…the barbarians, who forced beautiful Europe to get down Zeus’ “back” and made her a prostitute.
…the unworthy Europeans, who in 1945 “took Europe down” from “Mount Olympus”
and in 2012 relinquished “enslaved” Europe to the Phoenician loan sharks.
The method to understand history is a lot similar to the one used for geography. It is easy or difficult to understand their gist depending on the “distance” one takes to examine their data. This particularity is the reason for some of their paradoxes …The common paradoxes. It is possible for someone to understand everything looking at just a few details and to not understand a thing even though endless data are available. This is true, no matter how weird it may sound. A simple person may understand totally the history of the human kind with just the minimum knowledge and a historian with endless knowledge may feel completely confused.

This is exactly why we compared it to geography. It is possible that even a totally ignorant person may look at a world map and be able to “understand” the meaning of huge “geographical” distance, like the one between Athens and Beijing and at the same time a person with rich knowledge on the matter may get lost in an urban forest in Beijing …be unable to understand it as a total, because the means to change level may not be available …in this case the necessary means may be just a map.


Things are simple. A walker looking at his/her feet may know absolutely “precisely” where he/she steps but he/she does not know where he/she is going; he/she may know the “cells” of geography, but he/she ignores its “organism”; he/she may know the “trees”, but he/she does not see the “forest”. All the supercomputers of the world are not enough to “save” the data for a step-by-step analysis of the route from Athens to Beijing and at the same time and exactly for the same reason, a paper towel may be good enough for someone to sketch the main data of this route. This is exactly what happens with history. In just a few words, if they are the appropriate ones, someone could understand things, that he/she may not discover on his/her own even if he/she “devours” libraries full of books.


What are we meaning to say with all these? That the evolution of human history is not as complicated as some would like it to be …as some would like to make it look like, because it would be in their interest if it was complicated …as some politicians would like to present it to justify their decisions that were disastrous for the people and beneficial for themselves …as some bourgeois historians would like it to be so that they justify their scientific “earnings” …all these people who have interest in its artificial complexity, since they benefit from the continuous repetition of the same things.


Some people can play it safe and pretend to be gifted “leaders” because of these repetitions. Some others pretend to be shrewd “investors” and others to be wise “prophets”, because of these repetitions. All these people make their living by supposedly “seeing further into the future” than the rest of the people, but in fact they can “see” nowhere, since history repeats itself in circles. Ridiculous “Magellans” looking at their soles and not the horizon …”Semi-blind short-sighted” people, who can absolutely tell the difference between the mud, asphalt or sand they step on, but they cannot see where they are going to.


These are the people that the system has been training for centuries to lead the human kind. They are taught the complexities that are in the system’s interest but not the simple things that are in the humanity’s interest. People who know everything but the useful things. People who know what was the colour of Napoleon’s undershirt but don’t even suspect who were those who profited from the CDS of his defeat at Waterloo. All these happen in absolute safety, because it is a great “fraud” and the outcome is certain …a great fraud covering immense interests …interests that, if uncovered, will make people rise against their exploiters and kill them.


This is why we mentioned the similarity between geography and history. Someone with the appropriate knowledge can explain to people in just a few words the human history …can explain to them the role that they play in this (hi)story …can explain to them exactly when and where they have accomplished great and important things and exactly when they had losses. Of course, here lays the phenomenon of verbal irony. The current failure to understand historic data leading to disaster has mostly to do with the people who is said to have the greatest “experience” in the world …the people of Europe …Europe that for the last two millennia ruled the Planet.


This “experienced” people reached a point to not be able to understand what is going on. The people who “invented” all the forms of modern imperialism is today imperialism’s greatest victim. The people who “invented” history science cannot understand how this works. The people of Europe cannot even understand the consequences of its own acts, because it has had the leading part for the last centuries in the global play. It cannot even understand when and how it “keeps failing”. It feels confused for the simplest reason that European people does not understand what is happening. It trusts traitorous leaders and does not have the criteria that would have been expected from its experience in order to avoid “thin ice”.


This people that “gave birth” to the most important and powerful people of the history, today is controlled by history’s “trashes”. The people who once-upon-a-time “gave birth” to Alexander the Great, Pericles, Leonidas, but also Cesar, Traianus or Charlemagne, ended up to be controlled by the “prole” of the great “gutter” …by illiterate “trashes” like Hitler and Stalin in the past or Merkel, Schauble, Cameron and Sarkozy today …by the venal stalking horses of the Jewish ghetto “rats” in Berlin and Warsaw.


Within less than half a century this supposedly experienced people “lost” two great wars against two different enemies and didn’t even understand it. Europeans lost easily the battle for the global leadership to both the Americans and the Jews. The people who used to be invincible reached a point where it cannot even resist …a point where it does not even realize when it is getting attacked and by whom. The people that for more than two thousand years has been ruling the Planet, became its greatest “victim” …a victim of its own fabrications and needs …a victim of the “knowledge” it taught to sly “students”. It got “blinded” by those whom it taught to “see”.


In 1945, in the name of “European” democracy, Europeans lost their freedom. Some others played with the fascists and they succeeded. In the name of the protection of the democracy in Europe from the Nazi or the Stalinists, European peoples surrendered totally to the Americans. They acquired a “guardian” and therefore they lost their freedom. Half a century later, Jews played the same sly game. Today, in the name of United Europe, European peoples lose their own countries.


The people who decided to “unify” their countries to serve one common interest, have finally lost their countries. Those who were not free due to their first defeat, now they are trying to be “unified” in the most absolute way under the guidance of their bosses. Actually, now they are “unifying” their debts, since they are the only things that really belongs to them. The prior victimizers of the Planet became its greatest victims. This is only reasonable. When you cannot understand the reason for which the loan sharks “push” you to the Union, it is impossible to understand the reason why, when you reach to it, the only thing left for you are debts. Jewish loan sharks are those who decided the European Union and today they are its masters.


Let’s take things up from the beginning to make clear to our readers what we have been meaning to say. We are starting by looking at a distant “map” of the European history …Distant enough to see its whole course but at the same time close enough to not lose track of its “leading roles”. So, we are starting from finding out which event is a really important historic event for Europe and which is not. We are starting from an elementary “clearing up” of the useless historic “floatsam and jetsam” that we are bearing in our heads and which has no importance. Out of the supposedly complex European history only a few dates are really important. What is described by the history science as “important”, it is usually an unimportant repetition that interests only those who are implicated in it and no one else.


For example, an important event for the European history was when Leonidas decided to raise his defence in Thermopylae against the Persian “storm” that was threatening Europe. An important event was when Alexander the Great “galloped” all over Asia. Charlemagne, Napoleon or Peter the Great were unimportant, as impressive as their accompanying phenomena were. Why is that? Because importance lays in the “course” of Europe and not in its interior “layout” that depended on the “galloping” of unimportant men in Europe. No matter how much blood was mixed with mud, the “unimportant” kings of the important Europe remain at the same level …The level defined by Europe itself and its position in the World.


This is the same logic used to judge not only the men but also the great events that were supposed to mark the history of Europe. The Battle of the Granicus River was important for Europe because it had set the grounds for its domination for over a millennium. The fall of Constantinople was unimportant because it just caused a change in the internal correlations of Europe. The battle at Waterloo was unimportant for the same reasons. Trafalgar sea battle was also unimportant. This means that a significant event for Europe and its history is considered to be whatever affects its position in the World and not its internal correlations.


Events and persons who change these correlations are of secondary significance and they are significant just for the peoples that benefit or are affected from them without this causing any change in the general European interests. The battle at Waterloo has without a doubt a great significance for the French and the British people, so does Trafalgar sea battle. But, on the European level these two historic events have no importance. They have no importance, because they haven’t affected the rank of Europe and its peoples in the global hierarchy. Europe would continue to rule the World whichever country had won at the mud of Waterloo or on the waters of Trafalgar.


However, to be able to understand and assess all these facts as they deserve, one should know the position of Europe throughout the human history …One should know the changes in this position in connection with history …should know the great key events of the human history and not the unimportant “stops” in between …in the example in the beginning of the text one should know where “Athens” is and finally where “Beijing” is and he/she should not be affected by the in-betweens …should not conceive a “blocking” outside “Ankara” as a “stop”. One should not be interested if a “train” got lost in the “Teheran” station or if a “bridge” collapsed on the road towards the end. All the in-between events are unimportant. They are unimportant because they do not affect the general situation. They could have taken place or not without bearing no affect at all to the development of things.


Through this “prism”, Europe is a great “station” in the human history …The “station” immediately after Asia where the great human power systems began. This is why Greeks were the absolutely important people for Europe. This is the reason why, Greeks were for centuries the model for the rest of the European people to compare with. It was the people who had the intelligence, the bravery and also the ability not only to resist the Asian attack, but also to strike back and take from Asia its world ruling position …to bring down its power and transfer it in Europe. It was the absolutely successful model for Europe …The “father” of Europe. Therefore this is why Greeks were also the “godfathers” of Europe. No one else could “baptize” Europe if not they who gave to Europe its global role.


It was them who protected Europe when there was a need and who put it on the top of the world when they could. Simple things like that. The Greeks, as a European people, managed to “defend” Europe all alone and it was them who attacked Asia looking for victory …The Greek victory that was at the same time a European victory as well. These acts were important because the world –and therefore Europe- would have been different today, if the Greeks had lost the “war” to the Persians …the world would have also been different if they had not won outside Babylon …it would have been different, because Rome would not have existed and so would not have existed its affect to the human and the European history.


So 480 BC is an important year for Europe. Why is that? Just because the Asian world leadership could not get into Europe. It is a milestone because up to that point the battles between the “Titans” of that era had been set. The two leading empires of the ancient world have collided and they have “ended up” in a situation. Asian Babylon had imposed absolutely on the African Egypt and it was at last free to claim Europe as well. Its king was considered at that time as a living “God”. It was at the same time the king of Babylon and the Pharaoh of Egypt …The absolute ruler of the Afro-Asian world. He attacked Greece aiming at Europe. Greeks as the European defenders of the borderland resisted this almighty “God” and saved Europe.


323 BC, the year Alexander the Great died, was also important. Why is that? Because his death “locked” the new era. A European man gad “seized” the greatest empire of the World and the history of the human kind moved on to the next “chapter”. From the era of Asia we passed to the era of Europe. Europe up to that point had been threatened by Asia or African Egypt and now it became the absolute ruler. There was a transfer of the European human resources to the Asian territory and the “banks” for Europe’s subsequent ruling were created. European Greeks who moved to Asia and Africa as overlords were the ones who gave the time, the knowledge and the power for Rome to “build” the Europe we all know today. Rome “built” the Europe we know, because the Greeks have “blocked” the giants of the East. It is not pure luck that the Romans considered Alexander to be the thirteenth god.


This is the reason why the Greek awesome kid was a very important factor in the European history. This is why all the European legends and myths had Alexander as their reference point. The Greek and therefore the European ruler of the world was he, who led Europe to the “top” of the world. For more than two thousand years, Europe has been the absolute ruling power in the world. The power “moved” from one capital to another, but it always remained within the “walls” of Europe and its omnipotence was solid. Power moved from Rome to New Rome and from there it got to the rest of the capitals. The last holder of the European ruling was London …the Roman Londinium.


For two thousand years, Europeans collected unlimited profits from the “galloping” of Alexander the Great …from the “galloping” of the Greek “bull” who took beautiful Europe onto his back and raised her on the “Olympus” of glory and power. Latin, French, Spanish, British and Russian people saw the world from a “higher” position due to the Greek achievement. Even the Finnish people today, who are supposed to “reproach” the Greeks, we don’t know what type of igloo would they be in today, if it wasn’t for the Greeks.


All Europeans benefited from the Greeks. All European peoples collected profits from the Greek triumph. They had the whole world on their “sting” because the Greeks offered it to them. For as long as Europe remained on the “top” of the world due to the victory of the Greeks, its internal state had no importance. The inland wars –and therefore the battles between the kings of Europe- were battles among the heirs and these battles have a secondary importance when they do not affect the “throne” itself.


By looking at the current position of Europe in the global “chessboard” one could comprehend that this “throne” has been long gone. Europe is today the “shadow” of its former self. It has nearly ended up to be a “supporting actor” in the human history play. So what’s the conclusion? Something important and extremely tragic has happened at the expense of Europe and we just have not realized it yet. Something happened in between and we did not realize it. In the oversupply of unimportant historic data we lost what really matters. Human kind changed “station” and we did not even realized it. The global power has changed continent and we, the Europeans, never realized when was it that we lost the battle.


It is therefore a sure thing that something important has happened and the power of the planet moved to another continent. At some point Europe has to have lost the war so that American Washington decides for the future of the World. After the important Greek triumph there should also have been an important debacle for Europe. It is impossible to lose the world supremacy without a corresponding colossal defeat. There should have been a great mistake and we did not realize it. Somewhere between the unimportant wars, we lost the important one. One obviously stupid European offspring in his/her effort to change the internal correlations spoiled the “family” fortune. There is no other explanation. One of the many internal European battles should have consequences to the whole European presence in the world affairs.


Now you can understand the meaning of what we said before which might have seemed exaggerating …what we said above that it is in the interest of some people to control suffocatingly the history “science”. Some powerful factors of history are interested in mixing the important with the unimportant facts so that peoples don’t understand what is really going on. They have interest in making history appear as a totally complicated “science” that is only for the “scientists” and not for the common people. You can see that it is only reasonable for some people to have misinterpreted the historic facts because otherwise some leaders would have been executed in squares all over Europe.


Within the frameworks of this intentional historic wrong information we seek the reasons of the current historic ignorance of the European people. Within the needs of the new powerful people we seek the reasons for the “falsification” of historic details. It has resulted to the situation we are facing today. Europeans lost the battle of world leadership and did not even realize it. It is phenomenal and unheard not only for the modern people in the years of information but even unacceptable for the primitive people. It is as if an Asian man did not know what meant the seizing of Babylon by the European Alexander.


Where can we seek such a colossal defeat? But in a colossal war. The world leadership is not lost in a conflict at a random outpost at the border. A war of the same proportions is required for such a loss and that could be only a World War. Who does not know the World Wars that started in Europe? Even though one knows them, one cannot assess them. Why is that? Because there is a huge difference between them. The First World War was a completely unimportant interior European war, since it did not affect Europe’s “course”. On the contrary, the Second World War was the most important because it ruined Europe. What the Greeks had achieved in “Thermopylae” by stopping the attack from the East that the Europe had sustained from the Asians, the Europeans did not manage to do with the attack from the West that Europe sustained from the Americans


The Second World War was the “end” of the Europe’s world leadership and the “beginning” of the America’s world leadership. The Second World War meant for the European empire what the attack of Alexander the Great had meant for the Asian empire. It was the beginning of the end. If you understand the importance of this war, you can start seeing some things that many people unfortunately do not pay attention to. So, based on the new “point of view” –due to the “distance” taken- you can start detecting those responsible for the European “defeat”. Have the Americans ever attacked Europe? Of course not! Therefore who were those whose stupidity opened the “door” to the Americans and handed over the “sceptre” of Europe?


The only ones who really changed the “course” of the European history with their actions, were the Germans. But unfortunately for them they were the negative lead roles in this situation. They have changed the history of Europe at the expense of Europe, for the simplest reason that they were the most useless and unworthy Europeans. It was them whose actions and stupidities “brought” Americans in Europe and “dispatched” the supremacy to America …Exactly the opposite to what the Greeks had succeeded who are known to history as having the exact opposite characteristics. If the intelligence and the ability of the Greeks “had brought” Global power to Europe, then is the stupidity and the inability of the Germans that “lost” this Global power for Europe.


Why are we talking about stupidity? Because there is no other explanation for what we see. Their short-term “success” so much in the 40s as in our decade are nothing more than “supporting acting” to ephemeral “heavies”. Under the directions of their foreign and non-European “bosses”, Germans occasionally pretend to be the leaders because this is in their “bosses’” interest. We are talking about pure stupidity, because Germany is a European power. It is a separate entity, but it does not cease to belong to the European “family”. Its special interests might be different to those of the rest of the European people, but its general interests are still European. This means that it is in Germany’s interest to protect the German interests but mostly to protect the European interests.


This exactly is a delicate point. Here comes the elementary question, which, if answered, automatically reveals all the hidden roles of the leading men. European Germany serves or threatens Europe’s interests? The role Germany played in the historic course of Europe may be conceived using the simple legal method. There’s no need to make a historic analysis. Simple legal thought is needed to reveal everything. Qui Bono?, Who Benefits? It is of little importance what seems to be the answer when it is not answering the question itself. It does not matter whether Germany tried to “conquer” Europe for its own benefit. What really matters is what was the benefit of the one who made Germany try it. If for instance the American domination in Europe started right after Germany’s failure to dominate, some “questions” are raised since it was the Americans who financed Germany to start its effort.


Do you understand what we are meaning to say? When the one who benefits from the failed actions of another one, is the same one who suggested and financed them, then things are not what they look like …Someone is “fooling around” with the ambitions of a fool and takes advantage of the consequence of the fool’s actions …someone fools around with the instincts of a beast and destroys what the clever ones created. Things are simple. By playing it smart one “sets” a complex European china “tower” and someone sly goes and “pinches” the German idiot and moving instinctively he brings everything down.


A bunch of “kids” playing on the sand builds a great tower and admires it. It admires its creation and someone sly goes and “pinches” the silliest of them and “throws” this kid on the sensitive creation. This is what has happened in Europe. What took endless intelligence, heroism and ability for all the Europeans to build as a team, some stupid Germans brought it down in just a few years …Some illiterate Germans who growled weird “heil’s”.


It was easy for the Americans to take advantage all of them because the Americans knew their characteristics. And if it wasn’t them who knew them, there were others who did and were ready to cooperate with them …the Jews. They took advantage of the fact that Germany had been behaving like a mindless “beast” due to the social Marxism that was powered by the Jews and funded by the Britains. Germany with its educated urban and capitalist class fully stricken, it was an easy adrift of any ambitious imperialist. With the illiterate pleb of the pubs and the mines being the dominating social power of Germany, it was easy to lead Germany against Europe. Germany was the silly one who was standing really close to the European china “tower” of power, so it was really easy to “pinch” Germany and take advantage of its stupid reaction. It was easy to turn it against not its national enemies but against Europe.


And this is what they did. They financed illiterate and unschooled supporting actors –like Hitler and his gang- and they destroyed Europe. They had flattened it and therefore –with their “rights” as lender and ally- they set their “foot” on Europe. What Greeks had done in Asia using guns, Americans did it in Europe using money. They penetrated the “heart” of their enemy and took power from him. It was easy to take advantage of Germany and mislead it to its anti-European mistake, because they knew what they had to do. 


They knew how they could take advantage of the Germans because they had their insiders. Even the imperialistic “fairy tales” of Germany were something they thought of …Most of them were created as an “alibi”. This means that what we know as Nazi “fairy tales” were not something the Germans thought of. They “had borrowed” them from the Americans and the Jews who were financing them …They “had borrowed” them from the Rockefellers and the Prescott Bushes.


We are talking about weird things of endless beauty. We are talking about illiterate supporting actors, who spent their intelligence in parades and marches. They only thing they knew was to salute. All the rest were given to them ready in “cribs”. When Hitler talked to the hailing German plebs, his bosses in Washington should have had a good laugh with it. These inebriated “twits” with the American and Jewish financing built the military camps in order to protect and also to give “alibi” and validity to the Jews in the after the war American era of Europe.


Those who pretended to be the “master” Aryan race, were in their majority what they accused the others to be …illiterate, homosexuals, perverts, deformed, bulimics, cripples etc… If someone looks at the leaders of Nazi shall understand who professed the “master” race. We are talking about true “Orcs” who destroyed the European achievement –which was founded by the Greeks- by promising at the same time Greek intellectual and physiological “vigour”. All these men were paid by the Americans so that the latter could “get into” Europe, without having to collide with it directly.


So, there is not a mystery regarding the European defeat. The stupid member of the “family” is to blame for the great “fiasco”. Germans were financed to undertake a war that was lost right before it even begun. The plan was to make Germany surrender to its lenders and Europe in its turn to its transatlantic “ally”  It was something never seen before in the history of Europe and this the Germans’ achievement. The Germans were the first who opened the “gates” of Europe to the non-Europeans. They borrowed money from foreigners to make a war with their “brothers” and they did not know who would profit from it at the end. The result is what we face today …Americans conquered Germany and tutored Europe. It was in their interest that the secondary German actors undertook this a priori lost war. Therefore, this is why they took part in the war against the Germans. They fought against those whom they had been financing to lose …Things are simple …There is no mystery in that that requires for secret information or complex thinking.


This tragic “error” made the Germans a very important factor of the European history …as important as the Greeks but –unfortunately for them- having the opposite sign. This is why we use the “airplane” geographical approach of history. The whole world since 323 BC until the middle of the last century was still just outside “Athens”. Caesars, Napoleons, Charlemagnes of the Europe had their interfamilial “mess” in the “forests” of this “Athens”. In 1945 –because of the Germans- we “flew” to “Beijing”. The Greeks brought the human history to the “Athens” “station” and the Germans made it “fly away” from Europe and land to “Beijing”. Because of them, human history changed “station” and abandoned Europe.


If Greeks were the absolutely successful Europeans, Germans were the absolute failures. If Greeks have always been the absolute model for the rest of Europe, then German are entitled to become the absolute anti-model. If it was due to the Greeks that Europe gained everything, it is due to the Germans it lost everything. Because of them Europe got taken down from its “throne”. The world leadership has been lost for the Europeans. What Europe had won due to the Greek extreme effort has been lost because of the Nazi extreme stupidity …An extreme stupidity, that shall remain as a permanent German “disability” for as long as some people would nail Germany under the power of its Marxist plebs.


…An extreme stupidity that would become a “sacred” doctrine for the American dominants of Europe. They would not have allowed Germany to recover and become again a normal country in any way. Since 1945, German society has been absolutely controlled so that it did not produce anything. Whatever able or useful or dangerous is destroyed upon creation. If one tries to remember an important German of the second half of the last century, soon enough he/she shall come to the conclusion that there is none …Germany is not allowed to “produce” even great singers. There is a great lack of meritocracy in Germany which is absolutely planned by the people controlling them.


This is why such a vast and so populated country has no important people to show for the last century in all fields. Those presented as the “strong” Germans are just accountants and “screwdriver specialists”. This is why Germany is governed by people who could not even survive in other countries. Germany is a dead “land” …A “sterile” mother, who cannot give birth to anything important since this is something that would threaten its owners …condemned to “give birth” to Merkel, Schauble, Reichenbach and Fuchtel. We are talking for really deformed and retarded “Orcs” …Stupid men who are restricted by working hours, orders and regulations and the system has persuaded them that this is the absolute ability.


The latter is a really important aspect because Germany’s role would not have expended its resources in just serving the American interests. Its “infrastructure” is useful to imperialism. When someone really dump exists, this one is useful to all the foxies. As it one imperialist used this at the expense of others, every aspiring imperialist can use it too. Why would we say something like that? Because American world leadership is proved to be short …There is no comparison to the European domination for over a thousand years. Within less than fifty years, American world leadership showed signs of decay. Having faults in its “structure” right from the beginning, it could not have lasted longer.


Some usurpers saw this shortcoming and surprised America. All of a sudden, –in Europe’s absence—Americans got “attacked” within their territory. By whom? …By their partners who were above suspicion …By Jews …By the Asia-originating Jews …By the countrymen of Xerxes’ father in law, who had persuaded him to attack Europe and the Greeks …By the sons of Esther, the daughter of Mordecai. We are talking about the absolute historic scenario. We are talking about the absolute “overthrow” that even Hollywood hadn’t staged. The Asians who had failed to conquer Europe coming from the East, are trying again after thousands of years to do the same thing coming from the West. Today they are trying to do from America what they had been failing to do by being next to Europe.


This takes place at a time when Israel exists as a country in Asia and Zionism rules all over the Western world …Israel that ceased to exist when the Greek overlords under the Antiochus’ guidance had “annihilated” it. This is the state in which today Jewish “raise” the New Order of Things …Asia is trying to take back the power that once lost by changing its tactics. After failing to conquer Europe using military means, Asia tries to do it now using money. In this pursuit, they need the Germans.


Germans are proved to be the easy solution to breach Europe’s “kerkoporta (a postern used in the fall of Constantinople)”. Whoever wishes to “set foot” on Europe and demolish it, the only thing he/she has to do is to “fool” the Germans. For a second time in less than fifty years, Europe’s idiots become the victims of foreigners and they serve their interests at the expense of Europe …it is for the second time that they take money from foreigners and they turn against their European “brothers” under their lenders’ orders …it is for the second time that the family’s fool takes “candies” from the “child abuser” of the neighbourhood in exchange to get him into the “bedroom” where the younger “siblings” sleep …In the “bedroom” which is common today due to the European Union.


Due to the German behaviour, Europe has become the “bedroom” where Jewish loan sharks rape the Europeans. The first time, they have served the Americans at the expense of the Europeans and the second time round they serve the Asian Jews at the expense of the European people again. It is because of them that in 1945 the American occupation of Europe started and in 2012 –again it is them to blame- the Jewish occupation begins …An occupation that did not come out of the blue but it was the result of a war attack. In 1989, Jew Greenspan levelled his “assault” against both USA and Europe from his position in FED …the cheap money “assault”, the result of which is now obvious. Cheap money destroyed the productivity of the western countries and forced them into unemployment. Peoples without employment got involved in huge debts and now, loan sharks are infesting their countries.


This is a game Jews couldn’t have played without the help of Germany …Without the first “willing” player. It is again because of stupid and unnecessary financing that Germany “fell into the trap” and turned again against Europe …the play is same, only this time it has different “bosses”. In the Second World War, Germany was financed by the American to start a world war that was a lost cause right from the start. It destroyed everything and at the same time it brought its American lenders to Europe. Today, something similar is happening. It got financed again by the FED that belonged to the Jew Greenspan to bring Europe to his countrymen loan sharks. The Jews by knowing Germany’s needs and complexes, they could play with them. This is why they put Germany in the adventure of reunification …the adventure of the so-called national “engagement” which was diligently made even more expensive. What for? …To finance it …To force the unified now Germany into unbelievable debts. Why did they over-indebt Germany? …to leave it with just one “way” of salvation.


This “way” is to over-indebt the rest of Europe’s peoples …the peoples who did not have the criminal naivety to borrow money from the Jewish loan sharks of the USA on their own free will and without any reason. Germany was the insider who “captured” Europe on behalf of the Jews. In order to get free from its debt, Germany levelled an unseen corruption assault against Europe. There is no corruption affecting one European country that Germany is not behind it. Why is that? So that the Germany-corrupted European leaders would over-indebt their countries for Germany to be able to “sell” its products to them and therefore to be able to settle its debts. 


…Germany betrayed Europe once again. Germany handed all the European countries over to the Jewish loan sharks, by naively believing that this way they would let Germany free. Germany put the European family at the “target” of the “markets” and it is collecting profits every time one of its members gets “executed”. The loan sharks who pretend to be the “hunters” are shooting safely in the European “hen house” because Germany has managed to “raise walls around” Europe. One after the other, Europeans are destroyed so that Merkel can pay the stupid and artificial German debts to the loan sharks. 


As in all previous instances, once again its “fairy tale” is extremely misleading. Nazi Germany who used to destroy Europe in the name of the Greek ideals, does the same thing today. The surrendered, corrupting, competitive after receiving subsidies and extremely anti-European Germany pretends to be the unrivalled European power that fights for the European unity and against the corruption. This country that took advantage of the unification to serve its national interests, requires from the other countries to sell themselves out in the name of this unification. This country that even today keeps corrupting anyone around it, it threatens the corrupted ones. It “vomited” over a whole continent and now it is looking for the “spot” on its victims to punish them.


Nowadays, Germany raves on an everyday basis against Greece. The accusations of the Germans against the Greeks are on the agenda. Lately, the word “Griechenland” should be by far the most used word in the German political speech. German politicians –and not just them—make accusations against the Greeks on an everyday basis. They accuse the Greeks even in the most dangerous and unjust way regarding the collective responsibility. They accuse them using the same racist rhetoric that they used in the past against the Jews and this is what condemned them in the minds of the people all over the world. After apologizing hypocritically for a million times, they came back with their familiar characteristics. As soon as they regained their powers, they started again the same old games …”Greeks” are useless, lazy, thieves etc.


Why do they keep making this organized and unfair, of course, defamatory campaign? For many important and unimportant reasons …Reasons that are relevant to the simple psychological needs of the supporting actors and reasons of great importance in practice for the leading actors as well. There are plenty insignificant reasons connected to the anti-Greek feelings of the German leaders. Reasons always existed and they shall exist in the future too. Besides, it is a usual phenomenon to target the famous and the able men and when talking about peoples the Greek people is such. As the Persian poet says …”Stones and sticks are thrown only at fruit-bearing trees”.


This means that it is a purely psychological matter that Germans react so offensively against anything negative with regards to Greece. These reasons are even more useful in their analyses because they are usually the most revealing ones. Why is that? Because they are connected to the emotional and instinctive reactions …such reactions that do not take the time to get “filtered” through the pseudo-cultural filters of politically correct behaviours. They are reactions that are connected to envy which –when functions as “motive”- reveals other things as well.


In our opinion, the current anti-Greek hatred, that characterizes the ridiculous modern German leaders, is only normal. By managing the country, with the most unattractive and appalling history in Europe, they are trying to devalue anyone they consider having exactly the opposite features. Furthermore, there is a personal matter as well. Why is that? Because most of these leaders are ex-Stalinists and as such they hate those who invented Democracy. Most of them are “castrated” accountants and bureaucrats and therefore they are consumables for history and they cannot resist the temptation to “throw stones” at the immortal parts of it. If you are a nobody, there is a gain to connect your name with someone immortal even by insulting him.


Not even in her wildest dreams, a woman with “bad taste” named Merkel could have imagined to have the chance to upbraid and lecture the Greeks for some time in her skinflint life. It is obvious that she takes delight every time she uses the word “Griechenland”. It is obvious that this “bush pig” takes delight every time she reproaches those who adored Aphrodite and praised human beauty. The reason for that is simple. Castrates have always hated stallions. Those who finish last have always hated the first. The total losers have always been trying to defame the absolute winners. There no need for much explanation. German Nietzsche has explained this better than us.


Nevertheless, the important reasons that the organized anti-Greek hysteria that exists in Germany are different. They are related with the real needs of their real bosses and not with the psychological problems the supporting actors face. Germans may aim their “bile” at Greece but they would never dare to assault Greece using so much ferocity. They are too European to dare “attacking” Europe’s “womb”. 


Actually, Germans are the first and simply the most enthusiastic “audience” for this anti-Greek mania. Those who really rave against Greeks are others. Germans’ bosses are those raving and not Germans themselves who are just pretending to “lend an ear” …Miserable willing audience. The few Germans appearing to blame the Greeks are just making their living. They are making “their living” like that poor adopted Vice-chancellor. All these people have to serve their bosses and execute their orders.


But why did the Jews create this anti-Greece mania? Europe’s “conqueror” fear of just one thing …they fear of the Greeks …They fear of those who not only did they resist to the Europe’s “falling” but they regained their forces and won all its former enemies. It is these Greeks the Jews are afraid of …Asian Jews since we should not forget that they are the true children of Babylon that had attacked Europe and lost the war to the Greeks. These are the Greeks that the Asian Jews have as a target and simply the Germans as their most faithful European slaves are “engaged” to accuse their ancient enemies. The accusations against the Greeks are a salaried job for the Germans.


Why is it and Jews have a problem with the Greeks? Because they are entrapped in a dead-end. While in the first phase, they have managed to “pass” through the Greek “passage”, they have to face a worse situation …a situation that shall bring them to a new confrontation with them …a much worse and more dangerous confrontation than the previous one. Why is that? Because the Jews know the Greeks. They know them better than anyone else because they have been walking along with them for thousand years. They know when Greeks may be dangerous. They know that they cannot be fooled twice with the same trap and certainly not when the elapsed time is not great. They also know that “pressure” works like “oxygen” for the Greeks. They know that Greeks become dangerous when they have to fight when they have no other choice. It would be easier for you to understand the difficulty that they have been facing, if you watched the movie “The Beast of War”. Nothing else could have described the current situation better than this smart movie. How could you picture the situation? Jews, leaders of the almighty New Order “vehicle”, initially passed very easily through the Greek “passage”. With the well known arrogance and pride that characterizes them, not only did they not respect the Greeks but also they have tried to humiliate them. They believed that it would not cause them any damage to offend them by walking all “over” them. They had available all armours and they did not hesitate to use them provocatively. All went well and they were not afraid of anything.


But they had not anticipated one thing …the most important thing …That after the Greek “passage” there was a dead end. They had not anticipated the chance that the New Order planning might not work. They had not anticipated the worst option that could happen to them …the chance to get in a dead end and after having destroyed the Greeks to have to turn back to their own “places” …which means that they would have to pass again their “narrow passage” but now the Greeks would be in a wild state of mind. This scares them and this is why we focused on the fact that they know the Greeks well enough. They know that when they meet again, things shall not be just difficult but it would a total nightmare for them.


Actually, they have already “lost” the war. We don’t just profess that the Greeks SHALL win this battle …Winning is not even at stake …The Greeks have already won …They won when the battle started …When their “generals” realized what was happening and they undertook the management of the situation on their own. It does not matter what the common Greek citizen knew or did not know. What really matters is what the people who would undertake the management of the emerging crisis knew at that time. This has happened in the early 90s, when the New Order of Things have been levelling its global assault …When Jews were planning the invasion of Prescott Bush’s son in Iraq …When Jews were passing through the Greek “passage” by making Simitis and Papadimos to take the well-known swaps of Goldman Sachs.


However, this time is long gone. Jews are still “riding” the “vehicle” of the global banking system but this “vehicle” is not as powerful as it used to be …it is “crawling” having umpteen problems and has to pass “through” Greece …to “pass” either using Troika policies or PSIs. The “guns” that could not destroy this vehicle back then, now can. But guns are still the same. The victorious guns are the same ones since their “manufacture” regardless of the fact that they did not have the same “range” or efficacy back then, because conditions did not allow it. Do you understand what we are meaning to say? “Guns” exist already and the Jewish loan sharks cannot “leave” but they have to “return”. But returning would signify their defeat. Simply, this is not visible right now. It is not visible for the ignorant people, but for those initiated, this is something more that certain. Knowledge ensures victory and the Greeks have already had this knowledge. Things are simple. A child is born when he/she gets out of his/her mother’s womb and not when neighbours see this child. What is the meaning of this in this case? That it does not matter when the world shall know this development and therefore when the battle shall take place. What really does matter is that the Greeks have already won this battle, even though they have not realized it yet. It is just a matter of time for the New Order of things to collapse and the human kind to get into the New Era …unfortunately for “Orcs” this New Era is the humanistic Aquarius age, and therefore it is the Greek era.


It is just a matter of time for the Planet to “see” the great battle between two of the top factors of the human history, the Greeks and the Jews. A battle bearing huge consequences since its outcome shall define the operation mode of the global system. Its outcome shall define the way in which the whole human kind and not just Europe shall live in the future. Now you can understand why all occultists all over the world consider the year 2012 so much critical. You can understand why “Armageddon” with its worldwide consequences shall take place at the Eastern “corner” of the Mediterranean sea.


Soon enough, many shall “bite their lips” and many lips shall be “sealed” because they dared to say unfit things. The solid and eternal meritocracy of history cannot be doubted by any clown because it is just in his interest. History shall repeat itself in a far greater scale and therefore the benefit for the leading roles shall be much greater. If ancient Greeks won the battle against the barbarity of the East in favour of Europe, then modern Greeks are those who are meant to win the battle against the barbarity of both Eastern and Western world in favour of the human kind. The world has become a little “village” and in this “village” everyone knows what the character of the others is.


The German traitors of Europe along with the Phoenicians from Asia may have forced Europe to get down from the “back” of the Greek “bull”, but it remains to be seen how they shall pull it through with the “bull”.