” and destroyed the economy; and it indeed happened. Within a few decades it started to show signs of a “stroke”. The “pressure” was high and the “patient” was about to go round the bend. The Western World, now owned by American-Jews was showing signs of breaking down. It had accumulated tons of “fake” money and had to export it, otherwise it would “die”. There was an urgent need for a lifesaving “puncture” that would ease the situation.


That wasn’t a problem for the Jews. They had already had the solution. They would “export” the problem to the East. The Eastern Bloc was a dry “field” that could use their flood. At that time the Eastern Bloc may have appropriated a large amount of capital but it gave workers money in dribs and drabs. That is why it was “dry”. And that is when it was decided that the Eastern Bloc must be destroyed, so that the West can get rid of its excess and dangerous for itself money. In 1991, Gorbatsov handed over the “keys” of his empire to the Vatican. Later, the former emperor was rewarded by advertising the American-Jews Hut pizzas. The die had been cast. The “fake” money would start flooding the East which would abide by the results of the “puncture”.


Once again, it was the same manipulation, by the same people and for the same reasons. Once again the Jews were valuable to the Americans. They couldn’t go over them even if they knew how, because they would have to have the complicity of those countries’ leaders and the Jews were the only ones who had people in those countries. Every snitch, murderer, agent, prostitute, pimp and black-marketeer in the Eastern Bloc was a Jew. That was the case because in the Eastern Bloc the social map didn’t change after the WW2. The Jews didn’t intrude its territory, as it was the case in the West. They stayed in the same sewers they had been before the War. Those “”sewer rodents” were the Jews’ armory in the West.


Their cooperation would help them create new leaders in the East, who would take the money from the West and would become the Anatoly Borisovich Chubais of the Jews that would shift “democracy” to the communist East. Only this time they wouldn’t face the same problem as with Hitler. There was no need to transfer the money secretly nor did they care whether or not they would appear as those who “invested” in the national capitals’ plunder of all the countries belonging to the Bloc. The only restriction was that they would either buy or destroy a capital, depending on whether it was in their vested interest to have it or not. They started building their defenses before they started “playing” with people’s capitals and raising reactions, so that they could play all they wanted and be able to face the reactions.


That was the reason they funded the “mafia” which in reality is the genuine Stalinist rogue state of the previous era. Former members of the communist parties staff the criminal mechanism, which is known to us in its western term. Why did they fund the “mafia”? There were two reasons. The first was that the “mafia” had the power and undoubtedly the weaponry to terrorize people when the latter would react against their unbelievable disaster. The second reason was that the “mafia” is comprised of lazy spongers who want to live a rich life. Those were the two features that made the “mafia” priceless. They used their own people to create the outrageously spendthrift “mafia” of the ex-Eastern Bloc, the Jewish ex-snitches, murderers and pimps. The “Russian” “supporters of oligarchy” as a whole are that kind of people, like Roman Abramovich, Mikhail Fridman, Leonard Blavatnik, Viktor Vekselberg, Boris Berezovsky and many others.


They would set the pace of the outrageous spendthrift and the rest of the gangsters followed them blithely. That’s what interested the Jews. They didn’t care about what the gangsters would do with the money. They didn’t care if they turned the money into Mercedes with golden wheels, yachts with pools or furs for the prostitutes. They only cared about the money being spent. They only cared about giving tons of money and receiving back tons of money as well. The ex-communist bloc has experienced incredible capitalist-like situations. Ex-hungry “comrades” were literally wiping their arses with one thousand dollar bills so as to feel the capitalism with their whole being. Murderers were cleaning the blood with one hundred dollar bills because they didn’t carry tissues. Prostitutes’ day labor was bigger than the profits of Western artisans.


Every leader of every state that belongs to the ex-communist East is of this kind: Henchmen, alcoholics, drug dealers, murderers and snitches. It started with Yeltsin, the “first” of the many who “followed in his footsteps”. Then it was Putin in Siberia, and Borisov and Gruevski in the Balkans. This makes sense. Who would the Jews of the sewers work with, the scientists, the idealists or the intellectuals?  They would work with those who knew all along, their mates at the bottom of society. From the moment they had checked the “mafia”, therefore its weaponry, they were ready to mess with the capital of the ex-Eastern Bloc.


Because of their interests, they followed different tactics, depending on the domain they were interested in. They used the “fake” money to buy real properties and they closed down the factories in the European part of that ex-Eastern Bloc, so that they wouldn’t be threatened by their products and spoil the European market. Plots, castles, palaces, farms and works of art changed hands within a few days. The factories closed down as a whole.


They did exactly the opposite in China. They wanted it to develop in the Hitleric German way. That is why they didn’t “democratize” it, like they did with all kindred Stalinic regimes of the other countries belonging in the communist East. China’s fascist regime favored them, since they knew how to create and control “successful” Hitlers. They wanted to have the complete control of production and such a regime would secure them control. They were barely concerned whether this new Hitler was a little yellower than the actual one. “Mao-Stalin supporters” were given a new lease of life using the money from the West and China started producing at breakneck speed.


That was the plan. They de-industrialized the West and East and transferred production to their own new factories in China. The factories as a whole closed down in the expensive West – due to lack of competitiveness – as a result of the cheap Chinese workers. No factories functioned in the cheap East – after the “fall of the Wall”- to compete with. Only China and the fascist regime – which was grateful to the Jews, just like Hitler – could have production. The Jews were the sovereign rulers. They controlled the whole lot of world’s capital and the whole lot of the market. They controlled the whole lot of the global banking system and “peripheral” banking mechanisms which control states like the IMF and so on.  They don’t have “partners” any longer, not even as a formality.


That’s where the Americans were fooled. Every time they received profit in money form they would lose capital. As genuine “Indians” of the New Land, they were given “beads’ and “small mirrors” and they gave part of the land and water to their partners. Because of the “New Deal” and because of the money the Jewish FED had collected big “profits” but they had lost an important part of their capital in the USA, which was entirely theirs, up until then. Because of WW2 and for the same reasons, they became equal partners with the Jews in their enlarged supranational capital. They had enormous profits but they had lost ownership of half their capital. The New Order caused them to lose their entire capital and all they had been left with was the American title of that capital.


They were fooled because they didn’t know the “three-card marney dealer’s” tricks. They only cared about their funds being filled with money, and they didn’t see that they had been losing their “equity share”. They only cared about the tills on the cashier’s desk and they didn’t see the drawers in their desks. They had “forgotten” that they themselves had given permission for most of that money to be “fake”. The “three-card marney dealer” had disorientated them and they couldn’t find the right card in the last hand of cards. Now they have been burdened with almost no capital and too huge a debt to hope for salvation.  The American capital which monopolizes almost the entire global market – befitting the imperialists’ capital – is American in name only. In actual fact, it is Jewish and both its “residence” and “profits” change hands, befitting their drifting owners who change sides.


There is absolutely no well-regarded American company now that Jews don’t own, whether indirectly, through their banks, or directly, as private owners. Even the USA “symbol”, the Coca-Cola belongs to the well-known Jew Buffett. The Americans are left with the old fields – and yet not all of them – they had stolen from the Indians. Even the houses they live in do not belong to them. They pay rent to the Jews, either indirectly, through their housing loans, or directly as tenants.


It is the absolute tragedy for the USA. The former illegal immigrants had become the masters of their land; the ultimate masters. The people who wanted to collaborate with the Jews to become “Pharaohs” had the same bad luck. The greedy “locust” of the Asiatic desert swapped the USA and left absolutely nothing standing. The formerly rich people of the New World have been drained of their money to such a degree that they have passed the point of poverty and are headed towards starvation. The Americans now experience desperation and trust in God. Poor and hungry people gather around the fire to warm and cast their eyes up to heaven as their last hope. These are the former planet leaders.


The ten plagues of Pharaoh


We will try at this point to do something strange and the readers will have to pay close attention in order to understand. We have all been taught at school some very important historical facts which have determined the course of humanity. One of these facts was the plagues of Pharaoh we have been taught in Religious Education. What do the ten plagues of Pharaoh refer to? They refer to the problems that preoccupied the Pharaoh; the problems that preoccupied his empire and its people. Therefore, we are talking about “plagues” which can shake an empire and lead it to death. Isn’t the USA that kind of an empire? Isn’t it the planet’s leader? Isn’t it “sick” at the moment and runs the risk of “dying” as such, leading its people to lament?


The plagues of Pharaoh, that is, could be the “plagues” of the current incumbent. They could be Obama’s problems; a problem that could have a reasonable explanation. If we know who led the American empire to the fall and death, we need hardly mention that we can “follow” them through time, the same way we follow a “disease” progression. We are familiar with their methods and we have the luxury of asserting these methods through the documented historical clues. That means that we have everything we need. We know that knowledge has always been the capital of every empire and the source of its problems. We are aware of how the Jewish progressed in the USA. We are also aware of the gradual “mutation” the American society had undergone because of the Jews’ presence in it.


We will try and parallel all these things – which follow a specific chronological order – with the ten plagues of Pharaoh to see if we can prove that there is an order in which the empires’ “disease” manifests itself. We will try to see if this order of events can destroy an empire and its people. What consolidates our thinking is that there a rationale behind this order of events. First you catch a disease and then you ail. First you ail, and then you die. Dead people can’t ail. Sick people cannot catch a tormenting disease. This is the rationale we try to find behind the ten plagues of Pharaoh.  Since it is the description of a “disease” that leads an empire to its “death”, it is only natural that it follows the rationale of a disease. It is only natural that the manifestation of the plagues follows the same rationale. The first plague cannot possibly be the “death” of the patient and the second plague describe the manifestation of the disease that killed him. The wound that warns people what they should do to avoid a disease cannot possibly appear after the wound of the disease itself.


The first plague will definitely relate to the “unclean” place which causes the disease. If someone won’t be able to avoid the first and basic plague, the second plague will definitely follow because he will have “caught” the disease. All the symptoms of a disease follow thereafter, which have their own rationale as well. First you get a rash and then, if you don’t deal with it properly, it grows into a pimple and then a plague. First it becomes a plague and then it decays and needs amputation. Every new wound has to aggravate the prior condition and lead to death, slowly and steadily. So, for the plagues of Pharaoh to have a meaning, they have to respect this order. They have to respect this rationale if they are used to “project” the problems of the USA.


Given those facts, we can start our unusual analysis. The starting point is the “place” where the problem that led to the “death” of the USA arose. First you find the place which can help you define the point when you start your analysis. We believe – based on the knowledge we have so far – that the USA’s “disease” began the moment they lost control of their empire’s foundations, therefore from the moment the Jews succeeded in controlling their higher education. Modern death started when the Jews began conquering the big Colleges of the USA.


German-Jewish scientists had taken the lead in the conquest of Colleges one by one, sometimes appearing as multi-advertized “luminaries” and other times as tormented “victims” of Nazism. They would most of the times abusively occupy their chairs; they would mostly conspire than practice science. Nobody really put up resistance to their criminal activities because the Americans believed it was a sacrifice needed to be made to their interest.  All these “strange” German-Jews invaded like “conquerors” in Europe and wanted to improve their “image”, so they gave a European air to the American “provincials”.


They had acted like a true gang; they had planned well so that only their nationals would succeed them. They gradually took over research and technology areas from the Americans – Einstein and Oppenheimer were the most distinguished and famous examples – and within a few years the Jews found themselves with a huge knowledge capital, using the American means, money and background. Given the fact that the Americans had plundered Europe’s technical mastery and had transferred it to their country, one can understand the kind and size of knowledge that fell right into the Jews’ hands.


Everything humanity and mainly Christianity had discovered through hard work and thousands of years of sacrifices passed to the possession of the Jews altogether. The Jews had deprived the USA of that possession and that loss actually meant “death” not only for them but for the whole of the Christian empire. It wasn’t an instant death and it wasn’t caused by an accident. It was the result of a long-lasting and serious “disease”. The ten plagues of Pharaoh describe that “disease” and its symptoms. It’s the “disease” that leads empires to their “death”.


The ten plagues were the following:


The Nile changed to blood and as a result the fish died and people were left without drinking water (Exodus 7:14-21). The waters that quench people’s thirst are the knowledge and the rivers where these waters flow are the educational mechanisms. Knowledge is related to waters, because people need it to live, but it can’t feed them, just like the capital. Knowledge “waters” the capital so that it can grow but it’s not a capital in itself and it cannot manufacture products. Thus, knowledge is to a system and a nation what water is to humans and the earth that feeds them. Knowledge is enlivening but the capital is the life giver.


From the moment the Jews succeeded in controlling the American knowledge in its highest level, they were able to control everything. Having control of the most powerful colleges gave them in fact control of knowledge as a whole. They either “wrapped up” that knowledge as copyright so that it would yield profits which they kept for themselves or they gave it to the simple Americans through schools.


The ultimate knowledge turned into “blood”, held by private owners – who alone decided who gets to “live” and who gets to “die” in the production –  and the simple knowledge that “quenches” people’s “thirst” was provided in dribs and drabs. As a result, people “were left thirsty” and the creatures and means of production “died”. It was only a matter of time before any producer who could not afford to pay the Jews the copyright would “die” and go out of market; it was a matter of time before any simple human who could not afford a higher education to “quench his thirst” would be condemned in a an eternal “thirst”, leading a poor life at some ghetto.


The Americans were at the Jew’s mercy, from the moment they had lost control of their system’s waters. The knowledge they would acquire from that point on was dependent on the quality of the people who owned it. If the Jews were “pure” then the knowledge the American took would be “pure”; If the Jews were “vile” so would the knowledge they gave. Jews were “vile” and unluckily for the Americans they produced the same results as a tea bag when placed inside a cup. Their presence in the superpower’s educational mechanism “contaminated” everything. The “infectious” Jews had put their “drawers” into the “water” that the Americans and their children drank.


Frogs covered the land of Egypt and entered people’s homes (Exodus 8:1-15)


The “Frogs” are the people who are “produced” by the knowledge “tanks” and “rivers”, when that knowledge is sealed or “poisoned”. The “Frogs” that covered the USA were the first postwar “production” of the American colleges, whose control was in the hands of the Jews. They were people with new and unusual for that time professions; people who differed from the typical scientists of the previous era; Sociologists, managers, psychoanalysts, psychologists, communication experts, public opinion pollsters, advertisers, stylists, public relations managers, marketing specialists and so on.


They were all swindlers with luxury degrees. Their degrees were such a fraud that they never dared present them as independent scientific fields. On the contrary, they hid them behind Harvard and Yale degrees, reputed universities because of their exclusively scientific fields. A genius in mechanic could receive a Harvard degree and so could a worthless good-for-nothing sociologist. A talented medical researcher could get a Yale degree and so could a no-good psychologist. If one tries, he will not be able to come up with a single famous sociology school in the USA, the country which specializes in sociology. All the “frogs” have hidden behind doctors’ and mechanics’ title.


All these people with the Jewish “education” advanced uncontrollably in virgin domains which were “subsidized” by the same “womb” that “gave birth” to them. Gradually they took over everything. They became the overexposed Celebrities of the American society who would take the floor and talk to the Americans; politicians, writers, philosophers, screenwriters, journalists who occupied all positions with the “help” of their rich “benefactors”. Through these positions they had the power to shape the “new” American social opinion in the USA, which was the American-Jewish social opinion from then on of an American-Jewish USA. These people had undertaken to create the new “American dream”.


All these people were a direct “product” of Jewish colleges. Those who weren’t Jews themselves were funded, thus dependent on the Jews who controlled everything; colleges, television channels, radio stations, newspapers, political parties and so on.  They controlled anything that would give them access to people’s homes on a daily basis. The Americans thought they could just lock their front doors and keep brothels away but they couldn’t see that the latter would enter their houses through television. If abandoned in the streets, their children would have less chances of meeting people like Larry King, a Jew rogue with an enormous influence; a Jewish “frog” who is always hosting in his show Jewish “frogs” who invade American homes.


Gnats swarm in the air of Egypt, harassing people and animals (Exodus 8:16-19).


With help from the “frogs” and infinite amount of money the Jews had complete and utter control of the “industry” which produced massive models. The gnats came from “frogs’” “filth”; from their twisted beliefs, their exuberant aspirations, their arbitrary demands and their almost deviant plans. The Jew Woody Allen was an example of that kind of vile “frog” whose filth produced many “gnats”.


All these “strange things” started spreading out by Hollywood industry; the “school” of the illiterate –and other kinds of – masses.


The Hollywood models inspired by the Jews filled the “air” of the USA, harassing everyone who up until then used to follow the simple American rationale. The American people were a nation that up until then – being a nation of colonists – adored ownership of capital, hence the labor that ownership implies. They were hardworking people who took pleasure in making a living through labor; they were virtuous, assiduous and well-intentioned on the whole. Their models were accordingly to their education simple and virtuous; the upright, hardworking, brave and therefore good material for “marriage”, John Wayne type of man.


When the Jews dominated Hollywood, the models changed. The honorable citizens weren’t considered “successful” any longer, neither were the hardworking farmers, the steady workers, the diligent students and whoever a healthy society needs in order to function properly. The swindlers, the idle and the spongers were considered “successful” when they would succeed in making money. Even more “successful” were the swindlers that became really rich and were above the law.  The “prizes” of the new era were given to lawyers who were educated and slick-operators because they would make money “saving” swindlers from law. A great number of movies have been filmed to convince Americans that any pimp, lawyer, broker, card player, prostitute, thief and liar who became rich at the expense of society was a real “smart-ass”.


The Jews would place their national “models” in full view. Those were the days of glory for Judaism. It was the first time they could “share” their “civilization” and what’s more, there were people who wanted it. All those “advanced” models were met with opposition at first by the conservative and working American society. Whoever made money by idleness or cheat was an annoying “gnat” to the conservative working American. All these spongers annoyed the Americans but they weren’t powerful enough to destroy them or cause them trouble in their everyday life. Their mentality bothered the Americans, whether they were capitalists or everyday working people. It bothered them because you cannot jump from John Wayne directly to the permanently lecher, contemptible, so-called lover Woody Allen.


A swarm of flies poured into every house in Egypt to such a degree that “throughout Egypt the land was ruined by the flies” (Exodus 8:20-32).


In the course of time the “gnats” that were created by the Jews evolved into dangerous “flies”. The Jewish “models” had been effective and the new generation of Americans didn’t want to have an honest and hard work.  All these Americans with the “new” ideas distorted the American production upon their involvement with it. It “was sickened” because the Americans added a new pathogenesis to it. The farmers’ children didn’t want to become farmers because they hated working hard, and that is why the land was the first to be destroyed by the “flies”. Everybody turned to animals but they “were sickened” as well because the “disease” had been uncontrollable.


The former productive American society acquired the “pathogenesis” of the colonial Britain. Its educational and pedagogical orientation had changed in its entirety. Under the Jewish lead its educational system started producing executives, not workers. The system of higher education “degraded” standard science and “upgraded” humanities. From then on the first priority was the capital managers, not its creators; the product managers, not its inventors. That was an outrageous, still not irrational decision. The Jews were monopolizing global market through the American capital, so they weren’t afraid of competition; hence they didn’t need, nor fear inventors. Whatever it was that they invented, they themselves would sell it using the same mechanisms.


There had been a gigantic number of all-powerful executives created, which were supported by the leadership and undoubtedly their employers. That distorted the image of the American production. It “made it sick” and weak. There would be one employee working and ten others supervising him and at the same time they were supervising each other.  One employee would work with the hammer and another one would monitor his psychology and transfer the results to the statistician who in turn would transfer the results to the manager who would notify the general manager and the latter would decide if the worker’s overalls need a change of color in order for his productivity to improve. They wouldn’t employ another cheap worker but they would use “scientists” to improve their one and only. Those sick and greedy “flies” got into the American homes because each family was trying to secure a job for any of its children to the new “El Dorado” of luxurious work by the management.


A grievous murrain was brought on all the livestock of the Egyptians and as a result “all the livestock of the Egyptians died” (Exodus (9:1-7)


Animals feed on the land, just like the secondary capital feeds on the primary capital. From the moment the verminous executives outnumbered the workers in the whole of the productive function of the whole of the productive sectors, it was a matter of time before all the “livestock” in the USA faced survival issues. This wretchedness didn’t apply only to big industries but to the productive businesses as a whole. When an advertizing swindler gains more money from a product than its producer, it’s a matter of time before the business shuts down. When a common “call girl-model” advertizes a product and earns the annual wage of a workwoman, it’s a matter of time before all women refuse to become workwomen.


The result of this distortion in the production process was the gradual American competitive losses and the increase in operating cost. If ten people work in a factory and a hundred get paid, it’s a matter of time before that factory closes down and loses its place in the market by another importer, hence loses the chance to “cure” itself. The enormous administrative expenses in the American factories forced them to go out of business. Production was reduced and unemployment was on the threshold.


A boil breaking forth with blains was sent upon man and upon beast (Exodus 9:8-12). People began to “get sick”. They were unemployed from then on. They were “sick” because they were trying to live on the dole. The weakest of them would take loans to survive, opening huge financial “plagues” which became “purulent” and couldn’t close due to interest.  The colonist nation which worshiped ownership as religion began to “get sick”. The Americans lived in houses owned by the banks who had given them a loan. They drove cars owned by banks as well. They were on the verge of unemployment and still “owed” everything, because there were enormous national production losses. Those who owed and needed a job experienced the direct threat of unemployment.


The “boils” and “blains”, though, didn’t concern only man but “beasts” as well. Because of the way economy functions businesses started becoming over-indebted. They took huge loans to start their business, without having made money from productions. They paid a lot of money to develop know-how long before their first supply of raw materials was brought to their factories.


Because the Jews controlled Hollywood, the Media and fashion, businesses were spending money at an outrageous pace. Every year they had to spend huge amounts of money to “keep up” with the developments in the fashion industry. Anyone that didn’t “keep up” – so didn’t take a loan – would simply end up going out of business. The debts grew and the first “boils” soon became deadly “plagues”; “plagues” that killed one “beast” after the other.


The worst hailstorm that had ever fallen on Egypt smote both man and beast and every herb of the field (Exodus 9:13-26).


American production had collapsed and the need for it was from then on covered by foreigners. Within a few years the so-called industrialized USA produced nothing. The Americans had imported everything; the cars they drove, even their underpants. The uncontrollable import of products destroyed what had been left from production, crashing the primary sector as well that needed the secondary sector to be on demand. They weren’t just the “beasts” of the secondary sector that were smitten but all “fields” of primary sector. When someone imports a secondary sector product in a country, he doesn’t only destroy his direct competitors but his suppliers as well, because the latter belong to the primary sector.


Apart from uncontrollable import of products there would be an uncontrollable import of “people” and “ideas” which “distorted” the traditional American thinking even more. The most ludicrous things in the world have been said within the USA and by the means of the USA during the last half of the previous century, regardless of the origin of the “moron” who said it. The USA had been completely destroyed within seconds and the people had been extremely “disorientated”. The USA has seen it all. Devisors leaving dogs as their devisees is something that happens only in the USA and the same with lawyers “taking orders” from tortoises. Whatever came into someone’s head could be heard in the USA and there would always be people to applaud him. Everything had fallen apart.


Darkness spread over Egypt as locusts swarm over the land and devoured everything growing in the fields, everything left by the hail (Exodus 10:3-20)


Within that chaos of ignorance, “intoxication”, “illusion” and “stupidity” the American society had lost all defenses. From then on the USA was a defenseless state. And that’s when their plundering started and the Jews went through with the final stage of their plan which was to dispose of their partners. They changed the financial system – which they themselves had launched – and the stock exchange market went wide “open”. Anyone – and from any place of the world – could go to the USA and buy anything as an “investor”.


Uncontrollable number of capitals proceeding from the most improbable parts of the planet received a share of the capital which used to be American. The USA was the country of money laundering; money from the mafia, corrupted money, “white” or “black” money. Flying locusts from all over the world plundered everything that had been left of the American economy. Predominant Jewish “investors” like Bernard Madoff, George Soros and Warren Buffett plundered anything they could, under the radar. That was the point when ownership of the American – in name only – capital changed hands for ever.


Total darkness covered all Egypt for three days, the kind of darkness “that could be felt” as if a thick fog (Exodus 10:21-29)


The attack had an immediate outcome. The outcome is everything we see, the kind of life the Americans are leading nowadays. They have lost everything and now they fail to survive. American “imperialists” stand hungry and sleepless around the fire and “feel” the Wall Street Index which describes the “darkness” of their foreign debt. They are unemployed, broke, insolvent and mostly lost, stripped of any hope for the future. They have no idea of their origins or destination. They can’t even plan their next step; so big is the size of their “darkness” that they can feel it.


All the first-born in the land of Egypt died – including the first-born of Pharaoh – and all the first-born of the cattle and there was a great cry throughout the land, such as there has never been (Exodus 10:4-8, 29-32)


The first-born are related to legacy and succession. When they die, the prior situation cannot possibly perpetuate. The USA had lost its ability to devise the “planet’s leadership” to the next generation of Americans. Their capital, hence their “beasts” were deprived of the opportunity to restore lost markets. The Anglo-Saxons lament their ultimate destruction. If we wanted to associate them with someone specific we would associate them with that poor guy from Boston who used to dress in Armani clothes when he was a Golden Boy and now wears a carton sign around his head that says: I need a job. What did he mean by that, really?


The reader can understand based on what he has read so far that the historical fact of the “plagues” is very “truthful” and accurate. This is the only way an empire can collapse. There is only one specific way that an empire can be “contaminated” and the symptoms always follow the same order. A problem always starts in the “waters” and then moves on to society. That’s where the “frogs” originate and create the pestering “gnats” followed by the pathogenic “flies”. It is necessary for the “flies” to fulfill their purpose so that the “locusts” can come.


This means that if one doesn’t forestall those who contaminate the “waters” of the empire, it is a matter of time before the latter “gets sick” and “dies”. The American “Pharaoh” who didn’t have a warning “dream” that would help him avoid the “plagues” was Franklin Roosevelt who handed over to Jews the control of the American “waters” after WW2. He got carried away by the huge profits Europe had promised him and didn’t realize what he was giving them as an exchange, which was a huge cost for his country. His naivety resulted in tragedy and the present-day consequences are obvious. The vile Jews took a dive in the American “waters” and that was when all the “diseases” began that led the USA to its death.


All the aforementioned are patent and fully recorded historical facts. What we will discuss next is of secondary importance in connection with the famous fact of the plagues. It concerns situations which took place thousands of years apart and yet have such common ground that they are seen as identical. What can possibly be the common ground between the two? The Jews were the most important common element.


The devastating problem emerged where the “chosen ones” had lived for thousands of years and we in today’s time analyze a situation taking place in a place where the same people predominate. They predominate in the usual Jewish way; that is as foreigners in a foreign land; as foreigners who converse with the central government of that land. The solution to the problem relates to whether the Jews remain or are chased out of a place, so it has everything to do with what we are trying to enlarge on. The problem is related to the price paid by the person who “hosts” them in his land, willingly or otherwise.


This is where this fact gets complicated, because it admits several interpretations. It admits different “ways” of looking at it. This means that people need to view the facts from a variety of angles; to view them without changing the facts or the results. What does this effectively mean? We will start with the simplest question. Why did God send the plagues according to the Scriptures? Did he do it with the purpose to threaten the “hateful” Pharaoh so that he would set His “beloved” Jews free or because He wanted to warn “dear” Pharaoh that if he didn’t chase out the vile Jews in time his empire would “die”? Did God Himself, therefore, become a “plague” for the empire and would continue devastating it if the Jews weren’t set free or would the Jews slowly but steadily become themselves “plague” for the empire and for that the Pharaoh had to wish them good riddance before they destroyed it? Was God destroying Egypt until the Egyptians were forced to set the Jews free or was He figuratively making them see Egypt’s future if they didn’t get rid of the Jews? In the case of the USA we believe the latter to be true. The Jews went to the USA and destroyed its empire with their stay. So, in our opinion, the Jews themselves are the empires’ “disease”. They are vile people who “contaminate” their “waters”. It wasn’t God’s wrath but the Jews and their presence that brought the “plagues” upon the empire.


We can make a posteriori interpretations of the facts which took place centuries ago in Egypt – having knowledge of the historical data concerning the USA– and at that time could not elucidate as the course of events didn’t favor it. We couldn’t ask God what He meant, neither were any Jews left in Egypt, so that we could understand from the effect what He had been talking about.


So, based on the data we have and because of the USA’s bad luck, it is precluded that God threatened Pharaoh through the “plagues”; the opposite is most likely to have happened. Most likely He was warning him. Judging by the USA’s luck in today’s time we can understand how God viewed Egypt centuries ago. How can we do that? If we ourselves had lived in 1945 and at that time Roosevelt had had a vision with plagues – like the one the Pharaoh had – “striking” the USA, how would we interpret it as his contemporaries? How would we interpret it if he had made the same decisions as his Egyptian counterpart? The Word of God would have had a double meaning for us, then.


If He had said that He would send plagues upon him unless he “set” the Jews “free” and Roosevelt did send the Jews away, just like the Pharaoh acted, the USA would have avoided the “plagues”. Still, we could never find out what He had meant exactly. But since God didn’t warn Roosevelt and the latter didn’t send the Jews away we can from the effect draw our own conclusions. Since it is doubtless that the Jews stayed in the USA, we can also doubtlessly conclude that they were the ones who brought about the “plagues”. This means that God didn’t want to warn the “Pharaoh” of the USA about the Jews and allowed his empire to “taste” all the “good things” they had to offer.


Things are simple. There is no need for occult knowledge or divine inspiration for someone to understand what God meant exactly. Only he needs to have is simple knowledge and common sense. Explanations come easily when simple answers are given to simple questions. What exactly is an empire? It’s a group of nations which do not necessarily relate racially or otherwise, but their only link is a common belief that derives from a commonly accepted knowledge; a common religious or ideological knowledge which connects all these nations – no matter how much they differ – within the boundaries of the empire.


Examples of such empires are all religions, like Christianity, within which many white people from Europe, black people from Africa, dark-skinned Latinos from Latin America and yellow nations from Asia coexist. All the ideological blocs are that kind of empires, too, like the communist bloc was in the old days. It was a bloc where white, black and yellow communists had common convictions, because they had common knowledge which is their ideology.


If we can understand that the grounds of an empire are its common conviction, result of a common knowledge which unites the nations, it is only natural that we can understand when and where such a danger can emerge; a danger that brings about destruction. Danger lurks when a “foreigner” or “infidel” intrudes into the mechanisms that protect the “purity” of the knowledge “tanks” and starts sending “contaminated” knowledge through its “channels”. Danger also lurks when a different nation exists and becomes active among these nations – and inside the same common environment – and it has a different and anti-imperatorial conviction which remains forever unchanged.


If such a nation consists of lazy people whose sole goal is to profit at the expense of others, it becomes more and more dangerous as time passes, because it is continuously getting stronger. If that nation is ruthless and at the same time doesn’t stick – in order to benefit from it – at any moral or legal restriction, then there is a huge danger. If this nation is the Jews who  – in order to benefit from it – can commit crimes, not only at the expense of others but also at the expense of theirselves, through self-injury or massive self-procurement, then the danger becomes inevitable as well. Why is that the case? Because this nation always follows the “vile” Moses who throws himself into the “waters”, and he neither “drowns” nor “cleans up”.


If you are an emperor and among your people there is a nation like the Jews, who by religious conviction are verminous, ruthless and greedy, you have two ways to deal with them. Either you let them stay in your empire and you exert power over them from time to time in a really cruel way – just like the Europeans have done for centuries, albeit they risked making the mistake – which is what has happened to the Americans – or you cast them away from your imperium once and for all, so that you won’t have to worry about controlling them. For as long as they stay in it, they function as a “bomb” with a released safety catch that lies in wait for the right moment to “go off” and “blow up” the entire empire.


God ‘told” Pharaoh this very simple thing, only in a distressfully figurative way. He “told” him to set the Jews free, meaning to send them away, because if he continued having them in his imperium they would destroy him. He told him that it was a matter of time before they turned into “plagues” for the empire; that they were going to profit year in year out at the expense of all the nations in the empire, therefore at the expense of the empire itself. If they succeed in reaching its central government which is its “waters” they will destroy it. Why is that going to happen? Because an empire needs to be productive in order to survive and that means that it needs to have appropriate models, which promote work and respect to empire law and authorities.


If the model mechanism in the empire is controlled by spongers who produce such models in order for themselves to survive, it will turn the empire into a sponger and will be a matter of time before it dies. First, it will eat out its own “flesh” and then it will “die”. If an empire has the naïve and working John Wayne as a model it will survive – one way or another. If it has the lazy procurer Woody Allen as a model, it will “screw” its children – biological or adopted – and it’ll die within a few years.


It is a matter of logic. One doesn’t allow the water system to communicate with the sewage system, otherwise everybody dies. One doesn’t connect the large intestine with the esophagus, otherwise he dies. He will get an infection and die of septicemia. This is what happens when Jews control the “waters” of “another” system. It has nothing to do with racism and the usual stuff the Jews accuse all of us now and then with the purpose of increasing their profits and perpetuating their presence among their victims.


At no point in the text we argue that the Jews are “inferior” or anything equally racist. We do not even mention the fact that those people have crucified Christ. The reference to them is as a nation and how dangerous it is that it consists of swindlers and deviants and it devoutly follows the master swindler and deviant Moses. It is dangerous because the Jews have no respect to laws and regulations – restricting the other nations which try to survive working under difficult circumstances where all offenders are harshly punished.


It is an unfair competition when people with the same ends run at the same track but use different means. It is a problem when all Christian nations “follow” the “path” of the harsh, moral and coercively “slow” Christ and on the other hand the Jews “run” following the “pace” of laid-back, immoral and coercively “speedy” Moses. When a “good” Christian has no choice but to use his hands and brains in order to get ahead and the “good” Jew is allowed by Moses to use the same means as well as his sister’s arse or his brother’s knife, one can only understand that much. Within the same track and running for the same prize, others use their “feet” and others use “more efficient” parts of their body.


We do not argue that Jewish children are born with “horns”, but that they are descendants of three-card marney dealers” and live a wealthy life, following their fathers’ steps. We argue that even if they receive education, they do not become better people than their backward ancestors; yet, they become more dangerous. Even if they “wash” in the cleanest “waters” they don’t “clean up”, because it is against their interest. They remain vile because this is their way of making profit. They follow the “untouchable” Moses and acquire his characteristic There is no new knowledge threatening to “drown” them as nation and there is no knowledge to better them so that they can finally “clean up”. It is the only nation throughout the history of human kind that went through an entire “sea” and came out of it “unclean”. Moses is screwing with them and they screw anyone in their way.


They are nothing but common “three-card marney dealers” – who destroy legal and productive “games” – and such people are always destined to be kicked out of places when their team players are on to them. There has never been a “card sharper” that hasn’t abandoned the “table” he was cheating, after being hit. A card sharper knows the risks involved and so do the Jews, who usually “cry” in advance. They usually pull aces out of their sleeves with tears in their eyes. It is with tears in their eyes that they cheat people.


Having knowledge of Pharaoh’s plagues is actually like knowing the “multiplication tables” for every emperor. The “manual” he always has to consult if he wants to keep this empire healthy. It is the check book of an empire. When one sees the first pestering “gnats” coming at him, he understands that the “waters” are in danger; hence he looks for ways to eliminate the first “frogs” in order to stop the problem from getting bigger. If there are many “gnats” it means that you were too late with the “frogs” and now you have to turn your attention to the flies and stop them from getting the animals “sick”. The value of this knowledge is timeless and applies to all types of empires. It’s a highly valuable Divine Gift to people so that they learn how to protect their cultural systems.


Has the reader understood what God was trying to “say” to the Pharaoh? “GET RID OF THEM the fastest you can, because it is a matter of time before they destroy you. “Set” them “free” in the desert and I will take it from there. I will give them land to work like people do and they won’t have excuses to lead a verminous life. If they don’t do that…”


The “day” after the American debacle.


From the moment the plundering had been completed, the Jewish “locusts” started moving away. Since there was nothing left to seize from the USA, they abandoned it. How do we infer that? From the emergence and strengthening of euro in the global market. The Euro could not have existed in the global market if the Jews hadn’t wanted it. That currency couldn’t emerge if the Jews living in the USA hadn’t agreed to it.


The Euro, as it is explained further down, does not “signal” any European return to the global economic status. It signals the return of the Jews to Europe. There is no currency conflict. There can’t be such a conflict because both currencies are controlled by the exact same people. These are the people who control the dollar through the FED and are the same who control the Euro through the Central European Bank. Greenspan, Bernanke, Trichet and Akerman are not only like-minded, colleagues and banqueters; they are also Jewish cognates and foster brothers.


Their intentions are obvious, then. The Jews “move away” from the USA and towards Europe. Through the Euro they try to “move” the currently belonging to them ex-American capital to Europe. The Jews use the control they have over Euro to accomplish two different goals which are based on a basic need of theirs.; their need to move away from the USA. It is not in their best interest to stay in the USA because it is more costly for them to control global economy and also because they do not feel safe in the USA any longer. They would leave that place even if they didn’t have an increased cost in controlling global economy.


We can understand that the first goal is a matter of economic “geometry”. Europe is the wealthiest market in the world and situated in its center, since East and West, the two ends, are controlled by China and the USA respectively. It is not in the Jews’ interest – financially or time-wise – to “withdraw” in neither of these ends. The distances are long and the respective expenses great as well. The Jews know the market, and the market is always held in squares. The best market is always in the central square. The Square of the Planet is situated in the Mediterranean, not in the coasts of the Pacific, either from the West or the East.


The second goal is more important. The Jews have literary robbed Americans of their capital and they are forced to think like thieves. It is not in a thief’s interest, no matter how cunning and powerful he is, to remain at the scene of the crime, keeping his spoils, therefore his enemy too, close to him. He fears that at some point this enemy will react and ask them back. That is exactly why they want the Euro. This way they can secure the spoils in their name and they can make sure that the spoils remain in their possession and the former owners cannot threaten them. As long as their capital, therefore the entirety of the multinational companies, is connected to the American currency, they are in danger. If for any reason they lose control of FED, the Americans can be a threat. The Americans can do whatever they did to them, only now it will be at their expense. The Americans can reciprocate the actions, which this time will be at the expense of the Jews.


This means that if the Jews can’t protect themselves through the Euro and the Americans decide to clash with them, they can start “printing” dollars and buying off the lost capital, again using “paper”. As long as their national currency is powerful and unique in the international market, they cannot do that. This is a threat to the Jews. This is why the shift in euro is in their interest. If the Jews can “shield” the stolen capital in time under the euro disguise, the Americans will not be able to claim it. Why is that? It’s because they have a huge debt which weakens the value of their currency. If they attempt to “print” money it will lose its value even more. The Jews can “weaken the value of any new dollar “wave” long before it reaches their “door” by controlling the exchange rate among dominant currencies. They will always have the desirable parity to protect them. The more dollars the Americans print, the more their value will drop.


This way, the currently over-indebted American economy will have no way to recover the lost capital. It will not be able to use its new profits to buy back the multinational companies that used to own. Even it will have to secure its profits under the form of euro in order to secure them. It will have no other choice, If its debt is estimated in euro, because the constant loss of the dollar’s value will strengthen euro and the Jews’ defense consequently. This way the American economy will no longer be in the forefront and will reduce to a regional economy.


Connecticut and California, who had been in the “centre” of the planet for half a century, will suddenly have the same place as Venezuela and Peru. New Orleans will never be able to get out of the “mud” it has been covered in. The “red carpets” of Hollywood will become remnants. New York will taste the same abandonment that cities like Constantinople and Venice did centuries ago. The “big apple” will start to “rot”. The Jews will control the strong euro and they will secure their stolen property in new lands from where they will have absolute control of the global market. The extremely expensive euro will make their property unreachable and will protect it from the Jewish-like games played with the “fake” money.


In order to abandon the USA, though, they have to solve another problem. They have to ensure the safety of Israel, something the USA had been doing until then. So, since they return to Europe, they have to “burden” it with the safety of Israel. They have to start planning carefully towards that end, so that Europe “invites” Israel to its “court”.


The most notorious pimps in the Planet had to find someone to “invite” Israel in Europe, an acquaintance that would accommodate them and open the “discussion”. What kind of acquaintances can a pimp have, besides his customers? Besides perverts, procurers and senile freaks? These are the only kinds of people procures know and these are the kinds of people the Jews use to do the dirty work for them. Berlusconi is one such example, who invited Israel for a “house-call” in Europe with the same ease that he invites “call girls” in his villa. This is high politics practiced by high-ranking people. Once again it is proven that everybody gets what they deserve and by the people they deserve it. Israel “was invited” in Europe by the person who deserved it, the one and only Silvio Berlusconi; the most famous answerable in Europe; the beloved “sponsor” of all pimps in the Old Continent. It is doubtless that after the statements he had made, the satisfied pimps threw a big party to honor him the way he deserved it and the way he would have wanted them to. They must have rustled up all “working girls” at King David. In a glorious ceremony, where champagne was teeming like water and Viagra pills were being scattered like grains of sand, he must have been presented with the medal of the Order of Arse. If Berlusconi continues acting like this, the whole of the Cathedral will “drop” on his head next time and not just a miniature.


Are the Germans “returning”? Or is something else going on?


“How can this be happening?” someone might ask. All of the above are potential facts only if the mighty euro remains as such. Is it, though, as strong as we claim it to be? Doesn’t the fact that the euro has “weak links” disprove this? Greece, Portugal and Spain threaten the euro, so don’t they disprove it?  Don’t the “links” threatened by the profiteers’ and the dollars’ attacks disprove it, as well? All these are just a joke. Who control the “aggressive” dollar and who are the greedy profiteers? Aren’t all of them Jews? If the Jews have identified their future plans with the euro, all of the above are not actual threats, but games. 


There is always a game on when the threateners are also the threatenees. When the attackers are also the defenders. This is a similar case. Euro is so powerful that it can allow games to be played at its expense. It is so powerful because it has been selected to be the currency that will survive the new era. The Jewish central banking system can any minute now eliminate the weaknesses in euro and it can eliminate its weak “links” within a day. All that is happening in our days is absurd.


How is it possible that the European Union allows the weak states to enter the international money market and borrow the money they need without help – based on their own potentials? How is it possible that the “chain” of interests of euro can let its weak “links” exposed to outside pressures? How is it possible for a “herd” with common interests to let each “ship” defend itself against the wolves, without help, and its general security threatened? How is it possible for Greece, which represents a minor 3% of the Eurozone’s economy, to be allowed to threaten the other 97% of that economy, due to the latter’s weakness?


The European Union should be the one borrowing from the national banking system – thus dealing with profiteers itself based on its overall potential – not its weak “links” alone. The latter should be under the EU’s protection and constant monitoring. They should borrow from it at a subsequent time and if they became victims of profiteering, the problem should be kept in the bosom of the euro. Domestic profiteering should bring profits to Europe’s influentials, therefore bring profits in the euro area, and not threaten it.


So, we are dealing with a new problem now. Why are the Jews playing that game? Why are they seemingly playing games alone at the expense of the euro currency, which themselves invented, thus it is in their interest to keep it immune against attack? How have they convinced Europe’s influentials to participate in this seemingly “suicidal” game? Are they all leaving the weak unprotected because they can’t protect them or maybe because they want to weaken them even more? Is it the case that Europe’s influentials cant’ do what’s in their interest and they let the profiteers do it on their account? Is it the case that some of Europe’s influentials want to “devour” the weak and for that purpose they let the international profiteers cause them profuse “bleeding”?


In order for anyone to comprehend all these, he should be aware of some other things irrelevant to the euro and economy.  That is that the Jews’ return to Europe is no small matter. Europe occupies half the Mediterranean, where the Jewish problem lies. They are afraid of the Mediterranean, because they are afraid of its occupants. They are afraid of it – regardless of how powerful they are today – as if a swindler who is afraid of his old neighborhood, no matter how successful he is when he returns.


The Mediterranean scares the Jews, because it knows what they are. They cannot return there pretending to be financial “luminaries” – like they did in the USA – or immaculate “martyrs” – like they did in Northern Europe – or pure “immigrants” – like they did in Russia. They managed to trick those nations for the simple reason that they hadn’t known about them.  The Mediterranean is another story, though. The Egypt of Pharaoh is in the Mediterranean, and he “gave” them Moses, after a quick and meaningful “walk” in the desert. In the Mediterranean lies the Greece of Antiochus, who “gave” the Jews innumerous Hanukkahs, after an outmost creative period of cultural commodities’ exchange.


In the Mediterranean lies the Rome of Traianus who “gave” to innumerous Jews – centuries before the Hollywood – their first leading role – unfortunately for them it wasn’t that of the lions – at the Colosseum “theatre”. In the Mediterranean lies the Spain of Isabel, who “gave” them their first organized and free “cruise”. Finally, in the Mediterranean lie the Philistines or the Palestinians who wish to “give” them wonderful home-made fireworks every time they see them. Each and every one who has ever tried to eliminate them as nation, and hasn’t just tried to participate in their agent provocateur and lucrative “games” lies around the Mediterranean.


That is their problem and their safe transfer to Europe is the terminus of all those seemingly irrelevant profiteering games at euro’s expense. This is the last time they benefit from the dollar, so that they can settle in Europe. What does this effectively mean? The Jews need to change the features of the European countries if they are to be safe in them. They are afraid of their national homogeneity, mostly of the Mediterranean’s countries. So, they seek to “Americanize” the Mediterranean; to denationalize it. Their main goal is the “PIGS” of the Mediterranean, which is their “funny way” of referring to Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. 


They seek to give the Mediterranean to those who don’t know them and whom they control at the expense of those who do know them and scare them. They wish to send Greeks to the plains of Northern Europe and bring Germans to Peloponnese; they wish to send Spaniards to Moldavia and Czechs to Catalonia; Danish to Corsica and Italians to Latvia. What is the purpose of this? They wish to create complicated and complex interests, both collective and private, in Europe, which would function as a tangle that cannot be unknit.


They wish for foreign nations to advance as nations that have capitals of foreign nations, just like they want foreign privates to advance in foreign lands. Why do they wish to do this? Because it is in their interest as they are foreigners themselves. They are foreigners in terms of a nation because it is as a nation that they benefit at the expense of other nations and foreign privates and this happens because the Jews are scattered in all European countries. They wish to create enormous aligning interests with overlap of government interests and millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, so that they can create a mighty powerful line of defense which nothing and no one can break.


This is the terminus of their policy. They push the Mediterranean countries to the edge so that they can extract their capital. They try to seize their private and public capital, so that they can have it at their disposal and distribute it at will. They leave these states at the mercy of international profiteering in order to force them into “selling out” their capital. They plan the greatest redistribution of territorial capital that has ever taken place since Rome conquered Europe and distributed it to its nobles and colonists. They need that redistribution because they want to change the population features of the Mediterranean’s countries in order to utterly control them; to turn those countries’ dangerous people into minorities in their own mother land.


For this reason they plan profiteering games at the expense of the Mediterranean countries and fund with tons of money various divisive non-governmental organizations. Under no circumstances do they want to face another homogeneous nation, which will be hostile to their practices on a government level. They do not want to be in the target of some homogeneous nation as private individuals and risk persecution. By no means do they want to meet with any of the “pigs” in the Mediterranean. They have met with them in the past and the memories aren’t good enough for them to want to try it again.


In order to accomplish that, they use Europe’s powerful “tank”; they use the Germans because they have them on a string; they have been controlling them completely ever since Hitler’s time. In the pre-war era they could control them through the American money and in the post-war era they controlled them through the systematic culture of collective guilt. That guilt through a collective brain wash of unprecedented proportions – has resulted in the undesirable German behaviors. In order to consolidate that guilt, they have “armored” it with loads of arbitrary and irrational laws which “hallow” the Jews and make any doubter unlawful.


In reality, Germany is not at all free. Since 1945 it has been a country enslaved by the Americans, therefore by their Jewish partners as well. From its unification onwards – with the concurrent retreat of the Americans – Germany has been solely enslaved by Jews. Germans and Jews are not partners, the same way the Americans had been with the Jews. The Germans are Jews’ employees. The Jews make sole decision for the most important things as well as the most insignificant ones that concern Germany. They go through Germany’s “trash can” and place its leaders on their throne. The first time they did that was with the illiterate and homeless corporal, and they have been doing it successfully ever since, their latest success being the currently dowdy informant for the Stasi.


The secret of the Jews’ “return” to Europe lies in Germany. The power they have in Germany turns into power in Europe, because of Germany. They use the instincts of the most powerful nation in Europe and hide behind it. They do the same things to German-Saxons that they did to the Anglo-Saxons. They promise them profits at the expense of other nations. They supposedly make them participants in the possession of profits made by the stolen American capital and trick them into becoming accomplices of the new plundering they plan to commit at the expense of other nations as well.


The Germans do today what the Americans formerly did; they hand over to them the management of their national capital, without having any form of control over them. As long as the Jews “know how to” and bring them profits, they don’t care how and at whose expense it is done. They don’t care how it is done, as long as Germany’s social insurance funds are full of money; they don’t care who will be burdened with factories’ productions, as long as the German factories function. They don’t care if thousands of illegal immigrants are “washed up” at the shores of the European Mediterranean countries, as long as they don’t reach Germany.


Why would the Germans control the Jews if they promise them the same kind of profits that Hitler did? They wanted to conquer Europe through Hitler and the Jews guarantee them the conquest of Europe. They have shed blood to make that profit; they have no intention of denying them now that they are offered to them for free.  One by one, all Mediterranean countries fall under their control. They swear at them, plunder them but they do not react. They can act from a secure position, thanks to the Jews; thanks to the “three-card marney dealers”. They are the ones who set up the entire situation in Europe. Through distribution of “fake” money and control of European states’ leadership, they managed to drive them to over-debt, hence they could blackmail them. They have control over all European states, either through true blood Jews – like Sarkozy or Papandreou – or through crypto-Jews – like Berlusconi or Merkel.


The control began with the “fake” money. They would give it for free to all European prime ministers so that they could record it as a real event at some point. It’s the usual swindlers’ trick. They would give away something and make people take three by buying the two. They would give away what is necessary and charge people for the unnecessary. They “raised” for free the expenses of state apparatus in all Mediterranean countries and when they had succeeded, they started charging them with new expensive loans. As a result, those states were left to deal with the consequences of their lavish policies, which they had caused.


Europe is the one who has created the pathogenesis – against which now denounces and fights– of the lavish Greek state apparatus. There was no such thing in the drachma era. The Europeans have created it with the collaboration of “spendthrift” traitors and at present they purport to be “healers”. The enormous debts of the Mediterranean’s “pigs” were the result of the uncalled-for spendthrift, imposed from high quarters. The same thing that has happened to Europe and resulted in it being under the American yoke has happened to the Mediterranean countries because of which they face the danger of falling under the German yoke. The new German “Marshall” plan designed by the leaders of European integration is becoming their burden in today’s time.


The “three-card marney dealers” continue with the same business they did in the USA. At some point, they had promised Europe to the USA, and now they promise the same Europe to the Germans. This is their way of hiding their interests behind the German interests.  They consult the Germans “in a low tone” and the Germans shout at anyone they are told to. On one hand there is the “boss” and on the other hand there is the “henchman”. The “boss” plans carefully and the “henchman” takes the fall, simply because he is strong enough to not be afraid of the consequences. The “boss” points at and the “henchman” strikes the blow; and the roles interchange every so often.


The result is what we now see. Supposedly, most of the German interests are related to the euro – because they are the most powerful European economy – and yet, they themselves act in a “suicidal way” and reveal their weak “links” to their profiteers. In that case, the Germans “point at” and the Jews strike the blow through their profiteering games, changing roles at the same time. The Germans appear to be practicing domestic imperialism in Europe, while in reality the German economy is under the absolute control of the Jewish banking system. In that case, the Jews “point at” the target states and the Germans seem to “strike the blow” with the purpose to conquer them.


The Germans take the blame for the disgrace of imperialism and for the hatred of the Mediterranean nations, and the Jews can make huge profits and do not figure at all. The nations watch their airports seized in a Nazi-like harsh manner by the German Ηochtief and not by the Jews who manipulate them into “fixed” conquests with the collaboration of paid traitors; they watch their national industries destroyed by the German “aggressive” Siemens, not by Jewish bankers who “infuriate” Siemens; they watch private properties being seized by German colonists, not by Jewish bankers who provide them with loans in order to make risky purchase.


If the nations react, they will clash with the powerful Germans, not against the weak Jews hidden behind them. This is the reason why at the present they can play their profiteering games from a secure position at the expense of the Mediterranean countries. They both win. The profiteers win by seizing the few last resources in the Mediterranean and the Germans wait for the mortgages; for the public capitals and real properties of the insolvent Mediterranean nations. They want to seize what Hitler once wanted but didn’t succeed in. He is their target.  This is why they “corner” the Mediterranean countries with profiteering attacks. They want to extract their capital and distribute it to their own people, whom they completely control and the security of whom will make them their hostage. They want to transfer colonists to the Mediterranean, so that they can complete their conquest. Millions of Germans and other rich Northern Europeans are waiting for the “pigs’” capital realization so that they can gain some access to the Mediterranean. Even their “investment” loans have been pre-approved.


Everything has been cleverly planned, but there is a problem with space-time, as that clownish Einstein would have said. There is a problem with both space and time. The space, where all these are taking place, is neither naïve nor inexperienced. Many people around that area know about the Jews and therefore know their tricks. The old familiar “three-card marney dealer” may have come back with a Harvard degree but he will always be a “three-card marney dealer” for those who know him. Even more so if he hasn’t learned his lesson and wants to do the same old hackneyed tricks in order to fool old and experienced players. When the nations in the Mediterranean were discovering imperialism, the Jews were discovering the content of their noses.


Things are becoming much tougher, because now there is the lack of time. Time, nowadays runs very fast and imperial planning is slow by default. Even the most perfect and smart planning can fail, because there is no time for it to be carried out. The developments are so rapid nowadays that smart plans may not realize, simply because they didn’t have the time to adjust to facts which change at breakneck speed.


No matter how clever and correct it is to plough a filed before you sow, there is nothing you can do if rain catches up to you. The Jews are in danger of being screwed, because the present times do not favor them. They have come to Europe organized and with a plan, but the “rain” started and they hadn’t had time to “plough” it. Their equipment and they will be kept inactive in German “shelters”. This is tragic, because the nations’ rage is growing like a spate river and there will come a point when the dams brake and go full tilt towards wherever the “shelters” are.


It will not be long before the enslaved Germany gets tired of playing that Jewish game of making accusations against the “pigs” in order to profit from it. It will not be long before the Jews are no longer allowed to set eyes on the Mediterranean. It will not be long before people stop listening to the German “fairy stories” inspired by the Jews, about the poor European South. The “prince” is kind of gay, the “princess” has long been deflowered and the “little red riding hood” hasn’t reached granny’s house because she has been a victim of trafficking. This is what the German “fairy story” tells us and nobody listens to that kind of cock-and-bull stories.


It is a cock-and-bull story to claim that the Mediterranean South is poor. How can the South be poor when it is the one who has created all the famous empires in history and the North be rich, which still survives because of the “borrowed money” from these empires?  How can the South be poor, when it “hosts” Rome, New Rome, Athens or Thebes and the fields of cabbage be rich? The privately owned by Jews German “wolf” will not eat because the “little red riding hood” is a “working woman” at Berlusconi’s villa and her basket is empty of “food” and filled with Viagra. But isn’t it the case that when someone is “hungry” he wants to “eat”?


Pharaoh’s new “suit” and the Jewish curses.


There is a Jewish curse which, unfortunately for the Jews, is likely to “come upon” them: “May you gain everything and then lose everything.” They do not curse you to lose everything from the start; on the contrary, they wish you to gain everything so that the loss itself and the size of the loss will hurt you even more. They do not wish for you to fall when you walk, but they wish for you to climb the biggest mountain and fall from there. It is not satisfying enough for them if you just fall and hurt yourself. They want the fall to kill you. Only Jews are capable of coming up with such a curse.


Judging by the size of their confirmed and colossal successes and combining those with their utterly uncertain and dark future, we can assume that someone has put a curse on them; someone in a VERY HIGH PLACE, someone “FROM ABOVE”; someone who had the power to help them conquer EVERYTHING but only because he intended to take EVERYTHING from them in the end. We are talking about a really whacking curse.


It is just not possible that under normal circumstances a nation which has defeated the world’s empires is looking for a new place to live today. The Jews have won everybody and have been defeated by themselves. They couldn’t overcome their greed. Their big mistake was their big success which they had been unable to handle and got carried away by greed. The “little man” has forgotten why he needed the giant partner in the first place and he cheated him of his share. Today he wanders around as the ultimate “boss” on the planet, counting on a powerful employee. This is wrong because partners have aligning interests and make sacrifices for them. Employees work; they do not make sacrifices. They work for as long as it is in their interest and know when to stop. From the moment the Jews had lost the Americans, they did not have the luxury to send “Blacks” and “Latinos” soldiers to defend their interests across the globe.


Their partnership with the Americans was the greatest success in their history and they have ruined it, because they couldn’t control their greed. They couldn’t protect it from the “plagues”, hence from themselves. Their partnership with the most naïve Pharaoh of all times has ended up in them treating him as a common “customer”. They have squandered his fortune, ripped him of his share of the partnership and in the end they have left him hugely indebted. They have entered his house like hungry beggars, have eaten and drank and after they have plundered him, they daily threaten him with “summons”.


They screwed him over because they could, but they had forgotten that you cannot always do what you can, but what you must. Why is that? Because they are Jews. They are trained so hard – since childhood – to become swindlers that it becomes their second nature. A snake will bite you when it finds the chance and cannot turn into a pet just because you feed it. Now, they “are banking on” the Germans but they have already made a mistake. They do not have the same shares with the Germans, so they cannot have the same demands. The Germans will follow you as long as it is in their interest, not yours. 


As long as the Jews bring profits to the Germans, the latter have no reason not to “stand at attention”. They are given free profits, and no one can turn down a free profit, so why would the Germans do? We have no reason to blame them for their current behavior. Anyone would have done the same. There is no nation of saints and the German nation could not have been one. The question is what is going to happen when profits are no longer made and sacrifices are required in order for the profits to continue coming. The situation is definitely going to change, then. It’s one thing for the rich employee of Schäuble to scold the “pigs” for not paying their “debts” and another thing to send the poor German soldiers to collect.


A problem will arise when the Germans will have to actually defend the Jewish interests; but this is an utter impossibility, times won’t allow it. Human quality in today’s time does not allow people to wallow in the mire in order to sacrifice themselves for other people’s interests. The Germans are a shiny “armor” for the Jews; it has an intimidating role and works for as long as that intimidation yields profit. They are like soldiers who join the army for money and not out of desire to become heroes. They are good, disciplined and obedient soldiers during peace time. During war time they change their outlook because facts change. They have joined the army to ensure survival, not death.


The Jews are now an undefeatable problem, because they haven’t just sank a Christian “boat” like the USA is, but they have sank the huge “boat” that – because of them and their planning – carried the entirety of the Christian empire’s power. They have destroyed those whom they themselves had made them “planet leaders”. They didn’t screw the Germans over with the intention to gain from the British or French, leaving the “boat” of Christianity untouched. They didn’t sink a “boat” into debts with the intention to collect the profits from adjacent “boats” owned by people with interests similar and competitive to the ruined ones.


They didn’t do what they had been doing their entire life and kept them going; what they had been doing as the worst snitches ever of the powerful people on each occasion; what they had done, for example, against Germany and for Britain During the WW1; what they had done against Russia and for Britain during the Bolshevik “Revolution”; what they had done against the Ottoman Empire and for Britain during the Asian Minor Disaster; what they had done against Europe and for the USA during WW2; what they had done against the Arab world and for the USA during the Middle East dispute.


In reality, by defeating the Americans they have defeated Christianity, which was a huge mistake. They have used the American “boat” to sink the rest of the national Christian “boats” and in the end they “sank” the American one as well. They have done the same mistake a parasite does, when it doesn’t know when to stop and ends up killing the organism that feeds it. They have defeated Christianity and now they don’t have the capacity to deal with the consequences of their victory. They acted like a little kid that can strike Mike Tyson a sneak back-stabbing blow but doesn’t know how to react in case he gets back on his feet.


This is what has happened at present time. Christianity has “fallen” by the sneaky Jewish blow, but has the strength to “get back on its feet” and woe to whoever stroke that “blow”. Empires do not go down that easily, just because they have reached a simple dead end. Empires always find the strength to react and woe to those standing at the wrong place at the wrong time. They are always obligated to fight until the very end and by all means necessary – fair or not – because billions of people from hundreds of nations rely on them for their survival. Empires cannot possibly collapse due to debt to some profiteering swindlers. Billions of Christians are not possible to go hungry just because the “Pharaoh” across the Atlantic had been naïve and tricked by the Jews. When empires go hungry because of profiteers they hang them from meat hooks and gather dogs for a feast. They do not look for what is right and wrong, they look for the solution that will secure survival; any kind of solution, no matter how fair or unfair it might be for others. Empires have eliminated millions of innocent people for glory and injustice; it is not difficult for them – let alone when all the right is on their side – to crash the few swindlers that have plundered them. At the moment, all Christian nations are up to their ears in debt only to the Jews, which is unfortunate for them. It’s not like they owe to each other so that the Jews can find someone else to side with them.


They have lost their partners and now there isn’t a single nation that by chance has aligning interests. They have over-indebted their own “employees”. If so it happens that the more an employee works, the more his boss owes him it can only mean that he is an employee for the Jews. Germany itself is sinking in debt. Every day that passes, it gets a taste of the American “dream” of the post-war era. The Germans politicians have been crossing swords with each other about the “fake” loan Germany is about to get.  The Eastern Germans hate the Western Germans because of the imperialism they are making them abide. Since the “favored” Americans and Germans are sinking into the abyss of debts and unemployment, it goes without saying that they are in better terms with Bangladesh than with their creditors; they are in better terms with the devastated Haiti than with Brookline.


This is what the Jews didn’t get. They didn’t get that empires do not follow the Pharaohs into their tombs. They bury them and look for the next one. And until they find him, they “weave” his new “outfit” using their problems, pursuits and demands as a material. It is only a matter of time before nations support the first person who will promise them to settle their debts, any kind of “debts”; the first person who will promise to call off the “frogs”, wipe out the “gnats” and spray the “flies”.


Christianity has already started to weave its new “outfit” for a new “Pharaoh”; the one who will bust the Jewish cabal and relieve the empire from its “plagues” which at the current time are the huge states’ debts and which are continuously provoked by the carnivorous Jewish “frogs”. Today’s political leaderships, which are appointed by the Jews and are supposedly controlling the Christians, are growing further and further apart. They resemble ever more the “grave goods” that dead emperors take along. The Christians are always seeking; and seekers are always finders. 


The situation is easily reversed. There is no need for even a simple co-engagement in a common and fair fight. There can be no fight when the sizes are that disproportionate. Billions of honest people owe an innumerous number of money to a few thousands Jewish swindlers. What are the Jews going to do to them if they can’t give back what they owe them? Are they going to threaten them, frighten them? They should have known better not to lend to them, it is as simple as that. The Jews have sucked them dry, but they have also sucked something else. We have an intense feeling that this is what it’s going to happen in the end. That is not what the Jewish curse says; it is something we have added.


Since they are humans and we love them, we have a few suggestions to make.  Before starting fighting with all nations and their crimes start coming out, thus things start becoming really dangerous for them, it would be useful if they started thinking about their options. It is a matter of time before the “Holocaust” file opens and it is proven that Jews were among those who thought of and funded it. It is a matter of time before it is proven that the “Holocaust” had been a good “mortgage” for the greater “investment” in their history; that they had been the greatest fraudsters in the history of mankind. The nations – and mostly the Germans will not bear the revelation that the desert’s gypsies have been taking them for a ride and because of that cheat they have enslaved them for over half a century.


Now that they have willingly moved towards East of the USA, to Europe, they should just pass by it and continue their way until they reach to Israel, because if they get pursued they will go further to the East where there is only desert. They will have to pass through dangerous Mediterranean regions and the “dogs” are no longer on a leash there. They are exactly as they remember them and even more raged. This is what they should do, because this is what’s in their interest. They should be able now to understand for themselves that they are “cursed”; “chosen” cursed, to be exact and not wrong them. It’s a matter of time before an even more awful curse comes upon them. The one that says:


“May you lose all your teeth, except for one — and that one should hurt!”


It’s a matter of time before Herzl’s Zionism and the rest of the gang’s, which dreamt of “biting” the whole world, will be “eradicated” from the entire world and will be confined to Israel. That “eradication” will be the confirmation of the Jewish curse. One after the other the nations will abandon the Jews and Zionism will lose one “tooth” after another. The only thing that Zionism will be left with is Israel. But in order for Israel to survive in the future it will have to function as a normal, thus productive nation which means that it will too be unavoidably hostile to the verminous Zionism. The “toothless” Zionism, that is, will have only one “tooth” left and it will hurt like hell and in perpetuity.


Time is crucial for them, because it is running out and the Jews know it. They don’t need us to tell them.  They have enough occult knowledge to know by themselves. After the “plagues” of the Pharaoh have been completed it is always the case that whoever brought the plagues starts thinking about how he will get away with it. 2012 is not far and Judgment Day is just around the corner. Alas for those who will meet with what they don’t want to happen to them, which is the worst thing that could happen to them; for those whose God and the prospective “Pharaoh” of Christianity is the same person; Alas for them if as a God he doesn’t find them where he left them – at the place he once gave to them – and as a “Pharaoh” he finds them “hurting” his empire. This is the end.


We are entering the Aquarius Era and huge “floods” are coming. The nations will have no other choice but to swim in deep “waters” once more and the Jews will be among them. They will soon be called to decide if they want to “drown” or “wash up”.




Traianou Panagiotis


Creator of Aquarius theory