The greatest private fraud of human history.
Who are the great fraudsters who are becoming the murderers of the human kind?
How does the economy “illness” threaten Democracy and the freedom of people?
We are starting our analysis with a really creepy hypothesis. Could anyone imagine to be put on a respirator in a way that his/her breathing to be his/her cause of death? …to breath in but not to be able to breath out …to breath increasingly greater amounts of air without breathing out …to breath in through the mouth using an one-way tube …whatever he/she inhales to remain in the lungs and not to be able to be relieved exhaling …whatever he/she inhales to remain in the organism and to make him/her “blow up” …the life-giving respiration to become gradually an absolutely torturing “one-way” process leading to death …each new breath to become a new painful “step” towards the end …to reach at a point that the patient refuses to inhale to avoid pain …to refuse to breath to avoid “blowing up”, knowing at the same time that –without breathing- his/her chance to live decrease. We are talking about a medical scenario of endless pain and great vice.

This inhuman scenario is not irrelevant with the situation to which global society has reached. It is exactly what has happened with the countries and their economies. Some “murderers” of economy took the “living” states of the league of nations and “put them on a respirator” in a way that they are led to the current situation …to the current situation where old debts create new debts and the states in their effort to “breath” actually are getting closer to “death” …all states, not just the weaker ones …states like USA, Britain, France, etc.. The “success” of these states cannot be logically explained …one cannot explain the fact that USA “succeeded” to exercise imperialism all over the world, to loot the whole Planet and at the end to be a deficit at the balance.
Something serious should have taken place, so that the “Superpower” owes 14.5 trillion dollars. Such a “broke superpower” has never been before. The world has never seen before “World rulers” who surrender to pain because cancer medication costs. World rulers, who, when they lose their jobs, go straight to the “garbage”, have never existed not even in the years of Genghis Khan. There should be a problem somewhere and that’s what we are seeking. It’s not possible for someone to eat night and day and to risk dying of malnutrition. It is obviously that this person is severely “ill” and that’s what threatens him with death. This is the case in USA. They take advantage the resources of the whole planet and they have “managed” to be threatened today with bankruptcy. They are doing something wrong. Something is wrong in their “organism”. Some internal “cancerous” agent “sucks” all their inflow and lets them crawl to “death”.
National states are similar to living organisms. They are structured in a similar way to “live” and serve their people. Each one of them has its own “organism” and all of them share a common “pathology”. Under normal circumstances, they breath in and breath out without any problem to the “balance” of this normal function. Similar to all living organisms they take from the environment whatever needed …in the proportions they need to survive. They breath freely, but they pay for nourishment. They breath all the time, but they do not eat all the time. They operate in low-cost conditions to all-day functions and they are adjusting to what they do periodically in order to survive. They live with what they have available and they change their function just for those they do not have available but needed.
In order to make clear to our readers what we are meaning to say, we shall start by posing a simple question to which each one of us could answer …each one of us who grew up in a family and knows the basic family economy. How can a family create a debt? A family creates debts by buying things …by buying things that are needed …by buying services that are also needed. That is, it creates debts due to its needs. This is the “physiology” of its “organism”. So, when is this “physiology” limit exceeded and things start to be dangerous? …when for a reason this debt gets created not only due to its needs but also due to its own function …when its own function –therefore its “breathing” as well- creates external debt …for instance, when, without buying a particular item, debt is created …debt created not because this family bought a TV, for instance, but because a member of it lay on the expensive sofa instead of the cheap armchair to watch TV …debt created not because a new toilet was build but because a member of this family used this toilet twice instead of once …debt created just because this family operates and therefore “breaths” …simple things like that.
Its function should not create debt. It is not allowed to create debt because it shall “kill” it. Its function is constant and daily and such a function cannot create external debt. For this reason, if a member of your family “seats” at the porch, you either wait for him/her to “get up” or you find another way to spend your time; You do not borrow money from the bank to pay your brother to get up from the chair. If you are going to the toilet and at the same time another member of your family is in, you are waiting for him/her to get out and you do not borrow money from the bank to “get him/her out” immediately.
So, family functioning just because it involves people who are related and they operate with the additional criteria of their love for each other, it is governed by a particular logic …low cost logic …that logic that has nothing to do with free market. This logic “isolates” the family from its external environment and allows it to survive. Its internal function does not burden directly its external engagements. Its internal function does not change directly its external existence. One does not put on weight just by breathing. One does not grow taller just by breathing. Breathing does not change one’s dimensions, as if he/she is a pump. One breaths in constantly and his/her outside dimensions change slowly which depends on other parameters.
Do you understand what we are trying to say? The members of any family operate in the way that their culture and logic impose and this creates boundaries. Since it is not possible for each member to have its own TV, toilet, tub or balcony, everyone is engaged to function this way. Its members accept this fact and they operate based on it. This is the way that families “breath” and operate. In addition to that, this functioning goes “abroad’ just to obtain whatever is extremely necessary and the family’s own means cannot cover it. The difference is great and the reader can easily understand it. The family is indebted for the TV it bought, but it is not indebted for the order in which its members watch TV. The family is indebted for the car it bought, but it is not indebted for the order in which it is used.
On the one hand there is an expenditure for a necessary purchase and on the other hand there is an operation that should necessarily be done for free. In an easy or difficult way, in a mess or in a order, the arrangement of all these should be free. The “breathing” of a family never stops but it is “free”. Whatever families take from the outside world as “nourishment” creates debts, but as far as its “breathing” is concerned it is for free. This particularity protects the operation and therefore the survival of the family. If for any reason, “food” and “air” are getting in from the same “entrance”, we face the problem described at the beginning of the text …the incorrect technical “putting on a respirator” that leads to death.
This is also the case for countries. Countries are big “families” that operate in a similar way …that operate in a way that many times they should “ignore” the economic logic …in a way that allows them to “breath” without implicating foreign agents in their lives. The national production first goes to the people and then it is exported …no matter how much more profitable exports are. National resources belong to the members of the nation and not to the foreigners …no matter how much more profitable it is for those who sell these assets. This means that the strict financial logic is not always employed in the internal operation of the states …exactly as it happens in families.
How can a national state create an external debt? In the same way a family can …by making purchases to cover its needs …by needs that cannot be covered using its own powers. For instance, external debts can be created by importing raw materials …by importing products of strategic significance …by importing energy …by importing anything needed for food and therefore for survival that a state cannot produce alone …things are simple. Whatever happens in a family, it happens in a state as well.
So some “new order” clowns come and say that Greeks “ate” the money they owe …indeed, they “ate” them. But this is not the point. The point is whether they “ate” them because it was in their interest or because it was in the interest of the loan sharks; Did they “eat” them because they had to “eat” them or did the simply “took them as a breath” because some criminal loan sharks trapped them into it? If they “ate” them in their will to live luxuriously by obtaining high quality “food” they did not have, they should give them back to their lenders. If they “took them in with their breath” –and therefore due to their need simply to survive-, lenders are those who should go to prison for attempted murder.
This is what we are looking for now. How exactly was the Greek debt created? It is true, the debt was created by the financial operation of Greece. But which operation are we talking about? …the natural or the unnatural one?
How was it created? Did the Greeks bought properties abroad and therefore they were indebted with loans? Of course not. They bought their own houses in higher and higher prices taking foreign loans. The kept buying the same products, that they have always been using, in galloping prices. Do you understand what has happened? The vagabond Greek bankers under the directions of the international loan sharks have created the real-estates “bubble”. Why did they create it? Just to put the Greek society “on a respirator” containing the products the loan sharks have provided …to stick to the mouth a “tube” controlling the “breath” of the Greek society leading to the creation of debts with every “breath” it takes …in situations that in no way should they create debt.
What does this mean? That the Greek society should operate for free as far as “breathing” is concerned. “Breath” is the purchase of a house. Why is that? Because every day people are born and dying. Every day people get married, create families and give birth to children. That is that houses change hands on an everyday basis just because society lives and “breaths”. It is not possible to make this constant internal activity a debt producing factor. So, it is not possible to use foreign capitals to fund this activity.
If Greek society was a poor economy of poor workers, it should also have low price houses. Workers should buy them with what they had in their pockets, either a lot or just a few. If poor Greeks had only beans at their hands, their houses should have been calculated in beans and not in Euro …in best case, buyers should be supported by their insurance funds with real money coming from their real levies. They should not have taken funds from external agents. They should not have to borrow Euro from the loan-shark banks and create external debts. When salaries are at 600 euro per month, houses cannot cost 300,000 euro …things are simple. It is just a matter of proportions and the proportions are created by the economy dynamics and therefore the “breath” of the people.
When we used drachmas, salaries were at 200,000 (approx. 590 Euro) drachmas per month but houses cost 20,000,000 drachmas (approx. 59,000 Euro). The ratio of the average salary to the value of a decent house was 1/100. When we entered the Euro zone, salaries remained the same but house prices became five times higher. The ratio of the average salary to the value of the same house became 1/500. This means that suddenly in Greece with the poor people it became natural to talk about houses costing tens of millions. Why is that? Because Greece lay on the “bed” of the European “ICU” and was “put on a respirator”.
Criminal bankers stuck a “tube” in the Greek economy …a “tube” connecting Greece to the international circuit of loan sharks in an uncontrolled way. This was tragic. Why is that? Because criminals interfered with its “breathing” in a criminal way by not financing the development of the Greek economy. They turned its “breath” into a financially profitable activity. They funded the “bubble” of real-estates by giving housing loans. It is a political crime that the world has never seen before, that is the private banks were allowed to borrow money from foreign loan-sharks to fund the internal housing market.
This had a tragic outcome. The same house that when drachmas were used cost about 20,000,000 drachmas came to cost about 100,000,000 drachmas but this time it was funded by banks. For a common transaction of “breath” for the community, banks borrowed money from the international loan sharks just to lend to the local idiots 80,000,000 drachmas more for something that always existed and even though it was still the same, its value was multiplied in a mysterious way. So, a Greek in order to buy a Greek house, all of a sudden, he/she need in addition to his/her money a huge loan from the foreign loan-sharks. This means that suddenly, without any change in the Greek economy, Greeks started accumulating debts to the banks and they in their turn started accumulating debts to the international loan-sharks.
That is that the last twenty years the international loan sharks take for every new housing transaction in Greece illegal and irrational interests for a capital of 80,000,000 drachmas in average …interests for a huge amount that was added by the banks and the loan-sharks. So we have reached a point where for a house that a few days before the monetary union did not cost more than 20,000,000 drachmas –and did not create an external debt- today we pay four-times this amount which is at the same time an external debt …it is as if Greece was a vast empty lot and our banks imported houses at the quadruple price …”Imported” houses that also created external debt.
Due to bankers’ greed, the real-estate “bubble” was not enough. In order to make greater profit, they “took down” what the previous generations of Greeks strived to build to offer it to their descendants. Whenever a Greek had to cover a need, created by his/her human nature, these rogues got involved. They took down the public education system, in order to sell loans for the “bubble” of private education. They took down the public health system, in order to sell loans for the “bubble” of private hospital care. In whatever the previous Greek generation invested tons of money so that the Greek people “breath” freely, these beast tore it down so that they could “spoil” it …so that Greeks would be indebted to foreign loan sharks for the basic functions of the Greek society.
Do you understand the crime? They did these shameful acts with the tolerance of the traitorous political leadership of Mitsotakis and Simitis governments. It is as if in the example of family they had funded a brother to blackmail his brothers using money borrowed from foreigners. By creating a fake reflection of financial growth, they started downgrading the financial function itself. When someone has an apartment and another idiot borrows tens of millions from the international loan sharks in order to buy it, a fake sensation is easily created. When one makes in one common sale of a real estate the profit he/she would not have made throughout his/her life by work, he/she could come easily to the conclusion that he/she discovered the “philosopher’s stone” that turned stones into gold …that “stone” that turned the cheap two-rooms apartment into a property of tens of millions.
What he/she does not know is that such an economy may not be functional and that as the time passes it may destroy them all …each one of them, because they shall reach at a point where either one has nothing left to sell –in order to survive- or another one has no borrowing power so that he/she can borrow money either to buy or to pay the installments for previous purchases. It is a matter of time to block everything in an economy where no one works and all wish to sell or buy with borrowed money. For how long could someone have assets to sell and for how long could some idiots borrow 100,000,000 from Soros to buy something that did not even worth 20,000,000 before Soros appeared in the play?
What would that mean in the family example? The family members brought the foreign lenders in their daily life. They borrowed money from foreigners not to make new purchases or investments, but to overcome all those that were reasonable and for free up to that moment. One borrowed money from foreigners to make the other one leave the sofa or to make him/her get out of the WC sooner. This situation created the new era jobs …jobs that did not exist in the time of reason. One got off the bed in the morning not to go to his/her job, but to go to the WC …to go there not because he/she had the need to but to wait for the one who would have the need and would pay him/her to give it to him.
People who got up from the sofa or who got earlier from the WC because they got paid to, they had the illusion that they were doing a job. They thought that they were doing a job like that fool who, in the years of the stock market rise, thought that he/she was doing a job just by sitting and watching the daily rise of the stocks. They all thought that they have invented New Economy. They did not see the trap. They did not see that they were caught in the mousetrap. They thought they had discovered the magic world of tycoons, who make money by sitting and being patient. All ran to take these posts, so that they would get paid. First thing in the morning, they got up to go to the “job”.
A completely idiotic version of family. A member was locked up in the toilet –even he/she did not have the need to- so that another member would have this need and would pay him/her to get out. Another one sat by the table, so that the person who would like to eat breakfast would pay him/her to leave. A third person was lying on the chair at the balcony in winter so that he/she would get paid in summer …he/she froze him/herself up but he/she thought this was an “investment”. The everyday life of the family became a “bazaar” where one was setting a trap to the other one by knowing the other member’s needs. “Blackmailing” was transformed to financial activity …the “tube” has entered the “mouth” and it did not make a discrimination between “food” and simple “breathing” …end could not have been far.
This ridiculous economy is the one that “intoxicated” the Greeks …and not just them. It was then that the great corruption broke out …this corruption was a natural consequence of this criminal “putting on a respirator”. Since some turned the internal function of the society into a “store”, the equivalent consequences would arise. Since some were in a rush to take the “signature” from the town-planing agency, they should give “fakelaki” (Greek jargon for bribery) to the person signing the document. Since some were in a rush to take a “bed” in a hospital, they should give “fakelaki” to the person assigning them. Since some were in a rush to get their kids to a University, they should give “fakelaki” to the person getting them in. They turned their back to the public funding, that ensured equality among citizens. They got “intoxicated” by New Economy because some people presented it with misleading properties.
Some made the economy of laziness and corruption to look like an economy where development was “galloping”. How could they present such a colossal lie? How could they make a “family” to look productive even though no member had a real job and one ran after the other? …by using a simple trick. Some sly people put the idiotic consumption among the “development” indexes and this way made the economy appear in the most distorted way. Who could forget traitor Simitis, who invited the Greeks to borrow money to spend so that economy could stay in the track of development? Simitis who allowed the banks finance overconsumption in an uncontrolled way so that these indexes never fell.
…the ultimate paranoia. They made the “person put on the respirator” breathing in huge amounts of air, so that he/she could “grow taller”. The once-upon-a-time healthy organism was turned into a rotten air tube, that needed the loan-sharks’ “tube” so that it kept its size …the absolute nightmare …the absolute “crime”. This way they annihilated the chances for the Greek society to get back to its senses. They destroyed the employment system of the Greek society and therefore its ability to “eat” on its own. They taught it to “borrow” and not to work. They taught it to “breath” and “eat” through the same tube. This was the whole trick! Just because social operation was needed in an economy that was being destroyed by the loan-sharks, they turned its “breath” to “economy”.
Do you understand what these loan-sharks did through the traitor and criminal bankers? Do you understand now how came the phrase of Pagkalos “We ate them together” (i.e. we spent the borrowed money together, politicians and the people)? Criminals ate them with the “people put on the respirator”. These rogues destroyed the productive operation of the Greek “family”. They inserted profit in its operation and they involved them all in this operation without giving them a way out. “Family” lands and factories where abandoned because profit was not there. Good scientists were not the example anymore while the good crook “advertiser” made millions. Good workers were not the example anymore while the good football player with a pair of bowed legs made the profits of a feudal. A good worker ceased to be the example, because Julia (Alexandratou) showed a whole “factory” between her legs. Nobody wanted to work when they understood that they could sell at high prices whatever they had in their possession …from their heritage to themselves.
…they all became “businessmen” without any “business” at all. They all sought for “opportunities” financed using foreign money and therefore by multiplying the debts of the Greek people. Acting as idiots, using foreign money they were buying ridiculous apartments hoping that other idiots would pay them really expensive rents -by taking consumer loans- so that they could pay them back. Using foreign loans, they bought land hoping that some day it shall gain value. Using foreign money, they increased prices without any real financial reason for this increase. We borrowed money to raise those prices that we, ourselves, used to pay for before.
We borrowed money which lead to higher prices for the products that we, ourselves, consumed. We borrowed money to use German gypsum boards to our kebab stores and cafes and we reached a point where we paid for gyros or coffee a thousand drachmas, so that we could pay the useless gypsum boards. Why is that? Because using the media, banks winked at us and appeared as generous and naive partners who lend money without much thought. Nobody knew that these banks had made arrangements with the German gypsum board industries and the international loan sharks at the expense of the Greek people. But all these apart from being unreasonable and torturing were also increasing the debts…the debts of the private individuals to private banks …the debts of these Greek private banks to the international loan sharks.
However, all these are crimes …criminal acts that without the support and the complicity of the politic leaders could not have taken place. Why is that? Because rulers always knew the consequences of bad banking. Rulers always knew the bad ending of the “intoxication” caused by the loan sharks’ “treats”. Since Aristotle and ancient Rome, everyone in antiquity knew the notion of loan-sharking. From the impoverished aristocrats of the Middle Ages –who led “crazy” lives up to the moment they were taken down by loan sharks- up to the modern poor wretches with the housing loans, they were all victims of the same method …that method that the rulers knew well. This means that there is not even one chance in a million that the rulers “were messed up” …they knew exactly where they were leading the people …they knew back then that they were leading them to the current “abattoir” of the IMF.
Where does the crime of the rulers lie in the case of Greece? In which period are we seeking treason? In the period when they allowed the private banks and the foreign loan sharks to put the first “tube” for the import of foreign funds in the Greek economy …a “tube” that was truly uncontrolled. No specifications were given for the import of these funds; There was no required orientation to productive investments; They was no limitation on particular financial sector.
They exploited the “drought” in the Greek economy and let “water” run free so that not even didn’t it become useful but it “flooded” everything. Not only did not they “pour water” on the new development and occupation “plants” but they left the existing ones “rot”. This is the “tube” they used to created the Stock Market “bubble”. They misled the people to the stock market and they embezzled their “savings”. Why are we talking about embezzlement? Because the State agents did not check the loan sharks capitals; They did not stop them playing games in the stock market; They did not restrict them to a minimum duration in a participation; They did not force them to draw investment goals reports in order to let them invest in the stock market.
This is how loan sharks appeared to be “investors” and they turned the Stock market into a Casino. But in Casinos, chances are with the one who has the most, therefore, it was just a matter of time for the poor wretches to fall in the trap as they did not understand that it was the loan sharks who made prices go up to make them invest their money. Greek banks and the international loan sharks took from the people thirty trillion drachmas in just a few years. Politic leaders not only did not protected the Greek people but forced them deeper into poverty. They allowed the social security funds as well to “gamble” in the stock market and leave it with huge damages. They allowed the banks to lead the naive people –who lost their savings- to take new loans so that they make “split” …and other loan sharks’ and crook’s “exotic” inventions.
Leaders are accomplices in this crime …consciously accomplices, since they allowed private banks to get in all economic fields totally uncontrolled. This is why we made a special reference to housing loans. From the moment they allowed banks to get in the housing loans field, the “bubble” in the real estate market was a sure thing. When banks, that “sell” money, get interested in making the transactions so expensive that they reach unreasonable levels, “bubble” creation is a matter of time. The creation of a “bubble” in the most fundamental, expensive and necessary need of the society is a crime …the ultimate crime.
The same happened in the other fields of the market. The traitorous political leadership allowed the banks to mislead people to overconsumption, since they allowed them to give consumer loans uncontrollably …loans, for the funding of idiotic activities not for investments …loans for the financing of expensive schools at the expense of public schools …loans for the financing of expensive labors at the expense of the public maternity clinics …loans for the financing of any stupid thing that anyone could ever think of.
Do you understand the crime? …we have been purchasing the same Greek houses and every time we asked Soros to lend us tens of millions …our children have been taking the same knowledge and any time a kid is admitted to a private school we asked Soros to lend us new millions …we have been giving birth to the same kids and in every labor we asked Soros to lend us new millions. We have been going vacations to the same places and every journey we took we asked Soros to lend us new millions …we have been doing the same things we always did but now we were putting a pimp in our transactions. We have reached a point where we could do practically nothing in a cheap way. We could do nothing without paying a capitation tax to the international loan sharking …our “breathing” started to become painful.
But this cannot happen for all eternity. One owes money to another until someone becomes unable to fulfill his/her obligations and then this circle “breaks”. This is not a far-away scenario when it is combined with galloping unemployment. One takes a loan and spends his/her savings …then he/she borrows again and mortgages his/her property. At the end, there’s nothing more to “mortgage” and what we know today as “credit” fact happens. This is what the loan sharks aimed at. Why is that? Why would they lead the Greeks to their limits and then crash them as a nation? They would embezzle their private deposits and they would take their personal properties on mortgage. This was what they were aiming at, because after the destruction of the private individuals, next would follow the destruction of their state. Greek individuals would come at a point that they could not fulfill their obligations and this would come as a “menace” for the banks.
This is the beginning of the “trick”. The bankers having the politicians as accomplices had made their defense from the beginning. Banks were leading the people into bankruptcy but they would not allow to be lead to bankruptcy …for the “good” of the economy and the nation they would receive assistance from the state. The state would assist them using the alibi that this way private deposits were protected. The state would help “them”, in order to help “us”. The private debt of the millions of naive victims would become the public debt of a naive state …of a state, though, that had an inestimable property …that had the power to manage the Public Power Corporation (PPC), the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE), land of inestimable value, archaeological sites of immense fund-bringing value, mines, oil deposits, national roads, etc..
However, in order for the bankers to make this take flesh and blood they need to take the naive people hostage. This “hostage” was the only way that they could ensure the state’s “protection” …the “protection” their bosses needed, since it was the only way to “bridge” private and public debt. If it had not been for this hostage, the bankruptcy of every Greek who could not fulfill his/her obligations would “take a blow” to the Greek Banks and therefore to the foreign loan sharks that are behind them.
Every weak borrower by getting to the point that he/she could not fulfill his/her obligations would have caused harm to the one who made the mistake to lend him/her the money …and this was the loan shark. But this is something loan sharks could not take. Loan sharks would not accept to pay for their own mistakes. They would not accept to pay for the Greeks’ shortcomings. Why would they pay for it, when there was a whole state they could take as damages? That was the trick …the total private debt of the Greek people to their banks shall become a public debt to the international loan sharks.
However, to make this possible, an excuse was needed …there should have been an excuse, so that the state would cover the “mistakes” of the Greek bankers that were made in favor of the international loan sharks using public property. This is why we looked above for an “alibi”. The much wanted “alibi” was given by the Greeks’ private deposits. Private banks can use these deposits to hold the people as their “hostage”. To avoid losing private deposits, we used public money to finance the criminal corporations to prevent them from collapsing.
To avoid banks collapse, the state is “sunk” and lead by the loan sharks like lambs to the slaughter. To prevent the loansharking “anvil”, that threatens us with “drowning”, from getting wet, we raise it high above, and therefore it is us who get sunk. This is the way the private debt gets transformed into public. The private –and so harmless- debt gets transformed into public –and so dangerous for our survival- debt. Instead of the loan sharks to tremble for their safety, due to the failure of their private customers to pay them back, people tremble for their safety because countries undertake this “burden” and they can pay them back at the expense of their people.
Do you understand what are we talking about? Using an illegal and disastrous method, loan sharks got into the Greek society and made it pay for its “breathing”. However, this unreasonable act becomes the ultimate nightmare for the public instead of threatening those breaking the law. Those who illegally received loans -just because they “existed”- should have stopped paying them back and therefore the problem should have ended there, instead, it “gets transferred” and it becomes a public problem. Why is that? Because the state can pay. Because the idiot’s damage, who took loans to buy an overvalued house, a luxurious car and to have luxurious vacations does not damage the criminal loan shark who gave the money, but it is turned into state loan.
Do you understand the reason why politicians and bankers did not want banks to be under public control? …the reason why the look with envy the Post Bank or the Agricultural Bank? They know that even just one public bank could threaten them. Why is that? Because all Greek depositors could move gradually –for reasons of safety- their deposits to the public one. To ensure the state warranty, they would move their deposits there where the state could help them directly, as an enterpreneur.
This would have tragic consequences for the private banks because they would lose their hostage. Such a development would strip private banks of their security. So? So they would pay for their stupidity and therefore they would bankrupt …they would bankrupt due to the millions of unreasonable and redundant loans they gave so that their criminal senior staff would take bonuses. When they could not collect these millions of loans, they would have to close the business and many of them would end up behind bars.
This was prevented by the general and absolute privatization of the banking system. This chance was prevented by the conspiracy at the expense of the bank institutions under public control …of those institutions, to which Greek citizens –if they were smart- should have moved their deposits. The private bankers ensured this shabbiness with the politicians’ “collaboration”. A totally illegal “collaboration” that everyone knew about apart from the legally competent authorities, that is the judicial authorities.
Why are we talking about “collaborations” and judicial authorities? For the following simple reason. A political party is the most –even ridiculously- simple legal “entity”. It does not even have an Tax Identification Number, that even cultural associations have …nevertheless, banks have given loans of hundreds of millions Euro to these parties that do not have TIN and therefore legally required managers. Which banks did that? The public ones did, since they are under their control and those banks that were involved with the political power that wish to blackmail them. The two great parties alone owe to the Agricultural Bank over 220 million euro. A legendary amount. 73 billion drachmas. A debt that even the great industries did not have in the times of drachma. The remaining tens of millions euro they owe them to the involved banks. How and under what excuse did they get so much money from the bankers? Which party would not serve their goals when these bankers can blackmail them and threaten their president with imprisonment? Which party would not serve their goals when most of the party members are elected taking donations from the bankers? Nea Dimokratia has an monthly installment of one million Euro against bank loans. How can it pay them? By selling coupons? It expects them to be paid “in exchange to” “services”. How can people expect from its political leaders to protect them from the loan shark “crows”? Who can doubt that Soros himself can give orders to our political leadership? He, who lends money to the managers of the parties, can control everyone …simple things show how modern treason takes place.
 Global Planning.


Human Kind, the Victim of a “Pump”.


We started our analysis from Greece over a global matter, in order to help you understand totally what is going on …understand how loansharking can invade the everyday operation of a society and threaten the society itself with death …understand how an incorrect “putting on a respirator” could kill a whole organism …no matter how powerful it is …comprehend how can financial mistakes cost a people their country. By knowing what happened in indebted Greece, where loan sharks created “bubbles” and the current inhuman debt, one can understand the inhuman plan in total …understand where this plan started just to bring all states at the same end …understand how this type of plans are established. When the wrong financial operation of a national state can bring it down, it is reasonable that this would interest all those who would like to bring it down and they do not want to use bombing. When a people could lose its country by this criminal operation, it is only reasonable that imperialism followers would plan it. Imperialism and loansharking are perfectly identified …identified, exactly as imperialism used to be identified with war conflicts. This is why we believe that the consequences of some “mistakes” easily reveal the “motives” of those who planned them.
In reality, there is a permanent “recycling” of the same tactics that lead to the mistake and then to disaster. The method used in the case of Greece is a version of the practice that started from the imperialistic centers to expand all over the world. Simply, in Greece, that is a “terminal”, banking illegal superprofits were produced so that loan sharks “spoil” the Greek public assets, while at the “center” of the planning banking superprofits were created so that loan sharks “spoil” the “Greeces”. Exactly the same illegal things were planned to bring profit to their loan sharking inspirators …illegal profits.
The problem, as one may see, started from the place that had the power to do that and this is the center of global imperialism. It started in USA. It is there that private loan sharks made it and took a “pump” …the American economy “pump” …that “pump” that would allow them to interfere with the USA “breath” …to make it “turbo” …to make it unnatural. Why there? Because the USA have a very special particularity. They had a particularity that offered them a special “physiology” …a “physiology” that no other national state had ever before in the global history …not even the British empire. Even though it is a national state, they could finance national states due to its rank in global hierarchy. They could breath in an “enhanced way”, because their unnatural profits did not “blow them up”, they were discarded in the form of financial assistance to the European national states instead. This means that FED kept “pumping up“ but there was a “pressure” relief “tube” that was leading to Europe.
The over-profits of the shark loans in the USA not only did not turn their dollars into inflationary money, but also they were multiplied and exported abroad in the form of “investments”. The illegally “increased” dollars of the internal USA economy become tons of “investments” abroad. FED printed cheap money and loansharking multiplied this money in an unnatural way within the American economy boarders and they discarded them abroad so that they did not threaten USA. USA became the first state in the world with artificial “breathing” …the first state that burdened the international economy with its “breathing” … and this is where everything started …this is where the current shabbiness started, Loan sharks that are international today and “hide” behind the vague term of “Markets” are in fact the old loan sharks of the American market. They by controlling the USA monetary system “pumped in air” constantly in order to make profit from the USA “breathing”.
What’s the meaning of “pumping in air”? It means that by having FED under their control they kept printing new money and releasing it to the economy. What were they aiming at? They aimed at constantly increasing the American economy values. Houses, stores, lands, services and also wages, they kept increasing their economic aggregates …artificially …due to the “pump”. The profit from this method was that they kept presenting increased earnings even at the expense of the economy’s reason. Since 1945 up to the late 80’s they kept doing the same thing. They made Americans keep changing houses based on their increasing salaries, so that the values of the houses keep rising. They made Americans look for the “best” Universities so that they make all of them more expensive. They made Americans keep changing cars so that commercial companies have over-profits. They threw tons of “cheap” money in the market to collect increasingly greater “volumes” of that.
A normal economy never does such permanent “running” because it cannot handle it. It cannot handle it because it shall destroy its currency …it shall make it inflatory …it shall lose its value …as its value is falling it shall also draw along the economy values. However, American economy was not a normal economy …it is the Global power economy …that economy in which the leaders and loan sharks wanted to “produce” in the interior tons of dollars and “export” them abroad in the form of “help” or “investments” etc. It could keep increasing its “pressure” because it could get it out of its “organism”.
Loan sharks saw this very promptly and this is why they undertook FED. They saw this more promptly that the authorities and convinced them on its imperialistic usage. They just did not tell them that at the end USA would be one of their victims. Therefore, loan sharks knew that if they took the dollars printing machines under their control they could suffocate the world …they could initially suffocate USA and after taking the USA from the Americans, they could move and suffocate the whole world and take the countries from their people. They had the mechanism that produced “little mirrors” and the knowledge to manipulate the Indians …besides, USA was the country that took Manhattan from the Indians for 24 dollars …dollars, that a few days before no Indian knew the reason why they could be useful.
This is what loan sharks decided to do at the expense of not only USA but the whole planet …a Planet that looked a lot like “Manhattan” and was populated by “Indians” …”Indians” who had leaders prone to the “alcohol” “intoxication” and loan sharks had plenty of “whiskey”. So, these FED American loan sharks kept “blowing up” the American economy up to the moment that this “pressure” reached a dangerous limit …a limit that would allow them to blackmail USA …blackmail them by “explosion” –and therefore destruction- or by “relief” in another place …as it happens when someone blows successive “elements” connected with relief valves. The first “element” gets blowing up to the moment the pressure opens the second “valve” and the second “element” starts blowing, the third valve opens so that the third “element” starts blowing and so on.
This is a method known to the USA loan sharks. They knew it because they have actually applied that before. It was not new to them. They have managed to exploit that in the past. They have managed to turn a particularity of the “fast” American economy into its smashing advantage. How did this happen? After the great crash of 1929, they decided to take some “countermeasures” so that they would not have to experience this situation again. That crash, though, was caused by the loan sharking and those who undertook the “counter-measures” –to prevent that from happening again- were loan sharks. What were they supposed to do? They would be self-abolished so that they would not experience the same things? …there are some things that prostitutes and loan sharks of course cannot stop doing. What did they decide? They would keep applying loan sharking but they would relieve their consequences abroad. This is how they could have their cake and eat it too. They could make illicit profits at the expense of the American people as they always did and at the same time they could use their over-profits to serve American imperialism.
There was no risk on the horizon. The great experiment was conducted in the years before the war and it was absolutely successful. The overprofits coming from their loansharking activities in the decade after the crush were not caged in the American economy …they did not form an abscess to cause them a damage. They “were exported” in the form of “investment”. Where were so much money invested in? But in Hitler. Why is that? So that he flattened Europe and with their new overprofits they could build this up as an “investment”. This means that Hitler and the American money lost with him were the normal cost of an expensive “bulldozer” that would free up new land for “building”. And this is what happened. Europe was built up with American dollars …it was built with the newly printed dollars …it was build with the American loan sharks over-profits that should they have stayed in the USA, they would have caused a new crush.
USA have invented the “patent” of the century. They could produce endless “trashes” but they not only would not they threaten them but they would also allow them to conquer the world. They would print dollars, they would hand out dollars and after they took them back, they would “export” them. The would release their photocopies in the American market so that they would be legalized and from there they would dissipate all over the world. The increase in the American worker’s salary or the increase in the American real-estate’s value legalized the FED’s “photocopy” before the latter started its journey to the world. Using their own “trash” they would “conquer” the World …the Western World at least. They were the leaders of this world. They have connected their “organism” to a “tube” financing the Western World in total.
USA were grateful to their loan sharks. They were grateful to them for their “ideas”. They were grateful to them for their “investments” in “tractors” …like Hitler. On the very next day of the end of the Second World War they have opened a permanent “channel” of assistance to the Western World, so that it would be used as the “drainage” of the American loan sharking …a “tube” that should be constantly operating –as the loan sharks knew- so that it could be used as a “relief” valve for the “pumping of air” in the interior of the USA.
Since 1945 they have not stopped “pumping”. But this cannot happen for all eternity. Western World is a restricted world and it was just a matter of time to gather the “toxic waste” of the American “breath”. In 1989 USA faced the consequences of the loan sharks’ policy. Their overprofits were produced in the USA, but Europe could not keep absorbing them as investments. There were two solution, there would be a deafening crush or they would “relief” their internal “pressure” abroad. The 1989 crush would have been similar to that of 1927. Why is that? Because it would have been caused again by the virtual “overprofits” of the stock market transactions and the giant “bubble” of the American real-estates. All that in combination with the other “bubble” of the everyday operations of a racists state that wanted “special” services for some parts of the society made it just a matter of time when the American crisis would become a global “firework”.
It was then that they decided the great “trick”. Which was that? To bring down the Eastern Block and to “Reunify” Germany. What was in there for them? They would “export” the dollars of the West in total outside the Western countries. They would find a new investment area to “unload” their money before it would “blow them up”. They would do over there exactly what they did the next day after the war in the ruined Europe. Tons of money would be required for this, so it would give them the chance to “blow up” even more the American real-estate “bubble”, since they needed incredible quantities of money to proceed to their undertaking.
American money would be used to “buy” the immense fund of the Eastern Europe and Russia from the “intermediate” speculators who were the same people with the USA loan sharks. It was then that the USA “loan sharks” became international “Markets”. Using money that, if they were kept in the US, they would have become inflatory “confetti” and wall decoratives, they managed and spoiled a vast area of the Planet.
They seized immense lands from the Eastern Europe. Forests, big kolkhoz like feuds, castles, roads, bridges and generally whatever the Eastern people had. They even grasped the resources of the most rich country in the world …Russia. They did not leave them a thing. They detached the capital of these countries from the hecklers of the corrupted communist parties …it was for free. The overprofits of all the USA “bubbles” found their “investment’ area in what used to be the Eastern Block …”Investment area” in a figure of speech. They just gave away green “tickets” to the cons of the con mans of the former Communist parties so that they would buy Mercedes, Ferrari and Audi and they would pay for hookers believing that they discovered “capitalism” this way. However, this act gave them high “returns” and therefore it relieved the “pressure” of the inflatory money that was constantly produced in the USA.
At the same time, would they invest in the “Reunification” of Germany as well? Why is that? Because the mixed world of East and West was greater, so, they should become “greater” as well. The USA economy “pump” was too small for this world. This why Germany was useful to them. Using Germany they would take greater proportions and this new world would “get pumped” as well. Europe would become “one” with the USA and the rest of the world would play now the role that the thirsty for investments Europe played after the war. So? So, they should literally buy Europe with their own money. To really make it “one” with the USA. This start could take place only in Germany. Why is that? Because Germany belong to them …they had conquered it politically and economically since the years of the war.
They would start conquering Europe from the conquered Germany. The new Americano-european “USA” would be “born” in Germany. To go on with their overprofit activity, it was not enough just to “invest” in Europe, they had to buy it up. It should belong to them absolutely, as did the USA. They should control it not just politically but also financially …and of course monetarily. There was no other way. Everything starts from the currency control …as the “patriarch” of the loan sharks, Rothschild, said. They could not keep playing their games without the money “press” under their control. They should create the new “FED” of the new American-European economy. Germany was necessary for them to achieve this goal. They needed them exactly like someone who has a “pump” needs a “valve” …they needed it to create a constant reservoir of “sub-pressure” in Europe …a “sub-pressure” reservoir that would keep pumping money from the USA and transfer them to the rest of Europe.
This means that opposite to the positive mark of the USA financial fact they put a negative mark for the same fact in Germany. This is how they “pushed” quickly out of the USA the surplus of their profits which were threatening as long as they stayed in the USA. In the form of loan they reached Europe –through Germany- with a huge volume of dollars. This made the “tube” permanent and it connected it directly to the FED vaults. In addition to that, they would create an air “reservoir”, which they would use to “pump up” the rest of the European Union states. This is why they funded the German reunification with huge amounts of money. They are simple things for someone who knows “hydraulics”. They have created a huge debt in Germany to unload their own “surplus” in USA. What were they aiming at? To force Germany, in its struggle to survive, to use every means to “unload” the debt to the rest of the European Union partners. And this is what happened. The USA profits “pressure” turned into a debt “subpressure” in Germany and from there American money started disseminating again in Europe. The Germany problems started to expand to the rest of the European countries. It was then that the common European currency was decided. Why? To allow Americans and loan sharks “pumping up” all Europe with Germany’s support.
…To do to Europe using ECB what they did to USA using FED. But now, in the second case, due to the communicating vessel law, they did not create non-existent debts by printing new money, they turned Germany’s American debts into debts that the rest of the Europe took from Germany. The basic ECB “capital” was Germany’s “debts”. …euro is not even a security …it is a bond. They played a “Monopoly” type “game” based on the German debts. The debts of other countries would be created next in the course of the “play”.
Do you understand what we are talking about? Using parities they created a currency reality with bonds. Depending on the wealth and the obligations of every country the made a “deal” in Euro. Each country took what it “qualified for” and everyone thought that it was a good deal. But when Germany is the greatest economy of Europe and at the same time it owes infinite money in dollars, it is clear that the corresponding percentage in euro actually is in dollars. That means that the share of Germay and its economy in Euro securities is in fact dollar bonds.
This is what the loan sharks aimed at. They presented a new currency, which, in fact, was a dollar variant …a currency that started as a security to seduce the people but in fact, due to the German debt, it was a bond. From this point on, everything was easy for the loan sharks. Since they had an important part of the new currency in the form they wanted, it was just a matter of time to turn it totally into a bond. Why is that? Because securities were not in the loan sharks’ interest. They were valuable and they did not create debts …those debts that the loan sharks wished for. So? So they had to find a “fraud” to eliminate them progressively …to turn them from securities into bonds. How did they do that? By using the ECB “gifts” to them that adopted the FED tricks and printed constantly “fake” euro. Countries fell in the trap of subsidies, great investments, co-financing etc. All these were tricks to flood Euro zone with fake money …to make countries borrow tons of “cheap” money that would gradually “engulf” real money. This is why they kept sending the support “packages” or the assistance of the so-called European Investment Bank. Using the co-financing method at 50%, countries invested real money and Investment Bank “fake” money. The kept releasing “fake” money until they “engulfed” the real ones …this was for free for the Investment Bank. It took ECB’s photocopies and gave them to the countries so that they finance the overvalued public works.
…w=We are talking about high caliber frauds …we are talking about loan sharks who aimed at countries and their people …we are talking about loan sharks who “fix up” invitations to bid so that they could overcost projects and lead countries to debts …we are talking about the same loan sharks who got in the national economies and “pumped air” in “breathing”, as we described in the Greece example above. The overcost projects, the corrupted countries and the trapped people who were made to pay for their “breaths” all led easily to the current lousy situation within just two decades.
…Simple things happening all over Europe in exactly the same way. It was the same loansharking Goldman Sachs, that was financing the European Investment Bank and “connived” with Simitis the fiscal data of Greece, so that ECB would be justified to buy Greek bonds using Goldman Sachs money, so that Bobolas could undertake the overcost public works …Bobolas, who was a Goldman Sachs’ partner …it’s a self-serving behavior …and who pays for it? Fools of course! After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the loan sharks’ “trashes” have “flooded” Europe.
This was the whole trick! Simple, quick and with minimum risk. They corrupted the political leaders of the European Union and they “flattened” everything. All these beasts –Pronti or Barroso- under the auspices of the loan sharks took important posts in the European mechanisms. Using the cheap borrowed dollars of Germany, they “printed” the cheap ECB Euro in Frankfurt. Using these cheap Euro they grasped the expensive Euro of the countries and turned it into debts. They eliminated the Euro securities and all that was left in the market was the Euro bonds. Euro value was stored in the ECB vaults and the countries were left with debts. That was the “game”!
American loan sharks represented now the international “Market”. But they needed the “umbilical cord” that connected them with the USA to arrange their “prints” as far as the accounting was concerned. ECB lent huge amounts of money to the European countries, because theoretically it has borrowed these corresponding amounts from the USA. It lent the “photocopies” borrowed by the FED at the price of real money. The American “pump” has started “blowing up” Europe using Frankfurt as its “valve”. Do you understand the reason why the European Union, even though it had a common currency, it did not function as a real “super-country” but as an “association” of independent national states?
This is the case, because this is in the loan sharks’ interest. Loam sharks wanted Europe “united” so that they could put it on a common “bed” but at the same time the wanted it separated so that each country could be “put on a separate respirator”. They did not want it truly united, because, in this case, countries would be engaged to operate with balanced budgets and this would not have been in the loan sharks’ and Germany’s interest, as Germany had the great debt “hole”. This is why it has never been a “Federation” of independent national states –and therefore a “Union” of many individual living “organisms”- and no effort was ever made to make it one united living “organism”.
National states were not left free to operate as they have been operating over the centuries using their own currencies. They remained national states, by they got mysteriously in a common currency situation that allowed the foxy ones burden them with debts …debts that would allow them to “slaughter’ these countries at some point without having to face reactions. These states remained national within the frameworks of a so-called globalised economy, because this is what was in the interest of those who had planned this situation in collaboration with the international loan sharks. They remained national, so that they existed as “chases” for the foxies …they remained national only in the fields they had interest in.
For decades, European Union remains in a hybrid state just because it is in the interest of the peoples murderers …just because those who “envisioned” it aimed at “murdering” the states and building the New Order over the national “bodies” …national “bodies” that they would have been already “spoiled” and actually “looted” …national “land plots” over which they shall build the German “Europe” of loan sharks …the “Europe” of ugliness expressed by Merkel, Schauble, Rehn, Barroso and the other “kids” …the “Europe” of “peace” expressed by Germany, a country that has sold its “peaceful” guns to every dictator of this world …the “Europe” of culture where Soros would be its main philosopher.
Now can you understand the “love” of the loan sharks for Germany …their “love” that makes the once-upon-a-time over-indebted Germany the loan “base” for the rest of the Europe …the “love” that reaches a point where they finance its competitiveness in a pointed and unfair manner. They need Germany, because they “unload” their own “sins” to Germany’s needs. If it was not for Germany, they could not have done all these crimes having as their only “gun” the collaboration of the traitorous leaders of the European countries …the countries that borrowed money to get into the European Union, so that they could “spend” them just to save Germany by buying its products. Starting with Germany being the only country that had a really huge debt, all the other states followed and adopted Euro and therefore became indebted to the ECB. Then, Germany was trying to sell at any cost its product to everyone, so that it turned its own huge debt into an aggregation of the other countries’ debts. It tried to “afloat” by “sinking” all the others. The destruction of Europe became the “salvation” of Germany. The European financial destruction was Germany’s only hope to financially survive.
Actually, this means that there is no difference in Dollar and Euro …it is the same currency since it is “produced” by the same photocopying “machines” and it covers the needs of the same economy in the same area …it is the same currency, since it belongs to the same people. It just has a different name depending on which side of the Atlantic it is circulated …it is a mirage. The so-called parity between Euro and Dollar has been “locked” right from the beginning since the German reunification. It has been “locked” there, since an important part of Euro, due to the German implication, is a direct expression of dollar. It has been “locked” like the Drachma parity to Euro is “locked”. Today, this “locked” parity appears like a “variable” so that they “fool” Europeans and ask them to make “sacrifices” in a game where the foxies always win –they got both ways- and people always lose.
These “fake” money have created giant national debts and now the loan sharks are getting ready for the big con. They are getting ready to loot not just their private customers that have exhausted long ago …they are getting ready to loot the people, who necessarily became their customers …the people who were betrayed by their leader …the people who turned the debts of private naivety, weakness and foolishness into public debts …the Greeks who turned banks debts of 120 billion euro into public debts …the Irish people who made their bank debts of 70 billion euro into public debts.
All these have happened so that the loan sharks get ahold of the peoples’ countries assets. Now, these “Markets” hit the states one after the other so that the loan sharks could grab the peoples’ countries. They hit the ”circumference” of euro and they claim it with the help and the support of the German “center” which already belongs to them. This is their goal. These people are trying to conquer Europe …and this is what they do. They start their plan from the weakest countries of Europe with the collaboration of the most powerful country of Europe. Loan sharks and Germany both create a “clamp” that destroys people …pushes them and loots them. What some people call “mistakes” of Merkel and Germany at the expense of Euro and European Union are not just “mistakes”, they are pre-planned war strikes against the peoples of Europe. …we’re saying that to prove that it is mere idiocy to say that “Markets” are striking Greece to get to Euro. Euro already belongs to them and they can play “games” with it. “Markets” strike Greece, because Greece is their target. They strike to terrorize Greeks and loot Greece. They terrorize them, as the debt collection company criminals do by threatening with imprisonment and any type of sanction. Other countries come after Greece. Germany, in the face of Merkel betrays Europe and its people and gives them up to the loan sharks …the loan sharks who put the unloved and ugly Stalinist follower in the office of German Chancellor.
Even the pseudo-imperialism of Germany is to blur the people …to hide the loan sharks from the view, the German imperialists appear. What is happening nowadays in Greece, it happens everywhere. German Siemens seems to have a leading part in the loot of Greece. Is there a German Siemens or is it the long “arm” of Goldman Sachs? Deutsche Telecom seized OTE at a dirt-cheap price. Is there the German Deutsche Telekom, when it belongs to the loan sharks of Deutsche Bank? Is there a German Deutsche Bahn, that claims for OSE (Greek Railway Company)? Who owns Deutsche Bahn? The Germans do? …this is ludicrous. Germans do not even own Germany.
Since 1945 when Germans lost the war they have been “guests” in their own country. They populate Germany, which literally belongs to the loan sharks; banks. Germans simply carry “water” in the modern mill of lousiness and they are simply the “punching bag” that protects the loan sharks  Loan sharks steal Europe and the Germans become once again the center of the European hatred. Loan sharking banks are those that have the monopole in the countries looting them in the name of Germany. They are the ones looting the gold of Chalkidiki, the national road network, the Rio bridge or PPC.
What is the solution to this nightmare, that shall strip people and countries of their valuables? People should wake up at last and take the death “tube” out of their “mouth” …they should start “breathing” normally …without “support” …they should “breath” for free and they should start seeking their “food” within the producing procedures and not by living as parasites …they should close the boarder of Europe or USA, that allow uncontrollable imports at the expense of the employment of the population …they should create tens of millions of jobs within just a few days in the West, that is “thirsty” for jobs and its people “languish” outside unemployment fund offices.
…They should finally awake and “leave the respirator” that connects them to the loan sharking “cesspit”. There should be a “haircut” in the “breathing” debts …they should not pay the installments for the housing loans at the levels imposed by the loan sharks …they should pay the instalments at the levels protecting the private deposits …they should pay the installments that are necessary for the protection of the people’s “breath” and of course the ensuring of the social justice …a temperate burden, taking into consideration what are the deposits in relation to the total turnover of the banks. This means that private debts all over the world should have a “haircut” …they should have a “haircut” at the expense of the banks and the loan sharks.
It cannot be possible but just in the USA for only the last year, more than one million houses were seized. It cannot be impossible but the New World has returned to tents and shelters ..has returned to the ages of Columbus. It cannot be possible that we allow to a few loan sharks looting the toils and the assets of people. It cannot be possible that loan sharks dare to wrong so shamefully such numerous human populations. The nightmare should come to an end …the nightmare that started in the FED vaults and through the housing loans and the bonding investments of the Social Security Funds reached all households.
We have reached the ultimate limits of shabbiness …where “Enough is Enough”. Banking system and currencies should return to the people. There should be a discrimination of the currency nature in the two sides of the ocean …its “security” part and its “bond” part should be separated. There should be a discrimination between what it describes the real value and that “value” that results from the addition of interest and “returns”. What does this mean in practice? There shall be an arrangement in favour of the people as far as the social security funds and the private deposits are conserned, so that currency becomes again a security. All the “rest” may be returned to the bankers and the loan sharks. This is whatever is described as debt and interest may be returned in the form of the well-known balls…
They should be led to prison, both “Markets” that pretend to be reservoir-Fund and their local “pumps” that pretend to be private banks …banks should be left to bankrupt so that they come under the national control for free. It is banks that should become public not their debts, as it happens today. Their owners should be led to prison for high treason and all their assets should be seized. All the bonuses, that their staff received due to their loan sharking “successes“ should be given back. Justice should be restored to face this blood-thirsty gang of beasts who made people sweat blood …international Courts should nail the “Markets” and put them on trial for crimes against humanity.
…They should be charged with the suicides all over the world of hundreds of thousands victims of the banking illegal acts …they should be charged with millions of people hospitalized due to their loan sharking greed …they should be charged with the poverty of billions of newly-poor unemployed people of the West, who cannot survive today for the simple reason that the destroyed the production procedure …they should be charged with war losses, because they made war against the unsuspected human kind. All these should be the charges to the lame loan sharks who have decided on their own to impose the global dictatorship of global governing.
People should start getting ready for great trials …for International Courts, where the current loan sharks shall give account. Monetarism criminals should sit on the same benches that once sat Nazi criminals. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Greenspan, Bernanke, Trichet, Soros, Buffett –and other “kids” of the loan sharking- should not sleep calmly from this point on. So, should also do their Quisling-type partners …all the traitors who undertook power supported by the Monetarists and exercised leadership at the expense of their people …Merkel, Sarkozy, Barroso, Zapatero, Papandreou and others.
 The world is getting “awake” from “narcosis” and pity to the one who shall be found to have made the wrong at the wrong time …pity to the who “sedated” them to “rape” them …pity to the one who shall be found holding the criminal “tube” …pity to the one who threatened the future of the human kind.






Any Greek politician who signs the sale of public land is a criminal who has to be punished with death. Public land is not for sale …we cannot sell it …it does not belong to us so that we act like its owners. Our father obtained it by giving their blood, so that they could donate it to our children …previous generations of Greeks obtained it just to donate it to the Greek of the future …the dead obtained it to donate it to those still unborn. We, the living ones, can just exploit it …we borrow it from its owners with the engagement to hand it back as a whole …who can sell something that does not belong to him/her?