Those who won all battles shall lose the war.
Bilderberg Group and the crimes against humanity.
In 1991, when George Bush senior attacked Iraq and tried to establish the New World Order, has actually provoked a World War. A war the human kind has never seen before; a world war that may not have had the provocative blood-letting of the previous wars, nevertheless its consequences were equally bad for all the peoples. A financial world war, the consequences of which may not have been dead or amputated men and ruins, but in any case they were equally disastrous for both the peoples and the environment.

Because of that war we have reached the current point; We have reached the point to have more than one billion people starving on an everyday basis; We have reached a point that babies die every few seconds of famine and diseases that were considered to be eliminated; We have reached a point where a great part of the human population strives to survive with just a dollar per day; We have reached a point where thousands of people become living animals used for experiments of pharmaceutical companies just for survival; We have reached a point where some private men make decisions in their offices regarding military operations against peoples.

These tragic events take place in the so-called Third World countries and we all believe that they have nothing to do with us, we should know that just as bad things happen in the supposedly developed countries too; in our countries. Factories are closed and peoples have sunk in unemployment and poverty. The modern diseases –which are directly connected to the stress caused by the debts and the agony for survival-, really do “kill” people. This means that this war not only has a lot to do with us, but its absolute consequences harmed the developed Western world.
Just because these consequences are not as spectacular as if after a conventional war, usually we do not evaluate them as we should and therefore we do not notice them. If spectacular is considered a mutilated dead body in a conventional war, this does not mean that this dead man is a greater victim than someone who “dies” slowly of pathological reasons in a hospital. If a factory gets bombarded and this outrageous event is obvious to everyone during a conventional war, it causes no greater harm than when the same factory “shuts down” and becomes a bunch of iron, the only difference is that this iron did not turn into pieces.
This means that the consequences of the war were immediate and frightening, whether they were spectacular or not. This is the case in all other scales as well. Once, the social destructions after a war used to be so obvious that even the weakest citizens could understand that there was no margin for the countries to exercise social policy. Pensioners could understand that the consequences of the war would make their living unstable, since there were no funds to give pensions. Workers could understand that the consequences of the war would make their living unstable, since there were no factories to work in.
Today, an exact same situation is taking place and no one assesses it as it should. A disastrous war has taken place and no one managed to stay out of the consequences of this terrible war. Some “invaders” using sly methods “bombarded” our factories and destroyed the current generation of workers by “sinking” it into unemployment. The same people using the same sly methods have managed to “embezzle” as well the savings of the previous generations of workers. Today, in the Western world, pensioners literally face a completely uncertain future. Their insurance funds have dried up completely. They can give pensions for a few more months. Then hunger comes. Real hunger. If we think that three million citizens in the supposedly unique “super-power” of the world already live on rations, we could imagine what the conditions in the other countries are.
The whole planet is completely flattened. There is an absolute and unseen homogeneity for all the human kind. This is the First World War in history that put everyone on the same level; Rich and poor; Developed and underdeveloped countries. Western world has no factories and huge social destruction. Its active generation is unemployed and its pensioners have no insurance and pensioning coverage. The rest of the world simply lives at the lowest limits of pauperization. The world has sunk in a new Middle Age with the countries being over-indebted, corrupted and “infectious” in the whole range of their activities. Flattened countries that sell off whatever is left with any value. As they are engaged to settle huge obligations due to colonial loans, they are “crawling” to unbelievable sales. Everyone is hostage to specific centers of financial power.
As we can see, the war has come to an end. It has come to the end, not because those who caused it have come to their senses, but because there is nothing left for them to grab or destroy. Whatever standing, fell down and whatever operating, just stopped. The ultimate destruction. This is a destruction which apart from everything else threatens to pollute natural environment as well. The human kind is now engaged to give a battle for survival, without knowing what would be the consequences of such a battle at this specific time. No one knows if the knowledge to bring the situation back to normal exists or the chaos of self-preservation dominates and therefore we will be destructed completely.
Since we are on a war causing such destruction, some things are obvious. There was an “invisible” war; therefore those who caused and conducted it would also be “invisible”. These “invisible” men we have to find and accuse. We should detect them and condemn them as criminals against humanity. Therefore, we should start from the basics. Who were they who had the power to cause this “World War” and who were they who conducted it? What were their actions against humanity?
All started on the very next day of the end of the Second World War. We should start from here. Why is that? Because only the final winners of that war -and therefore the current masters of the world- could cause a war of such scale. It is among them that we should seek the “invisible” men who gave directions to governments and implicated the peoples in this destructive war. After the Second World War, the dominant power of the world were –in theory- the USA. What USA, though? The worker from Detroit, the farmer from Alabama or the craftsman from Arkansas? They don’t have a say in the forming of the USA strategy. The strategy that affects the whole Planet. In our research to find those responsible, we have come to those who form the USA strategy. At this point, we can see easily “mysterious” organizations like the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations etc. These are the organizations that form the USA external strategy and “affect” the rest of the world in order to religiously implement the “prophesies” of their strategy. These are the organizations that give quality “certificates” to the leaders who shall govern them. This means that their decisions “are transferred” authoritatively from those taking them to those implementing them.
Should anyone take a look at the founding members of these organizations, shall find out that in reality there is recycling of the same people. The very same persons have the leading roles in all organizations. The most important ones are people like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, Schiff, Loeb, Goldman, Sachs etc.. They have “founded” these institutions to control governments and persons. Men like Greenspan, Friedman, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Perle, Albright etc. are always wandering in the offices of these institutes.
But, these people are Jews. Could they found organizations controlling the world just on their own? Could the “victimized”, “tortured” and “destroyed” Jews “climb” on the top of the world? Of course not. Therefore, we should find the “mixture” that allowed these Jews to control the world. To solve this puzzle, we should find the “starting point” of all these events. All started in flattened Europe on the very next day of the end of the Second World War. Americans, as winners, saw the opportunity of a life time on the “face” of flattened Europe. Europe that for centuries has been insulting and underestimating them. Europe, that has actually “made something of them” by religiously “kicking them off” its territory. The “fathers” of the USA were heretics and hungry Europeans. The well-known Mayflower transported the European hungry “plebs”. It was a hodgepodge of puritan dirty men who did not wash themselves; they were peeling the dirt off.
All these people came to Europe after the end of the war. In the ruins of Europe, they found their opportunity for revenge. Now they could humiliate Europe and wreck vengeance. Where were they based on to do this? If the Europeans managed to stand up “on their feet”, they would have kicked them off Europe. At that time, they decided to do business with Europe’s “underworld”. They were their “tools”; Valuable tools because they could betray their people in all the European countries. Who were they? Nazi partners and Jews. Those who were in danger the very next day after the war, they lived and had connections in all the European countries. The first ones risked to be executed by the people as traitors; the latter risked to be obstructed to return to their “homelands”. The so-called “criminals” and the “victims” of the previous status. It was them that the Americans tried to exploit because they were the only ones who could be useful against the Europeans.
Actually, the Americans decided to do what the Nazi tried to do and failed. They decided to conquer Europe. Simply, they would use a different method, not generals and guns. They would do it with traitors and money. They weren’t supposed to use the same strategy but their strategy would be implemented by exactly the same people. American Fascists, admirers of the Nazi theories and practices, would cooperate with real Nazis in Europe. USA capitalists would cooperate with Nazi bourgeois. Why the bourgeoisie? Because the USA capitalists wanted to expand their interests in Europe and therefore they had conflicted interests with the European capitalists. So, they could not cooperate with them. The only ones left were the bourgeois who did not object their aspirations. They did not have capital threatened by the American capital, so they did not have conflicted interests with them. Furthermore they were all intimidated and therefore easy to be blackmailed just because they have cooperated with the Nazis.
All these were useful data they could use. There was a problem though. Big time. Americans were completely ignorant of this type of plans and Nazis were too obvious to manage the situation as their unique allies. So, apart from the know-how that the blackmailed Nazis had, they should find people to protect them. People who were above suspicion as far as the Nazi were concerned, so with their “testimony” they could “legalize” the Nazis. That would be the “key”, if they wanted to meet their goals: the collaboration at the same time with both the criminals and those who could issue “innocence” certificates.
At this point Jews come into the game. This is why they were useful to them. Jews were those who at that time “have been pointing at” the criminals and therefore they could make an agreement on whom they should not “point at”. They were extremely valuable not because of those they would “point at” but because of those they would not. This way, Jews would become the sacred “cows” issuing innocence “certificates” to suitable Nazis and collaborate with the Americans. From this point on, things would be really easy for the designers of the new state. USA capitalists would “conquer” Europe and their partners, either Nazis or Jews, would maintain the “conquest”.
Is such an unholy alliance possible though between people who were supposed to hate each other and be in conflict? The American “democrats” collaborating with the Nazis? The “tortured” Jews collaborating with their Nazi “torturers”? All three of them as partners? When did they manage to communicate over the ruins? Did they have a coffee and managed to come to an understanding? Truth be told, they did not have to. They had known what they had to do a long before they tried it. They knew each other and they all three of them been collaborating even before the war. The grandfather of contemporaneous Bush, Prescott Bush, was a friend and partner with the Nazi tycoon Fritz Thyssen who was Hitler’s greatest supplier of military material.
“Democrat” Prescott Bush, the last days before the Second World War had obtained a loan of many millions American dollars for Hitler, so that the latter could buy oil from Standard Oil that belonged to “holocausted” Jew Rockefeller. German submarines in the Atlantic Ocean used Jewish petroleum bought with American dollars. It is possible that many of the “ovens” in the concentration camps were warmed using Jewish petroleum. Hitler might have never been able to conduct the war or the “holocaust” if it wasn’t for these American dollars and the Jewish petroleum. Do you understand what we are meaning to say? When Europe was getting flattened and millions of Europeans were dying this “tripartite” gang was making profit. So there was a history in their collaboration.
So, when they faced the ruins of Europe there were no great dilemmas. They would take advantage of the situation and so it would be in their interest to keep Hitler’s “vision”; the “vision” to conquer Europe; The “vision” which was proved to give them profits. The ideological “fellow-traveler” and financial “partner” Hitler died, not his mechanism. This mechanism remained ready to fight and it was exquisitely “networked” all over Europe. So, what did they have to do? To keep doing what some people have already been doing with success and to maximize its efficacy. With a simple change in scales, they could do that. They would keep the same behavior in a different scale. Just a change in proportions, nothing more.
All the American capitalistic class would become “Bushes” and in the same scale change, Naziz would turn into “Thyssens” and Jews into “Rockefellers”. The “gang” of the three individuals would become the “gang” of three groups of people. So, there would be no dramatic change. What they had been doing at the expense of Europe in favor of Hitler, they would do it now favoring them. They would claim all the profits not just a part of it. The notion of “Bush-ism” would include the notion of “Hitlerism”. The “Bushes” would keep doing what they always did and they would simple claim for Hitler’s cut too. It wouldn’t be the Nazi factories that would have the monopole in the European market, but the American factories. All the rest would be the same, as far as either individuals or behaviors are concerned. It was then that they decided to establish the organizations that would allow them to tune these human groups of “conquerors” and “managers” in the same desired operation. The organizations that would allow them to control Europe and from there the whole world. We should not forget that at that time the European colonialism was ruling on the planet. Whichever state had Europe under control would have its “endowment” as well and therefore the whole world. The main organization that allowed them controlling Europe and its leaderships was the Bilderberg Group. This Club was “coordinating” all the other organizations that pre-existed and it was just covering the need for a new “platform” for them to co-exist under the new conditions.
Its members did not come out of “nowhere”. Its members were already members of similar organizations that had existed in the previous state as well; Masonic, Zionistic, Nazi organizations etc.; Organizations that had to be “coordinated” in order to face new conditions. This is the Club established and organized by the American’s partners together: Jew Jozef Retinger and Nazi active member of SS, prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Jews were supposed to keep crying around the concentration camps and a Polish Jew established a political organization partnering with a notorious “blue-blooded” SS. This organization was financed by the “elite”; Jews and Nazis; Rothschild, Rockefeller, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, Wallenberg etc..
The alibi for this organization was the fight against the Soviet danger. The perfect alibi. Why is that? Because in this way Nazis with their supposed anti-communist feelings were now among the protectors of freedom and democracy in the Western World. They were no more the enemies of democracy but its great protectors. Furthermore, having this enemy they were allowed to intervene in most of the Western countries. The size and the ideological “particularity” of this enemy gave excuse to direct interventions to all countries. The duty of this organization was to create all the international organs that would serve worldwide peace.
United Nations Organization for instance. The UN building was built on Rockefeller land. The Secretary-General with the longest stay in the tenure was notorious Kurt Waldheim. Later on he was proved to have been a cruel Nazi accused for crimes against humanity. Notorious Kofi Annan had a long carrier in the organization as well; another great “sensitive” figure; the skunk from Kumasi of Africa shined also on his own. It should be a coincidence that he was the husband of Wallenberg’s niece, who was one of the founders and funders of the Bilderberg Group. The same people for the same reasons with the same anti-communistic “alibi” established all the international organizations that control the Planet. The recent case of Serbia is the ideal example for someone to understand how these organizations control the world. They established NATO that attacked Serbia. They established the World Bank with Jewish Eugene Meyer as its first president. Katherine Graham’s father who is now a leading member of the Bilderberg Group. The bank that was supposed to “help” “saving” Serbia after the disastrous NATO attack. They established International Court of Justice in Hague in which “British” Rosalyn Higgins preside, who is nobody else than Jewish Rosalyn Cohen. This is the court that Americans established with jurisdiction over all countries except USA. This is the court that has no jurisdiction over them –who are proved to lead NATO to manslaughters using lies- and was to give “fair” trial to the Serbian leaders that were targeted by NATO.
These “secret” private Clubs –that operate as communicating vessels- controlling organizations like the UN, World Bank, International Court of Justice etc. could control all the post-war order. Whoever didn’t fit their plans was just expelled from their private international “legality”. Whoever annoyed them was simply destructed as they could destroy him/her with all the available data in the western and eastern secret agencies as they had access to their archives. Whichever country doubted them got sentenced by a “statute” of the benevolent institute pompously titled UN. Whichever country kept annoying them, it was threatened with financial destruction. Only those acting in their benefit could do any crime without ever being punished since they had International Court of Justice under their control. They had all power. Cypriots, Tamil people, Vietnamese people, Koreans, Iraqis, Serbians, Somalia people etc know exactly what we are meaning to say. They shed their blood in that knowledge.
For about forty years everything has been working like a clock for them. Europe has become their “plot” and they built their empire over Europe. Over the Hitler’s “ruins, they “built” the American “palace”. They did not allow European capitalism to develop and they controlled totally its market. From that point on, everything was easy to them. They were literally “condemned” to succeed constantly. Americans, Nazis and Jews, tycoons and “honored” protectors of liberty and democracy in the planet. They were high-class careerists and “shrewd” businessmen by playing it safe.
They built their careers and fortunes in the “corridors” of the Club. This is the golden “womb” that gave birth to all Golden Boys as they are called today. People, who from the moment they got into the “sealed” system of private education —that was totally controlled by the Club— they “travelled” safely up to the top leading posts of countries and multinational companies. Suddenly they got threatened with destruction. The problem began with the fall of the Soviet Union. This is when the basic “element” of their planning falls apart. It was the main excuse for their “alibi”. The great enemy fell apart and the countries had no reason to genuflect to them.
So, out of the blue they found themselves facing a menacing situation. The ideological bipolar that “fenced” the countries and the people in them no longer existed. National countries threatened to “get back” on the stage and this meant that Americans and their partners risked to be “dismissed” from Europe and of course from its market. The new countries that were to emerge from the fall of the Eastern Block would make the situation even more dangerous. Secret services agencies would fall apart and their archives would be given to publicity. This alone made many people lose their sleep.
What if their role was revealed? What if peoples learned the truth? The truth regarding the American “assistance” in the war? The truth regarding the Nazi past of the “grand” European politicians in the post-war years? The truth regarding the Stalinist regime? The truth regarding the “Holocaust” of their Nazi partners? The “show” was threatened to stop violently for some of them. It is for sure that violence would break up because peoples were fooled as never before. If we take a look at all the countries, it is easy to find out that all the Nazi partners, traitors, betrayers became in a magic way the protectors of freedom and democracy. This “advantage” was not given just to Greece. All the European countries had equal “advantages”.
It was then that they decided to undertake what is examined below and called the Third World War. They started planning things in order to “attack” the entire world. It was then that they decided the establishment of the European Union was in their interest because this way they could stop the “emerging” of national countries –and therefore their special interests. It was easier for them to control Europe as a total and so they established the European Union according to the George McGhee’s testimony, an eminent member of the Bilderberg Group. It was then they decided to give to this united super-country a common currency as well, under the testimony of the banker, Jack Sheinkman, who is also a member of the Bilderberg Group.
This preparation got us in the early nineties. The die has been cast and the emperor of Moscow became a pizza boy. They had to act now, if they wanted to survive and remain the leaders of the Planet. It was then decided to declare the “silent” Third World War. Its only particularity was its financial nature. All the rest was the same as in a real World War. Its goal was to level the world once again so that they could keep their belongings and expand them. Expansion was the only option they had. Whatever Hitler tried to do in Europe and they have been exploiting, now they would try to do it all over the planet. They would destroy the productive capital of peoples so that they impose just their own on the market at a later stage. They would “shut down” factories instead of bombarding them. In this planning, roles existed. Some would take Hitler’s role and some others would play Prescott Bush’s role.
The war started with Bush Sr. and Clinton –both members of this Club- rotating in the role of “Hitler”. The first private war in the human history. The fact that Iraq was attacked by USA and Serbia by NATO, has no importance. The war in Iraq was not a USA war; it was the war of those conducting it for their personal profit and it happens they controlled the USA army. The war in Serbia was not a war the NATO allies conducted; it was the war of the same people conducting it for the same reasons and who happened to control the alliance army. It was a war of the Bilderberg Group members and all the “vessels” close to it.
Around variable “Hitler” of the Nazi New World Order there are permanent “constants”; The Jews who plan their behaviors and arguments. Regardless of the fact that Bushes, Clintons etc. take over “Hitler’s” post, there are people next to them who are always the same. These people are also members of the Bilderberg Group. Most of them are Jews; People like Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Albright, Rumsfeld, Perle, Holbrooke etc.. Close to them there are always people of the Club like Powell, Rice etc..
They started the war and as always, arguments were needed. They had to find an enemy that would “justify” the necessity of the war. No problem with that. It was them who financed Islamic terrorism and it was them who showed it in their own international media. First Saddam, next Bin Laden, they both gave them the needed “alibi”. On this “alibi” were based the arguments of the New Order “theorists”;. Jewish Huntington, Chomsky and a whole “army” of Jewish media men with notorious Washington Post’s Katherine Graham, one of the most eminent members of the Club, being in charge. What “anti-communism” used to be for Hitler, the new “Anti-terrorism” is now for the new “Hitler” who has many faces and all of them have the same “sacred” mission. The mission to “save” the world.
From that point on, they were ready to conduct the war that served their plans. The war that served the private interests of the Club members; The interests of the partners; The interests of troika; Of the American capitalists, the Nazi European bourgeois and the Jews of course. Simply because this “war” required the greatest diligence for its management, Jews were exclusively responsible for it. They are all playing the role of “Moses” who shall lead us to the New Order “heaven”. “Moses” who would take the “crook” out of the hands of the international organizations to lead the peoples to the “Promised Land”. They would pass through “deserts”, they would flee across “seas” and they would lead us there.
Why would this so important role be given to the Jews? Because they are the absolute masters in exercising tough power using money. The absolute masters in controlling and destroying capitals using money. The absolute masters in creating monopoles in the market. The absolute masters in managing the uppermost capital of Copyrights. The absolute masters in holding in their hands ten obvious commandments and at the same time collecting copyrights as if they were unknown. The absolute masters in making arguments for the criminal’s “whining”, the “intimidation” of the victim and the “demonizing” of a fictional enemy who justifies everything. There are no other terrorists killing constantly and crying even more than their victims. They have set a whole “workshop” in Israel.
When destruction was complete, they would “build” the new empire from scratch. This was the job for Bush Jr. The wasted drunkard; The National Guard “hero”. On the “ruins” inherited by his father “Hitler”, he would take over the role of his grandfather “Prescott”; the role of the man who would manage the conquest. Just because he has diminished understanding capacity and he has a highly esteem of himself, he led a new war in Iraq which was totally unnecessary. They have taken whatever they could take from Iraq using military forces in the first war. So, its repetition could only cause them damage.
This is where we can see Junior’s stupidity. He wanted to play with his “little soldiers” and to pretend to be a great commander. He wanted some of the Hitler part for himself. He wanted to show that he is a Chief and Commander as well. He showed it in the wrong way at the wrong time and the results were tragic. USA got involved in a situation that would cost them a great deal –and we’re not talking just money. We are talking about hatred and becoming the target. The whole world hates USA today. They have become the target as the constant threat to world peace and this is the worst part for a leading power connecting its power with the protector’s “alibi”.
What really matters is that everything has been planned and implemented by specific persons. The Bushes have the leading part in this situation. They set the “traces” for their successors to step on, either it is Clinton or Obama. The Club chose the Bushes to play the leading role in human history. They kept the family “right” since Prescott Bush. The Club “owed” a great deal to the Bushes and it should give them parts in the historic “exchange” they were entitled to. This is how the Club comprehends democracy. It is this club that selects the men who set the “trace” and the peoples select the men who shall follow these traces. They would never allow some Latins in Florida to threaten this “right” with their humble vote.
 “Goebbels” of the Nazi New Order.
There cannot be a war of this size without its “Goebbels”; without its mechanisms for the information control; without its mechanisms for disinformation; without being able to create models and stereotypes; without being able to terrorize the reactionaries. This was necessary because they had to secure alliances on one hand and to bend the reactions of those disagreeing on the other. On the one hand they had to “persuade” people and on the other they had to be able to “threaten” them. Peoples reacted to this and these reactions had to be bent. They had to impose their beliefs using either promises or threats.
But when you undertake a world war, it is clear that you need all these at a corresponding level. You have to control information at a world level; You have to impose “silence” to your enemies; You have to promote only the opinion of the people around you; You have to impose only the models that are in your interest; You have to impose to the whole world the mutual enemies that you have chosen to be of interest; You have to be able to terrorize the world; To show the world what would have happened to it if it becomes your target; To show the world what hi tech means you have available to detect it and “drag” it to punishment.
This means that you need a huge network of brain “wash”; A worldwide network for disinformation and an “industry” for the production of propagandizing “material”; Hollywood for instance; An “industry” producing models and behaviors; An “industry” of spiritual compulsion and of course intimidation; Who doubts that Hollywood movies aim at forcing? That they set up specific mentalities and therefore they are trying to “give justice” to the role models and the social allies of the current rulers? Does anyone have seen a Hollywood movie with an industrialist or a worker as a hero? Most of the times industrialists appear to be a “threat” for society. They are a “threat” that the “good” bourgeois have to stop. Workers are presented as stupid guys who need a bourgeois “guidence” to be saved. They are an undecided social “ballast”. “Heroes” in all movies are always bourgeois. Businessmen, tradesmen, managers, scientists, public employees, etc..
They try to do the same thing for their second goal as well. Those they cannot “persuade” using their selected role models, they are trying to terrorize them. Movies with “superheroes” hunting down “terrorists” all over the world using state-of-the-art technological means aim at this. They are trying to show off the means the powerful ones have for repression; To scare those thinking to react —and they may think it over again—, by seeing their equipment; To persuade them that there always around them some sleepless guys watching them over; Where do they find the infrastructure and the know-how that is necessary for this type of movies? Why do military men and secret agents live in Hollywood?
Since we are talking about Jewish involvement in the situation, we should not seek just thebusinesspart but also thepleasurepart. Jews are Jews and therefore they couldn’t resist the temptation to try and take advantage this almighty gun commercially as well. The successful manager in the movie is a “Hero” but he/she is also a consumption model. The agent is without a doubt a “Hero” but could not he/she be more of a use for them? Movies with “over-successful” people create consumption models that force everyone to their “counters”. We are talking about ruthless “bombarding”. We have reached a point to not know what exactly local tradition is and what exactly has been created as “tradition” in the studio offices. The tradition of diamond engagement rings is created in Hollywood. Some Hollywood producers got money from the diamond traders and they sent milliard of naive people to their counters in their turn.
You can understand that for all these men to undertake their private war, they should have the means to impose to the World; to have the “network” to promote their “production” at the most distant corner of the Planet. All these are necessary if one’s opinion is to reach all over the world without the reactionaries “parasites”. The Planet should know only what these persons wants it to know; They should control not only what is said but written as well; They should control even the book publications; No writer or philosopher should survive if he/she is not “in line” with their opinion; Nobody should become famous if he/she is not obeisant to them.
Since we claim that it is the Bilderberg Group that started this World War, it is obvious to see if it had these means available. So, did it have the qualification to start this war? Of course it did. Jews had them. The worldwide range Media, starting from the American Media, belong to Jews; All the mass media for information and propaganda in USA belong to them and they are under their total control; The famous CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN networks; Everything in the famous conscience “washing machine” of Hollywood belongs to them and it is under their control.
Sumner Redstone (born Rothstein) has CBS, Viacom, MTV (president of which is Brian Graden) under his control and he is the owner of Black Entertainment Television. CBS President is Leslie Moonves, the older nephew of David Ben Gurion. Michael Eisner is the main owner of Disney-Capitol Cities that owns ABC. David Westin is the president of ABC News. Lloyd Braun is the president of ABC Entertainment. Neal Shapiro is the president of NBC News. Jeffrey Zucker is the chief executive of the NBC Entertainment having Jack Myers as his right-hand man. Even though Rupert Murdoch of the Fox Company is not Jew, the president of the company Mel Karmazin, number 2 man, Peter Chernin, Gail Berman and Sandy Grushow are. Murdoch has received many prizes from various Jewish institutes.
Jamie Kellner is the president of Turner Broadcasting. Walter Isaacson is the News manager in CNN, where Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, Paula Zahn and Ted Koppel’s daughter, Andrea hold key positions. Jordan Levin is the president of Warner Bros Entertainment. Howard Stringer is in Sony Corp. of America. Robert Sillerman is the founder of Clear Channel Communications. Ivan Seidenberg is the president of Verizon Communications. Terry Semel (former co-president in Warner) is now in Yahoo. Barry Diller, the former owner of Universal Entertainment, is the president of USA Interactive. Joel Klein is the president of Bertelsmann enterprises in America (the greatest media company of the world).
This is also the case for the greatest papers in the USA. Mort Zuckerman, the chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is the owner of US News, World Report, NY Daily News. Arthur Sulzberger Jr. publishes New York Times, Boston Globe, etc.. Marty Peretz publishes New Republic and William Kristol publishes Weekly Standard. Donald Graham Jr is the president of Newsweek and Washington Post. Michael Lentin implicated in the Iran – Contra scandal publishes National Review. Ron Rosenthal and Phil Bronstein are the managers of SF Chronicle. David Schneiderman owns Village Voice and other weekly “alternative” media. In the Hollywood shaped by the Jews in its current state as a “washing machine”, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg rule in DreamWorks, Eisner in Disney, Amy Pascal in Columbia and others.
Whatever does not belong to them as property is under their absolute control. Just by looking at the executive staff of these mechanisms, conclusions may be drawn. Here follows the list with the Jews CEO running the global mechanism for the “production” and “dissemination” of propaganda for the New Order.


RICHARD BERNSTEIN. Western Publishing. Children’s books
STUART BLOOMBERG. ABC Head of Entertainment Division.
PETER CHERNIN. 20th Century Fox. dec. 1992 new CEO
MARTIN S. DAVIS. Paramount Comm. CEO
BARRY DILLER. 20th Century Fox. CEO
STEVEN FRIEDMAN. NBC Executive Producer Nightly News. Hired may 1990 under G.E. (gentile) owned NBC.
LEONARD HARRY GOLDENSON. ABC (Capital Cities ABC TV) (up to 1985. Thomas Murphy now CEO but with same Jewish management)
KATHERINE MEYER GRAHAM. Newsweek, Washington Post. Daughter of Eugene Meyer.
PETER GUBER. Columbia Pictures. 1989. Bought by SONY, Guber replaced Kaufman as CEO.
PETER KALIKOW. New York Post. Real estate developer.
PETER R. KANN. Dow Jones, Wall St Journal, Barrons
VICTOR A. KAUFMAN. Columbia Pictures. CEO
GARY HERSH. Capitol Records CEO
RONNESSEN MBS. Mutual Broadcasting SYS. SAMUEL NEWHOUSE. Random House, Advanced Publications, Newhouse Broadcasting, (CTV), New Yorker Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, HQ, Bride’s, Gentleman’s Quarterly, Self, House & Garden. Newspapers & mags.
MICHAEL OVITZ. Media magnate.
WILLIAM S. PALEY CBS CEO & founder of CBS. 1927. 1983 Partially retired.
SUMNER M. REDSTONE. Viacom MTV Nickelodeon QVC. CEO.
JEFF SAGANSKY. CBS Head Entertainment Division.
DAVID SARNOFF. RCA NBC head entertainment div.
ROBERT SARNOFF. RCA NBC CEO (son of D. Sarnoff). RCA and NBC were bought by G.E. in 1986 but Jewish management still exists.
RICHARD SNYDER. Simon & Schuster.
ARTHUR OCHS SULZBERGER. New York Times, family circle. McCall’s, M. Frankel, J. Lelyveld, J. Rosenthal – all Jews.
BRANDON TARTIKOFF. Paramount pictures. Chairman.
LAWRENCE A. TISCH. CBS CEO TV, theaters, hotels, insurance. (Before him was 1928 William S. Paley son of Russian Jews. Retired 1983.)
LEW WASSERMAN.MCA Inc. CEO. 1991. Bought by SONY. but Wasserman still is CEO.


We are talking about a whole “army” controlling everything in the information field starting from the USA and spreading the “news” all over the world; a mechanism that literally decides on its own about who may become famous and therefore financially effective in all the fields of activity. This means that on their own they build “models” and on their own they decide who shall incarnate them by experiencing the absolute “success”. If you are not among the chosen ones, you cannot “evolve”, even if you are God himself. You shall always stay behind their “chosen”. You may “run” like the “wind” but “lames” get on the “podium”.
This controlled disinformation along with the models and famous people “package” is “produced” in the USA and then they are passed to their “colony” in Europe for their people to transmit them. These are the Jews of Europe. They have under their control the press in Europe as well. Besides, we should not forget the efforts of the American-Israelite media baron, Haim Saban, to buy the greatest TV network of Germany, Kirch Media. If we add to this the Murdoch’s presence in Europe, that of R. Lauder, Conrad Black, De Benedetti, etc., we can understand what is going on.
“Goebbels” was ready to “persuade” peoples that “danger” is not over after the fall of the Soviet Union. They have tried to “persuade” them that they are “in danger” from “terrorism” and therefore they still needed the transatlantic “savior”. Only his voice was heard in the world. Jewish “Goebbels” and his mechanisms would transmit not only promises but threats as well all over the world. He would be the one to inform the world on what happens to the “bad guys” when they disobey the “savior”. “Salvation” was mandatory for everyone. They would be “saved” either they wanted or not. If they denied salvation, would have the end of the Guantanamo frequenters. They were not allowed to resist the man who had a direct “discourse” with the Lord; The new Moses with the new “commandments” and the nuclear “crook”.
“Keitels” and “Romels” of the Nazi New Order.
After studying the propaganda potentiality for such a war, now we are going to study the war itself. This means that from this point, we shall examine everything in military terms. We shall search for the Jewish “chiefs of staff”, “generals” and of course their guns. The only thing needed, for someone to understand it, is to know the claim for this war. What was the claim? The usual claim for all the wars. The destruction of the enemies’ capital and their presence as the sole rulers over their “conquest”. Simply, the new element in this case is what we have mentioned before. They did not bombard their enemies’ factories, they just “shut them down”; They did not conquer their land, they made them sell it. This means that they had the total control of the production means of their enemies and in this case of the whole planet. From that point on, as winners of everything, they had the absolute control over the market. The winners of winners controlled the World Market.
When and how was this war conducted? The Jewish World War? the war started back in 1991. Americans under the directions of the Jews have attacked Iraq to create the sense that “terrorism” was organized at a state level and therefore the use of military violence was only reasonable. But this was just an excuse. The stake here was to “set examples”. Their goal was to terrorize peoples and their countries so that they knew that if they were disobedient they would end up like Iraq. The stake was to impose a mass phobia to the people, so that they gained if not their support, their apathy at least. Live transmissions of the military operations aimed at this; At terrorizing those who watched them; At making everyone think that they could be at the place of Iraqis or the Serbs.
Concurrently with this “war” of impressions started the real war as well that aimed at the real capital of peoples. Who were “Hitler’s” “chiefs of staff”? The Jews who surrounded him with Kissinger leading them; He had the role of New Order “Keitel”. It was them who decided and ordered the Jewish “generals” on the attack implementation. “Generals” were all those who leveled “assaults” against the production mechanism of the developed Western world and the underdeveloped East. “Commander of chief” for the battlefield was Jew Greenspan, leader of the “gun” named Federal Reserve Bank of USA. “General” was Jew Wolfensohn of the World Bank. “General” was Jew Trichet of the European Central Bank. “General” was Jew Ackermann of the Deutsche Bank. They cooperated and they leveled everything.
The “assault” started with the “commander of chief” of the Federal Reserve Bank of USA targeting all the countries; The CEO of the central public bank of the USA with the private funds, the public bank of the USA with the Club private funds. After the fall of the interest rates, they aimed at “flooding” West with “cheap” money, in order to destroy its industrial capital. They were turned to “giants” using unnatural means like the “air” of the housing loans in the USA and then they went out to the Planet to “sweep” everything. With the collaboration of the “generals” from the other side of the ocean they leveled everything. They just threw money to the market in a way destroying capital. They financed commerce and this exhausted production.
Using cheap money, traders exhausted producers within a few years. Citibank, Deutsche Bank under the auspices of the European Central Bank swept everything. They were the “pace-setters” and all the other banks of Europe were following. Abundant money turned industrial capital “useless” and this is what “shut them down”. The “bombarding” of Europe was total and absolutely “leveling”. Within just a few years all the Western production was moved in China in just a few steps. Western countries ended up in total unemployment. The elimination of productions and the control of the market by the traders made the supreme capital of Copyright come true. This is the Club capital. The empire has started to “rise” over the dead “bodies” of factories.
To stop people from reacting to this destruction, they used money to create the illusion of an unseen and “mysterious” economy of development and prosperity with no production; A new economy making money out of money; A new economy that could give someone the chance to make his/her living without the necessity of work. Based on the logic of this new economy, the only people who had to work were the “lower class” and they were in China. All these “illusions” were created using cheap money and over-loaning of either “non productive” countries or “unemployed” households. Loans have reached simple people too and this is why there was no reaction at the time of destruction on behalf of the peoples. Actually, the Jews have “bought” their apathy. They “sedated” them to avoid reactions before destruction.
When West was being leveled by this funny “bombarding” of money, the same thing was happening to the rest of the world as well; The “underdeveloped” world. The battle there was at the hands of the other Jewish “general” of the New Order “Nazis”; The financial “desert” “Rommel”. Notorious Wolfensohn of the World Bank; The bank -that under the testimonies of its former vice president Joseph Stiglitz- not only did it not assist countries get out of crises, but on the contrary it was directly implicated in those crises. “Cheap” money led to the criminal over-loaning of the undeveloped countries and this resulted to their “hostage”.
That money had no developing target and they were simply given because it was in the interest of the “war”. They were turned into corruption and countries were actually destructed. That money was not used for schools, factories or hospitals. That money turned into villas, boats, private schools’ tuition, prostitute fees and luxurious cars for corrupted officers. At the most poor countries, billionaire corrupted state officers immerged as they “suited” perfectly their imperialistic interests.
Peoples literally starved because they had to settle their loans and they sold their most valuable fortune. Mines, oil reserves, plantations etc. changed hands and multinational companies obtained them. Blood flowed in great quantities at these regions. Developed world did not react for the simplest reason that criminals had ensured its silence, if not its complicity. Having connected its quality of life with technology, they could keep the world at a continuous hostage, by controlling energy; By controlling the elementary condition for the operation of this technology. The “Seven Sisters” of oil knew the “game” of blackmailing and they have been causing crises every time humanity reacted to the system’s crimes.
Along with them, whose blackmailing was based on the value and the finite property of energy, others shined as well; they were people that should not be able to blackmail in any case. The “Champion” in this field was the Jewish De Beers. The company that massacred –and still does- all Africa; The company that has committed thousands of crimes; Thousands of murders for the reactionaries, thousands of amputations for the civilians and real concentration-employment camps for the third millennium slaves. It is the company which in collaboration with Hollywood, they have created the Diamond Ring tradition. Drug companies followed close. Apart from anything else, they have gained millions of “experiment animals”.
Since they have “tied up” almost all the countries of the Planet on their “vehicle” using over-loaning, it was easy for them to “aim” at specific targets. They aimed at the peoples of the most developed countries and their personal or collective wealth. They have “spent” money to level a mass assault and they had to “collect” it now. So, they aimed at the peoples savings in the developed countries and also their collective savings, which were their security funds. Having international bodies and their governments staffed with corrupted politicians whom they have created and imposed to their posts, success was easy. It was easy for them to break the protective “barriers” of national economies. They could pass any law they wished within one night. It was easy to “get out of the way” anyone who reacted.
The “chiefs of staff” and the “generals” had to lead now the road for the “captains”. The battle would move now to tactics. The level that would allow them to loot peoples using the stock market. It was them who made the decisions, the laws and committed the greatest financial crime of all times. They got people in the stock markets and looted them by playing it safe. When money was not enough for them to do this, they just legislated at the expense of the existing laws that used to secure investors up to that moment. It was them who decided to play the stock market “game” using “air” literally. With their knowledge of the “game”, they also knew when to get in using “air” and when to get out by playing it safe and getting their “loot”.
Again their own people with the Jewish “Captains” as leaders played this game. Some of them were the famous Buffett and Soros and the less known men like Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, Schwab of the Schwab company, Fuld of Lehman brothers etc. It was them who have been looting one stock market after the other and therefore one people after another. After obtaining the wealth of the market and the banks, they went on with their “games”. Using their own investment banks, they started “contaminating” the financial market with “toxic” bonds. What did they aim at? They aimed at looting the peoples’ “piggy banks” as well. This is the money not available in the market. This money was reserved in the funds of the great Public Utility Organizations, they were the pensioners’ money that was stagnating and this is why it was gathered; To operate as a saving “reservoir” for the employment veterans.
They were directing their “toxic” money there. Bonds, which would never be bought by a reasonable private investor, became investment “steaks” for public corporations and pension systems. The first ones were destroyed and gave up their accumulated wealth without any resistance and the pension funds were “getting empty”, without any complaints. The power of huge public utilities turned into worthless “toxic” “papers”. The wealth of a whole generation of Western employees turned into “toxic” papers with no value.
Since they managed to do this, it was easy to repeat for the destroyed countries what they have been doing right from the beginning at the underdeveloped countries; To lead them to over-loaning and loot them again; To grab what peoples considered as “sacred” and was out of negotiation up to that moment. That was the plan. Using peoples’ money they would loot the peoples themselves. After destroying them at a first phase at the production level and leading their people to poverty, aligning them with “Banana republics”, they would loot them at a second phase by playing it safe.
Having the corrupted leaders under their total control, it was easy for them to make it. Using the money they grabbed from them in stock markets, they were buying their public corporations costing nothing. The corporations that they cared to wear a priori; To wear them by either grabbing their money or by pushing them to wrong moves. But “Captains” could not do that by themselves. They were too foreigners and too obvious to do it in all the countries.
Therefore, it was necessary that the “battlefield” should be narrowed down. This means that “sergeants” should be used in every country. There are sergeants in every country. Who are they? Let’s seek for the “little fishes” in every state that planned the domination of the “big fishes” and benefited from their domination. For instance, in Greece, who were those benefiting from this situation? Some people in particular looted the world using the stock market. Some others “made a hole” at the foundations of the great Public Utility Organizations and led the way to the complete “conquer” of the country. Who were they “shinning” in Greece during the “battle”?
They are the “sergeants” and we all know them, whether we understand or not their goals and regardless of the fact that we don’t see their “uniforms”. The Jewish “sergeants” were Fais, Zoulovits, Restis and many others who made a fortune from the stock market crime. Manasis was a Jewish “sergeant” who “made a hole” at the beast ΟΤΕ, until he gave it weak to the Jewish “Captain” who pretended the investor. Moisis who did the same things to PPC was a Jewish “sergeant”. There were many of those who did the greatest damage to the Greek people just because their part in it was not obvious. They pretended to be Greeks and they were passing by unnoticed. The same did their Jewish compatriots, passing like Germans in Germany, Italians in Italy, Romanians in Romania and all over the developed world.
This particular “troop” was the one that hit the main target of the world; The main target of every world war; The target to remove the funds from the peoples’ hands by completely verifying a military principle that says that a conquered area is just the area “infantrymen” step on. They took the funds from the peoples, the funds the human culture “decided” that people should create and keep because they are completely depending on them. What are they? All the deposits of non-renewable reserves of the Planet; Telecommunications, power, watering infrastructures; All the defensive, sanitary, pensions and bank systems; Agricultural land areas. If we add on to that the fact that they preserve almost all the Copyrights of the industrial know-how, we can see what is going on. Even the road network is one of their targets. We can understand that at this point not only do they have the entire Planet under their control, but they own the Planet.
This means that they had all they were aiming for; Hitler’s failed goal; The only particularity of this case is that this fund was not taken away by a Nazi regime of a specific country but by the Nazi “gang” membered by specific particulates. You should pay attention at this point because, what we are about to say is particularly “delicate”. You are wrong if you think that all these happened in the name of the USA national interests. American people are equally a victim of the current situation. The American state is so over-indebted that looks more like Bangladesh than a western republic. The way things are going for them, in a little while, for visiting the states, vaccination would be required and not visa. USA owes eleven trillion dollars; A number that a few decades ago only the mathematicians knew about.
Their people are unemployed and over-indebted. They are losing their houses at an everyday basis; Three million evictions were issued just the last few months. Whole neighbors are vacated and next to them settlements of destroyed newly-poors are established. Homeless people are multiplied on an everyday basis. Thirty million people depend on the public rations. Public education has collapsed; Students go to schools carrying guns. Social policy doesn’t even exist; Formal records show that fifty million people are uninsured. Our health system is “advanced” only for the rich men and “open” to the poor only when they accept to be free experiment animals.
So, it is a given that there is no American empire. There is the private empire of the Bilderberg Group; The empire of some very specific people most of whom are not even Americans; Actually we are talking about the first Jewish empire. It took just a few years for the destruction to complete. Jew-Winners have leveled and looted everything. Today, for the first time in history, countries are financially “homogeneous”; The destruction homogeneity; The homogeneity of the destructed people. This situation is reaching its limits because it cannot keep existing. Nothing can work anymore. The planet has been literally privatized by the private men who caused the war and won it. Just a few people in the world have gathered wealth much more than all the people of the world have altogether.
New Order traitors.
Since we are describing situations that have similar main elements, it is easy to understand that their secondary elements shall be similar too. When we are saying that the Nazi-type New Order “has conquered” all the countries of the world, we are seeking the secondary elements of this situation. We understood easily that a country is also “conquered” by loans and that bombs are not necessary for that. It was easy to understand that a winning “general” was not necessary a military man but he could be as easy a banker as well. What we have to understand now is how one can “keep” his/her conquest and this must be the toughest of all. Nazi problems in Greece were not over when they raised the swastika on the Acropolis hill. They started then.
Since there are so many similarities in the “conquests”, what are we looking for? The common practices the day after the conquests. What did the Nazis do to the conquered countries? To stop provoking the peoples, they appointed quisling governments. They were a “show window” of freedom for the countries and from that point they could control everything. They appointed the traitorous leaders and they controlled them completely. So what are we looking for? The modern traitors. The modern appointed governments of “Petain” and “Tsolakoglou”. We are seeking the traitors who are necessary for the “conquerors” to keep their conquests. At this point we are going to use a “trick” because we are trying to connect old concepts to modern men and this is not easy to understand.
We shall start from the basics. How can one understand a traitor? Does he/she have horns making him differ from the rest? Of course not. A traitor is one who is appointed by the conquerors to govern the conquered peoples; The one who applies the conquerors’ orders using his/her power without raising any resistance; The one who serves the interests of the foreign conquerors at the expense of the interests of the people; The one who states his/her admiration for them wherever he/she goes; The one who “reproaches” the people because they don’t “understand” what their own “good” is; The one who associates people with the same ideas and puts his future and “success” on the hands of his/her bosses. All these are simple and easy to understand. We “watched” them happening when Nazi came to Greece.
Let’s examine things under another scope. It is obvious that Annan plan was a plan against Greek interests. The entire Greek world understood that and “stated” it with the Cypriot referendum. Who supported this anti-Greek plan of the Bilderberg Group? Yiorgakis (George Papandreou) was not even a president of PASOK and he rushed to support the plan without having any knowledge of it. The generally acknowledged “slow” Yiorgakis understood the value of this plan “faster” than all the Greeks.
It is common knowledge that Yiorgakis gained “credit” in the international scene as the choice of famous Albright. Yiorgakis who as minister of foreign affairs supported all the non-governmental organizations that are causing problems today to Greece in all its national matters using money they took from the Greek people. Yiorgakis who as Minister of Foreign Affairs breached the Treaty of Lausanne against Greece by offering special prerogatives and therefore by acknowledging indirectly national rights for the religious minority of Thrace. After his “successful course” as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this man wants to become Prime Minister.
Who supports this kind of man to make his living? is it of importance that he is a Jew and at the same time the “chosen” one of the Bilderberg Group? is it of any importance that he has got financed by notorious Soros? Is it of any importance that even though he cannot win the “Nobody” option at the polls, he has become the president of the Socialist International? His inadequacy is limited within the Greek territory? When he crosses the Greek borders does he get clever? Is it just in Greece that he is unsocial? When he crosses the boarders does he get popular? So, something is going on. What is going on? The obvious things. Yiorgakis “evolves” in Greece and he is promoted internationally with the assistance of third factors. The Club has made an “investment” in him to control a part of the political authority in Greece.
The Club though never puts its money just in one side of the political spectrum. It distributes its “kids” over both sides. Besides, the invitations for the few public meetings that the Club sends at the “chosen” people of the countries are always “double”. Both “conservatives” and “progressives” are invited. Both “liberals” and “socialists” are invited. Whatever applies to “socialist” Yiorgakis applies to the other side as well. Who can forget Mitsotakis attacking the Cypriots regarding the Annan Plan? Who can forget that he tried to topple Cypriot President who supportedNo”? with this repulsive act that brings a coup in mind he was proved to be more royal than the king. Not even Annan and the Jews of the Club did not dare to make so many threats against the Cypriots. He worked for the money he earned. He is a worthy “Tsolakoglou” and up until recently he was his apologist.
Why did experienced Mitsotakis go that far and therefore get exposed even more than naive Yiorgakis? Because he is so very old and he is in a hurry to solve all his problems before he is gone. He has to “push” up his daughter and the “family” has to show its “faith” to the Club. “Favors” to Bush are no longer enough. Being the loyal “pet” is no longer enough. Club’s problems are great and they have to be resolved immediately. This is known to both him and his daughter; The daughter with the “mysterious” evolution; The daughter with the “eruptive” career; The daughter of the great and unexplained questions.
How come she appears to have international career and so many international acquaintances? Until the murder of Bakoyannis, she was only known in the hair salons. Actually, she had no profession. She knew “some” social sciences like Yiorgakis just to be married as an educated woman. In her CV, it is mentioned that she was hired after passing “examinations” in the Ministry of Coordination, but she forgot to mention that this happened just a few months before her father took it over and later he “detached” her to his party. So what kind of acquaintances are they? “Respectful” acquaintances with people who have cooperated or acquaintances of colleague-employees and friends? Was it pure coincidence that the announcement about her becoming minister found her sitting at the same sofa with the President of Israel? Was it a pure coincidence that her international “image” was made by the international press that belonged to the Club?
The woman was not ungracious with her bosses. The first thing she did when she took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was to “cover” the financial crimes with the non-governmental organizations of her “friend” and “compatriot” Yiorgakis. The second was to continue Yiorgakis’ policy in Thrace and therefore against Greece. Then she tried to annul the Cypriot referendum by bringing back the Annan Plan from the “back door”. Now she has undertaken to “solve” the Macedonian naming dispute. A favored “chosen” of the Bilderberg Group shall “put a fight” with the Club’s planning in favor of the Greek interests. She is negotiating really “hard” with Jewish Nimitz on the plans laid out by Jewish Flint and “served” by Jewish Gillian Pesce who pretends to be Milovanovic. She threatens “Macedonians” that if they cross the line, she shall resort to the International Court of Justice, Rosalyn Cohen presiding, who pretends to be Higgins. Everybody is “afraid” of Dora Mitsotakis who pretends to be Bakoyannis.
The Club though is not counting just on them. It cannot base its interest on the “success” of just a few people. What happens if they “fail”? “Tsolakoglou” is good but “substitute” players to replace him in emergencies are also need. A good roster of “Rallis”, “Pagkalos” “Evert” etc. is also needed. Today the Club does what the Nazi used to do. It does not just support the current leaders of the two parties but also their possible leaders. “Chosen (wo)men” are also the “Dauphin” of both parties; Alogoskoufis, Samaras and others on the one hand and Venizelos, Diamantopoulou and others on the other. They are “enemies” on the balconies before the eyes of the “poor people” and “people with the same ideology” in the corridors of the Club.
Close to them there are all the New Order “apologist”; The “independent” Think Tanks of our political scenery; They are “Germanotsoliades (The ones who joined the German occupying military forces and fought against the Greek resistance); They have undertaken to persuade people -even by insulting them- that Club’s interests are beneficial for them; It is them who accuse the people for stupidity and slow perception; It is them who are trying to persuade us how much in our benefit the privatizations of the Public Utility Organizations are; It is them who are trying to persuade us how much in our benefit the Annan Plan is; It is them who are trying to persuade us how much in our benefit immigrants are and how cruel we are when we are protesting against them; It is them who are trying to persuade us what good “investors” the foreign buyers of the Greek land are; Whatever the Bilderberg Group benefits from and plans. Some of them are Andrianopoulos, Manos etc.. All the “chosen” of the Club, who in a mysterious way make a wealthy living even when they are unemployed.
These traitors, no matter how weird this may sound, are easy to be controlled for their treason. If you wish to accuse them of their treasonous government, it is easy to do so using simple facts; As long as you don’t get drifted by their made in Harvard stupidity; You don’t get drifted into their “toxic” reason that has looted everyone and has sunk the whole Planet in despair; You don’t get drifted by the “indexes” of the “advanced” economy that exists only in their stupid minds. What do all these mean? You should do what is always done after a war. You should compare the state the people and the state are in before and after the war; The war that started in 1991. You compare what they took over to what they would hand over to the next generations if they lost their power.
What was the ratio of the country —and whatever this may represent— in real estates that belonged to the Greeks before 1991 and what is left to them today? What ratio of the Greek market did the Greek producers share before 1991 and what is it today? What ratio of the Greek employment market did the Greek employees share before 1991 and what is it today? What was the unemployment percentage in Greece before 1991 and what is it today? What was the property of the Greek state before 1991 and what is it today? How much did the Greeks owed –personally and collectively- in 1991 and how much do they owe today? If today everything is controlled by and belongs to foreigners and the Greeks are over-indebted so much that they are threatened by bankruptcy, how could we characterize all governments since 1991? Useless? If because of them, some foreigners benefited, are they just useless or unconscientious traitors?
This is how things work in all countries. Whatever used to belong to their peoples, today it belongs to the multinational companies of the Club. Peoples were betrayed by their given leaderships and they lost everything. Capitals and markets were handed to the Club bosses. If you understand what is going on in Greece, you can understand what is going on in Britain, France, and Germany etc.. Blair’s qualifications were first “assessed” by the Club and then they were “discovered” by the British people. Sarkozy’s qualifications were first “assessed” by the Club and then they were “discovered” by the French people. Even poor ex-communist Merkel passed through the “corridors” of the Club to reach her throne in the German Chancellorship.
All the European leaders are selected by the Club. There is no exception in any field. They are all “appointed” to serve their bosses at the expense of the peoples who vote for them. The same thing is happening with the collective organizations of the European Union. They are all selected by the Club; From pathetic Barroso to trashy Javier Solana. They are all run by the “cribs” sent by the Club. They know that even their faintest dispute will get them fired. The Club knows how to control individuals. Whoever reacts does not just go to his/her home, but in prison accused of corruption. Who can know corruption better than corruptors? Speaking of the Club’s investments, we should not overlook its need to prolong the situation. Such a Club does not just care for the present but the future as well. It was a sure thing that it would try to have the continuous control of the country leaders. It is not interested just in the present leaders but also in the future leaders. This is why they have established a whole “industry” for the production of future leaders. “Leaders” only in a figure of speech because actually they keep reproducing mongrels with their only qualification being the fact that they are natural descendants of the present “chosen” people. The same mechanisms that led to the succession of Prescott Bush by his drunkard grandson operate identically for their subjects as well. All the children of the Africa dictators, Asia fascists, Middle East sheikhs and Greek “Mitsotakis” are hatched within the frameworks of these mechanisms.
They have created a tremendous “showcase” for some very specific USA Universities, using the power of the international propaganda means that belong to them and money of course in order to buy scientific “testimonies”. The famous Ivy League that includes eight of them. They are universities inaccessible to most of us, but not for the Club’s “chosen ones”; They are inaccessible just for financial reasons and for no other reason that is connected with the students’ quality. The “quality” in them is measured by money and acquaintances. What matters there is whose son/daughter are you and of what use could you be for the Club if you succeed your father. What are these Universities and who controls them? It is just enough to consider that the presidents in six out of the eight Universities are Jews.
In Tufts, where Kostakis (Kostas Karamanlis) studied, Jewish Lawrence Bacow is the president. In Harvard, where Yiorgakis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis studied, Jewish Lawrence Summers is the president succeeding Jewish Neil Redenstine. In Yale, where drunkard Bush studied, Richard Levin is the president. In Princeton, the university in which the most overestimated man in history, Einstein studied; Jewish Shirley M. Tilghman is the president succeeding Jewish Harvey Shapiro. In Cornell, Jewish Jeffrey Lehman is the president. In Pennsylvania University, Jewish Judith Robin is the president.
These Universities “manufacture” the New Order leaders. This is why they are spending tons of money for the advertisement of their ridiculous “higher” sociological, humanitarian and governmental studies. It was easy for the Jews to do that. We should not forget that it was them who managed to sell pure carbon for really expensive diamonds. Would they face any problem to “polish” the really expensive institutions and the dumb children of the famous? They are aiming at controlling completely these institutions because they are the “hatcheries” of all the future traitors; of all the future “pilgrims” of the Club. The Club that puts them all in a “conserve” of success and leads them to the posts that interests it.
These sure successes execute its orders in an absolute way. They have no other choice. Their whole life is set over the “back” of the Club; It is the Club that gave their parents their high posts and their extremely good salaries so that they could study at the other side of the Atlantic ocean. The Club ensured their good grades even when they did not deserve them. The Club ensured their place in one of the powerful University fraternities, to make their special acquaintances that shall help them in their career. The Club found a job for them when they graduated and they had to have some job experience to enrich their curriculum. Finally, the Club gave them the important posts they have been safely “dreaming of” and that the Club needs of course. If the Club asks them for a favor once, how could they say no? Shall they protect OTE or Olympic Airlines out of patriotism? How will they pay the loan installments after that? Their expensive houses? Their convertible cars? Their beautiful yet demanding spouse? They have purchased all of them thanks to the Club. The Club has turned them into Golden Boys. How could they argue with it on the Macedonian naming dispute?
They are the new age traitors. They don’t wear hoods anymore and they don’t hide as their predecessors did. Today they are wearing expensive cloths and their faces are shown in their bosses’ magazines. They are not afraid to talk in their bosses’ language like their predecessors. Today it is a “must” talking between them in their bosses’ language like they did when they were in University.
The “Conquerors” “Colonists”.
If you read the war history, you shall find out one very simple thing. There is no conquest without colonists. Since Babylon and Rome years, this is a main fact for the conquest. The most powerful of the conquerors gain the greatest part when they decide to share the conquest and the poorest comrades take some part of it whether they are soldiers or poor people who are moving from the conquerors’ country. This is totally reasonable. Some generals cannot conquer a vast area and be able to survive as feudal lords in an incredibly hostile area among their victims. Reaction is a matter of time threatening them with death. This is why they move some population giving benefits in order to obtain safety. A population that may not have equally “intense” interests but is totally “aligned” with them.
Since the Jews “conquered” the Planet, it is reasonable that they would have the same needs. It doesn’t matter how one conquers a place; what really matters is to stay in this place by keeping the “loot”. When one conquers a place against its people using either guns or guile, it is a sure thing that this person needs protection in order to coexist with his/her victims. In the first great need for survival these victims shall turn against this person for sure. This was a problem that Jews had to solve and its solution was pivotal for them.
What did they do? They used again their main “gun”; Money. The over-loaning they tried caused a “turbulence” of human populations of an unbelievable size. This was one of their pursuits because they thought that this way they would obtain control “levers” against their victims. The national interests of their peoples were threatening them and they tried to break them down. National homogeneity of every country made them visible and they –like thieves of a particular nationality- wanted to remain invisible. This means that they wished to mix the population “cards”, to ensure their defense. They wanted to make societies “multi-cultural” and “multinational” so that they could survive in them without provoking their victims.
Simply, this over-loaning had different results depending on the place it was developed. Results differed in underdeveloped and developed countries. In underdeveloped countries, this over-loaning destroyed the states and caused an unseen “asphyxia” to their peoples. This is how moving conditions for the populations were created, since there was a survival issue for them. People could not survive in their looted and destroyed countries. By creating this “trend” using the power they had over the governments of the most developed countries –and with the “alibi” of humanitarianism- they made them keep their countries’ “doors” “open”, if not “wide open”.
What was the profit they were seeking? They knew that as foreign vultures sooner or later they would come into conflict with the peoples they have looted. As foreigners they were too visible to pass unnoticed in a great financial crisis. To avoid being alone in such a certain conflict with the natives they thought that it would be of use to have a “company” with them. They thought that it would be useful for them to control within these countries a great population that would “compatible” with them. They, as foreigners, would control the country’s capitals at the expense of its people but they would have by their side millions of foreigners whose poverty has led them to this country.
This is why the “beasts” invested to “humanitarianism” worldwide. They control everything using the so-called non-governmental organizations. They are organizations that the peoples finance to turn against themselves; Organizations that allow the Jews controlling everything in the countries they are interested in and to blackmail whoever threatens them; Organizations that have been accused of the most unbelievable crimes which have been “concealed” by the international press though. They are crimes varying from slave trade and trafficking to babies and human organs trade.
All these organizations are controlled by the same people; The Bilderberg Group people. Orders go from Jewish “general” Kissinger to Jewish “Captain” Kushner of the “Doctors without borders” organization and they may reach the last murderer of the most distant settlement of African refugees. These organizations take over the role the “party” mechanisms used to play for the Nazi; The role of basis organizations; The role of the information collection that is sent to the leaders for measures to be taken and countermeasures to be imposed. This is how they solved the “colonists” problem at the quantity level.
Was this enough though? Of course not. There was a quality problem. These immigrants were poor people and they would be the first to be “hit” by a financial crisis and it was not a sure thing that they would be led to their “camp”. They were poor workers and the conflict of interests was not sure with the native and also poor workers. Therefore they had to raise a defense with better quality properties for them. They had to take measures creating “colonists” with real colonists’ properties. With properties connected to the notion of property which would make them feel completely identified with them regardless of the financial situation.
This is why they caused another “wave” of emigrants; A “wave” of luxury emigrants; A “wave” created by the same people using again the same “gun”; Over-loaning; The cheap money they threw in the market. What does this mean? Over-loaning and prosperity created in the developed countries “pushed” populations in “investments” outside their borders. Under the condition housing loans were being granted uncontrollably, all those who were in a relatively good financial situation and did not need a housing loan took loans for similar “investments” of the same pecuniary height in other countries.
This means that a “wave” of foreign buyers of real estates in poorer countries was created. Millions of Northern Europeans literally “landed” in the Mediterranean. They took cheap loans to buy houses and land in the Mediterranean countries. Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey got filed with tragic “investors”. Millions of them. This “wave” was directed by the Jews. Why is that? For the same reason they directed the poor immigrants to more developed countries; to set a massive defense in case their presence there was doubted. As foreigners in these countries with the moving of the poor immigrants they have ensured a numerous “company” of foreigners. As foreigner grand investors in these countries with the moving of the “luxury” immigrants they have ensured a large “company” of foreigners partners, owners of small properties.
Do you understand what we are meaning to say? It took two immigrating waves of opposite directions to create in every country the conditions that suited them; The conditions that would ensure accomplices for them and therefore comrades if they were doubted. The first “wave” of the poor people ensured them quantity in their defense and the second “wave” of the prosperous people ensured them quality in their defense. They did it this way simply because their war was a private one. It was not a conventional war, so that they could transfer colonists and set them up in their conquests. It was not a conventional war, so that they could create a court of compatriot small land owners around the great feudal lord. It was not a conventional war, to set camps all over their conquest that could protect them from any reaction. Thieves carried all these “small owners” and “liegemen” to repress the reaction of the people.
This is how they dissolved the social coherence of their country-victims. They corrupted and changed the collective interests of people that much that it is to wonder how these countries manage to survive still in their old borders. We have reached a point to wonder how these countries survive as wholes. This is the current condition of the world. Cretans may have according interests with the Californian and Finnish people and absolutely contrary to those of the people of Florina(a northern Greek town). This is globalization. Each one walking on his/her own wherever this leads to. It is really to wonder how come the countries are not dissolved yet because of the infinite interior conflicting interests.
To clarify the proportions, today in Greece there are so many foreign owners and workers who if they were transferred by the Germans in the Second World War, the Greeks would have stayed on the mountains. The most confidential Nazi plans regarding Greece included a plan to transfer colonists to Greece, the proportions of which were ridiculous in comparison to what is happening today. The best case scenario for them was to move six hundred thousand colonists. Nazi conquerors were far less cruel to the Greeks than the modern Jewish “conquerors”.
We are talking about a nightmare. A situation that if it “explodes”, its consequences are unknown. Why are we so sure? Because the Greeks almost “lost” their country without even understanding it. They are celebrating their national “anniversaries” and they don’t understand that they have lost the “object” of these “celebrations”. What does this mean in practice? In the aged Greece with millions of pensioners and low birth rates a great part of the active workers are foreigners. In Greece with the ten million of people there are more than two millions of foreign workers with exactly the opposite characteristics. They are all young and they have high birth rates.
If these things are happening at the employment level, the same and even worse things happen at the property level. In Greece of ten millions of people, owners are no more than the half of them. So we are saying -in the best case- that the country “belongs” to five millions Greeks as far as private ownership is concerned. Foreign ownerships in Greece -and therefore foreign owners of Greek land- are more than two millions. A great figure that tends to augment since there are just as much in waiting lists for “investments” in Greece. “Investments” in real estates that shall be sold “for free” given the current financial destruction and the vast property that has come to banks because of confiscations. Just consider that some beasts sold twenty five million square meters to a British company with just one selling act in the strategically over-valuable Crete.
If we add the foreign owners of what used to be public corporations to these millions of foreign grand-investors and small land owners, we can see what is going on. We are talking about the owners of OTE, Athens Airport, and the owners of the country’s ports and soon of the PPC, the Olympic Airline etc. They could literally throw us out of our country if they decided it. We can see that there is no reason to watch the parade for the 28th of October (symbol of the Greek resistance to Italians and Germans in the WW2). We don’t see what the Greek parading army protects. The Dutch’s country house, the Englishman’s bar or the German’s hotel in Greece?
We have no reason to celebrate something for which our ancestors fought to keep it under their possession and we lost it just like that. We took anything our fathers fought for on the Pindus mountains and sold it out to buy new cars and mobile phones. We, the “descendants” of Themistocles, Leonidas and Alexander the Great, have behaved like drunk “Indians” giving up our country in exchange for some boxes of whiskey. We have handed them our soul.
The end of the war… the beginning of the winners’ defeat.
Who has not heard the phrase: “Operation was successful, patient is dead though”? This is what has happened to the Jewish “marshals”. After winning all battles, they are close to lose the war. Why is that? Just because they cannot keep their earnings. The planning they applied so that they would remain at the top of the system, cannot operate and therefore it cannot last long. They acted like a new voracious “Tamerlane” who, after “wandering” on the Planet, by winning everyone and looting everything, cannot operate like a conqueror. A “Tamerlane” who burnt and destroyed everything at his course but cannot manage his conquests. A “Tamerlane” who is almighty while moving but he cannot stand stills somewhere and set his “throne”.
This is their problem. They cannot keep onto their “conquests”. These “conquests” cannot operate in the way that it would be of service for them and keep them at the top of the world forever. They have tried as “conquerors” to create and plan the “day” after but their “colonies” are reacting. In theory, they meet all the specifications to be conquerors, but in practice, nothing works for them. For example, they have ensured the right of the owner to choose his successor but possession does not work anymore. Their war “instruments” are still under their control but they cannot ensure anymore that the control shall continue to exist. Jewish Benranke succeeded Jewish Greenspan, but now FED does not have the power to control things in developed West. Jewish Wolfensohn was succeeded by Wolfowitz, who after a sex scandal was succeeded by Jewish Zoelick, but now World Bank cannot control things in the starving “coast” on the other side of the ocean.
This is their problem. These “instruments” were really good “military” instruments, but they cannot carry out the management that is necessary for the conquest. This means that the fact that they managed for a moment to loot the peoples, does not necessarily mean that the can keep them at away from the “loot”. It is a matter of time to conflict with their victims and lose. Nobody can win starving peoples. Things are simple. A foxy gun bearing thief can loot a crowd of people walking in the desert. But when he loots it, it shall threaten him. Why is that? Because this crowd cannot survive after the looting. Desert makes reaction and therefore violence is their only choice. What if you stole their “water” using “legal” means and they participated in this procedure on their own free will? When they’ll get “thirsty”, they’ll get it back ignoring their “signatures”. They have no other option, because they risk dying of “thirst”.
This is the current case of Jews. They took everything but they cannot keep them. They have looted everyone but they did not leave them a margin to survive, for this survival to keep them away from their “loot”. This was their greatest mistake; the mistake of the greedy people. They tried to intervene in the planning of an immense and almighty system, which has been feeding them for centuries. As specialized vagrant gypsies, they have looted a system and then they tried to pretend the self-taught engineers. They have set up a “multi-leveled” system with no knowledge of engineering. When they got in the system, this one fell down and fenced them under its ruins.
Now it is a matter of survival for the people to get their properties back and so to conflict with those looting them and who just for the time being are unknown. But it is a matter of time to detect them and seek them to give them the punishment they deserve; to punish hard those who put them in danger. The situation is already on its “way” to reveal the guilty people. The current fall of the stock markets is revealing this. It reveals the failure in the Jewish planning; It reveals that peoples cannot survive under their planning and therefore their “course” to the end has started. The result shall be tragic for the current leaders. It shall be tragic right from the beginning but it shall get worse as it gets closer to the end.
Those losing from this fall are those who have something to lose and these are the Jews. It is their “armies” that get “unarmed” on an everyday basis. It is their fortunes that get vanished into thin air. Now they are in PANIC. “Mice” are running to save themselves in a boat that they can see it sinking. They are trying to find their way out but there is no such thing. There is not even a little corner over the Planet with that much of economic stability that would allow them to “set” their loot and ensure it. Everyday things get worse. They go to sleep as multibillionaires and they wake up as billionaires. They go to sleep as billionaires and they wake up as millionaires. They go to sleep as rich and famous and they wake up as poor and notorious. Following the same rhythm, in a few days Golden Boys shall be scared to get on the road and seek for a job. Someone may remember them holding a cigar and posing for the photographers and he/she would be eager to tear their mouth.
This why they we are talking of pure PANIC. Being anxious to save themselves, they have “unleashed” the Jewish “monkey” that pretends to be the President of France to persuade the peoples to “save” global economy and therefore the Jews. This is what Sarkozy is doing; The recidivist Jew; The lousy Zionist; His strategy is limited to make the peoples save the bankrupted Jewish financial “instruments” using their own money; To make the countries create a new mutual “fund” so that Jews could save their money. To invest this “fund” money in the stock markets for the Jewish to “free themselves out”.
This is their goal nowadays; The Club’s goal that its “chosen” ones have undertaken to carry out; Brown, Merkel, Berlusconi, Tom, Dick and Harry. They tried to “burden” again their victims with the “damages” of their own planning. They are trying to lead the people to invest in the stock market what is left to them after the looting to helps those who looted them to “save themselves”. Nowadays, they are trying to establish a central directorate controlling the banking system as they said, but actually they want to build a new instrument with no past that gives them the “alibi” to ask for money to erase past. They are adding a crime to another crime and soon enough they shall find out that this is unsanitary for the time being.
The new “Nuremberg” trial.
The terror in the Greenspan’s eyes, while he was explaining to the American officers the causes of the financial fall is particularly revealing. Experienced “Keitel” knows that this will not be his last apology. He knows that the worst is yet to come. It is a sure thing that the worst are following. It is a matter of time to seek the private “conquerors” of the Planet and to put them on trial for crimes against humanity. It is also a sure thing that even the “mucho” Kissinger should be in panic and stuck in one of his luxury “holes”, as we write this text. Either way, he cannot move outside USA for some years now without being threatened with arrest.
All these people shall be found and put on trial. They should be on trial for the crimes they have committed to humanity; For the millions of people who starved to death because of them; For the billions of people who became unhappy because of them by sinking in the misery of unemployment. For the millions of people who are ill and die from the diseases of our century that are directly connected to the anxiety and stress caused by uncertainty and debts; For the Planet pollution caused by their own dirty factories with the marginally low cost of operation; For the deforestation of the Planet caused by the greed of their multinational companies.
If all these are considered quite general accusations, there are more specific ones. Those being responsible for the war in Iraq should be put on trial and punished; Those responsible for the flattening of Serbia; Those responsible for the invasion of Chechnya; Those responsible for our Cyprus and our “Macedonia”; Those lying wittingly at the world public and whose actions led a lot of people to death; Those “assuring” us that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and their insincere “reassurance” caused thousands of human lives; Those “reassuring” that Milosevic was their target, but graves were filled with bodies of common Serbian citizens; Those who made ridiculous Saakashvili play the role of “commander” and become the reason for an uncaused manslaughter and over that he did it on the very first day of the Olympic Games; On the day of the greatest celebration of the world and the “hymn” to the peace.
It should be easy, because criminals are just a few. Wherever one may look for the responsible people, he/she shall find the same people again and again. Leading “Keitel”, “Goebbels”, and “Goering” of the international organizations. The common “SS” of the various financial institutions, non-governmental organizations etc.; The “traitorous” leaders of all the countries; The New Order “Germanotsoliades” theorists; The “elite” class of the world; The people of the Bilderberg Group; The people who soon enough shall have all the time of the world having meetings with the doors “closed”, in a very well-fenced area, so that nobody could “bother” them. They can have “meetings” until they moment they die, and they should stay there and not get out of these ”meeting” not even dead. Parasites shall have all the time of the world to “freshen up” their knowledge of the German language. In any case, these places never ceased to exist and they know them well. Half of them built them and the other half lived in them at the past. Arbeit macht frei “comrade”-conquerors.
They are like the sad “Trojans” who thought there was no enemy to fight against them and they had the nerve to get close to the “Greek” ships. Now, disaster and defeat shall hit them full force. Now they can see what is hidden in these “ships”. They reap what they sowed. They have asked for a war and they are getting the Armageddon. They wished for lament and lament is what they’ll get. People who caused the first private world war shall be defeated by a private man but unfortunately for them it is the people who shall punish them. Humanity shall awake from its “narcosis” and it shall continue its course as it is entitled to and worthy of. Its last chance for a common, perfect and universal solution shall be the best.