Ravens left the Tower of London and G. Britain got destroyed.


G. Britain constitutes a cast iron proof that an empire cannot be created by means of sergeants. Sergeants can assist one in conquering or steeping the world in blood but they cannot enable one to create a world as required for empires. With sergeants ones “course” mat be brilliant but “death” is awaiting at the end. Why? Because it is not enough to grasp things indiscriminately.
One has to know how to create with what one has conquered. This has been G. Britain’s tragedy. It owned one third of the planet and upon the end of the Second World War it climbed to the top of the World, it “went nuts” and got destroyed.
It got destroyed when at the height of its power when G. Britain had to make decisions about the world, it “collapsed”. The moment it had to function as appropriate for an empire, it proved unable to cope. It was betrayed by the philosophy that had rendered it powerful. There was neither imperial mentality nor a “vision” for sergeants to go on, “collapse” was a question of time. As long as sergeants set goals and faced visible enemies, G. Britain prospered. When such goals ceased existing, “It was brought to its knees.”

Matters are simple. A sergeant cannot be an emperor. A raven cannot become an eagle. A raven cannot create anything even though it grasps everything. It just admires what it has stolen and the others have created. It collects any object that glitters and fills its nest. This is what G. Britain did and what is reflected in the daily routine if its people. The country, which has “civilized” peoples for centuries and analysed civilizations has no Constitution. It is still governed by means of royal decrees, the way it was in Middle Ages. The state that has drawn knowledge from other people’s civilizations, for centuries, has failed to create its own civilization. The state that has analysed democracy more than anyone else, is inhabited by a queen’s subjects.
It is that mentality that renders it a raven; a raven that has turned G. Britain into a vast museum containing everything but the British civilization. It has the best museums that contain no British exhibits. It has the best restaurants in the world, while the British stick to “fish and chips”. It has codified behaviour world wide into the Gentleman “model” but G. Britain itself sticks to the “model” of violent drunkards.
The British traveled “round the world” only to return where they started, Middle Ages. Those who discovered all civilizations have not managed to contribute any civilizations neither to the world nor to themselves. When they set out to conquer the world, they were poor and ended up poor again; they returned where they had started.
The same kings and royals stills prey upon everything and an extremely poor people with no rights, eating nothing but fish and chips, getting drank, enjoying themselves by punching up. They “sell out” heirlooms to survive. They have got nothing left. A heavy winter is enough for thousands of British to die of the cold. Diana’s grave has become a tourist attraction and G. Britain entered “dynamically” the economy of New Order. Their heavy industry is now “pop” music; they invest in Britney Spears. Torture instruments used in the colonies will become tourist attractions as well.
G. Britain is the greatest “sergeant” ever known. The “sergeant” who, after having conquered everything, has never been able to administer his acquisitions. It was a sergeant who, after having made an imperial throne out of “stolen goods”, got “dizzy” when he tried to sit on it. It was a sergeant who, refusing to assume responsibility, voluntarily subordinated himself to the Americans in order to reassume his role. He chose someone to take the lead, so that he could assume again the role of the sergeant. But the sergeant is now penniless. The former beast is now harmless. The power, that used to be in the sun, is now in the dark. The power that used to rule waves has got drowned in them.
This is G. Britain: the raven that tried to fly like an eagle and met death. The raven that “climbed” easily to the top and got dizzy. The tragic irony lies in the fact that even though the raven was aware of its destiny, it did not avoid it. Even though it knew that the best to do was to “fly” low and be just a “bird of prey”, it tried to go beyond its limits and behave like an eagle.
There is a prophecy regarding the destiny of G. Britain. Ravens knew that they should not fly high, because they would die. “Beefeaters” at the tower of London, keep the legend alive; they feed ravens and protect them because the legend has it that when ravens fly away from the Tower, G Britain will fall. This is why they trim the raven’s wings short to prevent them from getting away. Those ravens are G. Britain itself, feeding on dead people’s flesh. The ravens that for once sought fresh imperial “food”, died.