True cause: Oil pipeline between Iraq – Israel.
Excuse: Hezbollah “terrorism”.
Nightmare: The pan Arabic oil pipeline dream.
Quite often ignorance leads people to confuse certain interests and consider them identical while they should not. A typical example of wrong estimate is what usually happens with Sionism and Israel.  Even those working on the issue often get confused. The interests of Sionists, most of the time, are connected with those of the state of Israel but they are not identical. Israel policy serves the Sionist interests but it is not identical to them. Sionist policy, in its turn, serves Israeli interests without being identical to them. All that is due to the different requirements of various mechanisms, no matter what they are, no matter how related they seem to be to one another. Sionism, for example, benefits from the supranational policy of  the New Order which, however, threatens the interests of national states and therefore, those of the state of Israel. The state of Israel benefits from the national policy which constitutes a threat to the interests of international Sionism.

Let us start from the very beginning so as to allow the reader to understand what is going on. Sionism is the “treasurer” of the imperialists. In the past it has served many other bosses  but currently it serves the Americans. What does “treasurer” mean? It means that it is a mechanism that promotes the interests of the Americans and receives a reward for the services rendered. As a matter of fact, the capital of the Sionists is the American capital and not the Israeli one. Their capital is NIKE, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, General Electric, Ford, Boeing, Warner bros, etc.


When sold, the products of that capital yield share profits. The Sionism collects net profit from the American capital. It collects a share profit from sales of American products. We understand that in order to keep collecting it, it should fight national policies of states affected by their own policy.


In other words, the army of the Sionists is the U.S.A. army and not the Israeli one. Their army is the “wonderful” army  of the U.S.A., to quote M. Albright, the “wonderful” army which, when used in a “wonderful” way, produces “wonderful” profits. The army that Jewish managers send wherever it can serve the interests of the U.S.A.


If we choose to watch the “course” of the “wonderful” army we are bound to run into “wonderful” Sionists. It is the army that the Jewish Kissinger used to assist the Turkish invasion in Cyprus. The army that the Jewish Albright used to destroy Serbia. The army that Wolfovic used to conquer Iraq.


All those operations serve sionist interests. They serve the “servants” of the Americans who will receive a share of the success of their bosses. All those operations serve the interests of the Sionists but not necessarily those of the state of Israel. The state of Israel is directly connected with the Annual Budget of the U.S.A. and therefore it benefits by receiving a share profit from the U.S.A. One can get from those who have but not from those who do not. Whenever you can, you assist them in getting and giving and that is all.


This indirect connection of interests imposes the “compensation” policy to Israel: it has to follow a specific policy so as to serve the interests of the Americans and ensure an “allowance”. What does this policy consist in? It has to be provocative and aggressive to the neighboring countries so as to function as a disrupting factor within the Arab world.


Yet, all this involves a cost. Such practices do not serve national interests since Israel has to spend tremendous sums on defense to the detriment of welfare policy. Such practices do not promote national interests, since bad relations with the neighbors mean no exports to countries that could buy their produce.


At this point one can understand that there are compensation benefits to make up for loss. Economic loss from wrong national policy is made up for by those who gain from it, that is the Americans and the Sionists. The gain is perpetuation of the situation which is in the interests of the U.S.A. and therefore the Sionists.


The provocative policy of Israel sustains authoritative regimes to survive. Without the bogey of Israel many outstanding Arabs would have been executed. Persecutions of Israel give sense to the “charity” of the beasts of Saudi Arabia. Suppression of Israel gives sense to “sensitiveness” of the beasts of Jordan. Without Israel all of them would have abandoned this world. They would have been considered as imperialists and “human bombs” would “burst” at their “doors”.


This is the secret of planning in Middle East. Israel is there because it serves the interests of Sionists and Americans. It is there mainly to promote the interests of rich Arabs. Without Israel there would be no enemy to justify suppression in the name of the so called pan Arabic and pan Islamic interests. Without Israel there would be no enemy to be “blamed” for imperialistic policy and “credit” them with “high” ideals.


It is Israel that forces millions of Palestinians to live on two dollars a day and allows Saudi Arabs, fanatic of Saria, to be the most famous, and regular clients of brothels all over the world. Israel renders the wretched regime of Jordan tolerable. Israel lends value to the Suez Canal and thence a strategic role to Egypt.


Let us see now why at the given moment, an attack against Lebanon is in the interests of everybody in the region, in the interests of the Sionists, to the interests of Israel and all tough regimes of the Arab states. In other words, we have to identify the reasons for which Lebanon “disturbs” them, why Lebanon disturbs everybody.


Lebanon is by nature a most particular case. Ever since it was established in 1920, it was intended to have a “dark destiny”. What do we mean by that? The Mediterranean Sea is the main “courtyard” of the West. Whoever can reach the Mediterranean can also reach the West as a whole, they can start from Athens and get to New York. The interests of the West render the region unified. There are no “barriers” to prevent one from approaching anyone. Therefore, whoever wants to prevent one from taking anything to the West should stop them before getting to the Mediterranean. If they manage to get there, no one can stop them.


The big “Gate” to the Middle East has always been Beirut, “Paris” of the East. If our reader realizes that, his questions will been answered before we explain to him.


What do we mean by that? What did the West fear when the Ottoman Empire collapsed? They feared that the Arab world would assume power by having control over the largest oil fields in the world.


In a world “thirsty” for oil, the Arabs would own the “sources”. What would that mean? It would mean that the region could develop thanks to the wealth of the “source”. The region could be industrialized and become competitive thanks to oil. Who would compete with the Arabs? Cheap oil affects greatly the cost of production.


A solution was sought: the Arabs would keep the oil but they would not be allowed to develop. The Arabs would be held as hostages of the West and thence of the customers. Why? Because those customers did not want the wealth obtained from oil to turn into development. They wanted wealth to turn into gold watches and luxuriant cars for the few while it would be a curse for the many. What was the solution? Those who owned the “source” should not own at the same time the “tap” of the market.


Practically, that meant that sources should be cut off from the “avenue” of the Mediterranean. The oil should have no access to the Mediterranean Sea. Then the state of Lebanon was invented. What would that state consist in?


A strip of land separating the Arab world from the Mediterranean, a strip that would deprive Syria of access to the West. Why was it so important? Because it was in the interest of the partners of the imperialists who were at the time, the “rodents” of the desert, Faisal and his gang. Puppets of all shorts of British “Lawrence of Arabia”.


They were not interested in development, it meant nothing to them. They were nomads in the desert. All they cared for were the oases. They knew how to manage sources ensuring money to the owners. They were interested in money. All they wanted was to be acknowledged as owners of oil “oases” and then as oil suppliers to the west.


They always knew that getting to the “source” with their “flasks” to collect “water” was in their interest. The network was not. They rejected the idea of network that would involve others. It was as simple as that: Transporting oil in the ship owners tankers was in everybody’s interest: first of all the Christian imperialists, because it allowed them to control everything. They would control the “flow| before it could get to their courtyard. They could stop it at the Ormuz Straits or further up in the Suez Canal. Not even a gallon of oil would get to the market without their consent.


Such dependence was advantageous to the desert nomads because they would receive the owners’ profits but they would not share profits with the other muslim brothers. They would get paid for the produce of their earth, while the West would see to the rest. If Muslim Syria had access to the Mediterranean Sea the situation would change. The “tap” would get to the Mediterranean through an oil pipeline network established in the Arabic territories.


Syria would no longer be a poor country having nothing to with oil. Syria would become the owner of the network and therefore a partner of the oil producer. Syria would have to invest in development in order to employ the manpower and distribute national wealth to the people. Development policy would be a “one-way” street.


In Saudi Arabia the manpower received a share of the commonly owned wealth by working on the oil plants. In Syria where there would be no such facilities the manpower would have to be employed somehow and have a share of the commonly owned wealth. Syria would be forced to invest the sums received in industry and start developing. Syria claiming a share of the oil wealth would be the nightmare of the West.


This is where Lebanon comes in. Lebanon would get in the way of Syria towards the Mediterranean Sea. There would be no unified space between the oil wells and the Christians “courtyard”. What was the basis for the creation of the new state? The Christian element of the region. That strip of land was granted to the Christians so as to cut Islam off from the Mediterranean Sea. The Lebanese would be kept as hostages of the West, being aware of the permanent threat of the muslims who would realize sooner or later that they were responsible for their poverty.


When Lebanon was invented there was no Israel. Its Christian identity would place it at the service of the Christian imperialism. Then, it would be easy to invent a role. If Israel did not exist now, Lebanon would be in Israel’s place. Lebanon would have the West at its back so as to commit crimes against the Arab world. Lebanon would be the disturbing factor who would sustain tension in the region.


Unfortunately, the imaginative planners did not take into consideration the imperialism of the “womb”. Development in Lebanon was quite rapid and so was the birth rate among the illiterate and poor Muslims. Before some decades had passed correlation among populations changed. Developed Christian populations stood against a population explosion of the illiterate Muslims. Wealth slowed down birth rate of Christians while poverty sped up birthrate of Muslims. This is what happened some decades later in Israel. What used to be the majority became a minority very soon.


Having those plans as a starting point, we have come to the time Israel was created. Israel was founded with a very simple strategic goal: to take on the role of Lebanon. It was not founded out of the Sionists love for the ancestral hearth or out of people’s need for a native land. The Jews had managed very well as guests for centuries. Those who had not, had no right to express their views. Israel was founded to serve the interests of the Anglo-Saxons with a view to profit. The Anglo-Saxons saw no reason to respect the previous status quo, after their triumphant victory in the Second World War.


They saw no reason to share profits with the ship owners and they were not threatened by other imperialists. France, Germany, Italy were no longer rivals, and various control points lost their strategic value and importance for the Anglo-Saxons. Then, they realized that it was unprofitable to take oil on a “pleasure trip” round the world on its way to the West. They decided they had better have a “tap” on the Mediterranean Sea.


They wondered where to install the “tap”. The Anglosaxons opted for the costly solution. They would create the state of Israel for the following simple reason. Lebanon and Beirut had the specifications but they were not advantageous. Why? Because in Lebanon the “loathsome” French had a say and thence a role.


Wishing to share nothing with no one they decided to fund the “right” of the Israeli. To fund the creation of a long desired nativeland. Fifty years ago they realized what the Americans “seem” to see now constructing oil pipelines in the territories of “friendly” countries.


The basic pillar of the Israeli national interests would be the management of the “tap”. Where would that “tap” be? In Tel Aviv. It was an ambitions goal, absolutely rational. Thanks to the support of their patrons they would receive a share of the Arab oil. At the same time, acting as mediators, they would have a share of the development of the Western Countries which depended, in some way, on the oil.


What constituted the main threat against the national interests of the state of Israel and possibly of the Sionists? The main threat was Lebanon, Beirut. What did the Jews do? They burnt down their rivals’ business. The first thing to do after having coped with the infancy problems of their state, was to render Lebanon a target. It was more than certain they would turn against Beirut.


They needed no pretext to raze Beirut down to the ground. Why? In order to inherit. To inherit the activity of the commercial port city. To inherit the strategic importance of Beirut. They would close down the Old Gate to the Middle East in order to lend importance to their own. They did so. In the eighties they razed Beirut down to the ground. They turned it into a ghost city.


Tel Aviv put on its Sunday’s best and prepared to receive the heritage. It would inherit the commercial and tourist activity of the “diamond” of the eastern Mediterranean. The post of Tel Aviv would become the biggest of the region. Hotels would be booked up with businessmen. The strategic goal was to have the main oil pipeline of the Middle East at the port of Tel Aviv. Everything was expected to be perfect. Consumer goods for the Arabs would be imported through their port facilities while oil would be exported through the same facilities.


The Jews made big dreams. They thought they would eliminate even the Greek ship-owners. They aimed at all potential profits. It was reasonable. When one possesses the “tap” of the Mediterranean Sea, it is easy to dream of oil tanker fleets. It is easy to raise loans to create them. It is easy when one has got the means to do so.


Unfortunately, their dreams did not come true. Why? Because the Jews did not take into account a factor that cancels reason. They did not take into account hatred. The Arabs hated the Jews, more than hell. They would rather drink the oil than give it to the Jews as a “dowry”. They would rather live in extreme poverty than render the Jews rich. No arab interests, however obvious, would agree with Jewish interests.


The Arabs sent their messages right from the beginning. They would not let them exploit their oil. They would do their best to opt for Lebanon at the cost of Israel. The would choose the lesser evil. They would prefer the Christians of Lebanon to Jews of Israel.


In the mean time the Anglo-Saxons arranged for all oil pipelines to end in Israel. The Iraqi oil would end in Haifa. At the same time, they persuaded the Saudi Arabians of ARAMCO to construct the renowned oil pipeline, Tabline. It was the one that would convey the oil of Saudi Arabia to Israel.


It was the larger oil pipeline in the world, at that time, 1720kms long with a capacity of 465.000 barrels per day. The Arabs would not have that. They started a war against Israel in the territory of historical Palestine and under the pressure of the Arab public opinion they changed plans. The oil of Iraq “left” Haifa and “made for” Tripolis in Lebanon. Tabline oil pipeline changed direction and “moved” towards Beirut. Lebanon and Beirut developed rapidly. They “stole” the dream of Israel and thrived.


The result was the one we experience. Half a century after its foundation Israel has not achieved its essential goal. The Jews have not even managed to have the oil pipeline go through such a poor country as Jordan. They preferred living in poverty to serving the Jews. For every yard of oil pipeline in Muslim territory, ten people would commit suicide in a kamikaze mission. The Israel destroyed the oil pipelines and Beirut with their weapons, in the eighties but the Arabs, driven by their hatred, would not allow them to create a new status quo.


Hatred has been so strong a feeling that it resulted in extreme acts inconceivable for modern economic rationale. The post of Tel Aviv has not been able to function, not even in basics. The poor Arabs did not allow the oil to get to Israel but they preferred to import consumer goods with the costly method instead of the cheap one.


Trucks traveled round the world carrying shampoo and hair combs while the port of Tel Aviv “under functioned”. Time went by and the fundamental national goal of Israel was not achieved. Those who went to Israel to make money as intermediaries were digging in kibutz. Those who dreamt of deals with sheiks were reduced to quarrelling with the Palestinians over an olive tree.


In the meantime a few miles away the situation changed for the worse. Why? Because they had not taken into consideration the aforementioned. They had not taken into account the imperialistic “womb” of Islam. The Arabs of Lebanon were breeding like rabbits, Lebanon because gradually a state mainly Arabic. The Arabs of Lebanon, as a majority, had a say and a role and that was because of the mistakes committed by the Jews.


Their plans did not come off and time was against them. As a matter of course, when they attacked Lebanon they laid the foundation stone of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is not a common organization. It is a state within the state of Lebanon. A state exerting financial, defense and social policy within its territory.


Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization as described by the imperialists. It is not an organization leading a life parallel to that of the Lebanese society. It constitutes a part of the Lebanese society. It is actually South Lebanon. It is a peculiar state “morpheme” which spends its revenues on arms, on building schools and hospitals.


It has gradually managed to become powerful within a rather “unhealthy” Lebanon. The policy of Hezbollah has caused nightmares to come back. All negative factors in the region considered Lebanon as a nightmare. Nightmares had a common point of reference Beirut. Beirut under the “umbrella” of stability, provided by Hezbollah, started little by little, to regain its old glamour.


The affection of the Arabs for Beirut and the affection of the rest of the world for the Arabs sped up the process. Beirut, in the last twenty years has regained it old glamour. The port started functioning again, thus doing away with the truck convoys carrying goods to the Middle East. It became a popular destination for both common tourism and congress tourism which proved very profitable. Beirut was ready to play a role much more important than the one imperialist were prepared to accept.


That was a curse for Beirut. Beirut is a damned city. It is a gifted city in the wrong place. It is too good for the region. In another case, that would be a reason for distinction. In the present case it constitutes a reason for death sentence. It is as if someone was born able bodied in a society of invalids who feel comfortable and make sure their invalidity drags on. The able bodied individuals cannot themselves distinguish. On the contrary, the individual threatens the society and becomes a target of all the others. This is the case with Beirut. The “fatted calf” cannot survive in a herd of “blood thirsty lions”.


Americans, Sionists, Israelis, Europeans and Arabs as well desire the absolute ruin of Lebanon
Considering the features of multi gifted Beirut one can realize certain essential facts. The revival of Beirut was a question of time it soon caused nightmares to the others. Let us see what those nightmares were like. We will start with the powerful and get to the weak. Beirut and Hezbollah and therefore South Lebanon constitute a nightmare for the Americans and their Sionists managers. Why? Because their plans in the region risk to fail, including the war in Iraq.


The planning of the U.S.A. in Iraq has had a simple objective: the oil and its exploitation. Israel is included in those plans. After having obtained the Iraq oil, the U.S.A. will construct an oil pipeline to convey oil to Tel Aviv through Jordan, whose king is the son of their old informer Hussein. Thus they think they will be able to control the oil of the Middle East and also to ensure viability for Israel because it has become quite a burden to their Budget.


To secure their stay in Iraq, the U.S.A. rely on the Shiites. Taking advantage of ill feelings between the Sunnis, favorite of Sadam Hussein and the Shiites who were in disgrace, they managed to remain in Iraq. By provocative acts and cruel assassinations they have been trying to push ill feeling to the limits, creating a climate of civil war. The U.S.A. hope to remain in Iraq as arbiters of the situation and peacekeepers.


The basic element of such planning is the support expected from the Shiites who are now the rules of Iraq but keep being victims of agents provocateurs who impose a heavy death toll. If the Americans are not supported by the Shiites they will be kicked out of Iraq. Currently, they are taking advantage of the problem Shiites are faced with and the uneasy coexistence with Sunnis who constitute part of the previous bloodthirsty regime.


Apart from Shiites in Iraq we should not forget that Syria with a purely Shiite tough and firm regime. That regime has nothing to do with the U.S.A. because Syria does not produce oil. The neighbor of Syria, the state of Hezbollah with its capital city Beirut is also a Hezbollah Shiite state.


What does all that detailed account aim to? We have described an “arch”. A Shiites “arch” starting from the Mediterranean Sea and getting as far as Iran, made up of Shiites as well. Such arches, extending over such sensitive regions, are dangerous nowadays. Why? Because it is an era of big investments in oil pipelines. Americans and their clerks, the Sionists, have been investing lots of money in order to assume control over the situation. They exert pressure on states in order to achieve desirable policies.


They have even threatened Greece in order to exert control over the management of its pipeline. It is a pipeline relatively insignificant if compared with those connected directly to oil wells. This is where we will focus now. Americans are afraid of Shiites. They are afraid of Iraq and Iran. Their fears regard the oil those two states produce and more than that, they fear the “arch” which can take the oil as far as the Mediterranean Sea.


What does that mean? It is easy for the big oil “sources” to get to the “tap” of the Mediterranean. The Arab oil of the Gulf can easily get to the most reliable “tap” of Beirut. Beirut can achieve this goal. The Shiites can be persuaded to “sit down” and discuss their common interests. What remains to be done? The less expensive part, the pipeline. The Shiites can construct it in a few months. They are prepared to dig and let it pass through. They would build their houses over it to protect it with their lives.


That constitutes a nightmarish scenario. In a stable arab environment a pipeline can be constructed with no fear of bombs. The safest oil pipeline of the world that could be only threatened by an external war attack.


It would have nothing to do with the pipeline connecting Azerbaijan and Turkey which cost a lot and nobody knows what to expect out of it, oil or sewage. It passes through hot spots such as Kurdistan and its function depends largely on any triabal chief whose reaction could be unpredictable if he has not received what he expected.


The stability of Hezbollah and the power of Beirut could change the status quo not only in the Middle East but also all over the world. Arab oil could find a way out into the Mediterranean Sea. Beirut would be the “stock exchange” of black gold. It would be a stock exchange, friendly to proarab states of the West and could marginalize Anglo-Saxons and Jews. Beirut with its glamour and infra structure would eliminate competition in the broader region.


The U.S.A. planning would collapse like a house of cards. The power of the oil pipeline would be a common focus for Shiites and would allow them to overcome difficulties. The U.S.A. would have difficulty remaining in Iraq. Connection between oil wells and Tel Aviv would become impossible. Then what would have happened? The basic pillar of American Sionist interests would collapse with that of the Israeli interests. Their dreams to take the place of Lebanon in the East Mediterranean, their dream to transform Tel Aviv into a successor of Beirut would die out.


This is why in the beginning we tried to make a distinction between parallel interests and coinciding interests. The interests of the American Sionists are fully thanks to the occupation of Iraq and as long as current conditions of oil trade do not change. Their interests have been perfectly safeguarded by the U.S.A. “wonderful” army. Israel can draw a benefit only if complementary action is taken to allow Israel to participate in the “trick”. If that proved impossible it would mean nothing to the American Sionists.


The focus for both American Sionists and Israel is Beirut which can change the desired terms of oil trade in the region. The American Sionists and Israeli are dying for the same thing but from a different point of view and for different reasons. They fear Beirut may destroy their monopoly aspirations. Israel is ready to assist the U.S.A. in order to make big profits later on.  It is ready to render “dirty” services aspiring to a future reward.


To realize how interested the American Sionists are in Beirut and how much they are prepared to pay for the services of Israel one should know what their goal is. In theory they have arranged things on the basis of their interests. All they care for is the control over certain oil wells and the place where all pipelines should end. All they care for is control over certain oil wells that could allow them to press the other oil producing countries and cheat them out of their own production.


Thanks to the oil of Iraq they will buy Russian oil at a low price. They will fill up their oil tanks for free, blackmailing everybody. This is why they made a military intervention in Iraq. It was the only way to exert pressure on the other oil producing countries. They have achieved their objective at a theoretic level and they are satisfied with it within the New Order status quo.


Why are they satisfied? Because they have established a legal frame which enables them to determine the oil prices regardless of who is the owner of the oil wells. This is why they allowed Russia to enter the oil international market. They also let the former soviet Republics to put their oil on the market. They do not fear those oil producers because oil is bound to end up into their own oil tanks and it will not get out on the free market.


They do not care who produces oil because it makes no difference. Now they fix prices themselves. Planning is different now. Oil “sources” used to be dispersed all over the world and those concerned bought oil at their convenience. Now, there are few privately owned storage tanks. World wide oil production is stored in those few privately owned storage tanks. By means of two or three pipelines they can control oil production of most countries thus excluding them from the price game.


Within two years, prices have risen from 40 to 70 U.S. dollars and are heading towards 100 U.S. dollars. How did that happen? Using the “potato method”. What happens is similar to the purchase of basic consumer goods. The producer has nothing to do with the consumer. The consumer gets in touch with the dealer, who has bought all the produce available and blackmails consumers who need merchandise. On some pretext the dealer puts up the potato prices. Several snow flakes at Nevrokopi are enough for the potato price to double in Athens.


Apparently, the dealers buy ski gear for the potatoes and take them to winter chalets which fully justifies the “extra charge”. This is how dealers gather more and more money while the others starve. Producers starve because they are victims of blackmail while consumers starve because they are victims of robbery.


This is what the American Sionists have achieved in the international oil market. They have isolated oil producers from consumers. They have eliminated the conditions that could keep prices low. A deal between a producer and a consumer could aim at keeping prices low depending on the needs of the producer or his specific relation with the consumer. The dealer is impersonal because trade functions on a different basis and rationale.


How did the American Sionists achieve that? They took advantage of globalised economy and created trade conditions. Consumer states have nothing to do with producer states. There are no national policies and all market are open to American multinational companies. States consume what the above companies put on the market. American multinational companies buy oil from the American oil trading companies that control the oil tanks.


Now, the oil trading companies forestall oil production of the years to come. This is how they “bind” oil producers not allowing them to act independently. They create conditions of factitious shortage and make the best of them. Wherever convenient they turn off taps and wait for the desperate customers to come.


That policy leads to profiteering on the world oil markets. Oil producers have been replaced by a trade cartel. States have to deal with a limited number of oil traders instead of oil producers. States will have to purchase oil at the oil tanks instead of the oil wells.


The oil producers will be driven out of the game. Because of the New Order there will be little possibility for states to intervene. Bodies such as OPEC will have a role similar to the one of the current disrupted agricultural cooperatives. They will meet occasionally, pressed by the oil trade companies, and will decide on prices of the years to come. Those prices will have nothing to do with reality. They will have nothing to do with the free market, they will have to do with the oil dealers. Larger state run companies refining and selling oil have closed down and the consumer needs are met by the American multinational retailers.


The American Sionists, having assumed control over the oil production and the sale through the “seven sisters”, will act in an arbitrary way. An example of their apparently “funny” conduct regards the Morales phenomenon in Bolivia. There has been a revolution in Bolivia. The U.S.A. did not react. Why? Because they do not care. They do not want to “open” another “front” with the public opinion while on the other hand they have nothing to fear.


When dust settles, Morales will have no much choice. Americans will exclude him from the market since the multinational oil companies will not buy his crude oil and there will be no other way to sell it. His crude oil will remain undisposed of until they get an opportunity to get rid of him. Undisposed of crude oil means financial problems which lead to social unrest and violence. Morales will be overthrown and they will buy crude oil for free. The multinational companies will offer to “save” Bolivia.


Even the oil producing states will risk to be exploited by the trade cartel. Having sold their oil production in advance they will not be able to cover their own needs as oil producers. It is as simple as that. The oil they produce will no longer belong to them.


From now on oil trading companies will put up the oil price on any pretext: an earthquake in India, a natural disaster in Africa, a war between Israel and Lebanon a long way from oil wells and the oil price goes up. The idiot in Washington catches a flu. If he needs massages oil. Prices will go up.


All this has been arranged by the Sionists. Through oil trading they make more profits than the oil producers themselves. Forestalling contracts enable them to “bind” producers and there is no oil available on the free market. One should find out who have invested in oil forestalling, which companies do business in this field and who buys any know how on alternative energy sources. Sionists deny us cheap oil and when that is consumed we will come  face to face with them.


In this context Beirut obviously constitutes a threat. Why? Because if it is connected with the political and economic interests of the Arab world it is doubtful whether it will be able to cooperate with the Sionist oil monopoly. Nobody knows whether Beirut will deliver oil to Sionist owned oil tanks. Nobody knows whether Beirut will join other oil producers is signing forestalling contracts. It may do business in the traditional way attempting to promote the interests of the Muslim world which may not be necessarily economic. Being the owner of the largest oil tank worldwide it could cause the Sionist price control policy to collapse.


This is not unusual. It often happens when a big producer is not driven by the same motives as the oil trading companies. Muslims may sell oil at 30 U.S. dollars a barrel which would be disastrous for Sionists who may have bought oil at higher prices bearing in mind trading practices. Apart from this, Shiites may be persuaded to drive the Americans out of Iraq and then the situation may turn into a nightmare for them.


Has the reader realized how “insignificant” the lives of hundreds of civilians are who are currently sacrificed while Beirut is being razed down to the ground? There is “two much money at stake” to quote the protagonist of an old Greek movie. There is too much money for them to be roused at the sight of mutilated children of Palestine or Lebanon. There is too much money for the Prime Minister of Israel to realize “what pain” he may cause to the Lebanese.


This is what we call “parallel” interests but not “identical”. Sionists and Israeli want to ruin Beirut at any cost. Each one of them for their own reasons wish the same thing, the same moment. Without seeking profits through the same practice, they have a common enemy opposing their plans. War mongering Sionists enjoy the full support of the simple Jewish people. A very large percentage of Jews support that large scale military operation of Israel. Even those who often react to Sionist “demands” stand by them now.


From this point of view we can understand that the situation is much more different from what it looks. Now, we can see why the idiot who pretends to be the ruler of the planet does not seem to worry about the crisis that has broken out. We can tell why he threatens Syria and Iran only. Why in a conflict between Israel and Lebanon he threatens specific third parties and not all those concerned. He has not so far threatened Arab states which could provide assistance to their brothers.


Now, we can realize why the chief of the Israeli Armed Forces talked of clocks that would be put twenty years back. Why twenty and not fifty years? Because twenty years ago Beirut was reduced to a ghost city to serve the national Israeli interests.


We can tell now why the Israeli have been targeting on the infrastructure of Beirut instead of the supposed military targets of Hezbollah. They have destroyed the airport, the road network connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Shiite arch and the electric power plants. This is what they are interested in: to destroy the infrastructure that rendered Beirut competitive against Tel Aviv and threatened them and their transatlantic bosses.


They have been pounding Beirut on the safe side since no one is expected to respond. No one apart from Iran and Syria is expected to rally to the support of Lebanon. The conflict may go beyond the limits but general conflict is unlikely to break out. Bloodshed may be a challenge to the peoples of the regions and not only, but nothing is going to happen. The Americans Sionists have “set fire” to a really “fire proof” environment. It is so simple that even Bush is able to understand it.


The situation reminds of the novel of Agatha Christie “Crime on the Nile” where everybody has had good reasons to kill the victims and their persecutor agrees about that. It is a crime where both judges and judged, has agreed that the victim is responsible for everything. Every one of them has taken part in a crime for which there will be no punishment because the victim’s peculiarities have caused his ruins. Destiny had condemned the victim and the stabs were the means used to accomplish the destiny’s duty.


The case of Beirut is similar. Its destiny has condemned it and the Israeli tanks are just assisting it in perform its task. Beirut’s “disturbing” qualities render it unique in an environment which hates the unique. It has a capability to develop rapidly and threaten tremendous interests defended by wonderful armies. Its special qualities have “condemned” it and this is why no one reacts. Those operating and those watching are on the same side.


The Israelis have been committing crimes against humanity at no risk. They are the policemen who have undertaken the “dirty” job on behalf of the “masters”. Undertakers have obviously undertaken to serve their mandators against some rewards. So, instead of “stabbing” their victim all together they have charged the Jews to do the dirty job providing immunity in exchange for it. In other words, there is a universal conspiracy in the crime against Beirut.


Once we have identified the visible executioners of Beirut, who are the Americans and the Jews, we will try to identify the invisible executioners as well. Those who have something to gain from the “murder” but stay in the dark. Those who will benefit but do not take active part. We will start with the rival of U.S.A. in the Christian world, Europe.


Europe may have interests conflicting with those of the American Sionists but it belongs to the so called Christian “platform” of interests. It fights against the Americans in order to succeed them in the imperialistic policy, not to save the world. Europe strives to assume control of oil tanks instead of supporting the owners of oil wells. The Americans and the Europeans, their heirs apparent, cannot bear the idea of the Arabs assuming the control of oil production.


So, it is unlikely that the Europeans would put an end to the destruction of Beirut since it is a rather welcome development. It is a development that maintains the constants imperialism is based on. Imperialism must be protected at all costs. The “business” must not close down. All the rest is less important. Quarrelling with the Americans over the management is another cup of tea. The Europeans will pretend not to “see” the victims until the crisis is over, until Beirut has been entirely ruined. Then they will express their sympathy with “tearful eyes”.


The Europeans have had a hard time to divide the Middle East the way it is now. They would not even dream of allowing Middle East to develop, let alone get unified. They would never allow the Ottoman Empire to restore itself. If Islam starts to switch on and off the “valves” depending on its interests the first one to “cry” is Europe as it does not own oil fields which would enable it to follow a basically autonomous policy. It is in a most difficult position.


If the Europeans attempted to press Israel for a cease-fire they would, first of all, aggravate their own position. Beirut has to be razed down to the ground. Otherwise, uncontrolled development would cause the system of “satellite” oil producing countries to collapse. The basic strategy of the Western Colonialists, as regards Islam, would collapse.


It is as simple as that. Western Colonialism in the Middle East is based on a specific rationale. It is based on artificial and imposed by force fragmentation of a domain which tends to be unified on religious grounds. The Muslims ignore the concept of nation. To them the only tolerable and religiously “legal” division among human being is the one based on the concept of faith. There are only believers and non believers. The notion of national identity does not exist. It is a notion “implanted” in the Islam world by the West. The Islamic states are indeed figments of the West and represent in the most shameful way the “share out” by colonialists.


Western European States, by common agreement, gave specific names to their territories of influence and then declared them states. Syria does not exist because there is a Syrian people. Syria is there because the French had control over the specific territory that used to be a province of the Ottoman Empire. Syria was “born” in some government department in France to ensure the French interests in the region. The British acted in the same way in Saudi Arabia etc.


The Western European states created the Islam states and appointed their informers to govern. They shared the territories of the region and then they appointed the members of a whole family to rule. Yet, peoples do not keep up with developments. Except for certain people brought up in the west because they belong to privileged social groups and are favored by the above policy, all the others just do not keep up. They do not understand the meaning of borders or national characteristics. First they are Muslims and then Shiites and finally Iraqis or Syrians; they could not care less.


Therefore, any change to the interests within the specific region may upset the situation. It could turn the “multicolored” map of Middle East into a blank sheet of paper. Such a change could be an oil pipeline running between Beirut and Iran. Such a change could be the economic growth as a result of the oil pipeline. In such a case, governments cannot impose themselves on their peoples in conventional ways. People follow their particular religious instincts of the Christians.


What does that mean? Peoples in Middle East share things following a rationale that does not exist in the West. Peoples there eat out of the same plate which does not happen in the Christians West. Development in Germany does not mean development in France. Gains from the development of the Germans cannot be distributed to the French people. Everyone there tries to develop by themselves and most of the times try to do it at the expense of the others.


The right and the wrong are not absolute. The right in the Christian national model is that everyone should enjoy good luck on their own. That does not necessarily go for everyone. Other models are based on the principle that peoples should share good luck and bad luck. This is the case in Islam and terrifies the western Europeans who have invested in artificial division. What is wrong for the Christian rationale could be right for the Muslim one. Right for the Syrians is to allow Jordanians to benefit from them: A certain capital “stagnating” in bank accounts is not unfair to be used to feed the hungry.


The construction of an oil pipeline by the Shiite arch that would encourage economic growth in the region would change the current status quo. The people of Syria may share their development with the people of Jordan. That state exists because the western Europeans and their lackeys who rule it wish so. It exists because of poverty, illiteracy, suppression and American dollars.


There is a corrupt regime which rules with the assistance of the USA but has nothing in common with the people: A dead loss, offspring of an informer who is only good at buying cars and a wretched fortune hunter who has been told she is pretty and pretends to be a celebrity. If Syria is developed and certain profits are distributed to the Jordanian people the above regime will be abolished. Some thousands of daily wages and a scanty working class in Jordan are enough to blow out the existing regime.


If the oil pipeline between Beirut and Iran constitutes the basic pivot of development in the region, the western Europeans, the regime of Jordan and that of Saudi Arabia will be terrified. Anytime that can potentially develop in the region, may become a common pan Islamic commodity. An oil pipeline between Beirut and Iran may force the Saudi Arabian sheiks to use it instead of doing business with infidel ship owners. The people of Saudi Arabia will demand that because they feel they must put their share into the joint Muslim “pool”.


Does the reader understand why Bush is perfectly calm? He knows that even though the peoples of the region may get furious, their leaders will not turn this fury into state intervention. Neither Jordan nor Saudi Arabia will come to help Beirut. Who remains in the region? Egypt, the traditional enemy of Israel. The most “ethnic” state of all Muslim states. Will Egypt help? To find that out, we should know the specific interests of Egypt as a state.


Is Egypt as hostile to Israel as it looks or as much as its leadership want to show to keep control over the Egyptian people? What are the interests of Egypt? In what way could an oil pipeline between Beirut and Iran affect those interests? Egypt does not produce oil but it receives revenues out of the oil. It has a strategic role because of oil. It benefits from the oils’ “pleasure trip”. The strategic power of Egypt and a large part of its revenues come from Suez Canal.


Oil tankers and therefore the route of the oil on its way to the west serve the Egyptian interests. Without oil tankers who would need Egypt? Whom could Egypt press? The fishermen of the Red Sea? The pleasure boats in the region? Egypt is powerful as long as it can put the smooth “flow” of the oil at risk. Therefore the enemy of Israel, benefits from Israel’s policy. As long as, Israel’s policy compels the oil transport along the route through the Suez Canal, Egypt makes a profit. All the rest is just words. Egypt will be as affected as everybody else by the growth of Beirut.




















has committed suicide,


threatening to drag down to death Shiites as a whole



The reader now has a full picture of what is going on. The region is literally “fire-proof”. Nobody is going to move against Israel because everybody have mutually consented to the crime currently committed. Beirut had to “die” after very careful planning.


Israel could not attack Beirut out of the blue just to serve its own interests and those of its mandators. The operation had to be planned carefully. Israel made the best of the solidarity instincts of the Muslims to trap them. Thus, it led Hezbollah to commit suicide, to make a very serious strategic mistake. The Israelis took advantage of the Muslims humanism to trap them.


What does that mean? It is simple. Everything started with the crisis on the Gaza Strip. The most powerful war machine of Israel threatened with total war a society of poor, unarmed, ruined individuals. They were so naïve that they thought the Israeli intended to change the leadership of Palestine with the excuse it constituted a threat. That was entirely wrong. Israel doesn’t five a damn for the Palestinians. The more menacing they become, the easier becomes Israel’s role. If Bin Landen became the leader of Palestine it would suit them perfectly.


The plans of Israel are based on the suppression of Palestinians. Suppression provides all advantages that render Israel efficient for both its leaders and its patrons. Suppression causes reaction which is what Israel seeks in order to function.


Without the “menacing” Palestinians, how could the military establishment have monopolized power? Without the “menacing” Palestinians how could the establishment have been able to suppress social unrest within the Israeli society itself? The “threat” provides advantages to specific social groups in Israel against others.


The so called “threat” serves both powerful Israelis and Sionists .Why? It is the threat itself that lays specifications and excepts Israel from all those provisions of the New Order which ruin the other states. Israel, being always in legitimate defense, follows a strictly national policy which other states are not allowed to.


This way it does not have to embark in New Order adventures. If Greece, for example, were threatened by a domestic enemy it might be able to save the public utilities which are now being plundered by foreign companies. Israel, can avoid all that, thanks to the Palestinians. It does not have to obey New Order lousy laws. Foreigners are not allowed to buy a piece of land. Imports are strictly controlled which protects domestic production. The Israeli Stock Exchange is not an “unfenced Vineyard” for speculators.


This way Sionists who have enforced New Order on all the Other States leave Israel out without having to provide explanations. They leave it out because it is cheaper to maintain. Then, they ask for a “compensation”. What does that compensation consist in? In the policy of tension. The policy that divides the Arab world and allows them to get the oil.


Israel, in other words, is nourished by “fire”, this is why it would not welcome a solution to the problem of Palestine. It prefers leaderships such as those who seem to annoy it now. Then why did Israel commit crimes in Gaza Strip? For the following simple reason; to deceive Hezbollah. Since the progress of Beirut would not suit anyone, behind-the-scenes activity was expected.


Corrupt Arab leaders would not react to the massacre in Gaza Strip. At least not before Hezbollah was led to commit a disastrous mistake. While Gaza was bombed, everyone was certain “to look” at Lebanon. Everyone was awaiting an opportunity to attack. Not just a kidnapping, but a sheer “sidelong look” by Hezbollah would be enough for them to start pounding Beirut.


Once they decided to trap Hezbollah, it was a question of time to implement their decisions. They have never spared human lives. We are sure the two soldiers captured by Hezbollah, had been sent there on purpose. From then on everybody was against Hezbollah. Hezbollah, not knowing what was going on, captured them, thinking it was an act covered by the international law regarding prisoners of war.  Hezbollah did not suspect it would be accused of kidnapping.


Hezbollah did not know that it would be asked to “forget” its legitimate rights, regardless of the international military law. When Hezbollah refused to do so out of ignorance, things took their due course. Beirut was going to be razed down to the ground. The die was cast. Hezbollah had committed a big strategic mistake.


It was a question of time to commit the second one: to proceed to acts of retaliation. It should not have attacked Israel cities with rockets. Israelis, having good relations with the international mass media, have made the most of the attack by managing to appear as the real victims.


Hezbollah should have realized the mistake as there was good reason to do so. Bombing blocks of flats and tavernas in Lebanon and ignoring rocket launchers was rather suspicious. This is where Hezbollah appeared to lack experience, because it should have realized what was going on by assessing the primary targets of Israel.


It should not have reacted. It should have suffered what it suffered without fighting since it was inevitable. Thus, Israel would have been exposed to the eyes of the international public opinion. Everybody would have recognized the “beasts”. Hezbollah should have shown to everybody that its targets were not civilians. It should have declared that, respecting its semi-state status, it would not act as a common terrorist organization and therefore it would not have played the “game” of the assassins.


Resistance has been entirely useless. It has offered nothing to Hezbollah people while it has not allowed Hezbollah to improve its image to the international public opinion. On the other hand, Israel has suffered no harm since the operation had been carefully planned.


Obviously Israel considers civilian war victims as “inevitable loss”. If Hezbollah had realized that, the situation would have developed in a different way. The “kidnapped” would have returned home and lack of reactionwould have discouraged those who had decided to ruin Beirut. It would have embarrassed those who eliminate whoever stands in their way on the pretext of fighting terrorism.


What is worse, is that their stance risks involving the others such as Syria and Iran. Negative propaganda launched against them by the American Sionists would produce results. Neighboring Syria constitutes an easier target. In that event, it would not be necessary to strike Iran which is isolated.


If Syria gets engaged in the conflict, Islam will be caused to retrogress and the rest of humanity will become a prey to profiteers. The only possibility of “breaking” the monopoly of the oil traders will have been wasted. Everybody will “grieve” together with the Muslims involved.


What does the author propose? What is the policy to be followed by the Shiites? Very simple. They must stop reacting instinctively allowing the others to trap them. During the crisis they should decline their fundamental rights to avoid being involved, no matter whether those reactions are fair or not.


Hezbollah must stop striking Israel. As long as it strikes, it will enable Israel to achieve its goals and, the worst of all, invade Lebanon and destroy legitimately what Hezbollah could still save. The next step should be to release the prisoners even thought it had a right to capture them.


Hezbollah should not refer to the international law because its persecutors do not respect such laws. Laws are there for the powerful to “drag” the weak to the “manger” not to set limits to themselves. Hezbollah should release the prisoners accompanied by “gifts”. Then we will see the smiles “freeze”. They are laughing now when they ask their victims to release prisoners. They are sure Hezbollah will not do that and it will allow them to do their job quietly. They are sure because they use sheer logic in their own wretched way.


As regards Syria, we propose complete serenity. No response to challenge, no motion. Syria cannot save anyone while it may cause the death of others. Infrastructure in Syria may prove useful for the construction and the guarding of an oil pipeline but absolutely useless to defend itself against the imperialistic storm. Syria should not make things easy for them to achieve their goals. What are their goals? To see Syria disintegrated and the whole region under a regime of instability. What the American Sionists pursue in Syria is chaos because an oil pipeline cannot pass through chaos.


Finally, the same goes for Iran. It has a right to develop technology in the interests of the Iranian people. Yet, times are suspicious and “rights” may cause trouble instead of assisting progress. Therefore, Iran had better suspend its nuclear program ad infinitum so as not to become victim of the western propaganda, a propaganda aiming at reviving fears among peoples, fears that may cause problems to the Iranian people because those peoples are ready to accept with any crime if they assume they are in danger.


If Iran decides to suspend the program which terrifies the people of the west but suits their leaders, it is sure to get out of the “risky” zone. It is sure to be able to arrange things to the advantage to its people. It can make the best of the propaganda to benefit the people of the region. If Syria survives and Lebanon gradually “recovers”, it is a question of time to restore things to a point that could cause a “stroke” to the American Sionists.


Shiites could use experience as a weapon to implement what promotes the interests of their peoples and the rest of the world. They could also respect people’s fears and avoid arousing their instincts. Then, they could announce to everybody their basic, pan Arabic strategic goal: supplying cheap oil. Independence from oil trading companies. A big oil pipeline that would belong to the oil producing countries, not to the cartels of oil suppliers. Everything would be brought to light in order to ensure peoples cooperation.


It is quite easy to get American Sionists out of the “oil game”. As there is a crisis in their relations with the oil producing countries of Latin America and Russia is quite hostile to them, they will soon come to a dead end. Then a pan Arabic oil pipeline will exclude them from the oil market control.


An oil pipeline that could convey Arab oil to state run companies of the West, away from the “seven sisters” will be the absolute catastrophe for them. Even volunteers from the West could provide assistance in constructing an oil pipeline rapidly and at a low cost. An oil pipeline that could provide oil at a low price thus canceling production fore stalling contracts concluded by the Sionist trading companies. An oil pipeline that would put an end to monopoly.


This is an aspect Iran should consider and act accordingly. Ambitious plans for nuclear energy do not constitute a threat for the powerful of the west. On the contrary, they are convenient because they provide an excuse to the West to enforce its plans, to convince them that it acts to their benefit and to ensure tolerance of its crimes. What is good for people is development and that can be achieved with a good and solid oil pipeline supplying cheap oil.


What would be ideal for Arabs to do? To deprive imperialists of all advantages and profits. To get in the process of rebuilding Beirut as soon as possible, to reconstruct what the Israelis have destroyed, to cancel their planning as a whole. Whoever wants to fight American Sionism nowadays, should buy bathtubs and tiles for Beirut houses instead of weapons. If Beirut “rises” within a short period of time, American Sionists cannot attack again without being revealed.


They hope that if things pass off smoothly, it will take twenty years before they have to destroy Beirut again. Short term does not suit them. Short term favors peace and development. This is why Syria must not be tricked into engaging in a conflict with the war machine of Israel.


Syria can be dangerous only through remaining intact and assisting Hezbollah in reconstructing the infrastructure of Beirut, instead of buying weapons. Sacks of cement should be sent to Lebanon, not rockets.


What it all takes is patience and persistence. One has to endure wretchedness before being able to eliminate it. One has to endure insults and treacherous blows before standing on one’s feet. For, as long as Shiites are misguided by agents’ provocateurs they are not meant to achieve something worthwhile. As it often happens, being right is no enough in the world of the poor and the weak. Being right is good for the powerful. Especially when they can identify “the right” with their interests by means of the mass media, we see the atrocities currently occurring in the Middle East.


If tomorrow the presidents of Syria and Iran decide to announce their intention to construct an oil pipeline from Iran to Beirut via Syria, the “fairy tale” is over. The imperialists and their think tanks will be the laughing-stock of the whole planet. They will pound Beirut while they will lose the game at a social and diplomatic level, contrary to what has been happening for centuries.


This is what the two presidents could do. Applying procedures pertaining to large scale public works, they could invite, among others, western firms to tender for the construction of the pipeline.


Then everybody will be able to tell who the terrorist is and who kills children for profit. That can be a smashing blow to imperialism. It would equal ten atomic bombs dropped to the heart of Washington.
































One month after


The war end


The aftermath of the war




The Losers


Israeli Army


Israeli Society


The strategy of the USA imperialism


Fabricated terrorism


Terrorism stripoff


Tremendous damage suffered by worldwide Sionism


Losses in a nutshell




The winners


The Islam world


Arabic Societies




Hezbollah as seen by the West


Hezbollah as seen among the Arabs






Our Proposals














One month after hostilities ceased we can safely assess the gains and losses of the parties involved.










The Losers






Always after a war what we look for is the gain and loss of those involved. We will start with the Jews since they started the war obviously aiming at certain advantages to gain from that conflict. Then, we will deal with the Arabs who only tried to limit the losses.


Unfortunately, matters are very serious for Jews. The aftermath is definitely negative at all levels. That war may prove one of the biggest mistakes in their history.








Israeli Army






The damage Israel suffered both at military and strategic level was tremendous because the “show-case” of the army was smashed. It was supposed to be an unbeaten army protecting the people of Israel. It was a “shoe-case” Israel needed very much and it has been destroyed. The army, bogey-man in the region, got out of its engagement with “scratches”.


In military terms Israel has not achieved any of its goals. The “walk” in Lebanon was never taken. The Israeli army did not achieve anything while it suffered heavy losses. It only managed to commit crimes against civilians and to incense the public opinion. The Israeli advance remained on paper. Even a modern warship was lost by a rocket launched by amateurs, which is an achievement indeed.


To make matters worse, it caused people to doubt both its offensive and defensive capability. The legendary army created years ago, with lots of funds spent on propaganda and armament, collapsed as fast as thousands of rockets launched by Hezbollah against towns in Israel. It was proved in the worst possible way that it was quite undependable, even incapable of performing its defensive duties.


The last straw that broke the camel’s back came next. During the war, Israel had to replace the leadership of the army, which does not happen even in “banana republics”. In a farrago of uncertainty and wrong choices, mistakes were committed, normally never expected in so-called modern armies. Let alone an army as advertised as that of Israel.


It was an army which more that anything else had numerous and large secret services. Having such intelligence services, at least theoretically, the Israeli army got to the battlefield with no appropriate information.


Its corrupt leadership was more concerned with its own personal survival than victory on the battlefield.


All that is unheard of for an army such as the army of Israel. Military “beyond suspicion”, have been charged with economic scandals. During the war shares have “changed hands”. Could generals be gamblers? Such things do not happen anywhere else in the world.


Should defeat be to their interest, what would they do? They would rather be defeated to achieve a limit up?


All that smashed the “show-case” of the Israeli army and what is worse it shook the confidence of the people of Israel. People’s confidence is a foundation stone of the state itself. The people who live on an “island” surrounded by a hostile “ocean” and have based their own existence on the army, cannot trust “gamblers”.


That is terrible for a state such as Israel. It is a militaristic state, where the army constitutes one of the fundamental “pillars” of its existence. When that “pillar” was shaken the people got confused and untoward incidents occurred. The Jewish “synagogue” woke up. Where there is a synagogue there is passion and people talk.


What is told should not be publicized.






Israeli Society




The Israeli society lost its “temper” and revelations started; the president of the state has been incriminated with having violated one of his assistants. One of the eminent ministers of the government is also suspect of the same offence. The P.M. himself, “general of the army” in this war, was involved in suspicious business, which brought in a cheap flat.


Those were the implications of the defeat of Israel. The Israeli lost their temper and revelations were made. Those revelations would not have been made if there was no loot to share out. What seems to be non important to other states, is tragic to the state of Israel. Why? Because its very existence is founded on the “show-case”; the “show-case” of the so-called more powerful and better organized state of the region.


If Greece or Italy were proved to be “Banana Republics” it would not be serious. The same would be tragic to Israel, because it is among enemies, enemies who tolerate it because they are afraid of it. “A Banana Republic” is not something to fear and that is going to affect future attitudes.


When Israel is proved to be anything but a well lubricated “engine”, there is a problem. When its army is faced with strong resistance from troops of amateur warriors, such as Hezbollah, there is a problem. It means that defeat creates problems of strategic nature to Israel.






The strategy of the imperialism






The problem is not current security but strategic value. The Israeli army can more or less ensure security. However, when the ironbound “show-case” is no longer there, undesirable facts are revealed. If Israel is not what it seemed to be so far, how can it survive? Can it survive thanks to the support of others? Who are “others?”


When a “Banana Republic” survives among enemies, reasonable questions arise. Ordinary Muslims did not know what was going on and it was reasonable to fear Israel. What about their leaders? Did they know what was going on? Could the regimes of the region be the real “partners” of Israel? Could Israel survive thanks to those neighbours rather than the U.S.A. which are thousands of miles away.


Therefore, we see that military losses because of a stupid war have caused much more damage to Israel in terms of strategy.


The damage is due to the fact that the Jews had to support their decision somehow. When Israel was placed at the services of worldwide imperialism, it was forced to go over its “limitations”. “Limitations” which Israel may not have been prepared to go over. It was disastrous for midterm and long-term interests of both Israel and international sionism.


The Jews jeopardized the fundamental “pillars” of Sionism in their agonizing effort to prepare the war. In their hurry to lay out the new Mideast, they revealed the planning of the previous one. It was a Mideast capable of serving the interests of U.S.A. and those of the sionists.


What does that mean? It is as simple as that. The control of Mideast depends on the capability of the West to control Islam; their capability to control specific regimes and divide them at will. That is not simple and therefore cannot be left to chance.


The religious doctrine of Islam demands continuous vigilance by those who control it. There is solidarity among Muslims, which is beyond of any division, either racial or national. By controlling specific regimes the West has achieved something unique:


The rich who appear to be fanatics of Islam, sustain an illusion of “solidarity” while they are actually those who split Islam.


Leaders of states such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Jordan are those who stir up division. They all appear to be “sympathetic” and support financially the poor while they are responsible for the poverty afflicting Islam. They are all pro Palestinians but at the same time close associates of the Americans and hence of Israel.








Fabricated terrorism








The whole planning is based on the double role of those regimes. How does it function? In the following simple way. Those authoritarian and corrupt regimes exert tough, repressive policy within their countries. That policy produces “terrorism”. The double role of those regimes converts social pressure into “terrorism” and then “gets rids of” it since the West and of course Israel are those who deal with that activity.


It is a plan functioning like a shock absorber. Social vibrations resulting from malfunctioning of Islam are “absorbed” by the unbreakable West.


The regimes of the region being “appointed” and protected by the West in order to serve the interests of the West at the expense of their peoples, encourage poverty and illiteracy in Islamic states. Poverty causes social tension and illiteracy converts tension into brutal, reactionary violence.


Violence, however, is not directed against those who provoke it and therefore against their own regimes. It is directed against those who establish those regimes. This is when those regimes assume a role. The servants to the West, themselves, support financially the so-called anti-imperialist terrorist organizations.


In other words, while the regimes of states, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc are responsible for poverty in Islam and submission to the West, they appear as “sponsors” of Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda and other organizations whose permanent targets are the West and Israel as a “component” of the West in the Mideast.


Why? For the following two reasons. The first one is, defusing social unrest and linking it to the West, which is by no means in danger.


The second reason is that, through financial support, they can control those organizations and their objectives. They assist “harmless” antiwestern terrorism, leaving out organizations, which may have other targets.


This way, in Jordan poverty does not “produce” fighters who would fight against the corrupt regime. However, it produces “terrorists” that Jordan “gets rid of” by directing their activity either to the “unbreakable” door of Israel or that of the West. Religious fanaticism in Saudi Arabia does not produce believers who would seek the fair distribution of wealth among the people. It produces “terrorists” who will end up at the same “doors”.


B. Laden is a typical example of the said “transfer”. Being a rich Saudi Arabia, he has not turned against social injustice in Saudi Arabia. He has turned against the West. Being a fanatic Muslim, he has not attempted to redress injustice against the poor Arab States, he has, instead, attacked the West. This is how “vulnerable” Saudi Arabia gets rid of those who react and follow Bin Laden’s example. Bin Laden is as “appointed” servant whose job is to take Saudi Arab reactionaries out of Saudi Arabia.


Extreme publicity about Bin Laben sets “examples” of terrorism. The real fighters of Saudi Arabia remain in the “shadow” of publicity and become an easy target of the murderous Saudi Arabia system. When Bin Laden raises the flag of Islam, some others assassinate reactionaries. All the beasts of Saudi Arabia lead a comfortable life thanks to Bin Laden.


Thanks to famous “Laden” in the Mideast, domestic reactionary forces are defused away from Islam. This is how the princess of poor Jordan represents herself as a rich “royalty”, president of the international Riding Federation, without running the risk to be lynched by the poor. Saudi Arabs can be the best clients of brothels all over the world without being threatened by their fanatic fellow-countrymen, who are condemned to live in the Dark Ages of Saria.


The fairytale prevailing in the country of Ali Baba is the fairytale against the West. The west is blamed for everything. Those who fight against it are financially supported while those who fight against the servants appointed by the West get murdered.


Has the reader understood how useful such an alibi can be for the West, for Israel, for all traitors of Islam? They have converted Islam from a world of science and art into a world of illiteracy and obscurantism. It used to be a world of water and has become a world of blood. It was a world of social solidarity and peace and has become a world of desert gangs and violence. The world of abstinence has become a world of brothels.






 –Why has all that trash converted a moderate religion into a bogeyman for the planet?


 –Why has that trash turned the justice of Islam into injustice?


 –Why has all that trash made “tame” Islam look worse than the bloodthirsty “beast”, which is Christianity?




Because it was the only way to chain up Islam in order to ravage it. Those rascals expect gains from ‘debasing’ religion.




To realize how serious this religious crime is, one should think as follows: What would happen if the West and Israel did not exist? Their problems would be resolved. What would the Muslims do in the name of their faith? Their faith would force the peoples of the region to attack oil producing states and break them up on the basis of religious solidarity. Why should the common wealth of Islam be expoited by certain families instead of all the people?


Why should that wealth be wasted on golden watches and whores’ tips when the people starve? Why should some Muslims be able to waste money lavishly while others have been trying to live on two dollars a day?


The same would happen as regards domestic social tension. If the West and Israel were not there to “absorb” tension how would corrupt regimes survive? The poor Jordanian or the poor Iraqi would turn against the savage who rules them and passes for a celebrity and a cosmopolitan with public money.


All that is “cancelled” before the bogeyman of the West and Israel. If those two were not the common enemies, of Islam some others would be. The “terrorism” of Islam fights all those “ghosts” while the scoundrels who rule Islam seize the opportunity to support terrorism to give the impression they participate in the fair struggle of Islam. This is the plan that aims at protecting scoundrels either Muslims or not.






Terrorism strip-off






The stupid attack of Israel has revealed all that. Why? Because all evidence of the planning has been revealed, even though it should have remained secret. Israel bombed a helpless people for weeks but there was no reaction in the neighborhood. Christians reacted while regimes in the region remained idle. Western Governments experienced domestic pressure while Islam rulers chained up their subjects.


At the same time, it was demonstrated how villain the official “terrorist” organizations are. Where was the notorious Al Qaeda of Osama? When does it “attack” imperialists? When it is convenient to the West? When it is the right time for the West to intervene? Israel bombed civilians and murdered children. Christians were horrified at seeing such unheard of crimes. Where was Osama then? Islam was at war. Why didn’t he send his so-called human-bombs where the rockets of Hezbollah could not get?


Why didn’t he reduce Tel Aviv to an earthly Hell? Is killing poor Shiites in Baghdad the only thing he can do? Only where it suits the Americans so as to allow them assume a role of arbiter of civil conflicts?


While the Israeli were cutting up a whole people, nobody ran to their help. What happened? Obviously, the West and Israel, because of the urgency of the war, had to hold their “dogs” back, that is regimes of the region and certain specific “terrorist” organizations of informers and agents provocateurs. The planning “betrayed” them. Even a blind person can realize what is going on. While children of Islam were being buried in Lebanon, the princess of Jordan “opened” horse races for rich people in the West. While children of Islam were being mutilated, Saudi Arabians were getting drunk in the company of whores in the West. Whole families of Islam were going to pieces while Osama remained in his “hiding place”.


The war of Israel caused the domestic problems of Islam to come to surface, problems that secure a role for Israel and render it precious to all savages in the region.


The unfortunate outcome of the war made matters worse. The consequences are not limited to the exposure of lousy regimes.


The new status quo in Mideast, as dreamed of by the “hawk” on the other side of the Atlantic, is now being disputed and so is the old status quo in Mideast. On the other hand, the smashed “show-case” of Israel adds to the above situation. Why? Because it proves that Israel is not responsible for the misfortunes of Islam. It proves that Israel, as a state, is incapable of playing the role attributed to it.


This is the damage caused by the defeat. It is proved that Israel is a “shanty” with a nice “front” thanks to a very expensive advertising campaign. It has been a propaganda, which has convinced even the most suspicious. Even the author of the present text has been influenced by the propaganda. Even though he knew that “wandering Jews” were not normally capable of establishing an organized state, the propaganda made him doubtful. Although he knew that the Jews were only capable of building a “shanty”, the image presented by the propaganda deceived him.


Now, it is obvious what was going then. The Islamic regimes created an incredible image of Israel. They “advertised” its terrible army as well as the efficiency of its secret services. Those regimes allowed Israel to become a nuclear power and permitted to its secret services to “use” freely their national territories.


Israel itself did absolutely nothing but it was only proud of an image that did not exist. It just behaved like a “bully” with the support of its so-called enemies. The regimes of Islam and their “bosses” in the West needed a powerful enemy, they created one and made the best of it.


What does that mean? Everything is being disputed. The army’s integrity and the efficiency of secret services, even the wars Israel won are being disputed. Now we are convinced that it was not Israel that won those wars, it was Islam that lost them. The regimes of Islam let themselves be defeated because defeat served them better than victory.


Defeat provided an enemy who would allow them to “pen” their peoples. Defeat offered confidence and permanency while victory would cause trouble. Defeat could secure palaces and wealth while victory would force them into negotiations with their own peoples. If Israel had been defeated they would have had to solve their social problems and they were not happy about that.


What makes us so confident that we are right? Because Israel made a war against a regime without possessing information. Israel won the wars against Egypt and Syria because it possessed the information it needed. It was information which affected the outcome of conflicts and had obviously been given from “inside”.


In the war against Lebanon they did not possess such information. What was the result? The Israeli army made a mess of the operation: The Israeli tanks got lost in villages. Israeli targets were nothing but civilian houses. If they used Google Earth they would have got better organized. Israel has not been capable of collecting information against its enemies, on its own accord, unless the information was given by the enemy himself.


In the light of the current situation, we realize that the so-called “terrible” secret services of Israel are not that “terrible”. They are just contractors of death. What does that mean? All murderous interventions of Israel in Jordan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia took place on the basis of an understanding. All those had common enemies. It was a question of little favours. The Jordanian regime, for example decided which Jordanians had to die and Mossad just did the dirty job.


So, Mossad could cultivate its “myth” while the Jordanian regime was not held responsible for the death of its enemies.


Those interests rendered Israel important. All it had to do was to confirm what was attributed to it. It was paid to prepare a war machine just to cause fear. It was paid to “spread” rumours about its secret services being terrific. It was paid with money from the U.S.A. and petrodollars.


That war against Lebanon “damned” the “Osama terrorism” as well. Why? Because “guided terrorism” has always functioned as a rabble-rouser. Local regimes, assisted by Mossad, controlled those organizations allowing some of them to survive depending on how useful they were.


If a Jordanian “terrorist” “considered” Abdallah as an enemy, he could not survive. If, instead, his enemies were the West and Israel he would surely survive and even become famous. If a “terrorist” wanted to bomb the reception rooms of Fahd, he was bound to die. If, instead, he wanted to bomb a temple attended by poor people, not only would he survive but he would become famous.


By supporting financially “terrorist” organizations the regimes of the region made sure they could get the information necessary for their safety. They shared that information with the Israeli and always guided “terrorism” where it suited them. Terrorism by agents provocateus enabled the West to intervene while the poor “paid” the cost.
























The defeat of Israel from Hezbollah has upset all that. Why? Because “terrorism” standards have changed. Islamic organizations are now judged by the standards of Hezbollah, not by the standards of organizations like Al Qaeda. The standard, from now on, will be the organization of the poor who fight against armies and defend the poor. Patriotic organizations, assessed by their social contribution, and not assassins organizations assessed by the number of the dead.


The bon vivants terrorist activity is over. This is the end of terrorists who stayed in five star hotels, drove Mercedes cars and visited whores, the terrorists who often visited the secret services when they were not busy killing poor people. It is the end of terrorists fabulously rich, who only ran a risk of catching a venereal disease. The reason for the death of notorious Arafat is still unknown while his immense fortune has not been distributed yet. He was a Palestinian terrorist, a bosom friend of Papandreou, the Jew.


All that is due to wrong assessments of various “think tanks” on both sides of the Atlantic. Israel “got drowned” in shallow Lebanon, in Lebanon supposedly fully controlled, in Lebanon where the cooperation of the Christians with Israel resulted in a civil war by which it was totally disrupted. This is were the Israeli failed because they had not assessed properly the situation in Lebanon after the civil war.


Israel did not assess properly Hezbollah, which was established with a double role, thus achieving full identification with the Muslims of Lebanon. Hezbollah was not an organization of fanatic Muslims fighting imperialism like the other “terrorist” organizations in the region. Hezbollah was an organization, whose main duty was to protect Lebanese Muslims from Lebanese Christians and everybody else. Hezbollah had to protect them at a religious, national social and personal level. It had a social role and was identified with the population. The population, whose collective interests were defended in Lebanon the basic social front of the organization.


Hezbollah helped the poor Muslim obtain houses in a state where social welfare was controlled by Christians. It helped Muslims professionals expand their business in a market dominated by Christians. Hezbollah helped Muslim citizens find justice in a bureaucratic system operated by Christians. It helped Muslims students get educated in an education system controlled by Christians. All those assisted by Hezbollah became gradually part of Hezbollah.


Therefore Hezbollah could not be controlled in the usual way. It was an organization partly national and partly religious with an important social role, functioning by the standards of the western “national guards”. The width of its open “front” and the dispersion of roles did not allow it get corrupted and thence controlled. When Israel set out to confront Hezbollah, it was not “properly prepared”. As a result, the consequences of its previous mistakes were maximized. In the first war, Hezbollah was established while in the second one it was legitimised. It was the biggest mistake ever committed. Hezbollah earned the respect of the Western peoples, which made matters worse for the others in the region. For the first time it has been demonstrated that one of the so-called “terrorist” organizations, does not possess the standard features of those organizations.


It is not a gang of fanatic assassins. It is made up of people who care for their native land and fight for it, people who care for wages, education, and medical care for those whom they defend. The members of that organization are not busy all the time with explosives, informers or assassinations.


Now, what is Al Qaeda going to be compared with? Whose interests will it be identified with? So far, for want of “standards”, it has been acting as it wishes. Poor Shiites have been killed in the name of “noble” purposes. “Superior” enemies have been the target. What is it going to do now that Hezbollah is there? Hezbollah is an organization which dared face those “superior” enemies on a real battlefield while at the same time it looked to the wages of the poor.


Whom will the “terrorists” “sell” made up information to? What are the assassins, the “elect” of CIA, Mossad and all the corrupt regimes, going to do?


Whom are the assassins of Muslims going to deceive now? Those assassins who, by “resisting”, serve the purposes of Iraq conquerors and kill exclusively poor Muslims? Those assassins, by their “resistance” demonstrate that they do not respect neither the wages of the poor, not their lives.


The defeat of Israel will be decisive for the future of Mideast. Being stupid, the Israeli have revealed the plan and changed the roles. They have revealed who is responsible, the regimes of the region and have “legitimized” the rivals who are threatening them. Hezbollah is now “legitimate” and threatens those regimes.




Various “Hezbollah”






A Jordanian or Saudi Arabian Hezbollah will threaten first the said regimes and then the west. Upon assuming its social role, it will come into conflict with those who do wrong to people directly and then with those who exert imperialistic policy from a distance. First Hezbollah will be “motivated” by Abdallah’s luxury cars and his wife’s manicure and then the policy of Washington and Tel Aviv.


Hezbollah threatens the New Age planning in Mideast. Why? Because war planning in Lebanon cannot be concluded. If one knows the objective one can understand why nowadays that objective has not been achieved in spite of high cost invested to this end. One can understand why Israel insists that the army of Lebanon must move to the south. This is what it cares for, more than anything. Why? Because the objective of the war Israel made, was to destroy the Shiite “arch” which threatens the plans of the American Sionists trying to establish an oil monopoly. The initial plan was simple but it did not work. The first goal was to see Beirut get destroyed and Lebanon get weak. The second goal was to see Syria engage in the war and then get destroyed.


On the pretext of Hezbollah terrorist activity, the Israeli would take “a walk” in Lebanon. Their aim was to destroy the infrastructures and change the “disposition” of forces within Lebanon. In the new disposition, the Muslims would control south Lebanon and Hezbollah would be blamed for the misfortune of the Lebanese people and hatred would shake up the Lebanese society.


In the said war the casualties among civilians were not collateral damage. The civilians themselves were targets. The Israeli caused bloodshed among civilians to make them stand against Hezbollah, “held responsible for the bloodshed”.


They killed Muslims to “prove” that Hezbollah was responsible for the death of their own people. They destroyed infrastructure to “incriminate” Hezbollah. They thought that the Muslims would hate Hezbollah and the Christians in their turn would hate the Muslims.


They hoped they would somehow isolate Hezbollah from the Lebanese people. Then all they had to do was to consolidate the new status quo. The “Christian” Lebanese army would take up the area they had “abandoned” which would provide them the circuit saver of the region.


By controlling the said army, they would be able to “control” the attitude of Hezbollah as well. They thought it was easy to render it harmless by depriving it of public support. Then Hezbollah would be gradually converted into a typical organization of the region which would resort by instinct to blind terrorism.


Being given Hezbollah would be incriminated with the attack against Lebanon, it was more than certain that sooner or later a civil war would break out. Hezbollah would be charged with “strikes” within Lebanon which would make matters worse for Hezbollah and the Muslims. The Israeli army would destroy the infrastructure of Lebanon while the civil war would not allow their reconstruction within a short period of time.


The plan did not work, though. Hezbollah was not held responsible for the attack of Israel. On the contrary, it earned the respect even of the Lebanese Christians. The latter acknowledged that the said organization fought for their country. The Lebanese army has deployed in the area controlled by Hezbollah, without hiding their respect and awe for the said organization.


The time, when the Lebanese army cooperated with swine such as Saron, has gone for good. The massacres of helpless Muslims in the refugees camps will not be repeated. The Muslims are no longer helpless and everybody knows that, mainly the leaders of the Lebanese army. Additionally, they respect that patriotic organization of Hezbollah.


The plan has not failed only as regards Lebanon. Israel has also failed to drag Syria into the war. Syria has maintained its forces and is always a threat in the region. The success of Hezbollah renders Syria an even more threatening power. The monopoly on oil may be ended while Hezbollah will be sustained for years on end. It is much easier for Syria to supply arms to Hezbollah since everybody acknowledges its new role.


The USA is allowed to supply arms to Israel for its “self-defense”. Syria should be allowed to supply arms to Hezbollah which is a patriotic organization using arms only to protect its nativeland and the citizens, not to take terrorist action.


Hezbollah is now free to seek and procure armaments in order to protect not just the Muslims of Lebanon but all the citizens of Lebanon. Hezbollah may be acknowledged as the official “National Guard” of Lebanon without conflicting with the state of Lebanon or the Lebanese army.








Damage suffered by Imperialism








The problems that have arisen in the aftermath of the war against Lebanon do not only regard the possible losses of the American imperialism in Mideast. The implications for the Jews all over the world are very serious and threaten Sionism with extinction.


Let us start at the beginning so as to understand the new state of things. Americans and Jews are partners in imperialism. The Jews have contributed a capital to the said partnership. They have contributed a certain infrastructure which is a specific contribution, Jewish communities all over the world and of course the state of Israel itself.


The Jewish communities were scheduled to function as American settlements in various countries. Israel would function in favor of the American interests. Israel was not established to serve the interests of Christianity to the detriment of Islam. Those interests had already been secured.


Israel was founded to serve the American interests against presumptive imperialist Christians of the previous status quo, that is the British, French, Italians etc. The Jews took a great risk when founding their state. It was a development that changed essential facts which had allowed them to survive until then. They survived by pretending they were the victims who had no land to go to, if Christian States decided to force them out of their countries.


When founded, the state of Israel changed that state of things. The Jews were no longer victims. They became persecutors and furthermore there was a place to go to in the event of a new persecution. The Jews knew in advance they would be asked to play a dirty role and tried to neutralize the effects.


They tried to take measures to protect themselves from attacks due to the policy of Israel because they knew they would become the assassins and agents provocateur of Mideast. So, they tried to create conditions of differentiation within the Jewish people.


For centuries, terms such as “Hebrew”, “Jew”, Israelite, “Sionist”, etc. had been absolutely identical and so did terms such as “Hebraism”, “Judaism”, “Israelitism”, “Sionism” etc. After their partnership with the Americans, the Jews were forced to change those terms. Sometimes they presented themselves in their national state, sometimes in their religious state and sometimes as citizens who had nothing to do with all that.


There was an ulterior motive for what they did. Their objective was self-defense. Their religion is national, so, it cannot be seen as a religion. The Jews have always been just a national minority. They constitute a unique case. Their national “platform” is much larger than the religious one. All Judaists are Jews, while there are Jews who are not Judaists and of course foreigners cannot be converted to Judaism.




Israel and Judaism = Sionism






When one is the “elect” because one is a natural child of the person chosen by God, one cannot transfer that quality to someone else. One is an elect because one is the son of the offspring of Isaac who was the son of Abraham, “chosen” by God. Therefore, a French, or an Italian cannot become part of that “chain”. Judaism is not just a religion.


 It does not bear the features of a religion. The Law on tolerance was enacted to protect religious choices of citizens, to protect a Greek Orthodox who decides to be converted to Islam, within the Greek society, to protect a Frenchman who chooses to become a Buddhist within the French Society. But it was not meant to grant rights to foreigners within foreign societies.


Judaism is not a choice, it is “closed”; it is a religion “of blood” not a religion “of spirit”. This is why the Judaic community is also a national community and must be looked upon as such. Suppose Washington was a “god” and Lincoln a “saint”. What would the American community be in Greece? A national minority of Americans or a religious minority of Greeks?


As a “religion” it regards only American nationals, not Greeks whose choices are protected by the Constitution. So it cannot be looked upon as a religion subject to the conditions of tolerance. If foreigners wish to worship their fathers or uncles, they are free to do so, but their status remains the same, firmly national.


The same goes for the Jews who have been a national minority for centuries on end with specific religious features. In other words, their nationality “contained” their religion. Their national interests were the same as their religions ones. A Hebrew national was at the same time a Judaist. National Hebrew interests were also Sionist interests. They were all the Israelites of the Scriptures.


Following their partnership with the Americans, the Jews started separating their different types of status. A Jew in France, for example, pretends to be a French Judaist so as not to be identified with the criminal policy of Israel; a Christian might get angry and force him out of his neighborhood.


Anti-Semitism must not cause peoples to expel Jews from their countries. A Christian in Greece is not responsible for the criminal policy of the Christian USA. Why should a Jew in any part of the world, be blamed for Israel’s policy?


This is why Judaism, a “closed” religion for centuries has proceeded to certain spectacular “conversions”. Some famous people have joined the so-called “open” to everybody religion.


The same goes for Sionism. Israel has always served Sionist interests of Hebrews all over the world. To avoid provoking, Sionism has started creating a falsely supranational profile by allowing certain foreigners to be initiated.


Purely Sionistic organizations such as Buildenberg club or Trilateral Committee “opened” to receive foreigners. Why? To appear as a supranational organization of Christianity. A sort of Masonry.


 The purpose is to provide an “alibi” to Jews that willd separate them from tough Sionistic policy.


  A Greek “wicked” mason’s interests are absolutely identified with the “wicked” masonry. That has nothing to do with the average Greek citizen. So is Sionism: The wicked Sionist regardless of his nationality should not be confused with the average Jew in our neighborhood.


However, all Jews constitute what the Scriptures call the people of Israel. All Judaists are Jews. All Jews regardless of religion are Sionists. Sionism is served by all Jews all over the world. Sionism assists all Jews to succeed in life and sustains Israel.


All that constitutes the “defense” of Jews in the post war world. By means of money and tremendous propaganda starting with “gossip” in Jewish quarters and getting as far as Hollywood dominated by Jews, the Jews have tried to confuse us. They have built up a “whole” ideology on those concepts.


At the same time, by controlling the mass media all over the world and the big universities in the USA, they can continuously improve their “show-case”. Everything is possible through training on everything: social sensibility, national concerns, massive movements, antimperialistic struggles etc.


Sarkozy, an immigrant Jew, has been training on the concerns of the French people about the immigrant issue. The socialist Papandreou takes advantage of social concerns of Greeks. Cohn Bendit, another Jew, took advantage of the massive movement of May 68. Chomsky’s task is to set out antimperialistic rhetoric.


The problems, created by the American imperialistic policy, inspired by the Jews, have to “face” the Jews as “rivals”. This is what the Jews have achieved. They “strike” and then they “protest” to stop others from being heard. Nothing and nobody, they do not control, has a right to publicity.


What is said by Jewish intellectuals is “clever”. What is said by Jewish activists is “sensitive”. What is made by Jewish artists is “avant-garde”. What is expressed by Jewish comic actors is “humorous”. What is done by Jewish magicians is “magic”.


If an extraterrestrial visited us, he would see a planet of stupid people and clever Jews. An “islet” of successful Jews in an “ocean” of failures.


Everywhere, the Jews are those who are distinguished through publicity. From the most complicated to the most simple.


From Chomsky’s “prompt responses” to Beckham’s dribbles, everything goes through Jews’ “filters”, through their own people. Recently, a piece of news went round the world. It was about a Jewish doctor who did his duty as a doctor and as a man by giving blood for a patient during an operation. If he had not been a Jew, the incident would not even have been mentioned in a local paper. If we ever hear of a man walking on his two feet, he will certainly be a Jew.


That is the power of the Jews. They encroach on everybody through controlling the mass media. Persons whose work is very important remain obscure while the slightest piece of news regarding a Jew travels round the world. Jews become famous authors just by expressing their intention to become authors. They become renowned painters the day after they have enrolled in an art school.


They always start with the advantage of unfair competition. The mass media always project a Jew more than anybody else. Even a failure can become profitable. The most famous musician, who knows practically nothing about music and makes million of dollars with concerts, is Woody Allen, a Jew. The most famous for his “dribbles”, off the football field, football player is Beckham, a Jew.


For those who want to read between the lines and “see” beyond appearances there is only one principle to go on: when one monopolizes on the mass media for no apparent reason is basically a Jew: Painters who do not know how to paint, philosophers who have no specific work to show, poets with no poems, singers who cannot sing, musicians who have never studied music, actors incapable of acting, they are all Jews. All ancient Greeks count less than Chomsky alone.


They even control the star system all over the world. It is a star system closely watched and blackmailed when necessary. Careers may collapse if it suits Jews. A false step is enough to destroy our actor and “replace” him by a Jew. We have all seen what happened to Mel Gibson when he accused them while he was drunk.


They are only generous and overlook a “false step” of their patriots. They forgive only “them”. Only a Jew like Barbra Streisand could have “saved” her career even though she had acted in porno films. Only a Jew like Woody Allen could have “saved” his career even though he had been incriminated with sexual abuse of an adopted minor. Only the president of the Jews in Germany could have “saved” his career in spite of having been charged with pandering and slave traffic. Only a politician like Sarkozy could have saved his career despite his scandalous marital life. Only Papandreou could have saved his career despite his scandalous love affairs.


So, we can see matters are more complex than what they seem to be star system is not just actors or singers. They are the “donkeys” that bring wealth to fill the Jews’ pockets. Members of the star system in the TV and internet era are also the politicians.


The latter are the precious agents that enable Jews to play their games. They are watched day and night until they take a false step. Then they become vulnerable to blackmail by the Jews when they do not take false steps, the Jews themselves cause them to do so.


Who can forget the case of “improper” Clinton. Lewinski was a Jew who kept a “stained” dress in her wardrobe for several months for no apparent reason. Why did she do that? No normal person would have done that. Therefore, we assume she was forced to do it.


It is as simple as that. The Jews control the mass media and therefore the news. They control everything and everybody in a terror regime.


“Improper” individuals have to negotiate their career with the main and “unique” vehicle of “morals” in the USA. When the Jews dare blackmail the President of the USA, we understand that certain MPs or senators of the USA must be their “clients” on a permanent basis.


This is the practice used by the Jews. They blackmail everybody because they have arbitrarily become the guardians of “morally”. They decide on what is moral or not: Those who are “moral” enough will succeed in life, those who are “immoral” will get destroyed. Whoever disputes them is considered antisemit and gets “mangled” by the “gang”.


If a French politician, rival of Sarkozy, refers to his Jewish origins, hinting at unfair competition he will be characterized as antisemit while Sarkozy keeps advancing with the support of the Jews. The same happens if a rival refers to Noahm Chomsky’s Jewish origins. When the career of those people “goes down”, the mass media rally to his support.


Everybody does the same. The “sacred cows” of Christian system. Even if one “sees” the truth and decides to talk, one will get into trouble. Only Jews are allowed to tell the “truth”. The victims of the “holocaust”, those “tortured” by the cruel humanity. The “elect” of God.


They let themselves assume roles without meeting any reaction. In accordance with the postwar planning, they use foreign national identities, to avoid provoking with their Jewish origins, to avoid being singled out for their rapid success inducing dangerous associations of ideas. Associations of ideas “get disconnected” when Chomsky “denounces” the Jews for their policy, when Papandreou embraces Arafat. This is what they do in public. No one can see that they are linked to “paracentres” of power. No one sees them gather in the same places in order to decide upon the type of policy to be followed, in order to serve their common national interests.


This is why they change their surnames. They always choose typical pompous surnames of the places where they live: Douglas, Redstone, Allbright etc. Pure “gangsters” whose objective is to appear as fellow-countrymen of their victims and therefore difficult to trace down. The result is tragic for the peoples because all those Jews serve the same interests, the interests that allow them to succeed in life and will also protect them in difficulty. This is how they remain unnoticed both in the countries where they do business and in the international scene. The “British” Murdoch, the “French” Sarkozy, the “Russian” Abramovic the “Greek” Papandreou, the “American” Kissinger are such cases.


They all hide behind different national identities but they depend on the support of Sionism to succeed in life and they serve it accordingly.


Another Jew, M. Albright turned a naïve person, Giorgakis Papandreou into a “personality” of international “range”. This is why Giorgakis supports Annan’s Plan on Cyprus issue, inspired by the Jews and anti-Hellenic. This is why Sarkozy supports the bombing of Lebanon, inspired by the Jews and against France. Those apparently independent “successful individuals” belong to an imperialistic community which does not use force so as not to provoke its victims. They do not act as foreigners against the national interests of those who provide hospitality to them. They act as if they were their fellow countrymen, but they serve the interests of their own nation.


M. Albright could have served the interests of the Jews as a “Czech” Sarkozy could have been a “Greek” from Thessaloniki. Therefore, the “antibodies” of sick states cannot identify them easily, so as to cause immediate and massive reaction during their “development” when they are most vulnerable. When sensitive, reactionary and liberal individuals within a society cannot identify the exploiter, matters become worse for the victims, because it is difficult to take preventive “countermeasures”. The Jews easily “make good” in various states and easily avoid the reaction of the natives. It would be a reaction easily triggered off by the provocative criminal policy of Israel. When the reader knows the aforementioned planning, he may realize that its destruction caused great damage to the Jews after the recent “war” against Lebanon. So far and thanks to the mass media they had managed to sustain more or less a “show-case” which protected them.


Controlling the propaganda, they managed to dissociate the Jews of Diaspora from the criminal policy of Israel. Being conscious of their capacities not only did they not connect worldwide Sionism with Israel’s policy but they also traded on all those who could have made the best of it.


Both those who committed the crimes in the MideEast and those who denounced them to the international mass media were Jews! Philosophers like Chomsky and politicians like Papandreou! The Jews gained from the crimes committed by Israel and from “humanitarian” denunciations. Jews tortured people and Jews “cried” for them.






Losses in a nutshell






The war against Lebanon changed everything. Why? Because Jews ins their hurry to prepare for the war, committed mistakes. Their priority was the war and they wanted no reaction in that critical period of time, even if those reactions were “put up”. As a result people were exposed and “secret” connections were revealed. The famous humanist philosophers were made to keep silent. That “cuts up” Chomsky and his like. How could Chomsky in the future “denounce” the American Imperialism since he “was hiding” when children of Lebanon were being pulled dead out of the rubble? The same has happened with other Jews distinguished in other fields of activity.


How could Sarkozy, for example, ask for the vote of the French right wing party when in the critical moment he did not defend the French interests? Now, he is being encouraged to threaten Turkey claiming the good graces of the right wing but now it is too late. He has stammered something against Turkey but he knows very well he is trapped in the rubble of Beirut.


Sionism has been greatly damaged by that ineffectual war.


It has been proved that sionism is unified and obviously serves the Jewish national interests.


It has been proved that the Jews, wherever they are, work for their own national interests.


They do not constitute a religious minority and therefore they cannot be treated as equal citizens who have made a different choice in terms of religion. They are Jews and constitute a national minority in the states where they live. It is a dangerous minority because it threatens the national interests of those who provide hospitality to it. Sarkozy has proved that the Jews’ interests are beyond France’s interests. He is not simply too undependable to rule France but also an ordinary citizen under suspicion. The various “Sarkozy” of this world were among the victims in Lebanon. This is the tragedy of the Jews.


The day after the war finds them badly exposed. Anti-Semitism, caused by Israel, has started knocking on the “doors” of Jews all over the world.


Chomsky remained at home avoid to expressing his views at the critical moment but it is doubtful whether he will be able to get out now. The world outside it is no longer the same and he knows better than anybody else. Huntington talked about a war of cultures, speaking in the name of Christians but the war of Israel took him to the “other” side.


The Jews fell from the grace of the Christians. That was the hardest aftermath of the war against Lebanon. Nothing can save them now. Neither the “gossip” at Larry King’s show nor the signing-ons of Abramovic nor Copperfield’s magic, or Beckham’s knickers. Christians have got angry with them and in such cases things are difficult for Jews.








  The Winners




The victory of Hezbollah has changed the image of the Arab world among the westerners








The Arabs have gained a lot which may be constructive only if the situation is properly handled.


At military level there is no gain for Herzbollah since what matters is survival. Herzbollah was not expected to triumph over Israel. Israel lost the war just because it failed to achieve its goals, not because Hezbollah gained something specific. At a purely military level, the gain is that Syria and Iran did not get engaged in that underhand war. It was a war more detrimental to those who caused it than those who were attacked.


The Shiite arch remained intact and is as menacing as it was before the war. American Sionists played the “card” of war and they cannot repeat that, at least not soon. They spent more than 1.5 million dollars with no gain.


At a general level, what the Arabs gained was, that for the first time in their post war history, the terms have changed and the Arabs have proved to be the real victims while Israel has proved to be the persecutor. The Arabs have been the real victims of an unprovoked attack. They have not been insolent terrorists who attack innocent citizens as presented by the imperialist propaganda.


They proved to the whole world that they are really brave and ready to sacrifice themselves for what they believe in. They have proved that for love of their native land they can fight under unfavourable conditions even against the best equipped armies. We refer particularly to the notion of native land because it counts more than anything else in the western Christians thought. Sacrifice for religion is more terrifying in the West than appreciated.


Fighting for hearth and altar of Hezbollah has gained the Arabs respect and good feelings of the Western peoples. They were given the opportunity to appear as “noblemen” who dare sacrifice themselves for ideals familiar to the West. It is the first time they have behaved like normal people, not fanatic fundamentalists, whose motives nobody can perceive. It is entirely different being sacrificed for one’s own children or one’s compatriots from being sacrificed for the prophet, dreaming of mounts of “pilaf”. In the West, all that was made clear centuries ago. In the conscience of the average Christian, the native land is a supreme notion which justifies self-sacrifice. All the rest is “played out” and regards extreme groups of the society. “Crusades” are no longer justified.


This is the result of social developments within Christian societies that Islam has not “kept up with” Alter the French revolution and predominance of educated bourgeoisie, Christian societies have changed. The sacrifice of illiterate fanatics is no more considered as a sign of religious faith but as a sing of religious paranoia. It is more terrifying than admired.


This is how the Muslims have been presented so far by the imperialist propaganda. Their love for religion and the fact they did not understand the concept of the “nation” which dominates the rationale of the West, were used to terrify the people. The Muslims were presented as fanatic fundamentalists. An average inhabitant of the West believed a Muslim was a wandering fanatic a potential terrorist.


A Muslim has never been looked upon as an equal because his mentality was inconceivable. To the West a Muslim was not a family father or a patriot. He was a fanatic who did not believe in family or native land. It was believed he was capable of turning his children into “ human bombs” to glorify the Prophet. It was believed he would go to any country, which would support him financially in order put his beliefs into practice.


The big achievement of Hezbollah was, bridging the “gap”. Modernism in western countries as a whole is the result of a bourgeois conception of things. Modernism is considered as a foundation stone for applying social policy. Such a concept is based on the ancient Greek spirit not the Christian doctrine which is similar to that of Islam. It is a concept which required a revolution in order to impose itself but Islam evaded it.


In this respect there is a tragic historic irony. Islam, as a religion is much better and relaxed than the basic form of Christianity. That was its Achilles heel because it was not induced to adapt to the new status quo in society, after the French revolution and social struggles.


Christianity, being a strict religion, was saved and “overcame” the problem. Christianity had to face people’s fury which proved a blessing. Christianity had to deal with a revolution and was forced to water down its wine. Islam being relaxed was not forced to adapt itself to the new situation and remained behind. Islam did not create Hellenized -classical scholars- bourgeois and failed to establish modern domestic state structures.


This is where the big problem of Islam lies. Its incapacity to adopt a bourgeois concept of the situation and keep up with developments, condemns it to malfunction. It keeps up the “vitual” of the pre-revolution times, a fossil of the past, a tractor lacking suspension.


All that is due to the fact that a whole social class is missing. So, there is no suspension  mechanism to absorb the shocks within and out of Muslim society. Its primitive structures produced primitive reactions. The Westerners are horrified at such an attitude and do not understand the Muslims struggle.


An organization like Hezbollah “borrowing” elements of bourgeois ideology substitutes for a non-existent official state social policy and assumes a role, recognizable by the West. It constitutes an intermediate mechanism which brings power and people closer thus rationalizing attitudes on both sides. An organization like Hezbollah can lend a “Westlike” image to a state thus rendering it “friendly” to the Westerners.


The struggle of a socializing and nationalizing Hezbollah has given the opportunity to the Arabs to expose both themselves and their enemies. The Muslims have been given the opportunity to present themselves as they really are, not as the Western propaganda wants them to be. They were “seen” crying for their children, their spouses, their native land, their homes.


At last the westerners have “seen” what the imperialistic propaganda has so far prevented them from seeing. The Westerners have realized that the Muslims are alike to them so, in difficult moments they sympathize with them and even admire them.  They admired patriots, civilians, family fathers and professionals struggling for their country with minimum resources the over equipped Israeli army.


Most people in the West have realized that all Muslims are not potentially “Osamas”. They do not make murderous plans all the time, they want to work, to have families and organize states with social welfare and educational systems.






The victory of Hezbollah has changed the image of the Arab world even among the Arabs








What is more important to the Arabs concerns themselves and their own societies. For the first time they have obtained full “visibility” of what is going on within their own societies. A lot happened at the same time and they can have a full picture of the situation.


They can now perceive the role of the corrupt regimes that subjugate them to the west. The regimes of fanatic “believers” of the prophet that have been given over to the Christian West.


At the same time, they can perceive the role of all “terrorist” organizations, which have been “selling” hopes, for decades. Those organizations that have not assisted neither Hezbollah or the Lebanese people is difficult times and are partners with the West and Israel.


Once they have all that information, they can make decisions about their future. There is no “alibi” of ignorance. Since they know what really annoys imperialists and their servants, they know what to do. So far, because of ignorance, actions were taken in the wrong order, so they were ineffectual though spectacular. The rationale is always the same. We first deal with our domestic problems then we proceed with the problems of the “neighborhood” and finally those of the “town”.


When there are domestic problems, one cannot fight for “noble ideals”. When one’s brothers and sisters prostitute themselves and are thieves, one cannot try to improve matters in the local park or to change the town planning. One should take steps in the right order.


One should first resolve one’s domestic problems and then one should set out to deal with problems of the “neighborhood”. Finally, one proceeds to the problems of the town and specifically the town planning.


What does that mean? That Muslims before attempting to solve the problems of imperialism should deal with domestic problems and problems of the neighborhood. New York and London do not regard them at the current stage.


Jordanians, for example, have a domestic problem with brother Abdallah and have to solve that first. When they are done with it, they should continue with the problems of the “neighborhood” which is Saudi Arabia. After having dealt with all that, they can proceed to fighting imperialisms.


They will be assisted in that titanic struggle. There will be allies of other religions because they are not the only victims of American imperialism.




Our Proposals




We suggest there should be created organizations like Hezbollah in all the states of the region and mainly the poor ones, states where structures date back to Dark Ages, states where people get “beaten up” but there in not enough “bread”, states spending a lot on expensive suppression mechanisms but no social policy. Social policy could be applied by means of organizations like Hezbollah.


 It has to be so for two important reasons: The poor will enjoy the advantages of social policy which they badly need while this kind of organization will provide to states the unity which will prevent their “falling apart”.


Nowadays, in an environment of infinite poverty and illiteracy, corrupt regimes do not risk getting overthrown. On the contrary, they appear to “guarantee” order and security. Living in misery they have been convinced that if they “collapse”, chaos will prevail. They will return to the time of “direct protection” dating back to the early twentieth country. It is a theory that is somehow accepted in the West and inspires sympathy for the regimes of Mideast.


The Westerners depend on oil and fear a prospect of chaos in Mideast. They are convinced they must tolerate regimes like that of Abdalah because if they do not, the “fanatics” will assume power and chaos will follow. Hezbollah has proved this is not true. Hezbollah fought for Lebanon regardless of the regime of Lebanon. Nobody noticed the absence and that is important.


Organizations like Hezbollah do not encourage such theories. Abdallah regime does not constitute a “guarantee” for the existence of Jordan. When the “fanatics” are concerned with social policy, peoples have nothing to fear. Why? Because chaos is equally frightening to everybody. The peoples of the West fear a change from a bloodthirsty Abdallah-like regime into an equally bloodthirsty Al Qaeda rule.


Now, they have become familiar with Hezbollah and its role, they are not afraid of a socialist-type, sociopolitical “regime” with religions oddities. They are not afraid of a regime committed with defense, education, medical care issues etc. The needs of such a regime in Western products imply respect for the needs of the West. For as long as Hezbollah needs, for example, medicines, ball bearings or computers from the West, it will not blackmail anybody by putting up oil prices. Interdependence reassures peoples. Needs of both sides impose reason and understanding.


The question is for Arabs to take that “step” and create “Hezbollahs”. It is difficult. Why? Because such organizations threaten the imperialists plans for Mideast.


But, more than anything, they threaten the regimes of the servants to the West. When those regimes are responsible for the misery and disputes among poor peoples, certain things are obvious.


It is obvious that such an organization in Jordan would be faced with reaction because it would have to clash with celebrities in Amman before carrying out its mission.


They will be the first and real enemies of such an organization. What we have been contending from the very beginning will prove true. The regimes of the region are responsible for the misfortunes and the poverty pestering the Arabs and then everybody else.


There will be a clash because such organizations need money to accomplish their missions. What are they going to turn to? To their national wealth. There will be a clash because some of Abdallah’s luxury cars will have to be converted into cash and invested in schools. Some of his wife’s silk underwear will have to be converted into cash to buy school bags.


We understand that all that money, however much it may be, will not be enough to solve the problems of Jordan.


No social policy can be applied with the money that allow some people to live like millionaires.


 Problems of that kind and that size demand lots of money: Money coming either from some production process or from national resources. The social policy scheme of Jordan cannot be financed through its national wealth or Abdallah’s  savings.


When Jordanians have finished with Abdallah, they will have to ask for help in the “neighborhood” which functions on the basis of Muslim mentality: In the Muslim world there is solidarity among believers. In the West, it would be inconceivable for France to ask Germany for assistance to apply its social policy.


In the East, peoples can even demand assistance not just ask for it. Nowadays, the main sponsor of Hezbollah is Saudi Arabia. It should be expected to sponsor those organizations that will follow its example.


The Saudi Arabs support financially the Lebanese but they will react if the Jordanians claim the right to do the same, create a similar orginisation. Islam will have to face the principles of its faith.


Saudi Arab drones cannot pretend to be fanatic Muslims without respecting the basic principle of their doctrine. It is inadmissible that they should live like millionaires while their fellow-men are starving. Sooner or later the burning question will be asked. Who does the oil belong to? To those recognized as oil owners by the West or to all the people of Islam?


In other words the neighborhood may catch fire if the rich do not align themselves with their religions doctrine. The regime of Saudi Arabia is not threatened only by the millions of Muslims of the neighboring region but also by the Saudi Arabs themselves. Social forces, actually latent because of repression and ignorance, will uprise against it.


This is how Islam can uprise against the West; when Saudi Arabia needs development programmes such as pipelines, factories etc. and funds are not sufficient, Islam will turn against the West which is bound to oppose such a prospect.


As soon as organizations like Hezbollah are established in those states, conditions necessary to the previous plan will change. Mossad will no more be free to take action in those regions and the West will be no more able to “get rid” of those who are a nuisance.


Being unable to control the domestic affairs of those states, the West is obviously faced with problems and especially with the “terrorist” organizations of agent provocateurs themselves. When there is an extensive network like Hezbollah, there are no more secrets within a society. Everybody knows who is who and who one is paid by.


“Terrorists” such as Osama will be unmasked soon. They will have to quit their countries to be protected by their real employers.


The USA have been looking for nephritic Osama in vain. They have been looking for him in the most unlikely places, uphill and down dale. They should be looking for him in the suites of Riyadh hospitals. The Saudi Arab sheiks lead a comfortable life thanks to him. Shouldn’t they provide medical care to Osama? After all he is a relative of theirs.


Another important aspect is that planning in the region will change because of Hezbollah. The money of the corrupt regimes is not enough for peoples to get organized. A serious planning must be worked out. Why should production develop in China while in Islam people cannot even earn a wage?


Development is the final goal. Development only can bring peace to the region. Peace eases off passions and peoples seek peace.


Those who have nothing to lose are dangerous. Those who cannot live on two dollars a day and becomes easily victims of the evil.


 That was the advantage gained in this rather unfortunate war. The next day will force everybody to “see” the situation from a different perspective.


The world has changed. A new “day” has dawned in the Mideast and that could change the whole world.


Panagiotis Traianou
Creator of the Aquarius Theory